10 Days in Detention – Part 11

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

The pain started just as Dan had said. My shoulders were aching. My arms were aching, and the pulling on my balls was constant and sustained. The predicament position I had been placed in was perfect in its design. I continued to try to keep my arms up behind me to take some pressure off of my balls, but it was always short lived. Being in complete darkness didn’t help either.

It only added to the mental hell the pain was starting to put me through. I doubt I could take an hour of this, let alone two hours as Dan had promised. And what did he mean every fifteen minutes he would make it tougher on me?

I could feel beads of sweat starting to make their way along various parts of my body. The strenuous nature of this bondage position was meant to take its toll in a variety of ways, no doubt. As I thought about this and some of the other predicament positions I had been put in by John in past sessions, I realized these guys knew how to slowly put a guy through hell. It was only occasionally they subjected me to intense, almost limit-pushing pain. Instead their methods of torture were meant to test endurance. The pain was slow to reach a crescendo, enabling the body to adjust and react and the mental side to think it can sustain and keep going through the punishment. In a way this was far worse than extreme painful punishment, as it kept the guy, kept me, continuing on – soldiering on – through the situation. It sucked.

Fifteen minutes must have elapsed, as the door opened and Dan was standing there. I grunted through the gag, but he didn’t respond to me. He just continued to look at me. When he stepped inside he circled me, inspecting what was happening and how I was responding. He made sure to take hold of my cock, which in just fifteen minutes was at full mast again.

“This tells me you’re still turned on by what is happening to you, boy. I guess the body hasn’t realized the punishment has started. We’ll start to take care of that,” he said as he released my cock.

Dan started massaging my nipples again. Being directly wired, my cock started pulsing with each moment of nipple play.

Dan leaned in to me and started quietly talking in me ear.

“I promised you each fifteen minutes something would happen to you to make this worse. I keep my promises. I also realize that you might be thinking you are not able to physically take what I had planned, judging by the look in your eyes and your body’s current state. No matter, though. You’re still going to be like this for two hours. I may adjust the fifteen-minute cycles to fifteen minutes of additional torment with fifteen minutes of rest. Well, I guess not really rest since I’m not adjusting your bonds. Just fifteen minutes without additional torment. I think that’s fair.”

He pulled back and looked into my eyes for some sort of reaction.   I looked at him eye to eye and shook my head no trying to indicate this was all too much for me. He shook his head no back at me. My plea made no difference.

He pulled a set of nipple clamps out of his pocket and quickly clipped them on, which elicited some heavy breathing and a momentary squeal from me.

Dan then turned around and walked out of the cell, closing the door and putting me back in to my black isolation.

My nipples were on fire. The usual cessation of pain to a dull ache wasn’t happening. Dan had applied the clamps to the very tips for maximum effect. He was being a complete bastard to me. The rest of my body wasn’t doing any better, as there was no relief from the predicament position. The sweat continued to form on me and drip slowly down my body. The multiple sensations were almost overwhelming. I could feel anger starting to take over.

When the door opened again Dan came inside and stood in front of me. He made eye contact.

“I see anger in your eyes, boy. You don’t understand, do you? This is punishment, and punishment is meant to be painful for a bondage slave. You put yourself in this situation by forgetting your place. A place and a status you willingly entered into. I’m going to remove the gag for a moment. You are not to speak.”

He removed the ball gag and just stood there, looking at me. My breathing was hard and labored, and I struggled to find any bit of release from the stress that I could. I think Dan was enjoying watching me try to cope, all the time knowing there was no relief I was going to attain no matter what I tried.

Dan spoke to me again. “In a moment I will give you permission to speak. Be very careful about what you say. You signed up for this. You signed up to be a bondage slave. You signed up for the training, the punishment and the desire to endure what is happening to you. No one made you come here. That anger in your eyes and your head had better go away quickly. The only thing I should hear from your mouth is submission. Anything else, and this is done. Anything else, and your fantasy is done. What do you have to say?”

I quickly realized Dan was right about everything he just said. As his bondage slave I needed to be submissive and take what he was dishing out on me. I was learning a lesson in submission, self-control and ultimately pain endurance. It was wrong for me to be angry at what was happening.

“Sir, this slave requests permission to speak, Sir?” I said.

“Permission granted. And I see you have started to realize your place here.”

“Sir, may this slave have some water, please?”

Dan left the cell and came back with a bottle of water. He opened the cap and put it to my mouth. It was refreshing. It went through me and it felt good throughout my body.

I looked at Dan and said, “Thank you, Sir. The slave understands it needs this punishment to correct its behavior and continue its training, Sir.”

I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth. It sounded pathetic on one hand to say something like that, yet I knew it was in me that I wanted this and needed this. I needed to show Dan I could get with the program and take his torment.

Dan got very close to me, leaned in and started kissing me. His hand went to my head, and he caressed my hair and the back of my neck. This lasted for a few minutes before he reached down and retrieved the ball gag and put it back in my mouth. What I hadn’t anticipated was his reaching for the nipple clamps and quickly pulling them off. I screamed loudly through the gag, and my body tried to buck against the restraints. Dan took his fingers and dug into my nipples, creating a second wave of pain. It was almost too much to take.

Before I realized what was happening, the cell went dark again as the door closed. I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t realize Dan had stopped touching me and walked out.

30 minutes down. 90 minutes to go. I think.


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  1. Amazing how the detail keeps going. Lots of writers start getting sloppy after several chapters. Truly amazing work. Looking forward to more of the journey.

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