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Male bondage in a corporate setting

Male bondage in a corporate setting

Alan Vicenzo is the newest employee at a marketing PR agency based in Europe.  On his way for a break, Sir Peter decides to go check in on him. Alan has noticed Sir Peter; frequently gazing at him and the visible huge cock outlined in his trousers. Sir Peter invites Alan for a tour of the new break room, which he contends seems out of place in a corporate office. When they enter the break room, Sir Peter tries to gauge Alan’s reaction to the seductive neon lights and sofa in the middle of the room. Alan smiles with his mouth open, astonished, and says without thinking: “It literally looks like a cruising club.” Alan turns to his colleague, speechless. He can’t believe he has said that in front of Sir Peter, who smiles back mischievously.

Alan Vicenzo and Sir Peter


Ready to get down to “real business” with the young muscular stud, Sir Peter starts asking him questions while taking small steps toward him. He can feel Alan’s nervous breath and shivering body and takes out a blindfold to put it over his eyes. Sir Peter plays with the blindfolded Alan and makes him edge a few times. Then, Alan gets tied up and ordered to get on his knees. The submissive stud responds “Yes Sir!” and complies nervously but also exhilarated. While still tied, he gets face-fucked by Sir Peter’s huge cock, then bent over on the leather sofa only to get his trousers ripped for access to his bubble butt leading to a cum filled fuck session and facial. Alas, Alan has discovered that at this agency, white-collar studs often step out of the boardroom and into the backroom (breakroom)! Or has he?

gay bondage porn men in suits Alan Vicenzo and Sir Peter


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VIDEO TITLE: Yes, Sir Peter, Sir!

STARRING: Alan Vicenzo, Sir Peter

RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2022

TAGS: Ass Rimming, Big Dick, Condom-Free, Facial, Fingering, Muscular, Office Sex, OTC Socks, Ripping, Sheer Socks, Suit Sex, Tied, Uncut Cock


Alan Vicenzo and Sir Peter video

Chained Sucker

Tough Bobby Ryker leads submissive bottom Zen Goken to a chain sling. Zen is cuffed and harnessed, begging for a rough hand slap across his firm round ass. Bobby can’t keep his mouth off that sweet hole, burrowing in to get a musky taste and lubing it up with a gob of spit. Opened up and ready to get his ass screwed, Goken kneels and gets a steaming piss shower from his merciless master. Zen climbs backward into the sling, drops his head to give Ryker free rein to fuck that piss-soaked cock down his hungry throat. Once he’s properly fed a hefty meal of musky dick, he gets plowed by Bobby’s stiff black dildo. His hole throbbing and twitching for more, he cries out for Ryker’s cock to fill the empty space. Grabbing the chains, Bobby pumps his raw tool deep into the wide-open butthole.

gay bondage Chained Sucker


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Site: FetishMen

Title: Chained Sucker

Chained Sucker male bdsm

Intruder Alert

In a self-bondage video, JimmyUSMC describes a fantasy he’s had for years about sneaking into an abandoned jail or prison and locking himself up in chains and shackles — only to be discovered by someone who finds him, and takes away his keys so he can’t escape his own bondage!

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Title of this video: Intruder Alert

This was shot on location at Hampton Jail in Iowa, and the same video is also available on Men In Chains, under the title of “Jail Break In.”

The adventures of Athleticpisspig

This is an eye-opening documentary that explores a long-practiced erotic fetish from the point of view of a gay millennial who expresses it as performance art — Athleticpisspig. Is it mere pornography or groundbreaking art worthy of consideration and criticism? The film poses many questions that viewers must answer for themselves. With the participation of Axel Abysse.

male piss The adventures of Athleticpisspig


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Site: Axel Abysse

Title: Piss Off X

Directed by Henry Baker

video The adventures of Athleticpisspig

Tryp Bates gets tied up and edged

In this video from Men On Edge:

Tryp Bates gets edged by his coworkers on his first day working at the Kink Merchandise store.


Tryp Bates is the new clerk at the merchandise shop. Sebastian Keys decides to give Tryp a tour around the armory. Tryp and Sebastian run into Van working at the gift shop. Tryp explores all the hot toys while Van and Sebastian stare at the bulge growing in Tryp’s leather jock. Van and Sebastian offer to give Tryp a private edging session as a welcoming gift. Tryp hastily agrees and is immediately tied to a St. Andrew’s cross. Van and Sebastian tear off Tryp’s jock, revealing his raging boner. Sebastian then sucks and strokes Tryp’s stiff dick, until he is ready to blow his load. Tryp pleads for Van and Sebastian to let him cum, but the edging has just begun. Tryp is dragged into the Merchandise room and tied onto a table. Van then sticks a dildo up Tryp’s tight ass, while Sebastian edges him. Flips Tryp over and pulls the dildo out of his ass, and Sebastian takes the opportunity to lick Tryp’s toes. Van and Sebastian finally allow Tryp to cum. Sebastian strokes Tryp’s cock until Tryp blasts his cum all over the store, where Van and Sebastian leave him to clean up his mess.

Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_02 Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_03 Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_04 Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_05

Model in this shoot: Tryp Bates

Title: New Kink Stud gets Private Edging Session on His First Day at Work

See this video here.

Site: Men On Edge

JOIN KinkMen here.

Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_06 Tryp_Bates_gay_bondage_07


male BDSM videos KinkMen

Killian gets his hole probed while handcuffed

Meanwhile at, prisoner Killian is handcuffed naked on the exam table, consumed with absolute fury! He can do nothing to protect his exposed anus from being prodded and fucked by the pervy doc and guard. Hunched over, he has no idea what deviant instruments are being used to stretch his sphincter. Killian flies into a rage as his arse is persistently invaded while he must endure the mocking laughter of his captors.

forced male nudity

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clothed male naked male

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