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Jack is taken down hard

Here’s another update from BreederFuckers. In this shoot, Jack really fancies himself as a slick young wheeler and dealer. He thinks his time is so fucking valuable, but here Dave and Aaron drag him into their perverted lair to use him for as long as they please. Former hetero Aaron has been so thoroughly converted that he now gets off on taking out his sexual aggression on hapless arrogant male cunts like fresh punk Jack. He and Dave absolutely destroy Jack’s clothes so he’s left totally naked and fucking terrified. They set upon him like wild animals, running their tongues all over his sweaty muscular body. Jack is pinned to the floor and his arse cheeks are parted so Dave’s tongue can dive into his pink virgin sphincter. This hetero’s manhole tastes so delicious both Dave and Aaron spend ages flicking their tongues around its ring. Jack’s captors get even more turned on plundering his sporty kit bag to sniff at his dirty jock strap and pants. The furious tattooed lad is totally overwhelmed as they grind against him, feeling their growing erections pressing against his vulnerable arse and his angry red face. Jack has no clue what’s going to happen but it will be severe and relentless!

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Mark is strung up naked for torture

Also at BreederFuckers, Mark is strung up naked with his arms and legs bound against the wall. This stupid fucking hetero can resort to nothing more than shouting homophobic insults. Straight men really have no imagination! His head is secured to the floor so he’s helpless and bent over with his big manly bum pointed in the air. All he can do to resist is wiggle his bum! Mark will learn to beg for cock, arse pounding and punishment.

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Aaron is trained to service cock

At BreederFuckers, Aaron is tied to the fuck bench and is presented with a hard dick and showed exactly how to service that rod and work his tongue around a cockhead. While his eyes are screwed shut as he chows down, Dave punishes his arse and cock, restraining his dick and ramming his way into his sore sphincter. His hole is pounded and filled relentlessly. Aaron is ordered to never stop giving head and if he does there will be consequences! As soon as he can’t take any more his hole is filled with a real man’s meat. His burning sore bum is punished with a painful cane while Adrian simultaneously fucks him. A few more years of this continuous punishment and Aaron will naturally be begging to suck any cock presented to him.

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