10 Days in Detention – Part 13

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I’m not sure how long I was asleep. I woke up suddenly to the sound of banging on the cage bars. It was loud and irritating and immediately took me out of my slumber.

When my eyes adjusted I saw Dan standing outside the cage with a thick wooden dowel in his hand. He was using it to bang on the bars.

“Wake up slave. Your service is far from complete. Get on your knees,” Dan commanded. I managed to roll over so that I was on my knees and facing the end of the cage.

Dan took the dowel and held it between the bars to get the end under my chin. Using the wooden stick he guided me to the very end of the cage with my head touching the upper bars.

“Stay put, slave,” Dan commanded this time. I was still not fully awake yet and was trying to comply with his demands at the same time as I was trying to become fully coherent. My body ached all over from last night’s punishment session and it was hard to maneuver between the stiff muscles and the heavy shackles I was wearing.

Dan placed himself at the end of the cage in front of me. He reached down and unlocked the door and opened it. He motioned for me to crawl out, which I did, remaining on my hands and knees. Using the wooden dowel he placed it under my chin again and forced my body up so that my head was at his waist level.

Dan was only wearing jeans. He opened the crotch and took out his cock and placed it near my mouth. Instinctively I opened my mouth and took his cock into my opening and began to service him. He moaned as I went to work on his cock, and he made sure I stayed down on him by taking the dowel and putting it behind my neck to keep my mouth securely on his cock. This went on for more than a few minutes while he continued to moan and use the stick to rhythmically keep my head on his tool.

I felt the dowel release from behind my neck and Dan pulled out of me. He looked down on me.

“Good slave,” he said. There was a slight smile across his face. He reached down and closed his jeans. He looked so good. He clearly worked out and took care of himself. If I were a dom I wouldn’t mind at all getting him to submit, but that was clearly not the intent between us.

He reached into his pocket and retrieved the hex key for the shackles. Starting with the ankles he went behind me and released the heavy irons. Next he returned to the front of me and opened up the wrists and then the collar. I put my wrists behind my back once all the chains were off and attempted to keep myself in an upright kneeling position. Dan noticed my change in posture and slightly smiled at me. He took the shackles and disappeared to the corner of the dungeon, where I heard him hang them back on the wall where they were stored.

After a few moments Dan returned with leather restraints in his hand. The first was a leather collar, which he put on my neck with the chain collar under it. He locked it on and centered it with a D ring just above my throat. Next, leather wrist restraints were put and locked on followed by their ankle mates.

“Listen slave,” Dan started to talk. “I told you last night your time with me would consist of harsh punishment and service. You got a taste of the punishment last night. There is still more to come before I’m done with you. Before that, it’s time that you properly thank me.”

I didn’t like the sound that more punishment was to come. However, I did agree to be Dan’s slave until sometime in the afternoon. If only I had some idea what time it was since there was no clock to reference and no windows to see outside.

Dan looked deeply into my eyes, almost expressionless. While his eyes and mine were locked I realized he was slowly undoing his jeans and ever so slowly was allowing them to drop to his ankles. He stepped out of them and was completely naked. He looked so hot!

“Crawl,” he commanded and he left me to go to the mattress. I crawled behind him while he hopped on to the mattress, lying back on the pillow.

“Up here,” was his next command, and I jumped up on to the mattress.

Using his hand he reached out and took a hold of the D ring on the leather collar, pulling me forward so that I was kneeling low between his outstretched legs. He continued to pull me in and down, so that I had to use my hands to brace myself on either side of him. He finally had my face close enough to his for us to kiss, and he slowly, methodically began to kiss me. It was tender. He released his hold on the D ring and placed his right hand behind my head and his left hand on my waist. He gently guided me to relax and lie on top of him. Our cocks touched as we continued to kiss.

This went on for a few minutes when he stopped and said, “You have permission to explore.”

I looked at him and smiled. For the next hour or so I made sure to give pleasure to his nipples, pits, feet and his cock. My hands, mouth and lips made sure to provide thanks to the man that had put me through so much pain and hurt just hours earlier. If this was submission as a slave it was deep within my DNA to serve him. For some reason, I was attracted to Dan. I wanted him to approve of me and my efforts. It wasn’t just that he had a means to an end with respect to the bondage, something I obviously craved. But there was an intense desire to connect with him.

At some point he sat up and pulled me in tight to his chest and kissed me deeply. In that process he turned us around and had me under him and expertly got me on my back centered on the bed. When he was ready he pushed my wrists out to the corners and held them there while he straddled my chest. He said nothing but simply smiled at me and nodded. I nodded back understanding what was happening next.

Dan crawled off the bed and left me there, spread eagle on my own. Within a few moments he returned with lengths of rope and proceeded to tie me tight to the corners. I wasn’t going anywhere.

When he was satisfied with the restraint he disappeared out of view again and quickly returned with two items in his hands. One was a large ring gag and the other was a blindfold. He put the ring gag to my mouth and I opened wide accepting it and then lifting my head so he could secure it. He leaned over and kissed my forehead and gave me another chance to look at him before he put the blindfold on me.

I felt his body on me and he lowered himself on top of me. Again our cocks touched and he proceeded to move a bit to get them to grind against one another. His head came to rest next to mine and I heard him softly say in my ear, “Pain and pleasure, my slave. I promised you both last night when you submitted and I promised you again this morning an additional round of punishment and pain. Before the slave is released from this position it will continue to service me and provide pleasure both through its sexual service and its ability to endure punishment.”

When he was done talking I felt him get up and leave the bed. I could hear sounds as if he was gathering items. In the darkness of the blindfold and the stretching of the limbs to the corners I waited for his return and the inevitable climax to our time together on this weekend.


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