10 Days in Detention – Part 21

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

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I remained kneeling in the center of the dungeon for a while. I thought back to the last few hours and how Dan treated me with kindness and acknowledged there was more than a connection between us. I looked forward to being able to explore that in the future. But for now I waited for what would definitely be a painful and difficult experience.

I continued to ponder why I wanted this. What drives a man to submit willingly to another man whose intention is to inflict pain, humiliate and subjugate his prisoner? It’s carefully carried out and both men enter into the arrangement with full knowledge of what will happen. At the conclusion both men appreciate and thank the other for the opportunity to engage in these real roles. Why do I want to experience pain? Why do I want to be made to service John and Dan? Why am I attracted to them and this play? I guess I’ll never really know or perhaps don’t really want to understand. It fills a purpose. It fills a need. And here I am, naked, handcuffed, on knees waiting for the next punishment and training period.

I heard the door open and immediately my pulse quickened. I felt their presence in front of and behind me.

The hood on my head was pulled off and John was standing in front of me wearing jeans and shirtless. He was barefoot. He looked so damn hot! My cock went hard and straight.

Dan was behind me and out of the corner of my eye I could tell he was similarly dressed. He had his hands on my shoulders slightly pushing down so I was aware of his physical presence.

John took his hand and put it under my chin and pushed up slightly so I was looking up at him.

“Third time, boy, for you to break. We want to ensure this is what you really want. If this is what you really want demonstrate it.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to do but I knew it meant showing them my submission. I decided to bend over and I put my head down towards John’s bare feet. I started to kiss and lick his feet. He curled his toes up so that I put them in my mouth and started to suck on them. His moans filled the air in the space.

“Keep it up boy. That’s a good boy.”

“In some ways he is a real bondage pig, don’t you think?” Dan added.

“Definitely,” John responded. “Go get the bench while he continues to service me,” John said to Dan.

While I continued bent over at John’s feet I heard movement behind me. There were the sounds of light furniture being moved and placed close to where John and I were at.

John pulled my head up using his hand and said, “Enough of that. Time to break you again. Get up,” he commanded. I stood and John turned me around to see a thin planked wooden bench. Towards the center of the bench was a hole presumably to have access to some part of my body and at the one end were two pipes screwed to the corners holding a pair of pipes in the air. The pipe closest to the inside of the bench was about four inches lower than the pipe at the end of the bench and they were spaced a few inches apart.

“Lie on the bench, face down, feet towards the pipes and be sure your cock and balls are through that hole, boy.” I did as John commanded which took a bit of maneuvering since my wrists were still handcuffed behind my back.

Once in position John and Dan inspected me to make sure my cock and balls were through the hole and hanging freely. They moved me slightly to adjust my position and then bent my legs back and adjusted my feet to have them resting on the two pipes in the air behind me.

They began to work on me without making any comments like two professionals who knew their duties. John took a long belt and went around the bench and my body at waist level and cinched it tight. He likewise took a second belt and secured my legs just above where the knees were bent. This left me a little movement as much as being able to pull my chest slightly up off the bench if I bent back at the waist.

Dan was busy tying my ankles to the lower pipe with soft rope making sure the bondage was tight. They were a few inches apart from each other.   I felt thin cords being wrapped around each of my big toes and the cords pulling down to the second pipe. My feet were effectively tied to the two pipes with no movement possible and the soles fully exposed. I’m sure at this point my feet were going to be the center of attention along with my cock and balls.

After belting me to the bench John removed the handcuffs and replaced them with leather wrist cuffs which he then padlocked together. A ratchet with a dangling rope was secured to the joist above the bench and the rope tied to the padlock. My wrists were then yanked up high in the air behind me.

I started to test the resistance of how I was tied. The force on my wrists and arms helped keep me pinned to the bench along with the belts that had been applied. I still had that little movement of being able to slightly pull my chest off the bench if I wanted. My feet were not moving at all and I could feel the air against my cock and balls as they hung freely below.

There was still about a foot of bench in front of my head. John came and sat down on it with his crouch near my head. He forcefully pulled up my head using his hand under my chin so that I could make eye contact with him. It was not a comfortable position and I was struggling. I then felt hands on my shoulders as Dan grabbed them and helped to keep my body arched up and looking at John.

John looked directly into my eyes and started talking.

“There is no safeword. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I responded.

“Dan and I fully intend to take you past your breaking point and prove to you what you can really handle. You can scream. You can beg. You can cry. Nothing will stop us from what we have planned. You’ve said you trust us and we will not inflict anything you can’t handle. This is about you believing and coping. When we are done you will properly thank us.”

I looked into John’s eyes the entire time and then said, “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

Dan released my shoulders and John took his hand away and I lied flat on the bench.

John commented to Dan, “Let’s get started.” John pulled up a chair and sat back to watch.

Dan came around in front of me where I could see him and knelt down so we were face to face. He had a half smile on his face that was sort of menacing in its meaning. There were no words between us. He stood up, went to the corner of the dungeon to grab some items and came back in front of me and knelt again. In his hands were a small whip like flogger, a flexible leather paddle and a bamboo cane. He clearly wanted me to see each of the implements as he showed them one at a time to me.

“We’re going to start with your feet,” he said to me. With that he stood up and disappeared behind me.

I felt his hands lightly rubbing the soles of my feet. It was gentle. It got a slight reaction with my feet wanting to move around but unable and I felt my cock growing. John didn’t miss that.

“He’s getting hard,” John said. “I’m sure the pre-cum will start flowing soon enough.”

“I’m sure you’re right. I’ll start with the slapper.”

I next felt the leather slapper lightly rubbing against the soles. He was toying with me moving it back and forth from foot to foot and up and down each arch. My breathing started to change and I was taking shallow breaths. The anticipation of what was going to happen was getting the better of me. John must have noticed because he intervened.

“Hang on a moment before you start,” John said. He then leaned in to me and continued. “You’re already starting to hyperventilate. Control your breathing and your reactions. You must be in control of how your body reacts and not the other way around. Nothing has happened yet and you are already stressing. Breathe… slowly. That’s it. Slowly.”

As he talked me down I started to control my breathing and center my thoughts. John nodded to me and then to Dan and John returned to sitting back in the chair.

It was a few moments before I felt the first whack on my left foot. It wasn’t anywhere near full force, I’m sure. It was just enough to get my attention. The leather slapper connected with the center of the sole. Then came another and another. There were several in succession. It hurt but not all that bad. There was a pause before it was repeated on the right sole. Throughout I concentrated on my breathing being slow and methodical to breathe through the discomfort. This went on for a while alternating between feet. It was training. This was designed to concentrate on what John talked me through earlier and provided me the opportunity to apply it. Each round was a little harder than the previous but it wasn’t full on force, yet.

Dan came around to in front of me and made eye contact. I looked up at him. He nodded at me and then at John who got up from this chair and went to the gear. When he came back he had a ball gag in his hand. He put one leg over me and the bench to straddle. The ball gag came around my head and into my mouth roughly. He pulled ever so tight on the strap to force it in as far as it would go. I felt the buckle close. John returned to his seat.

Dan was once again behind me and this time my right foot felt like it was on fire when the slapper hit. I yelped through the gag and my head jerked off the bench slightly. The next whack was just as bad. Methodically Dan applied about ten swats to the right foot evenly timed out. By the end I was panting and holding back tears. The same followed on the left foot and I struggled to maintain some composure. Through it I managed not to scream or beg or cry. I just kept working on my breathing. It hurt like hell, though. My feet were on fire. And Dan was only using the leather slapper. He had two more implements to go.

During the break Dan came around the side of the bench and used his hand to stroke my cock a couple of times. I was rock hard and dripping.

“You were right. He’s dripping like a leaky faucet,” Dan said. John smiled at the comment. Dan continued asking John, “How did you two meet again? I mean, how did you get such a horny masochist? He so can’t hide the arousal he gets when he’s in pain.”

“Well, when the real pain starts he won’t be so hard. That I’ve learned.”

The real pain came. The next implement was the mini flogger. Dan used it to full force causing me to yelp more than a few times and for my body to buck up and down in its limited capacity on the bench. My breathing became more rapid throughout and my head was turning from side to side with each impact. I was getting close to losing it.

Dan took a short break to come to the front, sit on the bench facing me and pull my head up to look at him. He was serious, focused and said nothing to me. His eyes bored into my eyes. I saw no sympathy in his soul at that moment. It was focused resolve. I tried to plead with my eyes to no avail. He simply continued to bore into mine. He was sending a message and it was received. He got up from the bench.

John spoke, “Is the bamboo next?”

“Yes,” Dan replied.

“I want to hear him scream and beg.” With that, John stepped over and removed the gag. Drool came out of my mouth.

John continued, “I also think we should add some other incentive.” He walked away and came back with a parachute stretcher and some weights. He went under the bench, put the stretcher on my balls and added the weights. It was heavy and I felt my balls pulling away from me. John also gave my cock a couple of strokes which was still leaking pre-cum.

John pulled the chair over to directly in front of the bench and me and leaned forward staring at me.

The first impact of the bamboo shot stars through my eyes and a scream from my throat. My body bucked up and when it did the weights from the stretcher swung back and forth. The next few strokes were unbearable and I screamed out loud and continued to buck which meant my feet and my balls were in a lot of pain.

“That weight is on you to teach you a lesson,” John said. “This is the last time I’m going to tell you to control your reactions. You continue to move around and your balls will take just as much of a beating as your feet. We could have belted you tight to the bench so you couldn’t move but we didn’t on purpose. Half of your pain is a direct result of your own inability to control your reactions. Up to you boy.”

I looked up at him and I went from pain to outrage. I wasn’t in the mood for his lessons with my feet on fire and my balls stretched.

“Fuck off,” I shouted.

“Bad reaction, boy,” John commented. He reached for the ball gag and forced it back in.

John looked at Dan and said, “Time for him to learn.”

With that Dan started in again using the bamboo. He worked it up and down each sole hitting different areas but staying in the soft center zone. It was extremely painful. I tried not to move and was successful from time to time. It got the better of me, though. I bucked up here and there which sent searing pain through my balls as the weights bounced around. I remembered screaming and yelling through the gag. It felt like this went on forever. At some point I even tried to beg and plead but the torment didn’t stop. Dan was methodical and didn’t let up.

Along the way I realized after a while that I was just lying on the bench and breathing. At the same time the strokes on my feet continued and it was the slapper. I didn’t catch on that Dan had changed implements. Tears were flowing from my eyes but no sound was coming from behind the gag any longer. And then the strapping stopped. Tears continued to flow. I felt the weights and the stretcher being removed.

Next the cords on the toes were being untied, then the ankle ropes and the belts undone. Slowly the wrists were lowered behind me. John helped me sit up on the bench with my feet on the floor. Dan knelt in front of me looking into my eyes. John released the gag. I continued to flow tears with Dan using his hands to rub my knees and John was holding on to my shoulders. No words were spoken.

Dan got up and got the chair John had been sitting in. He placed it in front of me and sat down. He started rubbing my knees again. It was gentle. The expression on his face was sympathetic. When I got control of myself I slid off the bench and on to my knees in front of Dan. I bent over so my head was to the ground and I started to kiss his feet. He ran his fingers through my hair over and over again.

Dan put his hand under my chin and pulled me up. He looked into my eyes.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said through half tears.

“Good boy,” Dan responded back leaning in to me and kissing me sensually.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” John commented and he left the dungeon.

Dan had me stand and he took keys from his pocket, unlocked the padlock and removed the leather wrist cuffs. He guided me over to the bed and we both got on lying side by side. He pulled me close and held me tight. The tears started to flow again and I started to say, “Thank you,” over and over again.

“It’s ok,” he whispered. “You did really well. I’m proud of you.”

It took some time for me to come down emotionally and just hold on to him. Once I had regained my composure I looked him in the eyes, kissed him, and once again said, “Thank you.”

“I want you to spend a long weekend with me at my place. I can promise lots of bondage, interrogation, humiliation and other prisoner aspects. It would be just you and me. And when we are done I promise to bring you safely back emotionally and physically.” Dan looked into my eyes for an answer. I didn’t respond right away. “Dave?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir, I’d like that very much,” I answered.

Dan smiled at me and we cuddled together. After all I had been through I still felt safe, cared for and needed. I drifted off to much needed sleep.


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  1. An absorbing series. Excellent writing. The pace is great. The details show experience and understanding. How many of us have the need to submit, or not do so and suffer the shame?

  2. Love the story I’m a straight guy I wish a few women would have the means to do to me what these guys did to him

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