10 Days in Detention – Part 14

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

I felt Dan return to the bed and to me.

Into my ear he whispered, “You will feel many sensations before we are done.”

I then felt him take hold of my balls. He pulled them down slightly, taking care to ensure he had them within his grasp and slightly pulling them away from my body. There was the sound of clinking as with small chains, and I felt the leather first and the prickly sensation second. The ball stretcher being attached to me included small spikes on the inside. It took him a few moments to secure the stretcher, and when he had it just right he gave it a small yank and I yelped slightly as the spikes dug into the tender skin of my balls.

Next he reached for my cock and slowly stroked it. I was already hard, and he was ensuring I stayed like that for the next few moments at least. The next sensation was similar to the ball stretcher. Dan took my cock and forced it flat against my stomach, where he had set another piece of leather except when he pushed my cock down I felt additional spikes beyond just those of the ball stretcher. He was placing a sheath around my semi-engorged cock that was also lined with spikes. As he tightly strapped the sheath around my cock, the spikes dug into and produced the unique sensation of pain that also kept me hard. As my cock pulsed the spikes did their job and let me know of their presence.

Dan mounted the bed and straddled me with a leg on each side of my body. He was still naked, and I could feel his cock touching my abs just below the chest. He used his fingers to massage my nipples and my cock responded trying to enlarge but restrained by the sheath that was now biting into my cock skin with its spikes.

Dan eventually scooted up toward my chest, and suddenly I felt his cock enter my mouth through the ring gag. He started to slowly push it in and out and I instinctively used my tongue to pleasure him. There was a rhythm to his motion and I tried to keep up with it. This went on for a few minutes until he pulled out completely and dismounted me and the bed.

He was tying something off to the parachute stretcher and I felt the tug as it went up and above me. My guess was he threaded the rope or cord through a pulley as within a few moments there was a definite weight that was pulling my balls away from me digging those spikes into my sensitive ball sack. I winced some at the slight pain that was torturing my cock and balls from the spiked sheath and stretcher that were doing their job on me.

All of a sudden I felt the whack of the riding crop on my right inner thigh. It made me jump within my stretched out state and when I did I felt the tug on my balls and those damned spikes as I must have caused the weight on the other end of that cord to swing. I was going to have to stay still.

Dan continued using the riding crop on me. My thighs, nipples, abs and even the bottom of my feet were all targets. He took his time alternating between spots and varying the intensity of the hits.

He leaned over into me and whispered, “You should see the redness of that spots I’ve been concentrating on. Time to concentrate on something else now.”

As he finished talking he mounted the bed and me again and his cock rammed my mouth through the open gag. This time it was hard and pronounced as he face fucked me. This was Dan in total control and letting me know it. All I could do was try to take it as it slid further and further into me. The gag reflex kicked in several times and it took a lot of concentration to react to his pushing in order to take his cock as far in as it was going.

I felt the change in his cock and Dan was not pulling out. He meant to shoot his load down my throat and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this or not. I didn’t have much of a choice. He let go and I swallowed as best I could. It was salty and definitely not something I enjoyed but I realized this was probably going to be part of my training and submission from here on out.

When he finished he pulled out and I felt his hands behind my head as he found the back of the ring gag to loosen it up. He removed the ring gag but before I could swallow well what was left from his orgasm he shoved a ball gag in my mouth and tightly secured it on.

“I want you to continue to taste me while we continue this process,” he said to me. His taste was definitely still there.

Nipple clamps were the next item for Dan’s amusement, and these bit hard into me. They hurt like hell when they went on. My tits were on fire and my cock and balls were still dealing with the spiked torment at the other end.

I wasn’t sure how long I would have to stay like this. The pain wasn’t intense, but everything was throbbing and together it was going to be very difficult to take for a long period of time.

As usual, whether it be John or Dan, they were in my mind. Dan said, “By now the spikes and clamps should be at a point where they’re tolerable but annoying. That’s where I want you for the next hour. Enjoy the thought of how they’re going to feel when I take them off.”

With that I felt Dan leave me. He may have left the dungeon but I was never really sure. I continued to lie there trying not to move too much. I was still rock hard and the weight on my balls was consistent. The throbbing on my nipples had lessened but the ache was still working on me.

I knew when Dan returned the real pain would be when he removed everything.

When Dan returned he mounted the bed and curled up next to me. I could feel his jeans on him but he was still shirtless and barefoot as he made a point for his feet to rub along my leg and he positioned his torso against my side.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

I nodded my head yes and within a split second he removed the clamp from my left nipple. I saw stars in my eyes as the pain swept across me. He wasn’t gentle when he took it off and I think he actually did it in a way to maximize the pain.

“I told you it would hurt when everything came off. Pain and pleasure for you, my slave.”

The right nipple hurt just as bad and I think I heard me scream through my gag when this one was removed.

Next he made sure to have the weight swing some before he released it from the parachute stretcher. I felt him start to unbutton the stretcher from me and as he did the spikes slowly disengaged from the ball skin. It was prickly and slightly painful as the skin didn’t easily disengage.

When Dan had the stretcher off he leaned up against me and he removed the blindfold from me. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust. I saw Dan leaning over me as hot as ever and slightly smiling. He didn’t say anything to me.

Next he reached down and started to slowly undo the cock sheath. Again, not too painful but I definitely knew when it was off as the spikes sort of held on to the skin as long as they could.

He took his hands and rubbed my chest and pubic area. It felt good to have him show some tenderness towards me. He lightly rubbed his hands against my chest hair in a circular motion and I moaned as he did so.

He reached up towards my head and released the ball gag. As soon as it was out he leaned in and kissed me. It was soft and sensual. He lightly pushed his tongue towards my mouth and I let him in. I could still taste his cum from before and I think he was trying to get some himself.

We made out for a while and during that time his hand slowly worked its way down to my cock and started to stroke it. It didn’t take long for me to climax and shoot all over my chest. Dan continued to kiss me during the entire process.

When he was satisfied that I was done, he stood up and removed his jeans. Then he set about removing the wrist and ankle restraints and finally the leather collar that was still around my neck. Without saying anything he helped me up and guided me to the bathroom. He reached in and turned on the shower and when the water was warm he guided us in together.

We slowly washed each other. Dan made sure to turn me around in the warm spray and gently knead my shoulders and arms in a light massage. It felt good.

When we were done he turned off the water and handed me a towel. I dried Dan first and then he dried me. We stepped out of the shower and he looked into my eyes and smiled. He gently kissed me and then ordered me back into the dungeon and to stand in the center of the space.

He stopped to gather a couple of items before coming over to me. He had a pair of police issue handcuffs in his hands, which he used to restrain my wrists behind my back. When he was done he kissed me again and had me kneel.

He put his hand under my chin to look up at him. He then made a point to pull on the chain collar that was still padlocked around my neck. He slightly tugged on it and said, “You did very well, slave. There is much potential in you. We will continue to work on that so that you can fully understand what will be required of you if your 10 days in detention is going to be possible. John will be down in a while to gather you. Until then you are to remain on your knees as a good slave.”

With that he placed a blindfold on me. I was on my knees, wrists cuffed behind my back, chain collar on, back straight, knees apart and toes touching. I knew my place and to keep it.

Dan ran his hand through my hair before I heard him leave. He closed the dungeon door as he left to ensure I knew he wasn’t in the space any longer. I was tired. I wondered if I would stay through Sunday with John or if he would release me today to go home. So many thoughts were running through my brain including how hot Dan is both physically and as a dom. I really liked him. I liked John, too, but John was more a mentor to me. Dan I could see having something more with than just a bondage relationship. What was I getting myself into?


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  1. Another great chapter of one of my favorite stories posted here. Wondering what new torments Dan might serve up in the future? Looking forward to more chapters of this series.

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