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Island Master UK – Part 13

By Wakeysub

Master Green stood up and walked over to the large, panelled wall. He pressed a button and the panel slid back smoothly and silently. Inside was a toy cupboard that would put most speciality gay kink stores to shame. Even from where I was lying, I could see toys and devices to cover just about every known kink and fetish I could think about, and then some that I just couldn’t imagine what they would be used for. He leant into the racking and retrieved a thick leather strap. He doubled it over and smacked it down on his open hand. He seemed to delight in the loud smack it made as it struck his hand.

He smiled down at me as he walked back towards the bed. I couldn’t stop myself staring at his gorgeous body and his bulging jock. I was aching to see what was inside the jock. I needed to pleasure him again. Every part of my body existed solely to give this god of a man pleasure. He stood next to the bed and looked down at my stretched, exposed, vulnerable body lying there.

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Island Master UK – Part 12

By Wakeysub

I was stood there at the top of the ramp with the wheelbarrow firmly locked to my wrists. What was I to do? I had been set my task but I also remembered from my very first minutes on the Island that I always had to obey an order from one of the visitors. I had no other option but to stand and wait for his instructions.

He walked casually out of the wood and moved towards me. He was confident, handsome and well dressed. He ran a hand over my shoulders.

“Nice to see that they have you doing real manual labour. I have to say that seeing a naked man tethered to a barrow sweating is a sight to behold. You stink – in the best possible way. Last night I was one of the many men who got to experience your mouth and it was a unique experience. I’m ready for a second go. Here’s how it’s going to go – I’ll lay in the barrow and you can go to work on my cock. Give me a memorable blow job and I’ll submit a good report on you. If you fail then I get to try out my remote. I see that you have that chastity locked and I’m assuming that that is chock full of circuitry as well.”

He moved his hand to his watch and scrolled through several options before he clicked on the screen and my mouth opened wide.

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Island Master UK – Part 11

By Wakeysub

He went to the bench and picked up a small box.

“I love this upgrade.”

He placed the open box on the small table next to the chair. He ran his fingers over the chastity cage and pulled on it to make sure it was properly secured and wasn’t rubbing unnecessarily. He was satisfied that everything was okay. He picked up a small box from the table and held it on the underside of the shaft of my chastity. There was a click and the head of the chastity detached. My cock head was revealed for the first time in weeks but the cage was still firmly locked in place with the metal rod fixed permanently into the piercing at the base of my glans. He started to run his fingers over my glans.

“The pins are certainly leaving an impression. I think the upgrade will really drive the point home.” He laughed at his joke and I saw Master West smile.

The medic picked up a spray can from the table and sprayed it liberally onto the head of my caged cock. The spray was icy cold and my cock shrunk in response. He attached a small tube to the can and pushed this into my piss-slit. He squirted the numbing spray deep into my urethra. He pressed the spray several times until he was happy that everything was ready. My cock was numb. I shivered in anticipation. Whatever was going to happen I was sure that it was going to be more painful for me.

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Island Master UK – Part 10

By Wakeysub

Solidly mounted and impaled with my mouth open I was desperate to just swallow but that wasn’t an option. I had been transformed into a sex toy existing solely for the pleasure of the top. Here I was in total darkness waiting for my mouth to be used. Reduced to being a fleshlight with a pulse.

“Fuck, I’ve got to break this one in.”

I felt movement at my lips. The first cock just drove into me with a single thrust. My head positioning meant that the cock had a straight run to deep in my gullet. My gag reflex triggered but I had no room to react. My body convulsed as he continued to thrust. I could hear the moaning sounds he made as my throat closed around his cock. He pulled his cock right out of my mouth and I gasped for breath. He plunged back in with a single hard thrust. I couldn’t breathe. He started pumping his cock buried deep in my throat. I started to feel lightheaded. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper in my throat. My lungs were hurting as they were desperate for air. Every reflex in my body said I had to take a breath but there was nothing I could do. The shield was spreading my jaw firmly to maximise his access. All I could do was focus on the cock down my throat. As his fucking intensified my head became foggier. Suddenly, the shaft throbbed in my throat unloading his load deep into my throat. He started to pull out leaving a trail of cum as he pulled out of my mouth. As soon as my throat was unblocked air rushed back in and my lungs gasped for air.

“Clean it”

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Island Master UK – Part 09

By Wakeysub

I was aware of the sound of equipment being wheeled closer. The blindfold meant that I couldn’t see anything that was going on in the room around me. I tested the restraints, they held firm. A broad strap was pulled across my chest. As it tightened, I was pushed further into the chair and further onto the large plug up my ass.

The increased noise in the room indicated that there were more people around. I began to feel nervous. What were they going to do to me? I’d bitten the Top yesterday, so I knew it wasn’t going to be good.

“Good evening, gentlemen.” It was IslandMasterUK’s voice. “Those of you were here last night witnessed 768’s vicious assault on one of our members, literally (he laughed at his own pun.). As you all know, this is a severe breach of the rules here on the Island. Luckily I have devised a solution to prevent a recurrence.”

The blindfold was removed and I blinked to try and adjust to the bright light which was shining into my face. A white-coated figure was stood on my right-hand side. I saw him working on something on the small metal table next to the chair. When he was satisfied he picked up the small item and moved towards me.


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Island Master UK – Part 08

By Wakeysub

I woke with a start. My collar was pulsing. Master East was stood staring at me in the glaring light of the cell. He pressed a button on his control. The restraints released and the cage door swung open.


I removed the headphones and clambered out of the cage. I stood naked in front of him. My feet were set wide apart in the footprints printed on the floor. My hands behind my head with my fingers interlaced. I was focussing on his brightly shone boots. It felt like such a natural position for me to be in. My cock throbbed in its cage. He undid the gag and pulled it out of my mouth. I swallowed and adjusted my jaw to try and get rid of the stiffness.

He clipped a leash to my collar and pulled me forward out the door and up the stairs. He walked quicker than Master West. We were moving towards an area of the Island I hadn’t visited before. We followed a path through the trees and into another clearing. I was faced with what looked like a construction site. Around the clearing, other slaves were working – wielding picks, digging with spades and carrying away the soil and rocks in barrows.

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Island Master UK – Part 07

By Wakeysub

[Please remember that EVERYTHING that happens on the Island is consensual. Although the use of safewords has consequences on the Island, they are always observed. If the situation called for it, the safeword would stop the scene. The fact that the slave would be rendered unconscious and would have to be carried away on a stretcher is academic. All limits have been agreed on upfront and are strictly observed. The slave in the story had long, detailed conversations with IslandMasterUK during which he was able to draw out all the slaves deeply hidden fantasies and part of the joy of the Island is that it is a “safe” environment where all these fantasies can be realised. Had the slave in our story not been so naïve (or horny and frustrated) he might have been a lot more prescriptive in his limits – but then again, where would the fun be in that? The limits we are seeing played out are the ones which drove the slave’s fantasies in the discussions.

I hope you are enjoying the story – it’s great to get your feedback either here or on my Recon account. If you have any suggestions for where the story should go let me know. After all – he signed up for a four-week holiday and we are only on the second day!!]

Master West leaned forward and clipped the leash onto my collar and disconnected the dildo cord. A yank on the lead pulled me backwards. I struggled to stand and follow him. My jaw ached, and I moved it from side to side to relieve my joints’ stiffness.

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Island Master UK – Part 06

By Wakeysub

“What the fuck??” I woke with a start. The room was pitch black. Did I just imagine all that? I went to move my right hand; it was locked tight. I couldn’t move my left arm either. As I panicked, I became aware of the gag rammed deep into my throat. I started retched uncontrollably again. “What the fuck have I done?” In my head, I was trying to relive everything that happened from the minute I stepped off that fucking train yesterday. This can’t be happening – this wasn’t how I pictured it at all.

In an instant, the light in the room went from pitch black to white-hot. My eyes struggled to adjust and focus. The cage door swung open I hadn’t even heard Master West enter. He was dressed differently in tight leather trousers and a harness that really showed off his well-defined muscular body. Even in my traumatised state, I couldn’t help but get aroused by the sight of this walking wet dream. As my cock woke up, it painfully rediscovered the pins in the head of the cage. He smiled when he saw me wince. He leant forward and removed the headphones.

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