The Journey to Hull – Part 2

By Wakeysub


He walked round in front of me and for the first time I saw my abductor. The first thing that struck me was the fact that he was dressed from head to toe in a tailored leather outfit with a peaked cap on his head. I had seen photos of this on his Recon profile, but seeing it in reality was so much hotter. My already aching cock throbbed painfully in its small, tight, constrictive cage.

He smiled as he stood there looking me up and down. He reached and grabbed my nipples, kneading them between his fingers and squeezing them. He seemed to enjoy watching me try to squirm with the noose around my neck.

“For a fat bastard you look good – I’ve got some friends who would love to play with you long and hard. Maybe I should give them a shout and let them have some fun.”

He smacked me hard on the left pec.

“Before we go any further it’s time to mark you up so not even you can forget your new name.”

He reached into his pocket and produced a black marker. He held it in front of my face so I could see the label – in capitals it said “PERMANENT.” I panicked when I saw this – how the hell could I go to work on Monday with a number written on my forehead? Marks on your body you can explain away, but a number on your forehead was not something easily explained. He looked into my eyes, saw the fear and just laughed. I shook my head back and forth as much as the noose would allow, but he just slapped me on the cheek and gripped my head tightly with his left hand. He undid the cap from the pen and I smelt that familiar smell. He gripped tighter and moved the pen up to my forehead and I felt him pressing hard as he wrote the 3 digits on my forehead. Once he had finished there he moved down to my chest and after telling me to stand still he wrote the 3 digits on my left pec.

“Very nice – now everyone will know who you are in the photos. Just one more so we have all the angles covered.”

He walked behind me, dropped to his knees and I felt the pen pressing hard into my right butt cheek.

“That will keep you marked up for a few weeks and then maybe we can get you permanently marked up.”

I shook my head as much as I could – this wasn’t at all what I’d planned.

“Look at the mess you’ve made you fat cunt – I lock your pathetic excuse for a cock in a cage and it still leaks all over my floor. You’ll pay for that.”

He leant in close to my face so I could feel the warmth from his breath and he whispered in a determined manner.

“Now I think we are ready for the real fun to start – let me make it clear to you, you WILL be giving me the PIN numbers for these 4 cards before you get to rest, and the longer you take to give me the information the more I will enjoy it. If you don’t cooperate or if you give me any bullshit then you will regret it. I’ve got a huge collection of toys and I really enjoy using them on a willing, or not so willing sub. We are miles from the nearest house so if you do make any noises nobody will hear you. My rule is that when you are ungagged the only sounds you will make are to answer the questions I ask you – no begging, no pleading, no bullshit. If you do make any sounds a new, more severe gag will be fitted immediately and there will be serious consequences. NOW, you’ve been warned.”

He turned to his left and opened a large metal door, it creaked loudly as it swung slowly open. I felt his hand gripping my caged cock and balls, He squeezed them tightly making me grunt into the gag. His grip round my cock can balls tightened and he pulled me through the open door. The room was windowless and bare except for a large bed in the middle of the room, what looked like a large electronic timer on the wall and a number of cameras positioned around the room.




“So, let’s turn your dreams into nightmares. Lie on the bed face up NOW, you fat slut.”

I scrambled onto the bed and positioned myself in the middle. He went to the top right hand corner of the bed and gripped my wrist and pulled it towards the top corner of the bed. My whole body shifted towards the corner. He reached under the bed and pulled up a length of heavy rope, which must have already been tied to the bed. He fed it through the ring on the cuff, pulled it tight and tied it tightly so I couldn’t access the knot.


He moved to the left-hand side of the bed and gripped my wrist tightly and pulled it tightly towards the left-hand corner of the bed. He pulled another length of rope from this corner of the bed and fed it through the ring on my left wrist cuff. I was conscious that he didn’t pull this one as tight and I thought that maybe he was being compassionate and leaving me some room to move. Needless to say, I was wrong. He moved to my right ankle and he pulled on it, which moved me down the bed and tightened up the ropes running to both my wrists. He produced another rope and looped it as before. He pulled the rope hard to make sure there was no slack and tied it off. Finally, he walked to the bottom left-hand corner of the bed and gripped my ankle tightly. He pulled it up, lifting my body away from the bed and moving me over as much as possible to the left-hand corner of the bed. He wasn’t satisfied that I was stretched enough and he lifted me and gave me another yank on my ankle – it felt like my shoulder and hips would dislocate. He pulled the final length of rope from the corner of the bed, looped it through the ring on my cuff and pulled the rope backward with all his strength. He tied it off and I was conscious that I was completely exposed and unable to move an inch.

“Now, that’s how a fat cunt should be displayed – splayed out and ready for fun.”

He laughed and walked over to a cupboard in the wall I hadn’t noticed when I walked in. I couldn’t see what was in the cupboard, but I had to assume that it was his toy collection.

“Now, this is how it’s going to work. On the wall you can see an electric timer – to start with all sessions will be 30 minutes. You will be gagged for the whole session. At the end of the session I will show you a card, I will remove the gag and you will tell me the 4-digit pin number – that is ALL I want to hear. Four digits!! Got that you thick, fat bastard? If you try and say anything else, then the gag will be replaced with a more severe one and future sessions will be increased by 30 minutes. NOD IF YOU UNDERSTAND.”

He slapped me hard on the cheek, and I nodded.

“Look at your pathetic cock you sick, fat slut. What the fuck do I have to do to make you soft? The more I use and abuse you, the harder your poor excuse for a cock gets.”


Session 1


“So, first session starts.”

He holds one of my credit cards in front of my face.

“In thirty minutes you give me the pin number for this card or else.” I felt the panic well up inside me. My memory was a complete blank, he’d chosen a card I hadn’t used in years. What was I going to do? It was a number I had written down for emergencies but I didn’t remember it for certain. He looked into my eyes and I could swear that he could see the panic in my eyes.

“So, the timer starts now.” He pressed a button on the clock and the large red digits read “30:00” and started to slowly count down.

“You told me your nipples were sensitive, so I think that’s where we should start.” He produced a pair of vicious-looking nipple clamps on a short chain, He started rubbing and massaging my right nipple, squeezing it until he was happy that it was as hard and erect as he wanted it, then he opened the nipple clamp and pushed it down onto my nipple and released it so it slammed shut – suddenly all I could focus on was the biting on my nipple it was like a white hot pain which just went on and on. Every breath just seemed to make it worse. I felt his finger brushing across the chastity cage touching my cock head through the bars.

“Still plenty of precum, but you won’t be cumming for the foreseeable future.”

I looked at the clock, and it said there were still more than 28 minutes to go – how the hell was I going to handle this sort of pain for that long? The answer was simple I wasn’t going to have to handle this sort of pain because it was going to get a lot worse. He picked up the other clamp and pulled on the chain making the clamp already in place bite deeper and making me moan into the gag.

“That’s good, you fat slut. I want to hear you moaning and screaming into the gag, BUT remember when I remove the gag all I want to hear is those four digits – any other noises will have dire consequences!”

He started massaging my left nipple, and despite myself I felt it getting harder and harder. He smiled and opened the clamp wide. He pressed it down over the nipple and released it so it bit hard into my tender flesh. I screamed into the gag but no noise came out. The chain between the two clamps was short and when I breathed the clamps pulled against each other. The pain just got worse and worse. I’d played with clamps before, but they had always offered the ability to set how tightly they gripped and had rubber on the head – these had small, sharp metal teeth and the grip on them was really tight. These little bastards meant business and their sole purpose was to inflict serious pain on my nipples. All I could focus on was the pain in my nipples. I looked up at the timer willing that the numbers were down to single digits – “25:28.” Less than five minutes and it felt like these clamps would bite their way through my nipples.

“See, I take care of you – you said you liked nipple play and I get you a nice pair of nipple clamps. Our chats were really informative, after all these years of fantasy and wanking you were so desperate to share all your fantasies and desires. Best bit is here you can explore them without limits. I’ve got some more clamps for you too – you said you liked it when your sac was played with. Well let’s see, shall we?”

I felt his hand playing with my balls, pulling my sac through the chastity cage making my sac as loose as possible. This had the side effect of pulling my foreskin back inside the cage making my super-sensitive cock head even more exposed to the metal bars constraining it. After a few minutes of manipulation and pulling he seemed happy that he had got as much skin to work with as possible. He picked up a bag full of clothes peg and took the first one out of the bag opened it and clipped it onto my sac as centrally as possible – it hurt like hell but when I squirmed it just made the pain in my nipples worse and worse. He went to the bag and added another peg to my sac. He continued to systematically add the pegs to my sac until the bag was empty and it felt like my sac would be ripped apart. As each peg was added I screamed into the gag and he seemed to take great delight in staring into my eyes as he added each peg. It felt like we had been doing this for hours and my eyes were full of tears. I glanced up at the clock and registered that it said there were 5 minutes remaining. My nipples felt like they were being bitten off and my sac felt as though hundreds of knives were cutting through the thin skin. He brushed his hand over the pegs on my balls and the pain intensified. I screamed into the gag and thrashed my head from side to side. He smiled and reached up and slowly lifted the chain linking the two nipple clamps. I had thought they were painful before but suddenly they seemed to bite so deep into my flesh I was sure there was going to be blood.

“I hope you are ready to tell me that pin number, only 3 minutes to go – doesn’t time fly when you are enjoying yourself?”

He moved back to my balls and started to pull on a peg. The harder he pulled the more it hurt until suddenly it pulled clear and the level of pain felt like nothing I had experienced before.

“Only 19 more—”

I screamed into the gag as he pulled, brushed and rapidly removed the pegs covering my sac until they were all gone. He massaged my sac, which just seemed to intensify the pain. My sac felt like it had been ripped apart but despite it all my cock was still straining at the bars of its restrictive cage.

He moved back up to look in my eyes, and as he did he pulled slowly but firmly on the chain joining my tortured nipples together. As he saw the pain in my eyes he smiled and it hit me just how much this man was enjoying seeing me in agony.

He left the nipple clamps in place as he started to unclip the gag. He removed the gag and before I knew it my mouth was open and I heard myself begging him to have mercy.


My pleas were cut very short. He picked up a pecker gag from beside the bed, grabbed the chain between the nipples and pulled on it hard, my mouth opened to scream in pain and was plugged with the huge pecker gag. It scraped against the back of my throat and I started to gag. I could feel myself panic and I struggled to focus on controlling my breathing to try and get the gag reflex under control.

He slapped me hard on the right and then the left cheek.

“You were warned you stupid, fat cunt. The sessions will be an hour so your stupidity has doubled your suffering. The nipple clamps stay for the next session as an added reward for your inability to follow basic instructions.”


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