A Few Days by the Seaside

By skinric

Part 1

It had been a hard week and a half for Ric doing the final details of the design work for this job. His neck was all stiff from the long hours in front of the computer screen. But it had gone quicker and more easily than had expected because of the peace and quiet of the small holiday cottage that had been offered by the client as a base to work from.

However the cottage was remote and apart from the couple of visits to the village shop for bread and milk Ric was getting cabin fever from lack of contact and a serious lack of sex. One handed reading of stories on the internet went only so far.

Wednesday mid morning and the job was completed except for the final checking and the printer was running out the pages as Ric was wondering whereabouts there might be some fun for later. The weather was sunny and clear and the sea was only 20 miles away, so Ric decided to spend the afternoon on the beach and perhaps get a swim in as well. Flask for tea, book and couple of towels loaded into the van and he set off, leaving the printer to finish off the plots and he would check then through tomorrow or Friday.

The nearest coastal town was Aberaeron, a small, neat Victorian seaside town with small terraced cottages and an unusual double harbour. Parking was easy but not close to the sea because the whole seafront was fenced off as a large gang were rebuilding the sea defenses. Vans, diggers, cabins and wire fencing from end to end and a motley selection of labourers not working particularly hard.

Ric got himself a sandwich and a bottle of milk for lunch and began to stroll along the sea-fence line watching the crew settling down to their lunches. There was some good scenery, some rough looking lads and plenty of tattoos and piercings all wrapped up in filthy clothing and boots. Ric was scruffy himself in just a pair of old oil-stained overalls, well worn steelie rigger boots and a dirty baseball cap. Just where the sea wall meets the harbour entrance there were three builders vans and sitting at the back of the last one a young heavily tattooed skinhead shouted to Ric “Where have you come from? Haven’t seen you here before, you bit late if you’re looking for work cause we’ve only got three more weeks”

Ric explained he wasn’t on this site or looking for work, thanks, but just taking an afternoon off to stroll around. A conversation started, Ric joined the lad who turned out to be called Steve at the rear of his van and finished off his sarnies and milk. They talked of tattoos, they both had lots, labouring and then to suggestions about what fun might be had that evening and finally Steve asked if Ric was up for some abuse, which if only he knew was a silly question to which the only answer was going to be a loud definitive YES. Steve suggested playing that evening to which Ric eagerly agreed, then Steve turned the screw a bit expressing a concern that Ric might not return, so to prevent this he wanted to secure him in the van for the afternoon so all would be ready as soon as Steve finished work.

Pug, one of the other labourers, ambled by and before Ric had realised what might happen Pug pounced and between him and Steve got a cock gag and handcuffs fitted in seconds and not long after that the cuffs were padlocked to one of the securing rings n the back of the van, the door slammed shut and Steve and Pug went back to work. The van wasn’t entirely dark inside, some light came in through the doors that didn’t quite fit anymore, enough light for him to try to find the least uncomfortable position and avoid the broken bricks and stones. Ric could hear the tide coming in and some of the site’s noise, thinking that it would have been good to have had that swim. There were a few vehicle noises but nothing else till what seemed like an hour later the door was opened. Steve climbed in, removed the gag, pissed and replaced the gag and left without saying a word. Pug did the same half an hour later, his was particularly pungent as his lunch was predominantly stout.

Steve returned to his van at the end of the day, released Ric, removed the gag and the cuffs and outlined what he was thinking of for the rest of the day and evening’s entertainment. First was food: a visit to the chippie on the harbourside for supper, then Steve was planning on a couple of pints with some of the other guys in the nearest pub and he pointed out that as Ric would be getting all his beer second hand he didn’t need to be with them drinking, so Ric should be secured for the evening. Steve would be back at closing time to sleep in the hammock in the van for the night, using or abuseing Ric if needed during the night. So off they went to the fish shop with a couple of the other guys from the site and tucked into sizeable portions of cod, chips and peas. During the meal and in a roundabout way Steve discovered that Ric didn’t have any really fixed commitments for Thursday or Friday and he was already thinking of keeping Ric for the rest of the week, perhaps till the end of the shift at Saturday lunchtime, but didn’t say anything leaving Ric to assume that he would be released in the morning.

Supper eaten Ric was taken back to the van and with some heavy rope was secured wrist and ankles stretched out along one side of the van on the floor. A simple piss gag and funnel were fitted so that Ric was available whenever Steve needed relief, so much more civilised than pissing in the street by the van. Steve then unzipped the front of Ric’s overalls and roped tightly round Ric’s cock and balls securing the other end to the side of the van, making any movement very limited and potentially painful. Steve said he was off to the pub for the rest of the evening with the lads and promised to bring some beer back for his victim.

From Ric’s viewpoint he was seriously aroused, the bondage was secure and resisted all his attempts to escape, and this young thug was going to humiliate and abuse him later. He had no thoughts about the next few days, thinking only about the evening and his good fortune at meeting Steve earlier. Closing time approached and Steve and a few of the other lads decided it was time for bed, left the pub and were ambling back to the seafront to the van and the various bed and breakfast houses. Steve climbed into his hammock without saying anything to Ric and all was set for a nights sleep.

Steve seemed to sleep soundly but Ric only got short doses till he moved and the pain of the rope round his balls brought him back awake in an instant. He was also woken several times when all of a sudden his mouth was filling up with what Steve needed to unload! Just after the second filling Ric said he needed to go, Steve just grunted and said “well go then, I don’t care if you lie in it all night” So Ric did and did, and suffered a little more when his damp overalls turned colder, but that was part of the deal and it made Ric seriously horny that this young fit skin didn’t give a fuck about Ric’s situation so long as he was there for him when he needed it, and if he was frustrated or uncomfortable so much the better.

The small alarm clock went off at six o’clock and slowly Steve rolled out of the hammock, had a good stretch and scratch of his balls, used the funnel again and then got dressed. No washing or shaving, just stepped into his boots and demanded that they were licked clean, which Ric struggled to achieve as the bondage was so restrictive, but did get both boots licked clear of dust, sand and mud then Steve left for work without saying anything else. Ric had been expecting release and was beginning to feel a little worried, but on the plus side he was still seriously horny and Steve seemed to be rational.

The van was opened again a little after eight o’clock and Steve was munching on a bacon and egg baggette for his breakfast. After downing his tea Steve’s next concern was getting a blow job, or more accurately getting the chance to fuck this piece-of-shite’s face before the main work of the day started. Ric’s arms were released from the floor of the van and refastened so that Ric was sitting with his arms stretched above his head, tightly. The gag was removed and Steve had his way. Pug appeared halfway through this and thought that he might like some of the same, he was much more brutal than Steve and it was more than facefucking, a case of face rape.

Ric continued to find this whole thing very arousing, having no choice but to be used and abused whatever way these two wanted. When both were satisfied Pug produced a bacon baggette for Ric and fed it to him bite by bite during which Steve repeated some of Ric’s comments from last night’s supper and confirmed that Ric had nothing he had to do that day, so, checking that Ric’s cock was in agreement Steve said that clearly Ric needed more of the same, so he was going to continue to be the guest of this nice comfortable van for the rest of the day, but with a little more restraint so that there would be no risk of Ric “falling over or out of the van!  Ric was left in the sitting position and the ropes holding his ankles together were loosened and refastened this time keeping his legs as far apart as possible. His overalls were opened and some vicious tit clamps were applied, Ric yelped at that which was perfect timing as Steve then reinserted the gag with the funnel attached. The two labourers locked and left the van.

A little later, in line with the end of the morning tea break several of the lads came by the van to use the urinal facility, with the legs well apart access was particularly easy. Ric was overloaded and again had to endure the results of relieving himself in his own clothing, the smell got worse as the temperature rose and he was becoming light headed and then cramp set it. His leg muscles were on fire, sheer agony and there was no slack in the ropes so nothing he tried to do gave any relief, he had no option but to endure the pain. This went on thru the lunch break and then afternoon tea break during which the ropes on Ric’s ankles were loosened a bit. The end of the working shift arrived and Stever returned, removed the gag and talked of his plans for the evening, making it clear to Ric that he wasn’t going to have any choice. Steve went back to the chippie, this time leaving Ric still secured as he was certain that if he released him he would be out of town as fast as he could.

So again at closing time Steve returned from the pub, returned Ric to the horizontal position, climbed into the hammock and suggested to Ric that he get a good night’s sleep as he had a splendid deal arranged for him for tomorrow. Ric was even more frustrated, with no chance of wanking off, no escape and no idea what was planned for Friday and then another thought caused dread, exactly how long was he going to be kept? He tried hard to remember exactly what he had given away during supper on Wednesday evening but couldn’t remember. Sleep eventually came but was interrupted several times for Steve’s recycled beer. Dawn and the alarm came together and Ric was again used as the urinal and again for a facefucking from Steve. Not ten minutes later Pug came to make use of the facilities. No hint was given about the coming activities. Ric was left again as the other two went off for breakfast.


Part 2


They returned with a couple of other lads shortly and Ric was released and manhandled out of the van, a hard hat and a seriously big butt plug were fitted and he was escorted, with no chance of escape, to the centre of the site’s portacabin temporary buildings where he was forced to kneel alongside one of these cabins. Several times Ric asked what was going to happen but each time he was cuffed and told to shut up. Ropes were attached to his ankles, wrists and around his cock and balls and a chain padlocked round his neck, next he was pulled by the ankle ropes so that he was horizontal underneath one of the cabins, there was just enough space. The various ropes were tied off tightly so that Ric was in a spreadeagle position with his head just visible at the edge of the cabin. A piss gag was fitted and the neck chain padlocked to a ring on the bottom edge of the building. There was very little slack for Ric to wriggle, he was held securely. A flexible pipe was connected to the gag and he was all set for the day. Steve explained that they had directed the waste from one of the urinals in the toilet building thru the wall and into Ric’s gag, he would have to drink whatever came into that urinal during the day, Steve said that he should really appreciate the effort the guys had gone to and he would be disconnected at the end of the day.

This was a bit much for Ric, it was more than he had even done before and he was frightened, he would be here for at least nine hours and no idea how much he would have to take. But there was no way out, he couldn’t move more than a couple of millimetres, he couldn’t speak and the couldn’t shake off the gag or the pipe so there was nothing he could do at all. However his cock was straining to get out of his overalls and he had a desperate need of a wank. This thinking didn’t last long before it was interrupted by the first slug of waste from that particular urinal, then a few minutes later another, and that is how the day progressed. Steve did feel a little pity and poured a cup of tea down at lunchtime! Steve smiled when he read the note that someone else had stuck up on the wall above that urinal asking everyone to use this one first! He hadn’t thought of that, what a good idea, the piece-of-shite would get most of the piss from most of the guys on the site, but most would just obey the note without realising the reason or the consequences – brilliant – about 22 guys on site today – fucking brilliant!

For Ric there was simply no choice. As the day progressed he simply swallowed whatever came thru the pipe and gag, it was either that or choke. Gradually he found that he was tasting and smelling of nothing but piss and he was swamped in his own resulting waste, but at least it was not cold, the breeze was warm and the ground was mostly sand and free of stones. Lunch and the tea breaks seemed to be never ending, interrupted only by one slug of tea, a welcome relief but also a harsh reminder that everything else was going to be . . . The end of the day didn’t come soon enough for Ric, he was untied, released and hauled out from under the cabin, stinking and soggy from head to toe and feeling both miserable and the horniest he had been in years, but it was clear he wasn’t going to get the chance to wank off just yet.

Two of the lads grabbed his arms and led him back to the van where he was made to side astride a wooden saw horse, his wrists secured to a rail in the roof of the van and his ankles tied up to his calves so almost all of his weight was now being taken by the butt plug that had been fitted at the start of the day. Ric had almost forgotten about this detail, but it was clear this was going to be a centre of his attention for the evening. A gag was fitted, this time a big cock gag, to make sure Ric would be kept silent for the entertainment later that evening.  The various lads, including Steve and Pug, went off for food and an evenings drinking, and being Friday, payday and a late start the next morning, Saturday, there was opportunity for them to take more beer than usual, which most of them did. Meanwhile Ric was again in an uncomfortable position, on the edge of cramp in his arms and legs and with a very sore butt demanding relief, which did come but not in the way he was wishing for.

Steve returned again at closing time, but with Pug and four others in tow and all piled into the van. Each used Ric’s mouth to recycle some of their beer and a couple of them did more then Steve produced a pair or well worn boxing gloves and said that everyone was entitled to a 1 minute round with the “punchbag” and he was going to start the session himself. Ric endured six one minute bouts of being punched above and below the belt, in front and behind and every punch reignited the pain in his butt as well as leaving lots of bruising on his chest, stomach and back. Finally Steve called time on the last guy and the gloves were tossed into the corner of the van and everyone decided it had been a great evening. The others left and Steve climbed into his hammock leaving Ric still strung up as he had been for the evening. He began to grunt to get Steve’s attention, hoping to get the message accross that he wanted releasing. He did get Steve’s attention but in the wrong way, Steve climbed out of the hammock, found a jump start cable with battery clips at each end, these were  applied to Rics tits and the cable lifted over the same bar that his wrists were attached to, leaving a loop of heavy cable hanging down. Steve rummaged and found a 1kilogramme barbell weight and attached it to the cable loop, pulling Ric’s tits viciously upwards, and then told him in no uncertain terms to shut the fuck up and let honest normal labourers get a good nights kip.

Ric did not sleep that night, the continuous pain in his arse and chest, the stretched position of his arms and the pressure on his wrists and the slow but insidious ache in his calves and legs all conspired to keep him awake, and just to make sure, Steve fed him several doses of recycled beer during the night and first thing after the alarm went off. At this point Ric was completely released and fell in a heap on the floor of the van, his muscles simply too stressed to function.  Steve left him locked in the van while he went in search of a couple of bacon butties and tea for breakfast, bringing the same back to the van for Ric. The food and tea brought a sense of life back to Ric, but he was still very weak from the nights bondage and torments. Steve promptly roped him up and secured him horizontal in the van just as he had for the first afternoon, but with the addition of a set of tit clamps, which caused Ric to scream, and a rope round his balls up and over the roof bar and weighted with the same one kilogramme barbell weight. Ric couldn’t move again but at least his body weight was not being used against him. Steve explained that he would be given his freedom straight after lunch today and this gentle bondage position was to give him a chance to wind down from yesterday and last night. Steve had two more things to do before starting work, first the cock gag went back in to prevent any calls for help and second he oiled up his hand and wanked Ric untill there was an explosion, knowing that Ric would be unable to resist and that his morning’s bondage would seem all the more painful after the release of his balls. Steve was right.

The morning seemed to last forever and no one called at the van, but lunchtime came and went and Steve returned with his tool bag and finally Ric was completely released and given a mug of tea. The two of them talked through the good and bad bits of the 72 hours, which bits worked and which were not as successful (not many) and the consensus was that it was very good for both of them. Ric was actually very happy as he had his limits extended and had several completely new experiences and to his own surprise was asking if Steve was up for doing something similar again. Steve was delighted and quickly said yes, almost as eagerly as Ric had on that fateful Wednesday afternoon. Ric was fully loaded with work the following week, but had nothing booked for the week after, so it was duly agreed that Ric would return on Sunday evening in preparation for a whole week through till the Saturday lunchtime and that Steve and Pug would put their heads together to find some more challenges and to break a few more limits.




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