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NOTE: This story originally appeared on the LockedMEN male chastity site, and it is shared here with the author’s permission.

We had been friends for some time. There was definitely some attraction between us but we never acted upon it until one day where I guess he was just really worked up.  He grabbed me and we started making out and well, it was really nice. He lifted his shirt and I started feeling his chest and torso. He moved my hand further down to his pants and I could not only see but feel his raging hardon.

He unbuttoned his pants and stood up to pull his pants down.  Wow he had a really nice dick!  I figured he was uncut and my suspicions were confirmed.  His dick was really nice being not too big but definitely not small.  It has a nice thickness to it. His foreskin was mostly covering the head.  I didn’t waste any time and went straight to it and put it on my mouth pulling his foreskin back once he was fully in my mouth.  I loved how his foreskin was long enough to fully cover his hard dick, but because his head was big, the skin would easily stay behind the head while he was hard.  He’s got the perfect dick!  Some uncut guys have skin that seems to constantly get in the way, but not his.  He loved it and let out several moans.

Because of his size and my own skills I could easily take him all the way down to the base and he loved that.  I sucked on him for a good while and he started pushing his hips back and forth gently. After a while, not too long, he started moaning more.  I wasn’t sure if he was getting close, but he kept that up for a while.

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Your Choice

By BigMouthfla

It was a very tough decision to completely relinquish control and allow him to keep me chastised for as long as he desired. This is not an easy thing for a man to decide to do. Literally giving up full control and letting another man control your orgasms is a big step in a relationship. But, I did make that decision and chose this life.

It had been about a month since I decided to give in to him and give up full control. I’d been wearing a cb-2000, not the most secure device in the world and truth be told, I could orgasm through it if worked up enough. In this respect, life was not that bad – I get a thrill by not being able to unlock the device, but if things get too much, I can orgasm on my own when I choose to. Of course, I’d never let him know that.

On one Saturday morning, he said he wanted to tie me up so we could “play.” As he ties me up all the time, I didn’t think anything of it, so I gladly agreed. He tied me up in a standing position against the wall as he normally does. He started to rub my cock through the cage I was wearing. Of course it felt so good that I was moaning and didn’t want it to stop. I had to be careful as to not shoot off in front of him though.

He said, “I’m so glad that you’ve given me full control over your orgasms. I appreciate the trust you’ve placed with me. Now, I’m going to give you an option to have a little control yourself. I’ll give you three different options and you choose what works best for you. Your first option is to suck off 50 different cocks over a 10-week period – 5 per week. Your second option is to suck off 50 different cocks over a 25-week period – 2 per week. Your third option is to decline this offer and remain locked for an undetermined amount of time.”

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See You Then …

By BigMouthfla

We had been chatting for a while and definitely wanted to get together. We both had an interest in bondage, and he was quite fascinated by my chastity belts. He knew it was a big turn-on of mine. He did say that it was his goal to get me under his lock and key! Ah, those thoughts would get me so turned on.

He couldn’t wait to get me tied up. It was definitely his thing. We had spent the day together just exploring different parts of the town. During the day I had locked myself in one of my belts. It was the MySteel belt. It fits well and is extremely secure. He knew I had it on. In fact, he suggested I wear that particular one that day. Didn’t “have” to, but just a suggestion. I have probably a dozen different cages and so forth, but figured I’d go heavy duty for the day. It fits great. Although tightly, it’s not uncomfortable. It’s incredibly secure but doesn’t stop any functions from cleaning or bathroom duties.

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By BigMouthfla

I had given him blow jobs before quite a few times, even since we started a full time chastity lifestyle. But for whatever reason, today was different. Normally, I use my hand to jerk him off while I’m sucking him off. It gives him a hand job and a blow job at the same time; he really likes that. But today, I wasn’t using my hand, just my mouth.

Normally, it takes him a little while to cum, not too long, but he doesn’t come super quick. Today, however, it was taking much longer because I wasn’t using my hand. He was pumping pretty hard and kept getting more and more aggressive. He told me he needed me to grab it, but I refused relying only on my mouth. This was driving him crazy as he was so close to cumming, but kept saying on the edge. He kept trying to grab it, but I kept pushing his hand away. The man was almost in tears as he wanted to cum so bad and was so close, but couldn’t. I was really enjoying it for a couple of reasons. Being that I now live in full time 24/7 chastity and no longer have erections or orgasms, this is the only relief I can get, so I wanted it to go on as long as possible. I was enjoy really enjoying driving him crazy, giving him just a little taste of what I go through, except of course, I don’t have anyone to suck my cock now that it’s locked up full time.

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In the Office

By BigMouthfla

I was at the office just doing my normal thing at work, and as I was walking from one area to another I noticed this guy carrying light bulbs. I guess he was one of the building maintenance guys and was just replacing a few burnt ones. What I couldn’t help but notice was the bulge in pants. I could clearly see the outline of his cock, and damned it was big. He was wearing loose fitting pants I guess for comfort, but even with that it didn’t hide that bulge.

I couldn’t help but look, and he saw me looking. I didn’t immediately turn away as I often do. Guess my horniness was turned up quite high. At that point I had been in a chastity belt a few weeks already so hadn’t had any release in a while. He went on about his business, and I kept purposely passing in front of him and at some point I was making it obvious I guess, but it didn’t seem to mind him and he was fine to stare at me as well.

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A Harness Built for Two – Part 10

By BigMouthfla

We were really loving the new harness. It was so much more comfortable than the previous one, even though it was tighter. The blindfold that was part of it helped me sleep in better on the weekends. During the week it wasn’t a big deal as I was up early anyway, but the weekends became better to sleep in.

We’d still have fun with the padlock and time-controlled safe deposit box. Again it was in all fun. Especially as this new harness was so much tighter fitting, it was always fun to lock it on and toss the key into the lock box and set it to unlock the next morning. We’d always set it for 5 or 6 a.m. anyway, so by the time we woke up it was always unlocked regardless. Just an element of fun is all, and it was only fun at night, as it would be opened by morning.

One Saturday night, as we were going to bed, I set the lock box to open up the next morning as either one of would do when we wanted to have that fun. I set it for 5 a.m. as usual and tossed the key to the lock in it. As we were getting settled in to the harness I told him to grab the lock. Thinking nothing of it, he said, “Sure.” After we were all cozied up secured together he attached the lock and shut it closed. We, of course, had a great bonding experience with him sharing his wonderful juices with me. Ah I love it. And to think that I get this every single night! How lucky am I! We drifted off to sleep.

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A Harness Built for Two – Part 9

By BigMouthfla

So back to our daily life. We were nicely adjusted in our living environment. I was living in a tightly fitting metal chastity belt 24/7. It comes off once every other week for a good cleaning. During the hotter months it’s once a week, but I’m restrained and blindfolded for the brief moment it’s off. Not like I need to be — he likes me wearing it and I for the most part enjoy it as well so there is no objection from me. The restraints just add a bit of fun to it all, and I don’t mind that either. I actually kind like it and prefer it. It’s nice to feel it being installed on me without me doing anything.

Every night when we go to bed, the harness that connects us together is always on. This is something we both really enjoy. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve fallen asleep without him lodged firmly in my mouth. Gosh, I wouldn’t even know what it’s like at this point.

On the weekends I do like to sleep in and hate being awaken early by the sunlight. We’ve tried to make the room dark, but the light still peeks in. Previously before we started sleeping like this, I’d often wear a blindfold to bed so I’d not have the sun shining in my eyes on the weekend mornings. This wasn’t a kink thing, just a logistical one. Actually it has nothing at all to do with kink. Unfortunately, with the head harness, it’s nearly impossible to fit the blindfold on just right where it’s effective. I’ve tried, but just can’t seem to get it fit right. Wasn’t a big deal, just something I wish would cooperate.

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A Harness Built for Two – Part 8

By BigMouthfla

Ok here is the breakdown of the belt and being locked 24/7.

I guess I should explain how this all started. We’ve been together a while now. Never thought it would develop into this type of relationship. But I’m happy it has.

We met at a coffee shop. I’m a sucker for good coffee shops. The one place I used to go was fantastic and was always a good place to engage in great conversation. I had seen him in there before. Always cordial with everyone. I would frequently bring my laptop and surf some while there. He would from time to time. We must have seen each other a good dozen times or so. One day he asked if I happened to have a charger that he could use for a bit, as his battery was running low. I did and was glad to share.

As typical of the place, we engaged in some good conversation. As the day went on and the time started to pass, we were about ready to pack it up and move on when he asked if I felt like grabbing a light snack. I hadn’t eaten yet so gladly accepted. Now, at this point, I had no inclination that he was into me at all. I really didn’t even think that he was gay. Not to stereotype, but he gave off absolutely no clues whatsoever. I wasn’t even sure if he knew that I was. I did find him quite attractive in many ways, but I don’t cross lines. If he’s not interested, it stops there. I’m also not one to make the first move.

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