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The Resort – Chapter 09

By TklBndg516

Weekend at The Resort, Day 3

David was the first to wake up.  He laid there quietly so that he did not wake up the others.  Perhaps 20 minutes passed, maybe a half hour before Brad and Jeff woke.  They whispered good mornings to each other, then remained silent so they did not wake Steve.  As it happens, Steve woke up about the same time as Brad and Jeff.  He was laying quietly in bed so that he did not wake them up.  Hearing the whispers, he decided to lay there a little longer before getting up.  A few minutes later, he called out, “Good morning.”  “Good morning, Sir!” was the response from three voices under his bed.

Steve told them his thoughts about where to go for breakfast, either buffet, sit down or the ABDL themed restaurant.  Jeff and Brad were reluctant to try the ABDL themed restaurant.  They said they would be too embarrassed to enjoy it if they had to dress like babies.  David told them there were a lot of guys who were into that, so they had no need to be embarrassed.  He said it wasn’t particularly something he was into, but there were a few times he was paired with a Master who wanted him to be a baby.  He said it could be fun to try.

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Nate – Part 01

By slavebladeboi

With thanks to POW for his editing skills and the many suggestions that inspired this story.

Nate made sure the door of his bedroom was locked before he stood naked, facing the window. There was no one else home, but it made him feel safe both mentally and physically. The windowsill was level with his hips, and the slats of the blind were at an angle that allowed him to see out without being seen. It was a position he’d taken up several times when he noticed that the new neighbour was out and about, either tending to the front garden of his house, directly opposite the house Nate shared with two other college guys, or washing his car or all the other small jobs that needed taking care of when the weather was warm and the sun out.

This time the neighbour, a guy who was obviously in his thirties and looked to be in perfect shape to 20-year-old Nate, well-built and wearing only some skimpy shorts, was washing his car on the drive. It was a 1970 Corvette Stingray, deep blue and perfect. Any reasonable young male, in fact any man of any age, would have made some excuse to stop by and compliment the guy on his choice of vehicle, but Nate wasn’t so forthright. He preferred to stay hidden and watch from a distance. Another reason for his reluctance to make an appearance was that locked around his right wrist was one half of a handcuff, the other half locked tightly round his cock and balls, thus leaving his left hand free to play with his nips as he wanked furiously, gazing at the bronzed body sweating in the heat of the afternoon sun, wiping the odd spray of soap suds and water off his body.

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The Tournament Affair – Part 02

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 2 – Arrival

The Black Team van, with four members and one hostage, has now entered a vast open area, seemingly a warehouse floor or unused airplane hangar.  Denny is bound and gagged but amazed at the sights of what’s happening. He’s almost forgotten he is tightly tied, so as Denny moves, his pecs feel the rough rope near them. Through the windshield he sees other vehicles and a variety of other men in groups of two or three hustling around what seems to be an unloading zone.

In the first of many surprises, both Ben and Chad are called along with the others to help with setup. Armloads of airsoft weapons are being unloaded, and Ben is carrying coils of even MORE rope – ROPE??? thinks Denny. “What’s left on me to tie up?”

So Denny is left unattended – and it seems like it should be an opportunity somehow – the doors are shut most of the way, so nobody else can see him and notice that the kidnappers have criminally abducted a victim, BUT he’s got some time without a minder, and he should be able to make himself known or grab the keys and kamikaze the van out of this prison or whatever it is and drive straight to the police.

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Waiting For Him

By Jaybird

I miss Craigslist “casual encounters.”

My ad was simple.

It was titled: “Help me relax by hogtying me. [M4M]” That left no doubt what I was looking for, so only people who were at least mildly interested would even bother clicking through to the ad itself.

Then something like: “It’s going to be a stressful week. I’m looking for someone willing to keep me hogtied naked for a few hours one evening this week. YOU MUST HOST” with a photo if, not surprisingly, me hogtied naked. I always got some kind of response, though most were outright red flags, and most of the remaining ones finally admitted they couldn’t host.

And now and then one like this:

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A Chasity Tale – Part 02: ‘Mark’s New Life’

By Coinnigh

This story was originally posted to the Chastity Belt and Device Fiction page (Altairboy’s site, link here). It has been “re-interpreted” as a male-male story.

After being married for ten wonderful years we still have a great marriage. We always enjoyed great sex, as well as a great relationship. Then about four years ago my life was changed drastically.

My husband, Dan, had gone to London with two of his best friends for a lads weekend getaway. He came back very relaxed and refreshed, and the night of his return we ended up in bed having one of the horniest nights of sex we had had for months. During the course of the night, Dan said he wanted to try something different. He has never disappointed me in the past so naturally I agreed. He took a small bag from his overnight bag and pulled out a metal chastity belt he bought in London. It had a narrow metal tube for my shaft to slide into and a handcuff like clasp welded onto the back which would lock around my balls and the base of my cock. He told me that his friend Rob keeps his husband Brad locked in a chastity belt and that he thought it would be fun to do the same to me. ‘Just for the weekend.’

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