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Code Yellow Containment

Metalbond Rank CodeYellowContainment-043-R010-A CodeYellowContainment-045-R010-A CodeYellowContainment-051-R010-A

The photos above document initial experiments with a rigid fiberglass case and a dual-hose gas mask. In this configuration, one of the hoses is used to supply inhale air to the captive in the case, and the other is for exhausting the exhale air. Both hoses are connected to a dual-chamber bubbler bottle via copper fittings mounted into the side of the case. As a result, the inhale and exhale air must pass through its own chamber of liquid creating resistance to the flow so the captive must exert more effort to maintain normal inhale and exhale volumes. As the air passes through the liquid it also creates a unique sound, which allows us to monitor the depth and rate of the captive’s breathing. As Rank demonstrates, the fiberglass case and its associated apparatus provide him with a novel and efficient means of transporting and storage of unruly captives. A video of this scene is available on titled ‘Code Yellow – Containment’ which highlights Rank’s effort to contain the spread of vanilla sexual preferences around the planet by his contaminated prisoner in the yellow suit.

NOTE – this information is for entertainment purposes only. This type of confinement play and breath control is extremely dangerous and possibly fatal. Do so at your own risk.


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Mitch Vaughn gets edged and tortured at the gym

Ripped muscle god Mitch Vaughn is taking a piss at the gym when he catches the ever-pervy Sebastian creeping on him. Mitch brushes it off and goes back to hitting the weights. Before he knows what’s happening he finds himself bound to the bench press with his legs high and his ass exposed.


Sebastian licks the pink hole between Mitch’s plump ass cheeks and gets his cock hard. Mitch keeps saying he doesn’t like it, but he nearly cums anyway. With a dildo firmly inside Mitch’s ass, Sebastian tickles the hell out of him. Every twist and turn makes Mitch fuck his own ass. In rope from head to toe, Mitch is tied to 100lb. weights as he’s violated by the Fucksall. Sebastian’s next toy is the e-stim dildo. Mitch nearly cums from the electro right on his prostate but Sebastian walks away. Mitch begs and begs for him to return and finally launches a huge load all over his muscular chest

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Shackled to a wooden post

Adam Potora is shackled to the wooden post, and blindfolded, wearing only some see thru underwear. His tormentor appears and starts to whip Adam, who moans as the whip lands on his body. Then more moaning as his nipples are pulled too. His punishment continues as his underwear is pulled down and the whipping continues. The tormentor hits at Adam’s cock too, making him flinch and try to avoid the hand that slaps his balls and pulls on his nipples. Clothes pins are applied to Adam’s balls with intermittment slapping of his thighs. Then pins are attached to the cock as well. Adam is turned, and his ass starts to get the attention it deserves, as the hands spank it and the whip lands as well. The hands pull Adam’s ass cheeks apart, to show off his hole. Then that hot ass gets spanked some more. Released from the wooden beam, Adam is placed on the floor and whipped again, moaning all the while. He is made to grab his ankles, showing off his hot ass, which has lube applied. A finger is shoved deep into that ass, opening the hole very well. Then Adam is made to stand and wank his big cock, getting it very hard. As he wanks he shoots his hot cum over the floor, which brings his punishment to an end. He is shackled and left there, maybe for more to come.

Title of this shoot: Adam Potopa – Spanking

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An athlete gets tied up

Straight athlete Alex used to feel proud putting on his football uniform, but now he’s deeply ashamed of it as they have fetishized him and strung him up so he looks like a real sporty slut! Look at those big powerful bare thighs waving in the air. His bum and bulge are also temptingly highlighted in his sheer white shorts, which show the lines of his jockstrap and the dark crevice of his arse! Adrian makes quick work destroying those shorts to fully expose and get access to his tight warm fuckhole.

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Parker in the Stockade

Here’s another one from the men of Spanking Straight Boys. This features a custom-made clear stockade that is completely rigid and unforgiving. It holds a captive in place, bent over, completely vulnerable and totally humbled. This video opens with Tom placing a nervous Parker in the stockade. Once he had him in it, Tom saw Parker’s point. There is simply no way out of the stockade other than someone else releasing you. Tom begins by spanking Parker by hand. He then whips down Parker’s underwear and brings out a leather slapper for use on Parker’s bare butt. Next comes a thin acrylic paddle followed by a wider acrylic paddle. The leather slapper hurts, but those acrylic paddles, as Parker quickly learns, deliver a mighty sting. Parker gasps, groans and yells as the spanking continues. He moves his hands (repeatedly clenching them) and whips his head about as his face contorts. He even manages to move his butt a small amount. He cannot, however, move his butt out of the path of the paddles or Tom’s hand. After a lengthy session that pushes Parker to his limits, Tom releases him and tells him to get dressed.

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Title of this episode: Parker in the Stockade

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Male BDSM porn: Cameron Adams gets tied up and fucked in the psych ward

These pictures are from a video called ‘Disorderly Orderlies’ at Bound Gods.


Two psych ward attendants, Jack Hammer and Scott Alexander, are looking for trouble in the middle of the night. They find Cameron Adams in the straitjacket and he’s a perfect target. Jack bets Scott $20 if he makes Cameron suck his dick. That sets the tone for a night of debauchery and hijinks. They put him on the medical table and experiment with electricity. Jack and Scott take turns fucking the prisoner in bondage. They shove the enema nozzle up his hole to see the water jets out of his humiliating and painful ass. They fuck him again and cum all over his face. Cameron reveals that he’s an heir to a huge fortune. His relatives put him in the psych ward to control his money. If set free, Cameron will reward the two orderlies

MetalbondNYC_03_11110_p_03 MetalbondNYC_04_11110_p_25 MetalbondNYC_05_11110_p_07 MetalbondNYC_06_11110_p_13 MetalbondNYC_07_11110_p_12 MetalbondNYC_08_11110_p_18

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Wes is strapped down for a hard spanking

At Spanking Straight Boys, Tom straps Wes to the table in the prone position, putting a bolster cushion under his privates to lift his round bubble butt into a good spanking position. He then begins with a hard spanking by hand, which gets the captive’s butt bright red. Tom follows that with a hard leather strapping. Next up is a session with a small, painful PVC flog. The spanking then ends with hard lashes from a large leather slapper that continue until Wes proclaims, “I can’t take any more, Sir.” Wes struggles against the leather straps binding him to the table throughout this session. He can and does move his arms, head and shoulders about, but the straps keep him from moving his butt more than a few inches. By the end, his butt is nearly as red as his shirt and Wes is worn out.

spanking his bare ass

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Title of this episode: Wes Strapped to The Table

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