A Chasity Tale – Part 02: ‘Mark’s New Life’

By Coinnigh

This story was originally posted to the Chastity Belt and Device Fiction page (Altairboy’s site, link here). It has been “re-interpreted” as a male-male story.

After being married for ten wonderful years we still have a great marriage. We always enjoyed great sex, as well as a great relationship. Then about four years ago my life was changed drastically.

My husband, Dan, had gone to London with two of his best friends for a lads weekend getaway. He came back very relaxed and refreshed, and the night of his return we ended up in bed having one of the horniest nights of sex we had had for months. During the course of the night, Dan said he wanted to try something different. He has never disappointed me in the past so naturally I agreed. He took a small bag from his overnight bag and pulled out a metal chastity belt he bought in London. It had a narrow metal tube for my shaft to slide into and a handcuff like clasp welded onto the back which would lock around my balls and the base of my cock. He told me that his friend Rob keeps his husband Brad locked in a chastity belt and that he thought it would be fun to do the same to me. ‘Just for the weekend.’

That whole weekend, I spent between his legs eating his arse and sucking his cock to orgasmic bliss. Between his countless orgasms, worshipping his nipples and his body, I had to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed pleasuring him alone like that. While I was busy keeping my husband satisfied, my poor aching cock was desperately straining to get erect. Unfortunately, there was barely enough room in the tube for my cock when I was limp. He would purposely dress in leather shorts or Adidas Chile joggers just to tease me. Dan would touch me and tease my nipples, which kept my precum flowing, and he kept me locked up until that Monday morning. Then, he let me loose and wanked until by balls ached; they were by far the best orgasms I ever had.

The next day at breakfast, I admitted that I actually enjoyed being locked up like that and we should try it again soon. Dan just smiled and said, ‘I knew you would.’ Every weekend for the next several months, I was kept locked in the chastity belt to service horny husband. To be quite honest, he had me addicted to being in his control and he knew that fact and used it to his full advantage.

Then one evening while we were in bed, Dan, pulled out the chastity belt and told me to slip it on. By this time my erection prevented my dick from going in, but a few well-placed ice cubes solved that problem. I was finally able to lock it in place. I spent the whole evening sucking his cock and licking his arse as he demanded. The whole time I could feel the sexual energy building in my groin. As we laid in bed in each other’s arms, Dan turned to be and told me that since I enjoyed being locked up and he actually thought I made a better lover when I was locked up, that I would now be kept locked up for an extended period of time. I agreed but he never specified how long, just that he would be the one to decide.

Over the course of that month, I began to see a transformation in both of us. Dan became even more demanding, more confident and more dominating; he had me doing all the household chores, in addition to fulfilling his sexual needs. By the end of that month, I was totally under his control. I had so much sexual frustration and need for relief I was constantly at his beck and call to do whatever whenever he wanted it. When I was finally allowed to wank off, my orgasm was so explosive I near passed out. Dan told me he came three times while I was wanking. The next day I was locked back up again.

Now he keeps me locked up permanently. Oh, he releases the chastity belt to inspect my cock and balls and to tease me (while I am chained of course) but he told me that I would no longer be allowed any type of sexual relief. I was both devastated and excited when he told me. That same night, he told me I was no longer allowed to sleep in bed with him. Dan had me to purchase a large dog cage, which is now kept in the basement guest bedroom. At night, I am locked in my cage if he is not using me. I am no longer allowed to eat at the table with him but from a dog dish on the kitchen floor. I am only allowed to eat after I cook and serve his meals. Except for my chastity belt and leather collar, I am now to be constantly nude in the house, even when Rob brings over Brad over. I had to sell my car, so I would have to depend on him to get to and from work. I also must check in with him every hour to tell him how much I worship him.

Then one night about a year ago, Dan locked me in my cage and went upstairs. He came down about an hour and a half later to kiss me good night. He looked so fucking hot, dressed in full leather BLUF gear, something we had talked about and both admired. He said that just because I am no longer a real man and am no longer able to cum, he saw no reason why he should not be allowed to have a lover. He caressed my balls through the cage and said ‘Don’t you think a hot guy like me should have a real lover?’ With tears in my eyes and a cock that tried to get hard I said, ‘of course you should have a real lover.’

He kissed me through the bars of my cage and left.

He came back sometime that night with some guy I never saw and I could hear them fucking upstairs. The morning after he pulled me out of my cage and had me lick his cum out of the guy’s arse.

He began trolling the clubs regularly and always came back with a man and I always had to lick the other guy’s arse and cock after Dan and he finished. After a while he started to date a guy named Ryan regularly. After a few months they even moved in together. So, I had to serve Dan and Ryan now. That has been my life for the past four years; quite frankly I still enjoy being their slave. I have resolved myself that I will never be allowed wank, fuck or even cum again. It is truly intoxicated to be held captive by the one you love.

(Note: This story was originally posted to the Chastity Belt and Device Fiction page (Altairboy’s site, link here). It has been “re-imagined” as a male-on-male story.

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