10 Days in Detention – Part 29

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By socalbd

The sun was peeking slightly through the barn offering only a glimmer of light when I work up. Matt was lying next to me sound asleep with his head on my stomach. I didn’t want to move too much so he could continue to get his rest. We both were still completely covered in caked on dirt from the mud pit experience yesterday that Daniel and the guards created for our benefit. We both had a stench.

Matt started to stir and opened his eyes looking up at me.

“Good morning, handsome,” he said to me.

“Good morning, to you, too, handsome. You stink,” I joked.

Matt pulled himself up into a sitting position and moved towards the wall of the stall to lean back against it. After he was free of me I did the same thing sitting next to him. Our wrists were still cuffed at our sides connected to the waist chain with leg cuffs on our ankles.

Although awake after a full night’s sleep I still felt really tired and close to exhaustion after the weekend’s activities. We weren’t done yet, either. A few more hours were left for us to get through today.

“How are you feeling, Matt?”

“I’m tired. You?” he replied.

“Exhausted. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through today.”

“You will make it through. You won’t have a choice.” Matt was chuckling as he said it.

We both sat silently for a while until Matt spoke up again.

“I really am sorry, Dave,” he said.

I looked at him for a moment before asking, “For what?”

“What I said to you while we were staked out,” Matt continued. “I really was being a sadistic SOB to you. I shouldn’t have been that rough on you.”

I head butted him with just enough force to surprise him.

“Ouch,” Matt reacted and offering a bit of a smile.

“I told you once you have nothing to apologize for. In fact, I would go through this again and would happily submit to you and expect nothing less than what you gave me.”

Matt looked over at me deep in thought.

He said, “You want to go through this again? And you want me to be one of the guys to torture you again?”

“Yes, to both. I’ve been talking with Daniel and John about doing ten days as a prisoner with no break. This weekend was sort of a test run to see how I would do. Honestly, as tired and exhausted as I am after this weekend I’m not sure I could do ten days,” I said. “You as one of the guards would be perfect because I trust you and the others. No matter how tough the situation this weekend got one of you was always looking over me just in case. In a strange way I felt safe even when I wasn’t enjoying myself all that much in the moment.”

“Well, like today,” Matt interjected, “once an experience like that starts you wouldn’t have a choice but to continue. I’m glad you trust me and the others. They are all good guys. And Daniel…”

Matt was interrupted by the barn door opening. Tank top guard entered carrying two dog bowls. He approached the stall and placed them on the ground before unlocking and opening the stall door. He stooped down, picked up the bowls and brought them in setting them on the ground just in front of us. They were filled with water. Tank top guard took a few moments to look at us giving us a wry smile and nodding his head before turning around and leaving making sure to close and lock the stall door on his way out. He left the barn without saying anything to us.

I managed to get myself up on my knees and waddled over to the bowls. I bent over and sticking my face close to the bowl I used my tongue to lap up some water into my mouth. It was cool and refreshing. A moment later Matt had moved next to me doing the same thing. I finished about half the bowl before moving back towards the walls and leaning my back against it. Matt continued drinking the water almost finishing his allotment before joining me again.

“Can I ask a dumb question?” I asked Matt.

“Sure, ask away.”

“Since I didn’t know any of your names when I got here I sort of gave you all nicknames in my head. Each of you was consistent in what you wore, or didn’t wear, all weekend so I used that to label each one of you. Matt, you were shirtless guard since you never had a shirt on. The guy that just left is tank top since that’s all I’ve ever seen him in. What’s his name?” I asked.

Matt was chuckling to himself and slightly shaking his head as I was explaining my thoughts to him.

“So, tank top guard as you call him is Brian. He’s a good guy but he won’t take any crap when he’s in the guard or dom role. He can take a guy to the edge and keep him there without breaking prolonging whatever is happening to take maximum effect. I guess you call him a sadist with limits that don’t necessarily work to your favor. I’ve trusted him to take me down rabbit holes and bring me back up again. He thinks you’re pretty tough for someone not as experienced as some other guys.”

“The first night I was here he poured a can of that disgusting dirt and water mixture from the sludge pit over my head. I think I understand what you mean about his sadist side,” I said.

Matt continued, “The other guy is Adam. And yes, he always wears a tee shirt. In fact, now that I think about it I don’t know if he owns any type of sleeveless shirts. The only time I’ve seen him shirtless or naked is when he submits. All of us submit. We all enjoy taking it as much as we enjoying dishing it out. Adam respects you, too, you should know. We all had our doubts when the weekend started but as we watched you early on and cope with each new situation we understood why Daniel had you brought here and how we could help him dish out an experience for you.   I just never counted on being on this side. In fact, I thought Daniel might be the one to join you at some point to sort of help you along. Clearly, I became that guy,” Matt laughed. “It was never planned out for me to be a prisoner with you. It was a complete surprise when they wrestled me down. I’ll have to have a conversation with the three of them when this is over. It was an interesting and pleasant surprise.”

As Matt finished talking, Daniel, Adam and Brian were walking into the barn and towards the stall. The stall door was unlocked and opened. Adam and Brian entered each taking charge of one of us. Getting us to our feet they walked us just outside the stall where Daniel was standing.

Daniel looked us over from head to toe and made a note to lock eyes with each of us.

“Get them cleaned off then bring them back to me in here,” Daniel commanded.

The guards walked us outside and around to the side of the barn. Hanging from the wall were two sets of handcuffs dangling from chains. The guards removed the leg cuffs and then the waist chains after freeing our wrists. We were told to remove the pants we were wearing and for each to stand under a set of the handcuffs which were about two feet above our heads.

Now naked but still caked in dirt our wrists were ratcheted into the handcuffs securing our arms up in the air. The leg cuffs were then reattached them to our ankles. Not being all that tall I had to stand on the balls of my feet to keep the cuffs from digging into my wrists. The guards picked up the pants and waist shackles and walked away back towards the barn door.

After several minutes they reappeared with Brian pulling a hose with a long sprayer attached. It didn’t take much thought to understand we were going to be power washed. Brian positioned himself about 15 feet away from the two of us and took aim with the nozzle.

Pulling the trigger the water shot fast and hard against us pushing Matt and I into the wall. The water was cold and it hurt. I tried as hard as I could to move my body around to get away from the spray but Brian kept changing his target alternating between Matt and myself as well as what body parts he was hosing down.

Brian shouted at us, “Stay still, pigs, or this is going to take longer than it needs to. Face out, now! Do not move!”

I stopped moving and stood with my chest out. Matt did the same thing and Brian must have noticed our compliance as he throttled down the spray intensity slightly. He focused on Matt starting at his wrists above his head and slowly working his way down to Matt’s feet. Brian then worked the spray back up Matt’s body. Next he focused on me doing the same process from top to bottom. When the spray hit my face I closed my eyes. It felt like iced cold needles bouncing off my skin.

“Turn around,” Brian commanded.

We turned our backs to Brian and starting with me this time he repeated the top down and back up approach with the spray. I never got used to how cold the water was as it made contact. I was shivering even in the morning heat.

Brian yelled at me, “Push that ass out.”

I pushed out my butt pointing at Brian and he changed the spray to a narrow stream which he directed at my hole keeping it there for at least 30 seconds. When Brian was done I was completely clean of any dirt from the prior day. Matt got the same treatment and before too long it was over and the water stopped.

“Turn around and face out,” Brian said.

Matt and I turned back around facing Brian and Adam. Adam approached us with a couple of ball gags in his hands. He forced a gag into each of our mouths and secured them as tight as he could.

Adam looked at us saying, “You two will drip dry out here. Do not turn around. You are to face out at all times.”

With that Adam walked away towards Brian and they pulled the hose and sprayer back around the barn out of sight.

I looked over at Matt and he looked back at me. We were both hard with our cocks pointing straight out at full mast. We grunted at each other attempting to let the other now we were all right.

Matt and I were left hanging from the cuffs for about an hour with the warm morning sun drying us off completely. The handcuffs were starting to dig into my wrists and there was a level of pain and discomfort that had started. I was dancing around slightly in my small space attempting to get up further on my toes to relieve some of the pressure. Matt was flat footed being slightly taller than me and wasn’t having the same issue. Matt was watching me though and the dance I was doing. He grunted at me a couple of times and his eyes were encouraging. I took it as hang in there that I could do this.

Adam and Brian finally reappeared and disconnected our wrists from the chains above our heads. Our wrists fell to the front of us.

Adam and Brian took each of us by a bicep and escorted us back into the barn. They walked us in past the stalls where we were previously imprisoned towards the back portion of the barn. Daniel was standing there waiting for us. I noticed stakes in the ground and ropes hanging from pulleys overhead. At first glance I couldn’t make out what was next for us.

We were positioned facing each other about five feet apart. Adam and Brian forced us down to our knees and spread our ankles as far apart as they would go with the leg cuffs still on. They took rope and tied them around each of our ankles securing them to the stakes that were on the outer side of our ankles. Another set of stakes was on the outer side of our knees. Rope strung across from stake to stake and across the back of the knees made sure we couldn’t stand up.

Daniel approached me first and took a set of keys out from his pocket. Finding the handcuff key he released me from the cuffs I was wearing. Adam approached with a set of leather wrist cuffs and proceeded to strap them on and then used a small padlock on each to lock them on securely. Adam then pulled my wrists behind my back and used a larger padlock to secure them together. Brian was busy doing the same thing to Matt just across from me.

Daniel had stepped away and returned with two sets of head harnesses. Between the three of them the harnesses were worked on to our heads over the straps that kept the ball gags deep in our mouths. The head harnesses were equipped with a ring on top. Brian and Adam worked to tie the ropes above our heads to the harness. I started to look around slightly and realized the rope being attached to Matt’s head was not the same rope with the loose end hanging nearest Matt. The other end of that rope was hanging behind me. The ropes crossed in the air through a set of pulleys.

Daniel noticed my eyes looking around and what must have been the sudden change in my facial expression.

“Figured it out, already?” he said to me as a question. I had most of it figured out but not quite what was going to happen next. I didn’t have long to wait.

Adam and Brian were attaching a rope and ratchet set to what was the loose end of each rope behind Matt and me. When they were done the rope attached to the ratchet was secured to our wrists. I heard the clicks of the ratchet before I felt anything. I was watching the rope on Matt’s harness start to tighten up and as it did I felt the pull on my arms. It stopped for a moment while Matt and I looked at each other and the realization of that oh crap moment of what was happening.

“Let me explain it to you, boys,” Daniel said with Adam and Brian chuckling in the background. “By now you’ve figured out the ropes going from your individual head harness are first off attached to a ratchet set. The ratchet set is in turn attached to your wrists.”

Looking directly at me Daniel continued, “Your wrists are connected to his harness and vice versa. As we continue to use the ratchets to shorten the overall rope length you will have a choice. Go with the pull on your arms raising them in the air behind your back or your partner on the other side will have his head pulled up. Since your legs are tied down I don’t have to tell you the stress that will cause on your partner. Essentially you are going to self-torture yourself into a strappado position or the other one of you pays. And just to make it interesting a small table is being slid behind each of you and just under your arms. On it is a board that is ever so slightly resting on a bell. Keep your arms up or you will make contact with the board thus ringing the bell. Do that and you lose. You don’t want to lose. Your partner will pay the price immediately. You will pay the price later.”

Daniel, Adam and Brian were very imaginative in this setup. Matt or I were about to find out which one of us could hold out longer.

I head the clicks of the ratchet as the same time I felt the pull on my arms but in fighting the strain I looked across and saw the pull on the ring on Matt’s harness. I shifted and allowed my arms to go with the pull. Matt’s face relaxed when I did that. Matt’s ratchet was next and I felt the pull on the harness and then throughout my body one click at a time as it pulled me up. In a brief moment the stress relaxed and I looked at Matt straining to keep his arms pulled up behind him.

This sucked. I realized that I wouldn’t be able to last long.

Daniel, Adam and Brian stepped slightly away to watch us. They were talking to each other while closely keeping an eye on us. Matt and I were in continuous eye contact trying to urge the other on silently.

Adam stepped over in front of Matt and Brian did the same in front of me. Each had a small bottle of lube in their hands and made sure we saw they were putting a small amount in a hand. The hand then went to each of our cocks and started to slowly stroke us. Brian made direct eye contact with me.

“How long are you going to hold out, tough guy?” he asked me smiling while never stopping the ever so slow stroking of my cock.

“I have every intention of making you cum before those wrists hit that bell,” Brian whispered into my ear. His stroking was in a constant rhythm and I was rock hard and getting closer and closer. I was moaning through the gag. I couldn’t see Matt all that well with Brian in front of me and Adam in front of Matt doing the same thing to him. I wasn’t going to be able to hold out. I felt my arms dropping and realized I needed to keep them up. A moment later my head harness was being pulled up and me with it. The strain was hard on my neck. I started to groan loudly through the gag and the strain stopped. Brian continued stroking.

“You’re close, aren’t you?” he asked. I nodded my head slightly.


Brian stopped stroking me. I whined through my gag and the immediate lack of stimulation. After waiting about a minute he started up the slow stroking again. He repeated this process about three or four times.

“Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?” Brian taunted.

My breathing was heavy and it took all the energy I had to keep my arms up behind me and not allow them to drop while Brian was keeping me hard and on edge.

Brian picked up the pace and my entire body started to shutter. I let out the loudest scream through the gag while my body convulsed, my wrists fell and then hit the board. The bell rang and my cock exploded in unison with the bell ringing. There was another ringing of a bell and I knew Matt had given in, too. The rope on the head harness was extremely tight pulling me up and then fell. At the moment I shot Daniel had released the ratchet and then did the same thing for Matt.

I had lost from what I could tell. I was slumping forward leaning on Brian’s body. I felt a hand on my back lightly rubbing it up and down and realized it was Brian. His other hand was behind my head keeping it on his shoulder. I started to cry.

“It’s ok. You did so well this weekend,” Brian was whispering in my ear. He kept saying it over and over while I cried. I felt the harness being undone while my head was still leaning into Brian. It was pulled off of me and the gag was released next. My head fell back into Brian’s shoulder.

“Shhhh…,” was the reaction from Brian. He continued to hold me until I had calmed down. When I started to pull my head away from his shoulder he took his hands on either side of my head and used them to center me so we were looking directly at each other. He smiled at me and then pulled me in for a small kiss. He then kissed my forehead and put us back in eye contact.

“You did well,” he said again.

While Brian was holding me I felt the ropes being released from my knees and then the ankles.

“Stay on your knees for a moment,” Brian said and he stood up.

Across from me Matt had already been released from the kneeling position and was standing up. The ankle cuffs and wrists had been released from him and he was standing there a free man for the moment, although still naked. He walked over to me and knelt down. He took my head in his hands and kissed me. Then he stood up.

Adam came over to me and knelt in front of me.

“I’m Adam,” he introduced himself to me. He put his arms around me and gave me a hug.

“That one,” tilting his head towards Brian, “is Brian.”

Daniel next came over and pulled me up onto my feet. He looked me in the eyes, pulled me close, smiled and kissed me deeply. It felt good to be in Daniel’s embrace

He said, “You are such a stud. I’m so proud of you this weekend.”

I melted into his body and he took his hands and rubbed my back over and over. It felt so good. I relaxed into him and breathed lightly coming down from the experience.

Daniel finally pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

“You lost, you know.   It was close but you did lose.”

“I figured that out,” I said. “What happens next for that?”

“Nothing,” Daniel replied. “I was just getting into your heads. But we still have the matter of not making your weight loss goal that still has to be remedied.”

I nodded my head.

I hadn’t realized Matt, Adam and Brian had left the barn at some point and it was just Daniel and me standing there.

“I have something planned for you but I need to wait for the others to come back first before we take care of your last experience.”

Daniel guided me to sit down on the ground. He reached over to the side and grabbed a water bottle and protein bar that was sitting there. He took the wrapper off the protein bar and fed it to me. I ate it quickly being hungry and spent of energy. He opened the water bottle and offered it to me. Putting it to my mouth he slowly poured the water and I eagerly drank finishing the bottle.

Adam and Brain walked back into the barn with Matt between them with each holding one of his biceps. Matt was now wearing camo pants, was barefoot and was, of course, shirtless. His hands were behind his back and there was a chain collar padlocked around his neck. When they approached I could tell Matt’s wrists were in handcuffs.

“Hey,” he said to me.

“Hey,” I said back. “Looks like you aren’t quite done.

“He’s going to watch your next and final experience,” Daniel said, “but he’s also still a prisoner for now. He has one experience left to go which you will influence. Now it’s time to deal with your failure. You promised to make your weight goal and it didn’t happen. Whether it was from lack of exercise or bad diet it doesn’t matter. For this punishment you will be forced to exercise.”

Daniel looked over at Brian and Adam and asked, “Is everything set up outside?”

Brian replied, “Yes, we took care of it earlier this morning.”

Daniel motioned for me to stand up and together with Matt, Brian and Adam we all walked outside with me still naked, wrists in leather cuffs behind my back and leg cuffs on. Across the yard we walked until we got to post and cross beam set up. A circular pool of sorts had been positioned under one beam and it was full of water. It looked to be about 3 feet deep. A pulley was over the pool setup with a rope through it. Both ends of the rope were on one side of the pool.

I was walked over to the edge of the pool near the rope. There was a set of very large leather cuffs on the ground. Daniel had me sit down and removed the leg cuffs. He then put the leather cuffs on my ankles which turned out to be a set of suspension cuffs. While this was happening Matt was walked over to another set of beams near the water pool. His handcuffs were removed. Adam and Brian were wrapping ropes around his ankles and wrists and were in the process of getting him spread eagle between the posts facing the pool.

After securing Matt between the posts Adam and Brian came over to Daniel who was now done with putting the suspension cuffs on my ankles. Adam grabbed an end of the rope and expertly tied it to the suspension cuffs. I was told to lie down on my back.

Daniel took a hold of my shoulders and started to lift me up at the same time that Adam was threading the rope through a crank attached to the post. As he turned the crank I was hoisted into the air. Daniel guided my body up and over the edge of the pool. Within a few moments I was hanging upside down over the pool. Brian had walked over to Matt and was standing behind him holding a flogger that I hadn’t noticed until then. It must have been nearby and ready for him to pick up.

“Your punishment will last an hour,” Daniel said. “Your exercise is simply this, to keep your head above water. In a moment Adam will lower you just enough for your head to be completely below the surface of the water. As long as you do an inverted sit-up your head will stay out of the water. Let’s see how good your core is.”

Daniel started to walk away and Adam came over to talk to me next.

“Now, about your influence over what Matt is going to experience over there,” Adam said. “As long as your head stays out of the water Matt will just stand there. Once your head touches the water Brian will take that flogger to Matt’s back. Brian will continue to flog Matt until your head appears again. How many lashes Matt takes is dependent on your ability to stay in that inverted sit-up position. Hour starts now.”

When Adam was done talking to me he went over to the crank and started to turn it lowering me into the pool. He stopped once my shoulders broke the water. I pulled up and was shaking the water off of my head as I heard the flogger make contact with Matt’s back and a slight groan come from Matt.

“It’s ok, Dave. I can take it,” I heard Matt yell my way.

Keeping my head up and my core bent up wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. I was starting to flail a bit to try to get whatever leverage I could with my arms bouncing around in the air.

Daniel said something to Adam and Daniel walked over to near Matt and Brian. I could see Daniel bend down and pick something up. It was the handcuffs that were on Matt earlier. He walked over to Adam. Adam took off his boots off and then his pants and shirt stripping down to his briefs. He had a great looking body. He stepped into the pool and walked over to me with the handcuffs. Taking one cuff he opened it up and took a hold of my cock and balls ratcheting the cuff around them. He pulled the cuffs and my cock and balls with them through my legs. He forced my wrists closer to my legs and locked the other cuff to the padlock between the wrist cuffs. My wrists were effectively cuffed to my privates. They were taking away some of the leverage I had managed with the twisting movements.

Adam stepped to the side of the pool and sat on the edge with his legs dangling in the water.

“Better?” he sarcastically asked me.

“Fuck you,” I responded.

“We can’t have that kind of response, now, can we?” Adam said. He looked over at Daniel and Daniel walked away coming back a couple of minutes later. In that time I had lost the ability to continue staying in the bent position. My head went under the water line and I stayed there for about 30 seconds holding my breath. When I came up I heard another lash land on Matt’s back and he cried out.

When Daniel returned he was holding a ball gag which he handed to Adam. Adam walked over to me and forced it in my mouth.

“You realize when you go under now,” Adam started, “that you won’t be able to close your mouth. Can you hold your breath with your mouth open?” He went back to his perch on the pool’s edge.

Over the course of the hour I would go under every few minutes. Trying to hold your breath with the mouth forced open was difficult. Each time I came up for air I heard the flogger and Matt’s response. Matt would shout encouragement to me but I could tell from his voice that he was losing energy and it was becoming harder for him as the flogging continued.

I lost track of time. My abs were screaming in pain as were my balls from the constant tug of my wrists on them. These men knew how to create a predicament setup and then notch it up just slightly to increase the intensity with little effort on their part. Hearing Matt’s cries when I came up for air didn’t help. His pain was a direct result of my inability to stay out of the water.

Adam walked over in the water and stood next to me. Adam removed the gag from my mouth. Next I felt myself being lowered down and Adam was guiding my body to the edge. Daniel was there to pull me up and over and onto the ground. Brian was working the crank. Once I was lying flat on my back on the ground I let out a huge sigh of air.

Brian walked over to Matt and let him down from his spread eagle. Matt fell to his knees falling forward and bracing himself with his hands. He was panting loudly. Brian helped him stand and walked Matt over to me where Daniel and Adam were busily removing all the restraints from me.

Matt sat next to me and pulled me into a hug and just held me.

“Thank you,” Matt said. “I’m glad I was able to go through this with you.”

I just kept hugging Matt. I really didn’t know what to say at that moment.

“Let’s get both of you properly cleaned up,” Daniel said. Together the five of us walked over to the main house and inside. Daniel walked me into what must have been the master bedroom and then into the master bathroom which had a walk-in shower. He turned the water on and stripped down. When the water was satisfactorily warm for him he guided me into the shower with him. He proceeded to soap me down gently as the warm water rained over the two of us. It was a long, slow shower and it felt good. It felt good to have him wash me. When we faced each other we started to kiss and make out. It was sensual and it felt good. We finally finished up and Daniel dried me with a large towel.

On the bed in the bedroom was a clean set of camo pants and a chain collar and padlock along with another set of camo pants and a tank top. Daniel put on the pants and tank and motioned for me to put on the other set of pants. He then pushed down on my shoulders to get on my knees. I instinctively placed my hands behind my back and lowered my head. He took his hand and pushed up slightly on my chin to look at him. He was holding the chain collar and showing it to me. No words were spoken. I nodded my head yes and he placed it around my neck. He picked up the padlock and presented it to my lips and I kissed it. Daniel then used it to lock the chain collar around my neck.

“Do you want to be cuffed? Matt will likely be cuffed like he was earlier,” Daniel asked.

“Yes, please, Sir,” I answered. Daniel walked out of the bedroom and came back a few moments later. He placed a set of handcuffs on my wrists locking them behind my back and also applied a set of leg cuffs. He had me stand up and walked me back out to the living room.

Adam and Brian were sitting on the sofa with Matt kneeling on the floor. He was also handcuffed and leg cuffs had been applied in addition to his still being barefoot. He was shirtless, also, and still wearing the chain collar on his neck. I knelt down next to Matt. We were alike – two military prisoners on our knees in front of our guards.

Daniel sat on the sofa next to Brian and Adam.

“So, Dave, how was the weekend?” Daniel asked.

I thought about it for a minute before saying anything. I’m not sure if they were ok with the silence but I wanted to be honest.

“It was…” I stopped and said the rest slowly and deliberately, “good, difficult, painful, humiliating, tiring, exhausting, amazing. I would do it again if you would all be willing to indulge me. I trust all of you.”

Daniel smiled as did Adam and Brian looking at each other. I turned to look at Matt next to me and he smiled and then leaned in and kissed me.

“I’m honored to have shared this with you. Thank you,” Matt said to me.

“I should be thanking you, Matt. You helped me through most of it.”

Daniel indicated it was time to get me back to John’s place. My car was there and I would need to drive home from there. I was looking to getting home, having a good dinner, a lot of sleep and a day off. I took the next day off from work figuring I would need a recovery day.

Brian stood up and put a capture hood on my head. I felt hands under my arms motioning me to stand up. I was walked outside and to a car and placed in the back seat. I felt two of them climb into the front seats. When the doors closed the car started moving and off we were to John’s house. There wasn’t any talking during the drive.

After arriving I heard the car doors open and I was removed. I was walked around to what I now knew was the dungeon door that led outside but this time I was going into the dungeon. I was walked into the main area and hands on my shoulders indicated for me to kneel. I heard the outer door close and I stayed kneeling. I thought I was alone with my thoughts.

I focused on my breathing and keeping my back straight. As I tuned into the surrounding sounds I realized there was someone else very close to me as I heard a second set of breaths.

“Who’s there?” I asked in a low voice.

“It’s me, Matt. I’m next to you,” Matt responded.

“We’re together still,” I asked.

“Yes,” Matt replied. “Would you be OK if I went home with you tonight? It was Daniel’s suggestion. He thought you and I should have some time together and talk about the weekend.”

“I’d like that,” I said.

As soon as I responded I heard the dungeon door from the house open.

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