10 Days in Detention – Part 34

By socalbd

SoCalBD authorI was feeling content as I walked home on Sunday morning.  It was nice of Matt and Brian to ask me to share in their burgeoning relationship with dinner and some fun last night. They were off to a good start.  I honestly don’t think I did that much to help it along, but I was glad to help in whatever way I did.  I also felt my circle of friends was growing.  I never started this journey with that intent, but it’s been a pleasant surprise to have men around me that care about me.  Shared interests are one thing.  We have that.  Sharing each other’s joys and concerns is something else.  It’s good to understand that part is there with these fine men I’ve gotten to know over the last months.  I’m a lucky guy.

Daniel and I continued to connect during the week as we looked forward to our weekend together.  This would be the first time it was just us.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Daniel kept telling me to trust him and we would have fun as we got to know each other better.

Friday late afternoon arrived, and I was packing my overnight bag.  Daniel was specific for me to include a few items – a pair of tennis shoes that fit well and were good for walking, gym shorts, a couple of pairs of no-show socks and a baseball cap.  He also suggested to pack some traditional jock straps for underwear.  I was going to wear what was now my trademark jeans, but no underwear, tank top and flip flops on the drive over.  Daniel also suggested that.  A black tee shirt and a couple of other tanks round out the bag.

The drive over was uneventful.  It did take a while to get do Daniel’s place with Friday traffic.  When I pulled in Daniel was waiting on the front patio.  He was wearing jeans, a very tight black tank top that accentuated his chest and biceps.  He was barefoot.  He looked every bit the stud I had come to like.

I parked the car, grabbed the overnight bag from the passenger seat and got out.

“Hello there, handsome,” Daniel said as he got up and took a couple of steps towards me.  I met him where he stopped on the patio.

“Hello, stud,” I responded back.

I sat the overnight bag down and fell into Daniel for a hug which he fully provided back to me.  I sort of melted into him and it felt good and safe.  After a few moments he pulled slightly back and leaned down and gave me a wonderful kiss.

“You’re amazing, you know that, right?” he asked me.

“Thank you. You are so kind,” I said back and gave him another kiss.

“Shall we go inside?”

I picked up the bag and we headed into Daniel’s place.  With the door closed we spent the next few minutes kissing, touching and exploring each other in the most sensual way.  I was getting hard inside the jeans and I’m sure the pre-cum I was leaking was going to leave a wet spot if we didn’t call this off soon.

Daniel looked me in the eyes, his hands on my hips, as he asked, “What do you want to do this weekend?”

“I want to spend time with you and for us to get know each other better.”

“Do you want any bondage involved?”

“It can but it doesn’t have to be the main driver this weekend,” I smiled as I said that. Daniel rolled his eyes at me.

“I like that combination.  Some bondage and time to get to know each other,” Daniel said smiling. “I do have one request,” he continued.  “At some point this weekend would you tie me spread eagle to the bed?  I want you to have the opportunity to explore and for me to let you be in charge for a while.”

I nodded my head, yes, and kissed him.  He pulled me back into a hug.

“I talked with Brian earlier this week.  Sounds like he and Matt have hit it off and that the three of you had a good time on Saturday night.”

“You could say that” I chuckled.

Daniel still had that smile on his face.  Something was cooking inside that head of his.

He started, “Well, I was told that the three of you were sporting some necklaces on Saturday night.  I think that should be us for this weekend.  Are you OK with that?” Daniel asked.  He then stepped away from me and went over to the side table next to the sofa opening the drawer in the table.  He pulled out some chain and padlocks.

Holding them in his hands he showed them to me and said, “One for you and one for me.  What do you say?”

“Yes, Sir,” was my response.  He pushed down slightly on my shoulders, and I instinctively kneeled before Daniel.  I took my hands and ran them up and down his jeans feeling his legs through the fabric.  He tussled my hair and placed his hand under my chin to look up at him.  When he did that, I pulled my wrists behind my back.  He took the chain, placed it around my neck and locked the padlock on.  The padlock was heavy.

Daniel motioned for me to stand up.  He leaned in and we kissed.  He handed me the second chain and padlock and he knelt in front of me.  Placing his hands behind his back he lowered his head slightly.  I used that opportunity to rub his head, the back of his neck and around his face enjoying the feel of the stubble since he hadn’t shaved in a couple of days.  I then lifted his chin to look up and he smiled at me.  Placing the chain around his neck I secured it on with the padlock.  He looked so hot on his knees, tank top accentuating his chest and the chain collar and padlock clearly visible around his neck.  I motioned for him to stand up.  We embraced and held each other for a long time.

“Dinner,” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m hungry.”

“You said you wanted to get to know me this weekend. Part of that will be getting to know where I go to socialize.  Please say no if you are not comfortable.  There is a leather bar near here that has good pub food, too.  It’s Friday night, so it will be busy later but right now probably not so much.  I know you like eating outside and they have a patio.  They also encourage customers to come dressed or outfitted as they feel.  Are you OK with going there?”

“Yeah, I think I’m good with it.  We are both collared after all.”

“So, my next question is do you want to go as you are, or would you like to go being submissive to me in a public setting?”

I had to think about that one for a moment.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“You’ve been working out and your chest and body are looking fine.  I was thinking you would only be wearing jeans.  Nothing else.  So barefoot, bare chested, and properly restrained.  I would expect you to always obey me.  We’ve never done anything public, and it might be too soon for you, but this is part of me.”

I thought about it for a few moments looking into his eyes.  This seemed important to Daniel, and I wanted to please him. I also wanted to actually do this.  There was a thrill to it.  I kneeled in front of him, lowered my head and placed my wrists behind my back.  Daniel reached over and patted my head.

“Stay,” he commanded.  He left my sight walking towards the bedrooms.  I kept my eyes down focusing on the floor in front of me.

When he returned, my eyes still looking down, I saw he was wearing black boots under the jeans.  That’s all I saw until he told me to stand.  He had removed the tank top and was bare chested except for a leather vest that was open and the chain collar around his neck.  I gasped when I saw him. He was… beautiful, handsome, rugged, hot!  He was holding chains and cuffs in his hands.

“You like what you see?”

“Yes, Sir,” I answered.

“Tonight, it’s yes, Daniel, no Daniel. I want you to use my name. OK?”

“Yes, Daniel,” I smiled as I said it.  He kissed me.  “You’re really OK with this, Dave?  Are you sure?”

“Yes, Daniel, I’m more than OK with it.”

Daniel had me remove the tank top I was wearing and kick off the flip flops.  He ordered me to place my hands behind my head and keep them there.  He stepped around behind me.  A waist chain went around me first and was cinched tight in the back.  I could feel another chain drop to the floor with some weight.  I took a moment to look down and saw the chain had leg cuffs attached to it.  Daniel pulled my wrists down from behind my head and locked them into handcuffs that were attached to the waist chain.  My wrists were secured to the center of my waist and weren’t going to move.  Next, he knelt down and locked my ankles into the leg cuffs.

Finally, after stepping in front of me he showed me a leather head harness.  I nodded my head yes, and he started to work it on.  It was the kind that had one strap that went from just about the nose over the head and intercepted a couple of other straps.  There was a wide piece just under the nose that had a hole for the mouth.  Once it was all on it felt good.  Daniel walked me over to a full-length mirror he had and stood me in front of it with him off to my side.

“You like?” he asked.

“Yes, Daniel.” I responded.  We did look good together.  Any angst I had disappeared in that moment.

He turned me around to look at him, pulled me in close, kissed me and said, “Thank you for indulging me this evening.  I’ve thought about this from the first time I met you.  I want to show you off and how hot a stud you are!”  I nuzzled my head into his shoulder without saying anything.  He was my stud.

Daniel walked me out to the garage and into his car being careful when placing the seat belt on me.  I felt a bit strange about being barefoot and shirtless, but something told me not to worry. I trusted Daniel.

When we arrived at the bar, Daniel found a parking space near the back of the parking lot.  There were spaces closer, but he clearly had intent on where he wanted to park.  I figured it out quickly when he got me out of the car.  It was as far from the patio area as could be. I was being perp walked across the parking lot with his hand securely controlling me by the hold he had on my bicep.  He took small steps to make sure I was good since I was both barefoot and leg cuffed.  The clanging of the chains between the leg cuffs was clear to everyone in the area as they hit the asphalt with each step.  I was self-conscious of my situation and instinctively looked down to not make eye contact with anyone.  Daniel noticed.

“You are not to start any conversations tonight.  If someone talks to you, then you can respond. I will order your meal for you.  Understood?” he said to me as we walked.  “Also, get that head up, now!  You belong to me, and you should be proud of who and what you are in this moment.  There will be more moments like this tonight.”

“Yes, Daniel.”  I stood up straight and continued to walk.  Well, not walk.  It was more like shuffling along.  Barefoot.  Shirtless.  Chain collar around the neck.  Transport restraints on me with the wrists cuffed behind the back forcing my torso to be open, available, and vulnerable to all that wanted to look.

“Good boy,” Daniel complimented me.

As we got closer to the patio there were some guys that were taking notice of us.  There were nods of approval.  Lip licking.  Eyes of lust.  As I looked at the other customers, it was clear we fit in tonight.  I noticed another guy, leashed, wearing leather wrists cuffs locked behind his back, barefoot also, and gagged.  The more I looked around the more I no longer felt out of place.  I continued to stand up straight and proud for my Sir.

Daniel guided me into the patio.   We found a table for two near the back corner.  When I looked at the one chair, Daniel looked at me and said, “No” pointing to a spot on the ground near the chair that was in the corner and faced out to the rest of the seating area. He sat down in that chair, and I moved next to him.

“Kneel,” he commanded.  “That chair is for someone else.  You’re in your spot for the evening.  If you must sit back on your heels, you may do so,” he said to me.  For the moment I was fine maintaining good posture as it allowed me to see out and look around.  I noticed a couple of men at a nearby table hold their beer glasses up and tilt them towards us.  Daniel smiled and nodded his head in response.

Daniel leaned over to me and said into my ear, “You’re being a good boy and getting noticed.  You’re safe.  I want you to enjoy the evening.”

“Yes, Daniel,” I said.

A bare-chested man wearing jeans and boots approached our table.  Likely in his early 30’s, he had a defined six pack and knew his way around the gym.

“Hey Daniel,” he said when he approached.  “It’s been a while. I see you have someone special with you tonight.”

“Hi Greg, yes, definitely someone special with me tonight.  This is Dave.”

“Hello, Dave,” Greg said.

“It’s OK, you can say hi back,” Daniel said to me.

“Hello, Greg,” I said. I could feel myself blushing.  Greg smiled at me and nodded his head.

“The usual on tap for you tonight, Daniel,” Greg asked.

“Yes, and a bowl of water for him.”

“Of course.”

Did he just order me a bowl of water?  I looked at Daniel and he started laughing.

“Trust me,” he said.

Sure enough, Greg returned with a beer for Daniel and a dog bowl of water which he set down on the patio in front of me.  Greg nuzzled my head with his hand before walking away.

“Drink up, you’re going to need to stay hydrated tonight.”  I bent over, scooted back a little to position my head just over the bowl, and leaned over and lapped up some water.  Daniel reached over and played with my hair and the back of my neck while I was bent down in the bowl.

And just at that moment, John walked up.  He was wearing leather pants, and a leather shirt that was open two or three buttons showing off his lean torso.  Black boots finished the look.  I was with two hot guys tonight!  He took a seat sliding the chair over, so he was facing me.

“Hello,” Daniel said to John.

“Hello to you, too, and to you,” he said to Daniel and then to me.  “I see you have yourself a slave for the evening.”

“He’s been such a good boy so far.”

John looked at me and said, “He’s been a good boy?  That’s good to hear.  I think he should properly welcome one of his masters, though.”  John took a finger and pointed it at his boot.  I waddled over on my knees to John, bent over and started to service his boot.  I licked the toe of the boot first being sure to make good work of what I was doing.  I knew I was on display. I knew this was important to John and Daniel.  They brought me out in public as their slave and wanted to show me off.  It was my duty to perform well and not to embarrass them.  I owed them so much.  I worked my way up to the tongue of the boot and then started up the leg.  After a few minutes John motioned to switch boots and I complied.

“Good boy,” John said.  “You may return to your spot.”  I turned around as best I could and waddled back next to Daniel and the water bowl.

Daniel and John continued to talk, and I continued kneeling there like a good boy.  Being on my knees was getting uncomfortable and I started to lean back on my heels.  John took note and called Greg the waiter over.

“Our boy appears to be needing to get off his knees for a while.  Would you be able help with that?”

“He needs to stretch, I see,” Greg said.

John added, “Yes, he does.”  John took a $20 bill out of his wallet and handed it to Greg.  “He’s into heavy steel, by the way,” John added.

“Good to know,” Greg said.  “I take it the cuffs use standard keys?”

“Yes,” Daniel responded.  Looking at me, Daniel continued, “It’s obvious you are in some discomfort on your knees.  Greg is going to take you inside and give you a chance to stretch.  You can trust him and us.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Daniel,” I said.

“OK, let’s get you up and inside then,” Greg said.  Greg came to my side and put his hands under my arms to help me to my feet.

“Your orders will be up soon,” Greg said to Daniel and John as he led me away.  “Trust me,” Greg said to me.

Greg guided me across the patio and inside the bar.  With each step the chains between the leg cuffs did their thing rattling all the way.  Greg was taking short steps while holding on to me to make sure I didn’t trip as I shuffled along.  Occasionally, he would take his other hand and rub it along the center of my spine.  It was a small gesture that I appreciated.  I smiled over at him.  My bare feet picked up the transition from the patio to the concrete floor inside the bar.  The concrete was cold.  The bar was dark inside and the music was loud.  The space was quite large with several bars serving, assorted tables, what looked like some BDSM setups in corners, a dance floor and ample space for men to socialize.  It wasn’t busy yet but there were still a good number of men inside.  Some were wearing leather, some jeans, some camo pants, others almost nothing at all.  Most of the men were shirtless.  I saw a few men like myself, in various aspects of bondage or restraints.

Greg continued to walk me in my chains across the space and into a back hallway area where there were several rooms.  The rattling of the chains was still there with every step.  Again, I was being noticed.  I kept my head up high.  I remembered what Daniel had said to me outside in the parking lot.  Every now and again I would take a good look at Greg and how built was his body.

“You like what you see, don’t you?” he asked me.

“Yes, Sir, you are a good-looking guy.  You spend a lot of time in the gym, I take it, Sir,” I said.

“I do take care of myself.  The tips are better that way and so is the attention I get.  Helps when I see someone I like if they like what they see in return.  And my name is Greg, by the way.  Though I am now responsible for you, please don’t call me Sir.  That should be reserved for your Sirs.  Here we are,” he said as he guided me through an opening and into one of the rooms.

As we entered, I stopped.  The room was small.  Maybe 10’ x 10’.  The concrete floor from the bar and hallway continued in here.  There wasn’t any furniture.  From the center of the ceiling heavy wrist shackles were hanging.  A similar set of ankle shackles were on the floor attached to a D ring in the concrete.

“Your Sirs want you to be stretched and stretched you shall be,” Greg said. Then looking directly into my eyes, he said, “Trust me.  Trust your, Sirs.”  He nodded once and I nodded back.

He took a set of keys out of his pocket and made quick work of removing the transport restraints leaving them in a pile to the side.  He guided me under the wrist shackles and locked me in them.  My wrists were now in heavy steel above my head.  He bent down and was about to start placing the ankle shackles on when he stopped and stood up.

“Do you trust us?” he asked.

I looked into his eyes.  They were a deep blue color.  He had an air of authority about him but also a kindness that was in his eyes at the same time.

“I do trust you, and my Sirs,” I responded.

With that he moved his hands to my waist and opened up the jeans I was wearing and slid them off my legs.  I was naked and I was hard.  He tossed the jeans to the side with the transport chains.  I was surprised and a bit embarrassed.  Here I am with a stranger, the waiter, and I’ve allowed him to lock me up and strip me naked in a public bar.  He placed my ankles in the shackles and locked them on.  I was now the center of attention in this otherwise vacant room.  My cock was leaking.

Next, Greg went over to the side wall and pushed a button.  The chains that held my wrist shackles above my head started to rise.  After a few moments, Greg pressed the button again and it stopped.  I was almost able to keep my feet flat on the floor but not quite.  I was stretched.

“I promised I would give you a chance to stretch,” Greg chuckled as he came over to me and stood facing me.  I looked into his eyes, and he smiled.

Greg started, “This is for you.  Your Sirs arranged this before you arrived this evening.  You will remain in here until they are finished, and they come to retrieve you.  How long that will be is up to them.  They rented the room for the evening.  I will check on you from time to time.  If you look behind me, you can see the cell door.  I will close and lock it when I leave.  You will be alone and safe in here, although on display for anyone that decides to stop and look.  You are to remain always facing towards the cell door.  There are two cameras in the corners watching you.  Your Sirs have the password and app to keep an eye on you from their phones.  No doubt they are watching now.”

Greg then took his hands and started to play with my nipples slowly massaging them.  My already hard cock started to bob and continued leaking leaving a small pool on the floor.  I was also starting to dance a little from being stretched so tightly and trying to find a comfortable position with my feet.  I wasn’t having a lot of luck with that.

“They wanted you hard when I left,” Greg said as he continued massaging one nipple and took the other hand and started to edge my engorged cock.  And then he stopped.

“You’re a hot guy.  You should know that.  I’m glad they asked me to help with you.”

“Thank you, Greg,” I said.

“I mean it, I think you’re handsome. Maybe Daniel will tie us together some time.  Or maybe, you will let me submit to you,” Greg said looking directly into my eyes.  He moved in closer to me and we were almost touching face to face.  I nodded my head yes, and Greg leaned in and kissed me.  It was sensual. It was kind.

After Greg broke off the kiss he started towards the door, stopping, and turning back towards me.

“Daniel likes you a lot.  I’ve known him for a few years and he and I have met away from here from time to time to play.  I’ve never heard him talk about someone the way he talks about you.  I hope it works out for the two of you, Dave.  And I was serious, I would like to connect with you away from here, with or without Daniel.  He’s not the jealous type, obviously.  Just tell him first if you decide to contact me.”

Greg walked over to where my jeans were, took a card out of his wallet and slipped it into one of the pockets.  He then walked over to me again, gave me another kiss and said, “Good luck.”  He walked to the opening, pulled on the cell door swinging it shut.  He took a key from his pocket and locked it being sure to grab the cell door bars and shake the door to make sure it was secure.  He walked away out of my sight.

As I continued to hang there, I had to shift my weight onto one foot of the other changing positions every few minutes.  I would be on my toes for a while and then pull one foot off the floor to be able to have the other foot flat on the floor.  This would go on for a while – my little dance.  It was uncomfortable and difficult.  As guys passed in the hall a few would stop and watch me for a while and then leave only for some other guys to do the same a few minutes later.  One couple that stopped and watched were a Dom/sub couple.  The Sir told his boy he should trade places with me later in the evening.  The boy gave his Sir a very loud, “Yes, Sir,” as they walked away.  One constant – I was hard and continued to leak. It was frustrating.

Greg came by to check on me looking through the cell door.  He had a water bottle in his hand.

“How are you doing, boy,” he asked from the cell door.

“Good, Greg,” I said as I continued my little dance on my toes.

“I brought water if you need some,” he said.

“Yes, please,” I answered as I was getting thirsty.  Greg unlocked the cell door and swung it open.  He walked inside and up to me, uncapping the water bottle and putting it to my mouth.  He was good about tilting it ever so slightly to give me time to adjust to the flow.  I finished the bottle.  Greg put the cap back on the bottle and threw it towards my jeans and the restraints.

“You look so hot up there,” Greg said to me.  “I almost want to trade places with you.  Or better yet, be chained next to you.”  He smiled broadly as he said that stepping over to me and fondling my chest with his hands.  It felt good.

I responded, “You almost want to trade places?” I said emphasizing the “almost” as I said it.

“Well, yeah.  Because, your Sirs said if you wanted water there would be a cost for you.”

Greg reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of nipple clamps.  He made sure to show them to me at eye level.  He massaged the right nipple first and then put the clamp on.  I sucked in air.  The pain wasn’t so bad. I could manage this.  Greg repeated the process with the left nipple.  Again, I sucked in air.  Greg remained in front of me keeping eye contact.  I looked past him for a moment and noticed about five guys in the doorway watching the show.

“I won’t ask if you are good because it really doesn’t matter,” Greg said.  “That, and your cock is giving you away.  Your Sirs said you’ve had worst done to you and for longer than you will endure this.”  I nodded my head to him, and Greg put his hands on either side of my head and pulled me in for a kiss.  I let out a deep sigh.

“Regardless, boy, remember you are on camera.  They and I will be watching over you.”  Greg turned around and walked back to the cell door.  The guys that had been watching stepped back so Greg could swing the door closed and secure it. Again, he gave it a good shake and walked away. Two of the guys stood in front of the cell door and continued to watch me for me for a while.  As I did my dance the chain on the nipple clamps also moved making sure I wouldn’t forget they were attached to my chest.  My cock continued to bob up and down its erection a near constant.  They enjoyed the show while they sipped their beer.

A while later Greg returned to check on me.

“How are you doing,” he asked as he entered.  Again, a few guys were in the doorway watching.

“I need to pee, and some water would be good.”

“OK, let’s take care of that.”

Greg went over to the pile where my jeans were and grabbed the water bottle from before.  He removed the cap, walked over to me and placed the bottle opening under my cock.  He nodded his head to me.  Talk about pee shy.  I’m hanging by my wrists in heavy dungeon shackles, in a bar on public display, with guys watching my every move, and a hot stud holding a water bottle for me to piss in.  I closed my eyes and counted down from ten in my head.  When I got to zero the flow started.  I only opened my eyes once I was finished.  Greg took hold of my cock and gave it a few good shakes to get out the last of the piss.

“Thank you, Greg,” I said.

“You’re welcome,” Greg replied, “though you might not thank me in a moment.  You said you needed something to drink also.”  He brought the bottle of piss up into my eyesight.

I chuckled, “I said water.”

“Yes, you did.  But your Sirs didn’t say you could have any more water.  So, if you want to drink it’s this or nothing,” Greg said.  He stood there looking at me and I saw his mind working.

“Actually,” Greg started, “this bar wouldn’t want any of its customers to go thirsty.  So, piss it is for you.”  Greg put the cap back on the bottle and set it down next to me.  He walked towards the door saying, “No one goes in, understood?” to the men standing there. They all agreed, and Greg left my sight as he walked into the hallway.  The men were watching me talking among themselves.

When Greg returned, he had something in his hand.  He held it up for me to see. It was a urinal gag.  I shook my head no but knew in my head I wasn’t going to win this battle.  Greg set it down on the ground and removed the leather head harness I was wearing.

As he was removing the harness he leaned into my ear and whispered, “You can say no, and I won’t do this.  Remember where you are and who brought you.  But if this is a limit tell me now.  I’ll make something up for the guys standing in the doorway and watching.”

I whispered back, “It’s OK, thank you.”  Greg nodded his head.

Once the head harness was off, he exchanged it for the urinal gag and went to work getting it situated on my head and into my mouth.  He stood back and to the side to give a good view for what was now about ten guys crammed into the hallway just outside the door trying to watch.  Taking the bottle of piss he uncrewed the cap and made sure to stand to the side.  He started to ever so gently began to pour into the trough.  The liquid hit my tongue and the taste was disgusting.  There wasn’t much I could do but to swallow.  Greg was pouring slowly yet I started to gag and cough.  Greg stopped the pour while I slowly caught up and emptied the trough.  He gave me time to catch my breath.

Greg sat the bottle down on the ground.  I could see it was still half full.  Greg stood in front of me and started to flick the chain on the nipples clamps which elicited a couple of yelps from me and a round of applause from some of the guys watching.  Greg made direct eye contact with me and nodded once as he put his hand on the left clamp.  I nodded in return and felt the immense pain as he removed the clamp.  I yelled through the gag.  Again, more applause from the peanut gallery watching and some words of encouragement were shouted.  I screamed into the gag again when the other clamp was removed.

Greg picked up the bottle, showed it to me, and slowly started to pour.  It took a few minutes for the bottle to empty with Greg giving me time between pours.  I hung from the chains somewhat feeling defeated.  My head was hanging low.

“Look at me,” Greg said.  “You are a stud.  I fucking admire you right now.” He took his hands and grabbed each side of my head as he said that.  He then kissed my forehead.  Greg removed the urinal gag but did not replace the head harness on me.

“Stay strong.  I’ll be back.”  With that Greg walked out locking the cell door again.  The guys that were watching also left.  I guess they had enough entertainment from me for the evening.

It seemed like another hour I was in there hanging.  I saw Greg stop by to look in on me.  He didn’t say anything, and he didn’t come inside the cell, but it was nice to know he kept his word about checking on me.

I was tired and I was hungry.  The rancid taste in my mouth was still there.  I never got to eat.  This was an experience I hadn’t expected.  Daniel said this weekend was about getting to know each other and he set this up just for me.  The intended message was Daniel was public in some of what he does with his kink interests, and I was going to need to be on board with that.  It was something to consider and talk about.

I heard the cell door being unlocked and then saw it open but for some reason I couldn’t focus on the person walking in.  I was sort of in a trance after hanging there for what seemed like hours.  It was Daniel.  He looked so hot in that leather vest.  I just wanted to take my hands and rub them all over his torso.

“How are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m good, Daniel,” I said.  He looked at me and tilted his head as if to say he didn’t believe me.

“Let’s try that again,” Daniel started.  “How are you doing?”

He stepped directly in front of me and looked into my eyes.

“I’m tired, Daniel.  And I’m hungry.  And I want some water.”

“If I said I was going to leave you here until closing, what would you say?”

“I wouldn’t like it, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve experienced since being with you and the other guys.  I would continue to hang here as long as you wanted, Daniel.”

Daniel leaned in, placed his hands on either side of my face and kissed me with all he had.  I would do anything for him. He also had a bottle of water with him. He opened it, put it to my lips and let me drink.  It was refreshing both in getting rid of the acrid taste in my mouth from the piss and in its cold clear form.

Daniel stepped to the side and pressed the button to release the slack on the chain overhead.  In a matter of minutes he had me down, back in my jeans and shackled up with the wrists in front this time. He reached in my front jeans pocket and pulled the card out Greg had left.  It was his name and phone number.  Daniel put it back in the pocket and said, “Be sure to call him at some point.”  He smiled and kissed me again.

Grabbing the head harness Daniel led me back out of the cell.  The bar was full now.  It was wall to wall male bodies in various states of undress.  As we walked through the bar towards the patio, Daniel kept one hand on my bicep to guide me and to demonstrate his control over me.  I shuffled along with my bare feet stepping on the remnants of peanut shells and the occasional damp spot.  Even though it was wall to wall men and a tight space, I know some of the body contact that was being made as we walked through was intentional.  In some ways it’s difficult to realize you are an object to others.  I heard “thanks for the show” from one guy as we walked by.  It’s interesting to realize you may be an object to others.

“Are you OK,” Daniel whispered into my ear as we walked. I nodded my head yes.  “You’re doing well.  Thank you.”

We reached the patio and our table.  John was still there waiting and there was a third chair.  Daniel pointed for me to sit down but before that John stood up and pulled me into a hug.

“I’m so proud of you, boy,” he said.  John’s approval was always important to me.  John continued, “There were a couple of times I thought we would have to go and let you down, but you kept finding a way to cope.”  I smiled at John and leaned in for a kiss.

When I sat down Daniel unlocked the handcuffs from my wrists.  Greg arrived with a hamburger and a load of fries on a plate along with a drink for me.  He gave me a smile as he sat the meal down in front of me.

“Thank you, Greg,” I said.  “Thank you for this evening.  Daniel suggested we connect later.”  Greg smiled at me and then to John.  John stood up and Greg went over to him and the two hugged.  Greg then came over to me.  I stood up and we hugged with Greg patting my back over and over and giving me a kiss on the forehead.  I took it as his stamp of approval.  Once Greg left I dived into the meal.

John excused himself to go home a little while later and Daniel asked if I was ready to leave.  He had me stand up, locked my wrists into the handcuffs and we walked out to the car.  Once again it was a long walk across the parking lot.  The chains rattled.  Guys looked.

After he opened the door he held me for a moment and asked, “Did you enjoy your evening?”

“Yes, Daniel.  I wasn’t expecting the public aspect of all that happened, but it was fun and exciting in a way.  Thank you.”

“Don’t worry, that’s as public as it gets for the rest of the weekend.  We can talk about this after we get home.  Thank you for allowing me to show you this part of me and for you to be a part of it.”  I leaned in and gave Daniel a kiss.

“Maybe we can do it again,” I said.  Part of me couldn’t believe I just said that.  Daniel smiled.

He put me in the car and off we went back to his place.  Once inside he walked me to the bedroom where he removed the restraints and pulled my jeans off.  I watched as he stripped himself down.  We took our time exploring each other.  Two naked men touching, kissing, slowly learning about each other without any verbal interaction.  Together we took a long, hot shower.  There was a lot of kissing and sensual touching under the spray, but not much else.  I was OK with that.  We finished and dried off.  Daniel took my hand and led me back into the bedroom.  We found ourselves under the sheets with our naked bodies touching as he spooned me.  His height advantage was welcome in moments like this.  I felt safe with his arms around me.  He was so kind and gentle.  This is the Daniel I knew existed and I wanted to get to know.  Spending time with Daniel is what I wanted.  The weekend was just starting.

To be continued …

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