10 Days in Detention – Part 08

“10 Days in Detention” series by socalbdBy socalbd

When we reached the taco place there was an amazingly handsome guy standing out front. John said, “There he is waiting for us.” We pulled in and got out. I was about to meet the second guy that I would submit to as a bondage slave.

As I walked up to him he put out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Dan. You must be Dave.”

I smiled and replied, “Yes, I’m Dave. It’s nice to meet you, Dan.” His handshake was strong. It was just one of the indicators of how in shape Dan is and he clearly worked out. Dan was about the same height as John being, 5’10”, but definitely a little buffer. He was wearing jeans and a grey wife beater tank top that really accentuated his pecs. His waist was thin and he had a great V shape about him and his abs slightly showed through the fabric of the tank top. He was clearly a good-looking guy. My eyes went down to his feet and he was wearing flip flops.

Dan noticed me checking him out and sort of chuckled and said, “John said you had a thing for flip flops. You like a seeing a guy’s naked feet, don’t you, Dave?” I could feel myself blushing and smiling at the same time.

Dan leaned into the side of my head and said quietly, “If you’re a good boy you might see more of what’s under the jeans and tank. It will be interesting to see how you handle a different approach to your submission.”

I got instantly hard. Dan reached across with his hand on my shoulder and smiled as if to reassure me that he could be trusted.

I could see John out of the corner of my eye smiling and clearly enjoying the exchange that was happening in front of him. He stepped over to us and said, “Well maybe that could be tonight. Dave has some punishment coming to him and perhaps Dan should be the one to dispense it. It could be an initial test to see if you like how the boy responds under duress.”

I could tell Dan was thinking for a moment. He was looking back and forth between John and me before saying, “I think that could be arranged as along as none of us have plans for the rest of the evening into tomorrow. Do you Dave?”

“No, Sir, no plans,” I responded.

“How compliant you are, boy. I’m thinking that collar around your neck is not just for show but it does have meaning for you. Let’s discuss this some more.”

The three of us moved inside, ordered some food and found a table outside in a corner that was out of the way where we could talk openly but quietly.

Over the next couple of hours we discussed my interest in bondage, limits and my fantasy to spend ten days in detention as the bondage and BDSM slave to a few guys that I trusted. There was a good deal of conversation around my health and ability to undergo what would certainly be a physically intense experience in addition to the mental challenges that would be faced.

John and Dan were both up front with me about two things. The first item was that I needed to be in better physical condition to attempt something along the lines of what we were discussing. John elaborated a bit on my weekend experience and his thoughts on what I could handle at this time and for how long. It was apparent from how John skipped over certain details but Dan seemed to understand that the two of them must have talked about me before tonight.   The conversation was tailored for me to understand how I needed to change and get more physically fit than it was about the two of them discussing my current state.

We agreed on a physical fitness plan that would require me to meet certain goals within nine months. A combination of diet, exercise and regular bondage sessions would ensure that I achieved my goals. In addition, at around six months I needed to demonstrate enough progress to submit to Dan at his place for a weekend session that would last three to four days. It was going to be a trial run to really see if I could make the ten day session I was dreaming about.

The second item was crystal clear even before we discussed it in detail. These two men, and a third dominant they were friends with, were capable of taking me through the ten day experience I desired and to do it at a facility that would meet most of my requirements. Given the weather would be changing soon as we moved into fall and then winter, nine months from now would put us in summer and a good time to be a captive for this type of experience. Spending the long weekend with Dan in six months would be spring and the weather would be a crap shoot. However, Dan said he could make it work regardless, to ensure I was properly tested at that time.

I agreed to the plan the two presented. In the back of my mind I was thinking this is nuts as to what I am asking for. I also realized it wasn’t happening yet so I could always decline later if I had second thoughts.

John changed the conversation when he said, “Well, now that we’ve outlined what your future looks like for the next few months it’s probably time to bring you back to the present. You have some punishment to endure, Dave. I think it’s time we deal with that.”

Dan interjected, “Dave, we just met. I understand if you are apprehensive about me putting you through a session so soon. You said you could stay through some time tomorrow. My intention, since John is suggesting I put you through your punishment, is to use this to find out about you. In reality I want to find out how your body responds to certain stimuli. I also intend to carry out some sort of punishment per John’s direction on how severe it should be. I’ll leave it to you whether you are OK with me fulfilling that role tonight or if I should leave it to you and John to be alone this evening.”

“I’m good with being subject to you, tonight,” I said to Dan. “At some point I’m going to have to submit to you and let you at me. It might as well start tonight. And, yes, I can stay through tomorrow late afternoon if that’s what the two of you want.”

“Well, I guess that’s decided then,” John said. “We’ll go back to my place and you will spend until tomorrow afternoon as Dan’s sub. From this moment on you will demonstrate the same respect for Dan as you do for me or face additional consequences. Is that understood?”

I responded, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good,” John said. “Dan, anything you want to tell Dave before we head back to my place and start. I’m going to leave the two of you alone so it will just be Dan using you in the dungeon as he sees fit until tomorrow, Dave.”

“Just one last thing so you understand what my intention is, Dave,” Dan said. He continued, “Once we are in the dungeon I’m going explore your body for a while. Once I’m satisfied with that I’m going to start hurting you through difficult bondage and the use of some implements on your body. I fully intend to go for several hours to see how you do. You may get little to no sleep. I intend to push you hard. Do you still want to submit to me?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

“Very well, then,” Dan said. “Stand up. Take your wallet, keys, phone and anything else out of your pockets and hand them over to John. You will be going in my car back to John’s and you will be restrained for the trip.”

I handed everything I had to John and the three of us got up and walked out to the parking lot. I followed Dan to his car. When we got there he unlocked the car and opened the back passenger side door. He instructed me to remove the tank top I was wearing and get in the back seat. He motioned for me turn my back to him and he pulled my wrists behind my back and locked on handcuffs. He pushed me back into the seat and put the seat belt over me. He produced a ball gag from the seat pocket and put it in my mouth. It was strapped tightly on. Next a black transport hood was pulled out and pulled over my head and cinched around the neck.

I felt Dan’s head next to mine very close and through the hood he started talking to me. “John has told me much about you. I think your interests and mine will align nicely. But make no mistake, I do intend to push you and find out for myself what you are about. If you want a ten day detention session you are going to work for it and that process starts now.”

The next thing I heard was the car door shutting. A moment later the front driver door opened and closed and the car started. We were off. I started to think about what I had just done. I so easily turned myself over to Dan. John had all of my personal effects. I had nothing on me. I was trusting Dan that he was really driving back to John’s place and his dungeon. Ten days in detention would require a great deal of trust on my part to these two men. If anything, this weekend was a continuation of the building of trust between John and me with Dan now an active player in that scenario. Something inside me said this was going to be a long night ahead of me.


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