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Chastity Devices and Airline Travel

By Skinric

Metal put a small item on this site a little while back about chastity control where a guy was to be locked without any knowledge of when of if he was ever to be released. After a small exchange of messages with Metal, he asked me about my experiences of flying whilst locked, so here goes:

My first experience of this was about 15 years back. A good friend was going on holiday, hiking in the USA for about six weeks. He had a device made by a German company called Balbos, this was a stainless steel sphere with a thick collar that split in two (bit like those ball weights).

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The Apprentice Welder

By Skinric

Part 1

Home from the age of 16 was a shared tenement building on the rough side of the world infamous Gorbals district of Glasgow. Well it could be said that there wasn’t really a good side to the Gorbals district, except the community and neighbourly spirit. The tenement flat had two bedrooms, kitchen and a lounge, which was shared with a three other lads, like me new apprentices at the big John Browns shipyard on the Clyde.

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