A Long Way from Home

By unknown

Part 1

I was tired. But I had to keep going.  Sure it was late and it’s a dangerous thing be riding a motorcycle in the middle of the night and even more so if you are getting sleepy. I pulled over on the side of the road and killed the engine. The road cut through a wide grassy plain…there was nothing. No lights except for the moon and the stars and no sounds save for crickets and the occasional bird. I stretched out on the edge of the road and stared up at the stars. Being so quiet my leathers seemed to make a lot of noise as I stretched out and before I knew it I was asleep.

I woke up to bright light that was almost blinding.  I realized it was the headlights of a car or truck on the roadway not too far away.  As my eyes started to adjust I heard a door slam and the sound of booted feet walking on the concrete. I looked and saw two cowboy boots standing in front of me. As my eyes moved up I saw a pair of tight levis gripping a pair of muscular legs and sealed with a thick black leather belt around a slim waist. A tight t-shirt also hugged a muscular chest and stomach and the sleeves were straining against a thick set of arms. I couldn’t make out a face because of the light but I did see the outline of a cowboy hat. The figure squatted down and I was greeted by a gruff, masculine voice.

“You alright, boy?” the voice said. I, still half-asleep, found myself stumbling over my words.

“Uh, yeah uh yeah.” I rubbed my eyes forgetting I had my leather gloves on and jumped back with a start as corners of the leather scraped my eye. “Ah shit!” I hollered. He grabbed my arm firmly but not aggressively and helped me up to my feet.

“You better be careful out here, boy. Lyin on the road like that is just askin for trouble.” I couldn’t help but be dazed by the strength in his voice. “Hell I couldn’t see hide nor hair of ya till I was almost right on top of ya.”

“Yeah I, uh, must of fell asleep. I just pulled over to get a little rest. I must have been more tired than I thought.” I shifted a bit on my feet and tried to smooth out my leathers. He helped me over to his truck and opened the passenger door. The dome light turned on and I finally got a look at this good samaritan’s face. He was very handsome, at least to me. Rugged features with a strong, square jaw and light eyes. His face was lightly dusted with blond facial hairs. He must have been in his mid-thirties. He smiled warmly at me as he grabbed his thermos and poured a bit of coffee into the lid cup for me.


“No problem.” He replied and I saw his eyes quickly scan me head to toe. “Damn boy, what kinda outfit you wearin?”

“Oh, it’s racing leathers.” I said greedily sucking down the coffee.

“A little tight on ya, ain’t it?” he said with a strange tone in his voice.

“Yeah.” I said, “I guess.”

“I like the colors, though. How you take a leak in that thing?”

“Its kinda tough if you are aching ’cause it’s only one-piece.” I said. I couldn’t help but notice how much his eyes were scanning my body.

“Hmm, I’ll bet. Listen, why don’t we put your bike in the back and I’ll drive ya to a hotel or something.” He offered. He leaned back a bit and stretched. I was amazed at how hard his body looked. Must have been a farmer or something.

“Yeah that would be nice. I think I better get a good night’s sleep.”

We both stood up and went to my bike. We wheeled it to the back of the truck. It took a lot of doing but with a guy this big, and I work out a lot too, we did manage to get it in the bed of the truck. He opened up a large chest bolted to the side of the bed and pulled out some rope. I took a look inside it, just briefly and noticed the entire box was filled with coils and coils of rope. While he was securing the bike with the rope to some rings in the bed, I couldn’t help but wonder why someone would need so much rope? Sure he could have been a wrangler or in a rodeo or something, but there must have been several hundred feet of rope in there. But I was tired and didn’t dwell on it.

As we went back into his truck he started up the engine and I stretched out as best I could in the passenger seat. The truck pressed along quietly.

“It’s a ways to town.” He said. “Whatcha doin’ all the way out here?”

“I was just heading home I figured I’d take the back roads instead of the highway.” I said with a slight yawn. For some reason I was feeling a little light-headed. Must have been more tired than I thought.

“Well you just relax there, leather boy, I’ll take care of ya.” He said with a grin. I started to get a chill up my spine and waves of extreme relaxation passed over me. I even let out a little giggle when he said leather boy and it was getting tough to sit up straight in the seat. I had a hard time concentrating and all of a sudden I found myself talking without even thinking.

“So dude what’s with all the rope in the back?” I blabbered trying vainly to keep myself focused.

“Dude?” he chuckled. “I use it for lots of things. Haulin’, ropin’, tying all sorts of things down tight.” He said with another grin. I laughed, don’t know why but I did. I got a load of his tight arms and chest, my eyes moved all over his body, I felt my dick straining against my leathers a bit. Quickly I turned my head and stared out the window. My body feeling lighter and lighter, almost like this was a dream or something.

“Yeah I like tying stuff down.” He continued. “Ya know what’s the toughest animal to tie?”

“I dunno” I mumbled as my arm slipped on the armrest and I fought to stay upright. My other arm dropped and brushed my crotch. It was getting tight down there and I was trying my best to hide it. This guy was hot and all, but it’s not like me to get so turned on just from a peep.

“A guy.” He answered.

“A what?” I asked, giggling slightly. He smiled at me and I saw his left hand move down and adjust the contents of his crotch.

“A man.” His voice dropped deeply suddenly. “That’s the toughest animal to tie. You gotta tie ’em nice and tight cause other animals just flip around scared. A man well he thinks so you gotta outsmart him or he’ll find a way out.”

“Wow.” Was all I could respond. My head was really starting to spin and the more I tried to get control of myself the worse it got. Suddenly I felt like I was gonna be sick and I think he knew.

“You alright there boy?” he said casually.

“No dude, pull over.” I said quickly. He pulled over and I forced open the door and fell out of the car. As I lie there feeling the night breeze blow across me and sound of the birds and crickets, I felt much better. Actually very good. It was as if I was sleeping but still awake.

“That’s alright boy, just take it easy.” I heard his voice say. “You just lie there and let it sink in.” I heard his door open and the sound of his boots thudding on the concrete. Then I heard a loud slam and sound of his boots getting closer. I giggled uncontrollably as he walked near me. He was holding a coil of rope in one hand and kinda twirling it with his other. “You are a nice lookin’ boy. Yeah I could get used to you real easy.” He said as he stood over me. This all felt like I was dreaming and I just rolled my head to the side and started laughing.

“Yeah real nice.” He said and squatted down and ran one hand up my leg to my crotch squeezing it a little. I squirmed but could barely move. This couldn’t be real. I heard the sound of my leather creaking as he squeezed. I always got a hard-on when I wore my leathers but this time I was raging.

“You wanna see me ropin’ in action? I’m a real expert.” He said roughly while kneading my crotch. I licked my lips as my mouth went totally dry. And all I could do was nod, but at that point I would have said yes to anything he said. Almost immediately he rolled me onto my stomach and quickly pulled my hands behind my back. He started wrapping the rope around my wrists pulling it tightly so I could feel the pressure through my leather. More and more he wrapped around and then the remainder he tied around my waist several times then fastened the whole thing back to my wrists so my wrists were firmly secured to the small of my back.

He stood up and pulled me to my feet. I was amazed by his strength. I was so disoriented he practically had to carry me to the truck. He forced me up against the side and held me against it while grabbing another coil from the open box in the bed. He tied one end around my bicep and pulling it tight behind my back and then tied the other bicep before wrapping more and more around my chest. This was a much longer rope so it wound many times around my whole chest and back. All I could was lean there as he bound me up with my hard-on confined in the leather pressing up against the metal of the truck. With my chest, arms and hands effectively secured, he moved on to my legs. Grabbing another piece of rope he wrapped it tightly around my thighs just about the knee. More and more coils wrapped around and around. It felt like he was tying me up for hours. Another coil and my booted ankles were tied in the same manner. Now I was helpless.

“Why are you doing this?” I mumbled in my dream like trance. He just finished knotting off the ropes and stood up behind me pressing his body closely against mine. I could feel his hard-on pressing against my ass even through his jeans and my leathers.

“Just relax.” He whispered and I could feel his hot breath on my ear. All of a sudden I felt a piece of cloth being wedged in my mouth and tied tightly behind my head.

“Mmmph!” was all I could manage to say. He chuckled at this and picked me up and placed me in the passenger set. He reached over and secured the seatbelt on me. He closed in the door and walked around to the driver’s side, and sat down closing the door. He looked at me hungrily. As weak as I was I couldn’t even hope to struggle against these ropes. He gently caressed my face and squeezed my crotch again.


 Part 2


“Damn boy, you sure look good.” He said as he leaned over from the driver’s side of the truck and kissed me on my neck. “Uh huh, real good. You’ll look real nice with the rest of ’em.” It didn’t even occur to me the gravity of my situation when he said that. He turned on the engine and drove off. Every so often grabbing at my crotch. The leather was so tight against it and his motions kept me hard as hell. I moved my hips trying to rub my cock against the leather hoping to get myself off. He chuckled as he watched me moaning into my gag and thrusting my hips around in the seat. He moved his hand on top of my crotch and pressed down tightly.

“Just relax boy. We got plenty of time for that.” All of a sudden the truck turned down some dirt road up to a barn. I could barely see anything except for a light on top of the barn doors. He stopped the truck and got out. I had no idea where I was or what was happening to me. I was gagged, bound, and completely turned on. All I knew was I needed to get off, bad. He opened the door, undid my belt and pulled me out of the car throwing me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. My hard-on pressed tightly against his side. He opened the barn door and threw me down on a bale of hay. I rolled around like a maniac rubbing myself against whatever I could, moaning into my gag helplessly. He laughed and kneeled down on top of me pinning me to the floor. He ran his hands through my hair while holding me down firmly.

Shhh, just relax.” I calmed down hearing the strength in his voice and also his tenderness. “Boy, the fun is just beginning” he said with a smile and laid down on top of me pressing his hard-on against mine. Grinding our crotches together. All of a sudden I turned my head and looked into one of the stalls. All I could see was a pair of cowboy booted feet sticking out of the hay. They were tightly bound together and started to move. As the hay was displaced I saw a pair of sneakered feet also tightly bound in the same manner, then the legs. One in jeans the other naked for all I knew cause I could only see up to the tightly tied knees of the two figures in the hay. They were very close to each other and seemed to be struggling against one another. Again I felt the cowboy kissing my neck as he continued to grind his crotch harder and harder into mine. “You are gonna love this boy.” He whispered in my ear….

“My God this can’t be happening…this can’t be happening!” my voice screamed over and over again in my head. Each time I thought maybe this was a dream but the feeling in my own crotch and the pressure of his against me told me this was real. He continued to kiss me rubbing my body all over and wrapping his legs around mine while pumping me like a dog in heat.

Again my eyes drifted into the stall. The two figures were still there only their movements had exposed their bodies up to the chest. One was in sneakers and socks and nothing else save a pair of tight, red and white spandex running shorts. The other was in tight faded jeans and brown cowboy boots. Both had their hands tied behind their backs and bound in place by more rope secured around their waist in the same manner as my own. Their knees and feet were also tied together. As well as being tied separately, these two were also tied to each other by ropes around their ankles, knees, and waists. Their bodies were tightly tied together chest to chest. Their movements were becoming more and more intense. Suddenly I noticed my cowboy captor had stopped greedily humping my body and was now standing over me, grinning evilly.

“Well, I guess I better tend to the stock before I finish up with you,” he said as he bent down and flipped me over on my stomach. Reaching over to a pile of ropes near the hay I was laying on, he grabbed a length and began securing my ankles to my wrists so I was effectively hog-tied. He then grabbed more rope and wrapped it around my body starting from my chest around my stomach, down to my knees and around my ankles. As he was doing this, he pulled my body up off the floor with one hand roughly flipping me side to side like I was no more than a rag-doll. He stood up and wiped his sweaty brow with a handkerchief he had in his back pocket. I tested the ropes and squirmed as best I could suddenly realizing there was not a single portion of my body that wasn’t tightly tied with rope. I panicked for a few moments but then I felt welcomed by the feeling. It was as if the rope wasn’t just binding me, but more like it was hugging me firmly and tenderly. He watched me as my throws of panic turned into pleasure and I blissfully swayed my body in the ropes feeling every caress of it as it held me together. He seemed to enjoy this and, in one last display of authority, firmly pushed me onto my side with his booted foot and walked towards the end of the barn.

Now I could look directly into the stall with the two bound figures. Their entire bodies were exposed from the hay. Their chests were also tied like mine and their mouths gagged as well. They had not only

bandanas gagging their faces but also a long strip of silvery duct-tape holding the bandanas in place. They had definitely picked up the pace since I lost sight of them. They were rubbing their faces against each other in some kind of attempt to kiss. As I moved my eyes down their bound forms I got a pretty good view of their physiques. The one in jeans had thick, tanned muscles. Looked like a farmer of some sort maybe. The other in running shorts wasn’t quite as big, however he was much more defined especially in the legs. He must have been a runner or a soccer player before his capture. The both of them had been grinding together so hard they started to roll back and forth in the stall. It seemed that the farmer was getting the upper hand here, the runner often finding himself on his back. Their movements were becoming increasingly violent thrashing about in their pleasure while loud moans and groans escaped their gags.

The cowboy then came into view. He walked into the stall with a pale and poured what looked like water into the trough. The two guys seemed oblivious to his presence and continued their wild efforts rolling about until bumping into the cowboy. He quickly kneeled down and forced both to stay still. The runner had once again found himself on his back while the farmer was ramming his waist into the poor guy’s crotch almost painfully. Both were now loudly moaning into their gags while they greedily humped each other until the cowboy suddenly jerked violently in his ropes. His body stiffening like a board, his tight jeans showed all the edges of his powerful muscles as he stiffened up, and his booted feet nearly pointed straight out. Brief, intense “mmphs!” escaped his gag as he emptied his load into his jeans and then collapsed on top of the runner sagging in his bondage.

The cowboy simply grinned and rubbed the farmer’s blond hair while I could hear the farmer’s intense breathing through his nose. Now the runner was ready. He pulled at his ropes rubbing his own crotch against the jeans of the now nearly unconscious farmer. The dead weight of the heavier farmer had rolled him onto his back so the runner was now on the top. I felt my own crotch filling my tight leathers as I watched the guy’s spandex-clad waist rubbing left and right against the farmer quickly and sharply. Instead of simply ramming the farmer, the runner was gentler, more practiced and intense. I could only imagine what a feeling that must have been to have his cock, with nothing protecting it but a thin layer of spandex, rubbing against the hard jeans of the farmer. His breathing was quick, each groan corresponded with the brushing of his cock against the other. Faster and faster he rubbed until his hips almost became a blur of movements. Then, suddenly, he too stiffened his whole body while quick loud groans filled the barn accompanied by frenzied breathing. Then he collapsed as well on top of the farmer, the two of them lying together, pressed firmly together almost as if they were sleeping.

“Good boys, good boys” the cowboy said with a smile as he rubbed both of the boy’s hair. “You deserve a break.” He carefully pulled the tape off each of their mouths and then removed the bandanas. Immediately the two guys pressed their lips together in a deep kiss. The cowboy then untied the ropes binding the two together but left the ropes tying them individually in place. As soon as they were free they both wriggled quickly across the floor as best they could over to the trough and greedily began to lap the water with their tongues. The farmer plunged his whole head into the water while the runner simply lapped the water like a dog. I soon realized that during all of this I was also swaying my hips as best I could in the tight hog-tie. Several of the ropes that encircled my body pressed firmly against my hard-on and the feeling was intense. The cowboy looked over at me and stood up. “Boys looks like you gave our new addition a helluva show, eh?” The two guys looked up briefly at me, kissed each other deeply and returned to drinking the water.

The cowboy strutted over to me and placed down the empty pail. He kneeled down and rubbed my roped crotch firmly. “Nice, leather boy, but it ain’t your turn yet.” He said and rolled me over on my belly. Then he grabbed the ropes that bound my ankles to my wrists and pulled my whole body off the floor. I felt some pressure for a moment but with the expert way he bound me, I barely felt anything. He then moved down to the next stall and placed me down in front of it. Again he kicked me over on my side so I had a good view of the inside of this stall.


Part 3


There was a lot of activity in the stall that the cowboy had placed me in front of. Two guys both young, and who appeared to be athletes, were wrestling intensely. One was in a tight baseball uniform and the other in a high school wrestler’s singlet. Both had leather collars around their necks with chains attaching them to opposite sides of the stall. These boys appeared to be in excellent shape and the match seemed nearly a draw. Both had dark hair and fine rugged features. Each, I soon noticed, sported huge hard-ons exposed plainly by their tight uniforms. Although the baseball player put up a good fight the wrestler just would not be beat at his own game.

As the wrestler pinned the baseball player to the ground I saw him reach under the hay and pull out a length of rope which he used to quickly bind his opponents hands behind his back. Although struggling mightily the baseball player knew he was beat as he tested the ropes securing his hands and seemed to relax slightly in an obvious sign of surrender. Both guys were sweating immensely. The wrestler stood up quickly and rubbed his crotch while he watched his victim pulling at the ropes securing his hands. He reached under the hay and grabbed another length of rope, expertly twirling it around his arm into a coil. He glanced over to the cowboy who had been leaning against the entrance of stall rubbing his own hard-on. The cowboy simply nodded and the wrestler responded with a large, sinister grin and turned his attention back to the poor baseball player lying on his stomach beneath him….

The wrestler knelt down and unhooked the chain from the baseball player’s collar. He looked up at the cowboy again and received another nod of approval. Almost like lightning the wrestler pounced on the poor baseball player with a vengeance. Roughly he pulled the player up by his shirt and wrapped the rope around his chest so tightly you could see the skin bulge slightly even through the tight t-shirt. You could hear the poor victim growling and moaning as he was mercilessly bound.

“FUCKER THAT HURTS!” he screamed at him. The wrestler responded by snickering and grabbing more rope and flipping up the player’s legs binding him tightly around the ankles. You could hear the rope whip through the air as he bound it around him. “OWW, DAMNIT! You fucking dick, stop!” the player screamed. The wrestler seemed to have enough of this and grabbed another rope and forced it between the player’s teeth wrapping it around and around his head. The player could do nothing at this point but growl as the rope silenced him. The wrestler grabbed the player by his arm and flipped him over on his back with a loud thud. He forced his legs open and, using another piece of rope began wrapping it between his thighs and around his waist pulling it tight, so tight that the uniform (already skin-tight as it was) bulged around the player’s crotch sealing it into a package. The player only whimpered as his cock and balls were tightly bound into that even tighter pouch. The wrestler grabbed another piece of rope and threw the player on his side forcing his legs together. This must have sent jolts through the player’s midsection for he nearly screamed in his gag; bucking as best he could while the wrestler bound his knees together. Another coil and another flip and the player was back on his stomach, the rope wrapped tightly around his ankles and fastened tighter to his wrists. So tight was his hogtie that his stomach and thighs were almost pulled off the floor. The wrestler leaped back and sat on the floor admiring his work while taking a breather. The poor baseball player laid limply in his strict bondage, whimpering slightly.

As I watched the two resting from their ordeal I tried my best to rub my own aching hard-on. It was nearly useless in my bondage to attempt to move but I did the best I could. Every moment seemed to be building up inside me. The cowboy had disappeared, I became so engrossed in these two that I hadn’t even noticed he left. When my eyes turned back to the stall I noticed the scene had changed. The tough wrestler was now very gentle with his bound opponent. His hands were running gently up and down the player’s body. He started kissing him starting at his cleats and working down his legs, up the back of his thighs over his ass. He lingered for a while by the player’s hands, gently sucking the batting-gloved fingers. The baseball player had been so painfully hogtied there was nothing me he could do but whimper helplessly while the wrestler tenderly stroked his body and kissed him. Slowly the wrestler worked his way up to the guy’s neck gently kissing it as he fondled his nipples. The baseball player began to rock gently side to side as best he could. My hard-on quickly filled what room I had in my leathers as I imagined that guy’s tightly bound package pressed against the hard floor with the rest of his weight on it. The tight pants and t-shirt exposed every curve of every muscle on the baseball player’s hard body while he struggled weakly and vainly against the wrestler’s seduction.

The wrestler then rolled the baseballer on his side. I could see now why the bound athlete was whimpering so much. His cock and balls had become painfully engorged in his tight crotch. The ropes around his waist and thighs exhausted any spare room in those tight pants. I could see him trying to gyrate his hips to get some relief, his desire must have been extreme for every time he swayed his hips his head jolted back in pain. Meanwhile the wrestler had been busy pressing himself firmly against the back of the baseballer, his legs wrapped around the baller’s legs and his crotch pressed firmly into the guy’s tied hands. It seemed a difficult position to be in while the baseballer was hogtied, but somehow this wrestler managed to do it. From my angle I could see the baller gently stroking the wrestler’s hardon. Slowly the wrestler lowered his hands down the baller’s body to his crotch and squeezed it tightly. Jolts seemed to rip through the baller’s body as he moaned loudly and squirmed in his bondage. This seemed to make the wrestler even more excited as he pulled and tugged and rubbed the package firmly, the baseballer moaning and pulling at his ropes, beads of sweat dropping down his forehead. Faster and faster the wrestled tormented the guy’s package, each stroke forcing his prey into fits of frenzy. His breathing became more and more erratic, his head lurching back. Both guys were like a mass of muscle, rope and spandex thrusting and straining and moaning. Suddenly the baseball player let out a load, straining moan and I watched as a dark wet spot formed in his white pants. Slowly his breathing relaxed and rested his head against the floor lying limply. The wrestler smiled and stroked the exhausted ballplayer’s hair while kissing him on his cheek and gagged mouth.

Just then I saw the wrestler’s eye’s meet mine. He looked up at me and grinned evilly. As he stood I saw the enormous hard-on snaking down his tight navy-blue uniform. He walked over to me like an animal stalking his prey. I started to panic, pulling at my ropes but my bondage, though not as strict as the poor spent baseball player, was twice as confining. I could move nothing but my hips. He knelt down over me stroking my body running his hands up and down my legs and pulling at my crotch violently. He rubbed his face against my gag and then straddled me rubbing his crotch hard against my side. I tried to struggle away but could do nothing but holler in my gag. Then in a blur I saw something snake around the wrestler’s chest and he was pulled quickly off of me. I could hear the sound of a great deal of rustling and then a muffled yelp. After I few moments of silence I noticed the cowboy step over me carrying the now tightly hog-tied wrestler by the rope that secured his ankles to his feet. The wrestler was also gagged by two bandanas. The cowboy set him down by the exhausted baseball player and knocked him over onto his side.

“That one is MINE, boy. You hear that!?” He yelled at the wrestler while pulling his head up by his hair. The cowboy looked very pissed off as he dragged the wrestler against the baseball player and then began to tightly bind the two hogtied athletes in a 69 position, both of their faces held tightly against the other’s crotch. After he finished he stood up and walked back to me. He knelt down and gently stroked my cock.

“I’m sorry you had to see that, boy.” He whispered softly to me. “My animals get carried away sometimes.” He stood and picked me up again by the ropes that tied my ankles to my hands. As he carried me away, my last vision of the two athletes squirming and moaning against each other. The wrestler being the more active of the two, obviously very frustrated at not being able to blow his own wad. He was growling in his gag as he took his frustrations out on the baseball player who whimpered as his crotch was mercilessly being rubbed by the wrestler’s face.


Part 4


The next stall I was placed in front of was calm compared to the violent scene of the last. In here were two forms. One was what appeared to be a man lying on the ground on his belly. The other some kind of large plastic covered bundle. It was hard to see because the overhead lamp was reflecting off the plastic at my angle. The cowboy moved into the stall and moved the bundle slightly closer to me and then propped it on its side, now I could see what I was looking at. Underneath the transparent plastic was a cop. A motorcycle cop. He was in full uniform; tall, black, shiny boots over a pair of tight tan breeches with a blue stripe down the leg. He also wore a black leather motorcycle jacket and gloves. His arms were tightly pressed against his sides. The tight plastic covered him from his neck all the way down to his ankles. He still even wore the familiar white helmet. Strips of duct tape where wrapped around his ankles, knees, waist and chest over the plastic. His mouth was also gagged with several strips of tape that were layered on top of each other. He looked semi-awake, as if coming off the effects of a drug. The cowboy patted the plastic mummified cop and then looked at me smiling.

“Waddya think, boy?” he said proudly. “This poor guy was snoopin’ around but I had ta bag ’em. He’s just too hot in that uniform. Man looks great don’t he?” The cowboy smiled again while rubbing his hands up and down the cop’s body. The cop then began to stir. “Uh oh, better gettim secured, eh?” He got up and walked out of the stall somewhere beyond my sight. The cop blinked and began to look around. Slowly he noticed his predicament and began to groan loudly through the gag while struggling against his bondage. I saw the plastic beginning to flex and stretch as he strained his muscles against it. The cowboy soon appeared back in the stall and dropped several rolls of duct tape onto the floor. The cop began thrashing and hollering loudly as he saw the cowboy. The cowboy responded by pressing his boot firmly against the cop’s chest holding him down on his back.

“No, no, no, pretty cop.” He said and leered at him. “You ain’t gonna go nowhere.” The cowboy knelt down picked up a roll of duct tape and loudly pulled a strand of it. The sound it made sent chills running up my spine. The cowboy knelt down and laughed while he propped the cop’s legs up and began wrapping the tape around his ankles. It was a slow and laborious process as the tape slowly wound its way up the helpless cop’s body. Inch by inch his uniform disappeared and was replaced by a tight, silvery membrane. The cowboy pulled the cop up while he wrapped the tape around his upper thighs, waist and ass. At first the cop’s struggles were powerful and frantic but as the tape tightly bound his body he was beginning to surrender to his confinement. More and more tape wound its way around his body all the way up to his neck. There the cowboy stopped and stood up. The cop was now no more than large silver worm with his entire body covered with tape except his head and feet. The only way to even tell he was a cop was the fact he still had his helmet on and the black leather of his boots on his feet.

The cowboy then removed the cop’s helmet, his light brown hair matted to his head with sweat. From what I gathered of the cop before he was cocooned, he seemed to be in his late twenties. The tight pants revealed powerful leg muscles so I could only assume this was a strong individual. The cowboy rubbed his hand through the sweaty hair. The cop growled and strained against the tape but it was completely useless. The cowboy laughed at his struggles.

“This one needs to be taken down a few notches, eh boy?” the cowboy snickered. The cop growled in his gag, his eyes filled with rage. In his uniform, wrapped in plastic and tape, each struggle must have been building up heat inside for his face was dripping in sweat. The cowboy forced him down pinning the mummy to the floor. “I’m gonna hafta wrap you real tight or ya gonna burn yerself out and I still got more in store for ya.” He walked out of the stall and then quickly returned with a roll of plastic wrap. He lifted the cops head and began wrapping the plastic over his head. The cop thrashed about as best he could as the plastic wound wrapped his entire head save for his nose. The cowboy then grabbed another roll of duct-tape and began to wrap the cop’s head in it. Frantically the cop hollered and screamed thrashing his head about as he was being completely sealed in tape. As the cowboy finished wrapping the guy’s head he leaned back and grabbed another roll of tape, this time starting from the cop’s neck and working back down to his ankles. Wrapping him over and over. He completed the package by wrapping up the man’s booted feet. The tape was tight, very tight. You could see the outline of the cop’s boots and jacket through the layers. The cowboy chuckled and finished the humiliation by placing the white helmet back on the mummy’s head. He straddled the cop around his waist and relaxed for a moment, wiping the sweat from his head.

“Whew, that was fun!” He exclaimed. “And don’t he look cute?” he said and patted the mummy on its crotch. The mummy shifted slightly, the only movement it was allowed and muffled groans escaped it. The cowboy laid on top of him holding him in a tight embrace, his head resting against the helmet. He pressed his hand firmly onto the mummy’s cock rubbing it. The hollers soon changed to groans and you could see the mummy’s movements alter from struggling to gyrating. The cowboy seemed like he was in heaven rubbing the silver encased form with his hands and gently humping it. Suddenly I saw something stir in the corner. During this whole scene I had completely forgotten about the other guy that was lying on his stomach. Apparently so had the cowboy. He quickly stood and approached it. As he dragged the unconscious body to the center of the stall my eyes widened as at what I saw. Here was a man in almost the same exact uniform as the cop except it was in full leather. Tight, black leather pants replaced the tight, tan motorcycle pants and completed with a white stripe down the sides. This guy had no helmet or patches denoting him as a policeman. But the boots, jacket, and pants made him appear like a leather version of his mummified companion.

“They make a good set, right boy?” the cowboy said. He propped the leather cop up and pulled his head back. The man was handsome with light blond hair and delicate features accented with a square jawline. The cowboy dropped him and the leather cop fell limply on the floor. “Man he’s a tough one, though. That’s why I had to knock him out.” He moved to the back of the stall and returned with coils and coils of rope. Several hundred feet worth it seemed. He propped up the leather cop into a seated position and rested his chest and head against his own. He made sure the leather cop’s arms were down by his sides and began wrapping the rope around his waist tightly securing his arms and hands to his sides. More and more rope he wrapped over and over around the guy’s stomach and chest, then back down to his waist. So much rope covered his torso all you could see was bits of leather in the gaps and his hands poking out of the wrappings. The cowboy dropped the leather cop down and moved to his booted feet. He started wrapping rope tightly around his ankles and moved the coils around and around up to his knees and then his waist. I saw him pulling tightly on the ropes as they pressed over the man’s crotch. After tying it off, he grabbed another coil and began wrapping more and more from the guy’s chest down to his ankles. When he was finished the leather cop was no more than a mass of ropes. Ropes were even tied tightly around his mouth and eyes. The cowboy then dragged the rope mummy over to his taped companion and pressed them together, side by side. The tape mummy stirred slightly and then the rope mummy began to as well. Slowly he awoke. The rope offered slightly more flexibility than the tape and his legs were able to move a bit more. The cowboy stood over both of them eagerly awaiting the reaction of the leather cop when he fully awoke in into his bondage.

The leather cop awoke with a fright. Almost as soon as his eyes opened he noticed the bondage he had been placed in and immediately began to thrash about. He kicked so wildly that the poor taped cop just rolled helplessly back and forth as the leather cop smashed into him in his rage. The cowboy simply stood there, leering as the leather cop hollered in his gag thrashing about the stall. Eventually the leather cop managed to kick at the cowboy knocking him off his feet. The cowboy jumped to his feet with a look of anger on his face. He lunged at the leather cop and held him down tightly. I could see his triceps flexing as he tried with all his might to hold down the leather guy.

I couldn’t help but be amazed with the leather guy’s strength. He was almost completely wrapped in rope from head to toe and yet he still managed to thrash about wildly. He looked almost like a giant worm slithering about the stall in a fit. Although part of me was sympathetic to his anger and being so tightly bound, it was also an intensely erotic image. The cowboy had flipped the leather guy over onto his stomach and pulled another length of rope out of the pile. He wrapped it around the guy’s waist and tied it off. With the length that remained he pulled back the guy’s booted legs and tied them painfully tight to his wrists. Now the leather guy was not only almost mummified in rope but was also hog-tied.


Part 5


The cowboy leaped back up and let out a “Yee-haw” as he watched the leather guy’s now pitiful attempts to escape from his bondage. The guy struggled and squirmed yelling and hollering then, suddenly, the cowboy walked up to him and kicked him in the side with a force that knocked the leather guy over onto his side. The guy simply groaned slightly and struggled even more. The cowboy responded by kicking him again right in his stomach. I started to panic. Sure the cowboy had kidnapped me, tied me up in an impossible hog-tied but he was never violent. My mind started to swim with all horrible images of what this cowboy could do to me while I was so helpless. I struggled and squirmed trying to get out as the cowboy continued kicking the leather guy.

Suddenly I noticed something. The ropes around the leather guy’s crotch had parted slightly and I could see this enormous bulge in his leather jeans. Each time the cowboy kicked him the leather guy squirmed slightly while gyrating his hips so his bulge rubbed against the ropes. He kicked him one final time and the leather guy’s groans turned into whimpers. The cowboy stopped and knelt down next to him, running his fingers through his hair.

“Okay, boy.” the cowboy almost whispered to him, “if you ever hope to get out of here, you’re gonna have to do something for me.” The leather guy moaned again and hung limply in the hog-tie. “See that taped up pig over there?” he asked pointing to the mummified motorcycle cop. The leather guy nodded. “You gotta make him cum, and then I’ll think about lettin’ you go.” The leather guy’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he first heard this. Then he seemed to think about it for a moment and eventually nodded.

The cowboy smiled and slapped the leather guy hard on his ass. He stood up and walked over to the taped up cop. The cop had been lying very still squirming very slightly. The cowboy knelt down and knocked on his helmet. “You awake in there?” he snickered. The cop responded by moaning and squirming. The cowboy then grabbed the tape around the cop’s crotch and ripped it off in a single violent rip that sent a chill up my spine. Even the leather guy twitched a little when heard it. The cop groaned a little but was helpless to do more than that. Now the cop’s crotch was exposed. His tight tan pants poking out of the hole in the tape although the rest of him remained completely wrapped. The cowboy stood up and backed away.

“Alright boy, get to it.” he ordered. The leather guy squirmed as best he could in his hog-tie slowly working his way over to the cop. The cop had an idea what was going on and started to squirm and holler as the leather guy brushed up against him. The leather guy started to throw himself to one side and amazingly managed to roll over onto his stomach, his face landing right on top of the cop’s crotch. I saw the cop twitch as the guy’s face rolled on top of his cock. The cowboy walked behind the leather guy and untied the ropes gagging him. As soon as his mouth was free of the ropes the leather guy set to work on the cop’s crotch. He sucked on it greedily through those tight tan breeches. The cop seemed to be fighting but the growth in his bulge was undeniable. The leather guy sucked and rubbed his face hard against the cop’s crotch. Using his teeth he managed to unsnap the buttons on the cop’s breeches and then managed to work the zipper down. The cop’s cock poked out of his pants like a tent in his tight briefs. The leather guy worked his mouth over the cop’s dick sucking and pulling at it eventually managing to get it through the fly in his briefs. As soon as the cop’s dick was free, the leather guy placed his mouth over it and started sucking on it hard.

The cop twitched and jolted in his bondage his taped head rolling side to side on the helmet. The leather guy was working his cock too, rubbing it against the floor of the stall in pace with his motions as he sucked that cop’s cock. Both of them were breathing hard, the cop louder as he forced as much air as he could out of his nose. The leather guy moved his mouth off the head of the cop’s dick and started sucking at the shaft when, all of a sudden, the cop amazingly lifted his body off the floor as his cock exploded shooting cum all over himself and the leather guy’s face. The leather guy stopped licking at the cop’s cock and whipped his head against the tape trying to get the cop cum off his face, all the while still ramming his own cock into the floor.

“Good boy.” the cowboy said and walked over to the two of them. The cop lay quietly on the floor his chest heaving. As the cowboy stepped right next to the leather guy, the leather guy rolled over and immediately set to work licking at the cowboy’s boots. “Thank you, sir” he mumbled while licking those boots. The cowboy seemed a bit surprised at this and knelt down patting the boy on his head.

“You enjoyed that, boy?” he asked.

“Yes sir, very much sir.” the leather guy replied. “I want to do it again.”

“Well, shit, boy.” the cowboy said, “I’m tickled.” He rolled the leather guy over onto his side and planted his boot right on top of his cock. The leather guy immediately started humping against his boot. Already hard and obviously aching, it didn’t take long for the leather guy to holler out jerking himself hard against the cowboy’s boot as he exploded into his leather jeans.

“Very good, I’m proud of you.” the cowboy said as the leather guy laid his head down and hung limp in his bondage panting heavily. The cowboy rubbed the leather guy’s head and stroked him. He then planted a deep kiss right on his lips then stood up as the leather guy rested.

“You just relax there, boy.” the cowboy said, “and I’ll be back to let you go.”

“What about him?” the leather guy asked gesturing at the mummified cop.

“Oh don’t worry about him.” the cowboy replied, “he’s gonna be there for a long time.” The cop must have heard this because he immediately started moaning. The leather guy just smiled and closed his eyes. The cowboy moved back to me and knelt down grabbing at my hard-on. “How’d you like that kid?” he asked. I could only moan and rub myself against his hand. “I guess that means you liked it. Well kid looks like it’s your turn.” He picked me up again and carried me back to the center of the room. My whole body seemed to come alive.  I had no idea what he would do to me but the fear I felt just made me even more excited and turned on.

Just as he was about to lean down, I heard the barn door open. The cowboy turned around and we both watched as another man entered with something slung over his shoulder. This man had short, almost military style hair and a thin but muscular frame. He was wearing a white tank top and blue jeans. He wasn’t quite as tall as the cowboy. He was carrying what looked like a young man over his shoulder. He seemed unconscious and was bound with his hands behind his back and rope around his arms and chest.

“Hey Paul,” the cowboy said, “watcha got there?”

“New addition I picked up this afternoon.” the man called Paul responded. “I was down in the city by the beach and noticed this sweet one and just had to bag him.” Paul walked to near me and dumped down a young blond man in a tight black and red wetsuit. Not only were his arms and hands tied but also his legs at the knees and ankles. The wetsuit covered his entire body except for his hands, feet, and head. Paul knelt down and lifted up the boy’s feet. The cowboy chuckled and knelt down running his hands down the boy’s body and grabbed at his crotch.

“Nice one, Paul.” the cowboy said.

“Yeah. Kevin, and look at these feet. Beautiful ain’t they?” Paul replied. The cowboy called Kevin nodded and continued to grab at the boy’s crotch while feeling his own hard-on through his jeans. Paul then looked over at me scanning my body.

“Who’s that?”

“Just some motorcycle kid I found sleeping on the side of the road.” Kevin answered.

“I like ’em.” Paul replied. He moved over to me and started rubbing at my body and at my crotch. He moved to my ankles and started feeling my feet through the boots.

“Well boy,” Kevin said to me while still rubbing at the surfer’s crotch, “things just got complicated.” He and Paul both started snickering. I just moaned, wondering what was going to happen next.




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  1. I love this story I wish it would happen to me only I would be naked and forced to suck on the guys feet and toes and I would be gagged with the cowboys smelly socks

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