10 Days in Detention – Part 03

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy Socalbd

It didn’t take long for the pain in my shoulders to get the better of me. The constant going back and forth, standing upright as I could then bending back over, was intense to say the least.

The static playing in my ears had the desired effect that John wanted. Since all I could hear was the droning of the hissing sound, it served to take my world and shrink it down to just me and my predicament. All my thoughts, all my energy was directed toward thinking about how to cope with this painful predicament position I was tolerating.

Every now and again my mind would try to think of something else. How long had I been in this particular position? What time was it based on what time I think it was when I initially woke up and was let out of the cage this morning … if it was morning, when I was let out? It had to be Saturday late afternoon? Right? The thoughts never lasted long, though. Within a few moments my world returned to the static in my head and the torture my body was experiencing as I once again shifted positions trying to stand up or having to bend over again.

For some reason this time, though, I wasn’t at a point where I became overwhelmed with the pain or torment. I was thinking I was handling it well even if it truly sucked. And it did.

At some point I felt hands on me and I was startled. If I hadn’t been strung up as I was I probably would have jumped several feet from the sudden contact. Funny how when your world is completely centered on yourself, your body, and nothing else around you how the moment something takes you out of that world it’s completely surprising.

Eventually a hand worked its way down to my cock and started stroking it. It felt so good. Even with the pain in my shoulders and the static continuing to drone on in my head I was immediately aware of how hard I was and the incredible pleasure I was feeling. The pain/pleasure principle was definitely in play here.

The hand continued stroking my cock and I was getting close to cumming. I tried to say something through the gag to let him know how close I was, but the stroking continued. He had gone too far and my body convulsed heavily, spewing cum out. He continued to stroke me, milking every ounce of cum out of me and sending me into orbit as the massaging of the head continued.

At some point the stroking stopped. I felt hands working the ropes around my ankles, untying them. A good hit to the inner ankle told me to spread them apart. I was slightly bent over still, since my arms were still yanked up behind me. I figured the ankles spread apart were to give me some leverage to be able to stand once the arms were let down. I was right.

After a few moments the rope keeping my arms up behind me started to loosen, and slowly they came down behind me and I stood up. Remember how I said I was handling this position well and wasn’t giving in to the pain? Forget that! As soon as my arms were completely down behind me the blood started moving through my shoulders. The pain was intense, and I heard a yelp coming out of the gag that was still in my mouth. Once I was done screaming, the static in my head turned off. At least I think it did. I honestly couldn’t say when the static stopped. But I felt the earphones being taken off.

Off the head next was the blindfold. My eyes slowly adjusted, and when things came into focus John was standing in front of me. He was still shirtless. I think he does this on purpose, since he knows how much I enjoy looking at his body.

He was slightly smiling at me. He didn’t say anything, though.

After a moment he went behind me and untied my wrists. Quickly he snapped darby-style cuffs on them and then walked me over to the upright cage.

He opened the cage and backed me in to it. John went behind the cage, and I felt and heard a padlock being used to secure the cuffs to one of the cage bars. Once that was done he came back to the front and picked up a couple of leather ankle cuffs that were on the floor apparently pre-positioned there. After each ankle was cuffed, he took small lengths of chain and used them to effectively keep my ankles in position by going between and then to the corners of the cage. I had absolutely no movement.

Next John took some sort of leather harness and got it on my chest. The same application of chains from the harness to the cage bars kept my upper body from being able to move in any direction, much like my ankles. The interesting part of all this is the standing cage is so small in width it wasn’t like once the cage doors were closed I was going to be able to move much anyways.

And then the cage doors did close. This entire time, since I was released from the strappado position until now, John didn’t say anything to me. And I was still gagged, so I certainly couldn’t engage him at all in conversation.

John looked at me square in the eyes. It was as if we were having a stare-off contest. Then I felt it, as a slight smile came over his face. He was stroking my cock again. I had told him once I reloaded quickly, and I think he was going to find out if that was true. In a few short moments I was hard again, and while one hand stroked my cock the other soon started playing with my right nipple. I was super hard and super horny quickly. It only took about five minutes for my body to convulse and shoot another load, and the entire time John was looking directly into my eyes.

When he was done getting the last of the cum out of me again, he reached inside the cage and put the blindfold back on me. A few moments later I head the dungeon door open and close, and once again I was left alone to my own thoughts.


Metal would like to thank Socalbd for this story!


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