A Harness Built for Two – Part 1

By BigMouthfla

One evening we were sitting down just watching a bit of TV when he got up and asked me to come with him, as he wanted to show me something. I got up and followed him into the bathroom. Odd, but OK. He said, “I’ve got to take a piss. I want you to take it out and hold it for me.” Um, “OK” I thought to myself. He stood in front of the toilet, and I unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out and held it as I was standing next to him. He had a big smile on his face, but I didn’t understand why. Of course, just touching his dick always gets me hard. Well, as hard as can be in my metal housing.

I could feel it starting to stir a bit, then could feel it start to rush out. I have no idea why, but I was really getting turned on by this. I was just holding as he emptied his bladder. He said, “Feels good to hold a dick that can freely piss while standing up doesn’t it?” I don’t know what in the hell he was doing, but damned this was turning me on! He had such a devilish grin on his face the whole time. That very masculine grin of his which was driving me wild. He was barely finished and I was so turned on, I just couldn’t help it. I dropped to my knees and took him deep into my mouth. There was a couple of drops left as I didn’t really shake it off that well. I didn’t care. I was so worked up I just HAD to have him. Yeah I could take a tad bit of piss, but I didn’t mind. I was a sex machine at that point. I was sucking that man so damned hard and with such vigor.

He then did something that always turns me on. He held my head in one spot, pulled his cock mostly out of my mouth, leaving only the head in and grabbed it with his hand. He was going to jerk off in my mouth. Oh how I love it when he does that! He started jerking his own cock, telling me how good it felt. Ah, as I reach down feeling nothing but metal on mine. Then he tells me, “That’s useless … the cock you can feel is right here on your tongue…” He was jerking harder and faster, then said, “here’s your gift…” and shot a huge load on my tongue. I love feeling the pulsating of his cock as it tickles my tongue, feeling him shoot directly into my mouth. Then tasting that oh-so-strong-tasting juice of his. Drives me wild. I’ve always been a cocksucker, but I am now a bona fide cock whore! Well, his cock whore anyway.

I could feel myself leaking like crazy. I was quite wet. Once I got every drop from him, I put his dick back in his pants then zipped him up. My gosh, that was one hell of a hot time we had. I keep getting more and more worked up every day it seems. When will this escalation of horniness ever end? I mean, surely I have to hit some sort of “highest point,” but I cannot seem to find it. It just keeps getting higher and higher.

Later that night as we went to bed, as typical, I sucked him off before we fell asleep. That’s a nightly thing. Sometimes more than once. But that night, maybe it was because I was even more worked up than normal, I was just going mad to have him in my mouth. Couldn’t get enough. Not only his cock, but his smell, his whole body, just feeling every part of him. Was massaging his balls in my mouth, licking his entire area. Oh his entire manhood area was just driving me crazy tonight. Tough to explain, but I just really wanted to be right there between his legs. I was in heaven. And the funny thing is that I’m there all of the time. But tonight, for whatever reason, I could think of no other place I’d want to be.

After he shot another amazing load into my mouth, I didn’t take him out right away. I just left it there. He went to move, and I stopped him, gesturing “no.” I was lying peacefully with him still in my mouth, and I was happy. He did eventually start to go soft, and I could feel him resting on my tongue. I was REALLY liking that. It just felt so good to feel him in a relaxed state, resting there. He said, “Look, I’ve go to turn over to get to sleep…” Without removing him, I grabbed his leg and pulled over my head, which forced him to turn over to his normal sleeping position. He giggled a bit and said, “OK, good night, baby.” He was OK with following my lead there. We stayed like that for quite some time.

I was in a different mindspace at that point. I had always wanted to sleep all night with a man in my mouth but never did. I found myself dozing off slowly, but the excitement of his essence was keeping me awake some. I don’t think my own dick ever retracted, as it stayed as hard as it could all night long. Just feeling him on my tongue, feeling his leg on my neck, taking in his scents, feeling his pubic hair on my face was one of the best things I have ever experienced. Every now and then he’d twitch a little, and I could detect the slightest growth. He’d grow a bit, then shrink a bit. Oh my gosh, that was driving me crazy. I felt more connected to him than ever before.

The next morning we woke and I was still in the same position, but sadly he was not in my mouth anymore. Not sure when he slipped out. I was hoping to wake with him still in. He was still in bed next to me, so I immediately went right to him. Of course, he had a morning hard-on. I started sucking on him a little. I’ve never done it to him in the morning so wasn’t sure if he’d want it or not. Again, just having him in me was rewarding enough for me at that point. He woke up with a “mmmm.” We lay there for a while, then he said that he had to go to the bathroom. At that point we both woke up and started our day. I had the most fulfilling memories all day long of last night and couldn’t wait to do it again.


To be continued …



Metal would like to thank BigMouthfla for this story, which originally appeared on the popular LockedMEN chastity site.



This story is posted here with permission.


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