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Male BDSM porn: Bondage at the gym

In this Bound Gods movie starring Dakota Rivers and Colby Keller, a muscle stud gives a gym goer a bondage workout and a bondage fuck. The title of this video is “Bondage Gym


Dakota Rivers is working out at his local gym late one night. He is mostly hanging out and looking for trouble. You know the type. Colby Keller is an out-of-town visitor. Before heading off to a party, Colby is trying to get a good workout. Let’s just say that Colby gets held up momentarily. He manages to teach Dakota a lesson. Dakota endures a heavy flogging, an exhausting bondage workout and a bondage fuck of his life.

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Video: The Experiment

The guys at Serious Male Bondage love testing new gear – here is smokin’ hot Bruin in the awesome new GA-4 full-enclosure rubber suit from StudioGum. He wears a gas mask inside the hood of the suit, which has a pass-through fitting allowing him to breathe outside air. Once he is fully sealed into the suit, they suck all the air out. Further experimentation is required to achieve total immobilization, but hey, they’ve got the time.


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Title of this video: The Experiment



Duty Bound at Str8Hell

Lorenc Byro is shackled, blindfolded and gagged and wearing only see-thru underwear. His cock looks hard in the underwear as he wriggles around, trying to free himself. Rado Zuska comes in to find out why Lorenc is making a noise. He berates him and slap him, telling him to be quiet. Taking a whip Rado uses it on Lorenc, making him moan louder. Lorenc’s cock stays hard as he takes the punishment. As he continues with the whip Rado pins one of Lorenc’s nipples and bites the other one. Lorence keeps up with his moaning as Rado torments him, pinning both nipples and the belly button. Then he starts grabbing Lorencs cock and balls before kissing and licking his sexy chest. He releases Lorenc and takes off the gag and blindfold. Then Rado’s big dick is out and being shoved into Lorenc’s eager mouth. Rado grabs Lorenc’s head and pushes it all the way down on his cock. Lorence gags as he takes the stiff dick deep into his throat. Then Rado moves him to lay on a thick wooden beam. He pulls Lorenc’s legs in the air and shoves his throbbing cock into the waiting hole.

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