10 Days in Detention – Part 16

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

When I woke up on Sunday morning I thought back to what had transpired on Friday and Saturday. I was sore physically but felt good mentally. There was a plan to move forward even though there were strings attached.

The goal was not to gain any weight this week. That sounded easy enough, but then again I had never really tracked what I ate and my gym workouts to this point were more about a means to stay a little active than to actually transform my body.

I got on the scale in my bathroom and it registered 186. It was two pounds heavier than the scale John had used. The current goal then was to be less than 186 on my scale throughout the week. I decided the easiest way to achieve this was to eat smaller portions and make a few better decisions. This week it would be less coke and more water. Plate portions would be smaller, and if I went out I was only going to eat half the meal and bring the other half home.

In the back of my mind I knew the 100 lashes would probably happen at some point.

I didn’t doubt the weekly goals would get harder as this went along, so punishment was likely to happen. Besides, I think I know John well enough that he intends to push out some sort of goal that would be almost impossible to achieve, just so he could punish me and make me take it. Thinking about that was making me hard.

As the week went along, the scale didn’t show any weight gain. I was doing OK.

John messaged me on Thursday night asking if I could come by on Friday night for the weigh-in. If there weren’t any issues I would be able to leave. If I was over the weight, he reminded me of the 100 lashes and let me know I would be staying the night with the punishment administered on Saturday. He also let me know Friday night into Saturday would not be easy on me.

I agreed to come by Friday night.

I arrived at his place a little after 8 and went around the back of the house. I let myself in through the door to the storage space and immediately stripped. I then walked toward the dungeon door. I kneeled down, placed my hands behind my back and lowered my head to wait for John to open the door.

My knees were spread apart and my big toes touching in back. My back was straight with my head bowed slightly looking directly at the door threshold.

The door opened a few minutes later, and I saw bare feet sticking out from underneath leather pants. I had never seen John in leather before. My cock sprang up.

“Someone likes what little they can see,” John chuckled.

“The slave may look up,” he commanded.

I looked up to see the leather pants were not really full pants but were open at the crotch. John was wearing a leather jock underneath. He was shirtless but had a leather harness on. Damn, he looked so hot!

“Do you like what you see, boy?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir,” I responded. I was smiling from ear to ear as I said that.

“I thought you might like a little different look for tonight.”

I made eye contact with John and said, “Thank you, Sir. Sir looks hot and amazing.”

“Crawl in,” he commanded.

I bent over and crawled into the dungeon on hands and knees. When I got to the center I stopped and remained on all fours. John had since closed the dungeon door and was standing beside me. He reached down and put his hand under my chin and motioned for me to come up on my knees.

“Are you ready to weigh in?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

He put his hand under my arm and motioned me to my feet and then guided me to the bathroom and the scale. He reset it by stepping on it, and all zeros came up. He then snapped his fingers and pointed.

I touched the scale with my foot and then got on it. The readout was 183. I lost a pound this week. This was a small victory.

John looked at me in the eyes and smiled.

“Well done. Back to the dungeon.”

I stepped off and went back into the main dungeon space.

John spoke to me from behind, “Remain standing with fingers interlocked behind your head.”

I did as he said and he came over and stood behind me. He took his hands and rotated my body to the left so I could see the area where the bed can be but it had been removed to expose the area open with ropes hanging from the top corners and at the bottom corners.

“I was ready to string you up tomorrow and lash you. But I guess there’s no need for that, is there,” he asked as he took one hand and began to stroke my cock. “Does the boy have something to say?”

I looked him in the eyes and said, “Sir, permission to remain your slave tonight through tomorrow, Sir. The slave wishes to continue its training.”

He leaned in and kissed me very lightly and tenderly. It felt good.

John pulled away slightly and put his head to the side of mine and whispered in my ear, “I was hoping you would say something like that.”

He put his hand on my back and gently stroked my skin up and down while he rested his head on my shoulder. I was rock hard and wanted to stay with him. I also wanted to hurt and continue understanding how to take more from this experience.

John pulled back and asked me what I wanted from this night into tomorrow. I told him I wanted to have the 100 lashes and to take it now instead of tomorrow. I knew it was going to happen at some point, so why not be subjected to it immediately. I further told him to not make the night easy on me and to make the bondage difficult and hard. I wanted to be tested.

He was smiling the entire time as I spoke to him.

“Very well, then,” he said. “Understand you are going to get what you asked for. No safe words for you, either.”

He led me over to the frame and positioned me where he wanted me. He stepped away and brought back leather cuffs. The wrist cuffs were suspension cuffs and he locked them on and then pulled the rope from each side and tied them off loosely. Leather ankle cuffs went on next. He pulled the ropes over to the ankles and forced my legs apart. He then went back to each of the wrists ropes and pulled them tightly so I was in a very tight spread eagle.

He stepped around in front of me. He looked in my eyes and had his hand under my chin.

“No blindfold or gag for you. There are times when I will want to look in your eyes and talk to you. There will also be times I want to hear you scream. I will start by warming up your back. These lashes do not count.” When he was done talking he kissed me and played with my nipples, rubbing them lightly and I stayed hard and at full mast throughout his touching.

He disappeared behind me and a few moments and shortly thereafter I felt the light touch of the flogger. It felt good. He was very lightly touching me and swinging it in a very faint manner. The strokes slightly increased in intensity for a few minutes when they stopped. He walked around to face me and once again leaned in and kissed me. He was reinforcing his approval of me each time he did this. I sighed and when he pulled away I leaned forward to put my head against his. He pulled my head into his shoulder and allowed me to cuddle there for a few moments before he stepped away again.

“The count starts now,” he said from behind me.

The first stroke was intense across my left shoulder and back. I yelped out a little and my body physically lurched forward against the restraints. The second stroke was not far behind as was the third. I heard myself let out a shriek after the third stroke. There was quiet for a few moments. The next three were full force and rapid. Again a break. The next four were worse than any of the others but deliberately delivered slowly, on target and without remorse. They were very hard and I was in pain from them.

My breathing was hard and heavy. I hadn’t realized John had stopped until I felt his hand behind my head. I must have closed my eyes as I leaned forward in the restraints and attempted to get control of myself. I opened my eyes upon his touch and locked with his. My breathing was still heavy and heaving but started to slow down as he pulled me in, held our heads close together and rubbed my back. After a few moments he pulled to the front and kissed me tenderly over and over again and I responded in kind.

In the midst of kissing be reached down and stroked my cock, which was still rock hard.

“This gives you away,” he whispered in between our lips lightly touching.

“Yes, Sir,” was all that I could manage back as a response.

“That was 10 strokes. 90 to go,” he said as I looked at him and pleaded with my eyes. There was tenderness in his eyes but no sign of stopping that I could sense. I asked for this and he was going to deliver. He said as much as if he could read my mind.

“This will take as long as necessary. You requested this to happen, and it will continue along with your desire to be kept in hard bondage until when I decide to release you tomorrow. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it,” he said as he moved away and took his position behind me.

The next 10 were hard and deliberate. Evenly spaced and with similar intensity, I found the ability to prepare for each one but I found myself still breathing heavily at the end of the cycle and willed my body to make it through what was happening. John came over to me after this set and held me, rubbing his hands on my back while I leaned into his shoulder. There was no kissing this time. From here on out this was simply John taking care of me enough to continue with the punishment. There was no reason for the punishment, after all. We agreed on that based on my weight. But the manner in which this was being done was almost clinical as John progressed through the strokes. It was methodical, deliberate and not yielding of force. He was sending a message.

To be honest, after the second set I lost count of what was happening. John began to vary how many strokes per set. Sometimes there were more than 10, sometimes there were less. The sets with less than 10 were unbearable. He made sure those lashes were full force against my back, and I know I screamed out from time to time.

At some point it was finished. Most of it was a blur. All I know is my head was leaning into John’s chest and I was visibly sobbing while he held me tight and rubbed my back gently with his strong hands. I was coming down from a very scary place.

I heard him say in to my ear, “At some point you will need to learn to channel pain into anger and anger into resolve. When you do that you will take the lashes without sobbing. You might scream out as you did today, but mentally you will be in a much different place in the future.”

“Yes, Sir,” is all I could manage between the last of the sobs.

He left me and began to undo the leg ropes and removed the leather cuffs from my ankles.

“As the ropes loosen on your arms fall to your knees,” he instructed me. I followed his suggestion as I felt the ropes slacken. When I was on my knees and the arms were still loosely spread John came and stood in front of me again. He released the cuffs from each wrist, allowing them to swing back to the sides of the frame as the ropes were still attached. I leaned in to him and threw my arms around his legs. The leather of his pants felt cool and calming.

He pushed my head back from his legs and opened up the leather jock so that his cock sprang out.

“Hands behind your back.”

I complied, and then he took his hands and put them behind my head and guided my mouth toward his cock. I took it in and began to service him.

John said, “Thank me,” as he continued to guide my head back and forth on his cock. I did my best to pleasure him, and I could feel him get close. He pulled out and shot on my chest.

When he was finished, he closed up the jock and disappeared behind me. When he returned he had heavy shackles that he placed on my wrists behind my back. Likewise, ankle shackles were attached. Finally, a heavy collar and chain were put on with the other end of the chain brought back toward the ankle chain.

He stood me up and walked me to the cell. Inside, I was made to sit against the wall and the wrist shackles were padlocked to a ring on the wall, forcing me to sit there.

John looked back at me as he walked toward the door and closed it. A moment later the lights went out, leaving me in complete darkness.


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  1. Another installment of my favorite series. I love how the story captures the submission and mind space of both Dave and John. I eagerly awaiting the next chapter to see what punishment Dave will submit to next.

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