A Crazy Guy at This Year’s Event

By Mister-X/Spartan

“Wow, that suit is tight!”

Roger had finally managed to get his body and arms into the canvas bondage body bag. It forced the legs together like in a sleep sack, with a zipper up the middle like a sleep sack. The arms, however, were forced together behind the back like in arm binders. There was also a zipper there. At this time, Roger’s arms were not that tightly together, because the zipper had not been pulled up. His partner Dominic, or Dom for short, was the one who was putting him in the suit.

The suit was similar to a Max Cita sleep sack, but with modifications. It had been custom-made. It had a zipper in the front which went up all the way to the chin, as a sleep sack did, with straps periodically placed, as the sleep sack did. There were also rings on both sides of the zipper between the straps. It was made to fit a thin person, which Roger was.

After Roger had finally maneuvered his body inside the bulk of the sack, he took some time to adjust. Dom waited patiently. Finally Roger said, “You can start buckling the straps together on the arm binders, forcing my arms to get together, and start zipping it up.”

As Dom was doing this, Roger was obviously in pain. Dom ignored this, and continued working. He would pull the straps tight, starting with the wrists and working his way up Roger’s arms. He initially would pull the straps as tight as he could get them, then return to the bottom ones and start pulling them tighter, pulling the zipper up when they would be close enough together for the zipper to close. It was a case of doing a little more, then a little more, then a little more, until Roger’s arms were finally close enough together for the zipper to close all the way. By then, Roger was exhausted again, and needed more time to adjust.

The ends of the legs and arms had an extra length, like existed in a straitjacket, and ended with a ring. These would be of use at the end of the position Dom planned to put Roger in. After waiting a few minutes to adjust, Roger said, “You can start yanking the straps as tight as you can get them on the legs and body.”

As Dom was putting his ample muscle into getting the straps to be as tight as he could get them, Roger was again starting to feel pain from the pressures on his body. He was stretched out from the edge of the seat he was sitting on. Dom had a little difficulty getting the suit over the metal chastity cage that Roger’s cock was locked into, but didn’t have any difficulty getting the suit over the metal butt plug. Up and up he went until he finally yanked the canvas strap as tight as he could get it over Roger’s neck before buckling it. Roger now needed more time to get adjusted. He was having to adjust his breathing from the tight collar. His cock would normally be erect from this, but not while in the chastity.

After another few minutes, Roger told Dom to start locking the rings together. Dom would pull the rings toward each other to put the padlock through one side, then yank the two to get them close enough for the padlock to close. The straps had done most of the work to get them close enough, but there was still more muscle needed to get them that final bit closer. Up his legs Dom worked, click after click, making it all the way to the last one, which was directly under Roger’s chin. When that one was locked on, Roger again needed a few minutes to get adjusted.

Dom got the metal piece which he attached to the ring at the base of Roger’s neck and also to the ring at the top. This forced Roger’s head up, and prevented him from lowering it. It was shaped to the front of Roger’s neck so that it was pushing equally into the canvas of the sack which covered his neck. It would be normal for Roger to look down while in this, and the metal part was needed to prevent that. It was another part of the suit which was uncomfortable to have on.

After Roger had adjusted, he said, “Start locking the rings on the arm binders.” Dom had gotten the locks ready, and was soon behind Roger getting the rings brought toward each other as close as he could get them before yanking them to make up that last little bit before locking them. As he was getting toward the top, Dom had to yank the straps a little bit more before buckling them that extra notch tighter to help get the locks on the rings. As he was doing this, Roger would let out a gasp. Roger was feeling the pain again. After Dom had finished doing the last one, Roger again needed a few minutes to adjust.

When he was ready again, he said “time for the gag, the wires, and the hood.” The gag was a metal one. It consisted of a tongue suppressor which was attached to straps which went around his head and buckled in the back. The wires were already attached to Roger’s chastity and butt plug inside the suit, and came up to emerge at the neck, where they joined others that were attached to the neck piece in the front and the gag. They were brought out the back and down to attach to an e-stim unit. The hood was a match for the canvas, similar to the kind that went with the normal Max Cita gear, one with eye holes, two pinholes at the nostrils, and a zipper over the mouth, but making a face that had an enjoyable expression with an upward curved mouth and markings on the canvas that accentuated the eyes and nose.

After these final touches for the suit were finished, Dom pushed Roger back into the wheelchair seat that he’d been on the edge of, and started strapping him into it. There were straps for the thighs, the stomach, and the chest. Dom yanked the straps as tight as he could get them. He then tilted the chair while grabbing the ring at the end of Roger’s lower legs to pull them under the seat. He lowered the chair back to the ground and got the ring at the end of Roger’s arms. He got them close enough to lock them together.

Dom was finished getting Roger set up in the chair except for one addition. He inspected everything first to make sure that it was looking the way they wanted it to, then added a sign in the front. The sign read “crazy mental case.” Dom was dressed as an attendant would be in a mental hospital. He was now ready to start pushing Roger into the event. There was one last touch needed. He turned on the e-stim, putting the settings on high and random. In no time Roger was reacting to the shocks by twitching and making sounds into his gag. He was acting the part perfectly.

As Dom was pushing Roger around the event, they were stopped frequently by others who wanted pictures of them, both stills and videos. They were a hit with the gathering crowd. They made quite a picture, Roger twitching and making incoherent sounds, while having a smiling face. He looked like a crazy mental case.

The event opened at 9 and closed at 5, and they planned to be there for the entire time. Both of them had friends who would be there, and both looked forward to showing them their latest invention. Dom would have a chance to get food and liquid, but Roger wouldn’t. It would be hardest on Roger, having to put up with the painful shocks while in that extremely constraining suit that would be pressing hard on his body. But Roger was in good physical shape, and didn’t have any qualms about undertaking this ordeal.

Dom pushed Roger in. It was slow going, as they were stopped frequently. Dom also wanted to see all the groups and vendors that had set up facilities, as well as to see others. He had brought his camera along to take pictures of others as well. And there would be their friends who would stop to visit. And all the time, the e-stim would be shocking Roger. The pair made quite a show. Periodically someone would try to talk to Roger while they would be stopped, and Roger would try to answer, but with that gag, nothing intelligible would emerge, other than the sound he would make from an inevitable shock.

The day started out overcast from the normal morning fog, but lifted around noon to allow the hot sun to start beating down. Dom was dressed lightly, but Roger was starting to sweat. The canvas would absorb the moisture, but it didn’t help Roger’s well-being. They had discussed this ahead of time, and Roger knew that once in that suit, he wouldn’t be able to communicate with Dom to tell him about anything that needed to be adjusted. He would just have to accept everything and move on, waiting until 5 o’clock when the event ended.

One of their friends invited them to a party that evening. He said to bring Roger just as he was, e-stim and all. Dom thanked the guy for his invitation, and said that they would attend if Roger was up to it, but he would need to check with him after the event was over. He got the guy’s phone number to tell him whether or not they would be coming.

There were a couple of photographers who gave Dom their card with the internet site that their pictures would be uploaded to, so they could see pics of themselves. Dom was hoping to see one of the videos that had been made of them, with Roger twitching and yelling incoherently, but he didn’t get any information about where he could view that.

Finally the event was over, and Dom pushed Roger to their car. He turned off the e-stim and removed Roger’s hood and gag.

“How are you feeling?”

“Tired. That’s a long time to be shocked like that. Whew! I’m sure glad to have that e-stim turned off. And I’ll be glad to get out of this torture suit.”

“Uh, we’ve been invited to a party tonight. They want you to be in that suit and have the e-stim turned on like it was today.”

“I’d love to go to a party and show this off some more, but right now, I need some time to recover. Let’s go get some dinner and I’ll let you know after that.”

Dom went to one of their favorite restaurants and got some food to go. He couldn’t exactly push Roger in there, dressed like he was. Back with the food, he fed Roger and himself. Roger needed the food more than Dom did, since Dom had stopped for some lunch during the event. It had been while he was sitting down for lunch, Roger alongside twitching and muttering, that others came by to learn more about how Roger was geared up. Dom was happy to oblige them, explaining everything. The bystanders were very impressed. That was when they got the party invitation.

After dinner, and after they’d had a chance to review the day, Dom finally asked Roger about the party. Roger thought a bit, and finally said “OK, let’s do it.” Dom called the guy and told him they were coming, and got particulars about where to go and, most important, where to park. Once parked, he started getting Roger set back up again.

They were early, mainly to be able to get a good parking place, and there weren’t many people at the party yet. The guy’s place was up some stairs, and Dom had to get some others to help carry Roger and the chair up the stairs. Once inside, the place had been decorated for a bondage party. Dom was having fun just walking around looking at the decorations, as well as seeing the various gear the attendees were wearing. He got to visit with some of their friends. And always, everyone was curious about Roger.

As the night continued and as others arrived, it soon got to be crowded. Everyone was having fun, except for Roger. After initially seeing him and asking about what he was in and was experiencing, Roger was pretty much forgotten. And finally it was time for various ones to get restrained and start having other experiences.

Dom was asked whether he was strictly a dominant. “No, I’m sometimes a sub.”

“Want to have some sub fun tonight?”

“I can’t very well leave Roger.”

“We can look after him. We’ll put him in one of the extra rooms.”

“Okay, if Roger is well taken care of.”

Soon Roger was in one of the extra rooms, and Dom had his hands cuffed behind his back and was gagged. Some ankle shackles were locked on, and he was taken to one of the bedrooms. There, he was forced down onto his knees while one of the shackles was removed, brought up and over the handcuffs, and re-locked again onto the ankle. Dom was now on his knees in a chained hog tie. The guy got in front of his face and unzipped his pants, bringing out his erect cock. He started tantalizing Dom’s face with it, and finally removed Dom’s gag so it could enter his mouth.

Dom had done this before, as he’d told the guy earlier, and was soon sucking the guy’s cock. It didn’t take long for the guy to erupt into Dom’s mouth. After the guy was finished, Dom licked the guy’s cock as he was removing it. The guy’s head was back in ecstasy while his cock was in Dom’s mouth. After the guy’s cock was out, he gagged Dom again and put a blindfold on him.

He went out and asked his friend, “Did you have some fun with Roger?”

“Yes. I turned off the e-stim and removed his hood and gag. When he saw it was me, he thanked me for getting him out of that. I said that in return I wanted him to service me. He said he’d be happy to do so. So I got my rocks off. Afterwards, I returned him to the way he’d been before. How did you make out with Dom?”

“He serviced me as well. I left him upright in a hog tie, gagged and blindfolded.”

“Let’s see if anyone else needs to be serviced.”

Two more got serviced, one by each, before Dom said they had to be going, since they had to get to work the next morning. Pleasantries were exchanged as they were leaving, and soon the pair were back home. It wasn’t easy getting Roger out of that suit, but he finally had a chance to get cleaned up. Roger was a mass of marks pushing into this skin from the tight suit. It was early in the morning before they were able to get to bed for a shortened night’s sleep.

The next night they had a chance to see pictures of themselves. They had a good laugh at the image they projected. The pictures came out great. They also had a chance to start adding to their various profiles. It cost quite a bit to have the suit made, as well as taking a lot out of Roger that day, but in the end they thought it was worth it. They next had to try to figure out how to top it at the next year’s event.


The End

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  1. I really enjoyed this story. the detailed description made it real in my imagination and i wanted to be the one in the sack.
    I feared for him at one point that he would indeed end up taken to a secure mental hospital by mistake and he was stuck.lol

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