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Master Qualification

By unknown

Part 1

I wanted to qualify as a master, I kept telling myself as the car approached the base brig.  Their theory was that in order to give it you first had to take it.  They had made me request it in writing, and then had sat on it for a week so I could change my mind.  But, I had been thinking about it for eight years, ever since I entered the program.  I knew what was involved, but part of me wanted to be tested, even while another part of me was scared shitless.

After all, I wasn’t a kid any more.  Not that 30 was old, but they were going to put me through a lot of shit,  I knew that.  Now I was approaching the moment of truth and I wasn’t sure which part of me was in control.  It was a strange base to me, but my driver had been here before and pulled right up to the visitors parking.  “Time to get you ready” he said.  “Lean forward and put your hands behind your back.”  He snapped the handcuffs in place.  Now it was too late to back out.

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An Ice Lock Fantasy

By Unknown

I wanted predicament, and I got it. Be careful what you sigh for! Sir had placed me naked in the dog cage, you know one of those metal, foldable cages. I was facing up, with ankle and wrist restraints padlocked to the walls of the cage, which had me more or less turned into a table. The ball parachute he had tied around my balls was tied to my new Ice Lock, to the top of the cage, forcing my hips up to avoid excessive stress on my balls.

My nipples were similarly attached to the top of the cage with butterfly clamps. A cloth hood was placed over my head, the string pulled tight around my neck. It didn’t prevent me from breathing, but I couldn’t see anything.

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Timed Bondage Suit – Chapter 2 (Fan Made)

By Unknown

NOTE: This is a reader-supplied sequel to Timed Bondage Suit originally written by Collector2.

I kept struggling in hope that something come lose. I kept wriggling and wriggling. The butt plug within my rectum only adds to the enjoyment, but I just wanted it to stop. It was sore, but still enjoyable. My private rubbed against the suit, it slowly hardens back up. My heart pounds to the point I thought I may have a heart attack. As I continued, I used every bit of strength to wriggle, and just as I feel my arms were freeing up from the posts, it tightens a bit harder. I was at this point panicking, and when I peeked at the timer it reads 29:30:16 and well, I pulled harder, but it felt great as well. The suction is still on my junk, and I gave an orgasm by accident. This, however, made my body relax, I’ve struggled in vain. I peeked again at the timer, and now it reads 29:30:04 and I can only think, “NOT AGAIN!” I slowly counted down… 2… 1…

The suction grasped my already limp penis and massages it, all I could do is watch the timer and count when will the butt plug start pushing back into my rectum. Soon, it goes in, slowly, but soon starts pounding my ass once again. I didn’t think I can take it anymore, and my junk is all hard again. I can feel it, sucking me harder and harder. It is even more unbearable. At this point, I gave up completely. I counted when will my air cut off again, and I kept breathing heavily, until it does. I had held my breath, but it only made me want to thrash around more. My vision didn’t go grey this time, but I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, and let go. This orgasm was big, not as good though. All my muscles relaxed and I slept, I was tired.

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Metalbond reader begs to be turned into a human urinal

By Unknown

I love the drawing of the guy who is sealed in a straightjacket, piss hood locked on his head, piss gag connected to a urinal drain, and in the cage left to stay there. I would love for that to be me someday.

Whether for a weekend, a week, or longer the truth is that once the piss hood locks I truly have nothing to say about how long I’m used. And once the cage is locked, that seals the deal, I am nothing more than a urinal. When was the last time you heard of a urinal saying it didn’t want to be a urinal any more? Can’t be done, so if that 3-day weekend “accidentally” becomes 3 weeks, what am I going to say or do about it?

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Bondage Contract

By Unknown

Sometimes it is best to put it in writing, to make it official …

The following is a proposed bondage contract between STUDTOP and Handcuffman, to take place in three segments. In the first and third segments, Handcuffman is to be STUDTOP’s prisoner for 12-hour increments of time. In the second segment, STUDTOP is to be Handcuffman’s prisoner for 12 hours. There may be additional “break” time between segments, provided both parties agree, but once each segment has commenced there will be no backing out early.

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Captured and Kidnapped for Good

By unknown

I struggled against the straitjacket but it felt like my struggles just made it tighter. The rubber was unforgiving, I could strain against it all I liked but it just pulled me back into my helpless position. I tried to yell for help, surely someone would hear me and come to my aid but the formidable gag that had been strapped onto me would not allow much sound to escape from my throat. All I could do was wait and think about how stupid I had been to have placed myself in this situation.

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Punishment Session

By unknown

His training of me had many elements that touched on different aspects of my life and relationship with him. Of course, the chastity devices and cock control are the main aspect of the control.  He uses three different devices on me; rotating them to keep me from getting too used to one of them. The devices are a steel cock cage; a steel chastity belt with cage, waist belt and ass strap; and a plastic CB cage.

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