A New Colleague — Part 03

By Suitandbondagelover

Each waiter pair surrounds their respective prisoner and lifting them by the arm leads them to a door that opens in front of the first one. There is a staircase that goes down and we arrive in a large room. There is a bar where several men are already have a drink, all in suits and black ties, the same uniform as our Masters. Some wear a Venetian mask so that they cannot be recognized. The room is equipped with all bondage equipment and all submission gear that you can dream of. There is a stage where the waiters direct the prisoners.

We are placed on stage by our prisoner numbers. The waiters force us to our knees. We stay in this position for a long time. Every now and then a Master walks up and inspects one or the other prisoner. No sound is reaching my ears anymore and I guess it’s the same with the other prisoners.

A Master approaches Prisoner No. 4. He waves to the waiters who lifts the prisoner up and leads him to a corner of the room. He places it between two vertical pillars on which are fixed rings. The prisoner is tied up with his arms and legs spread apart. The servers present the Master with whips and floggers of different shapes and lengths. The Master chooses a flogger and begins to strike the back and the ass of the prisoner. I can feel the sweat running down my back, I’ve never had a impact session and it scares me a little. But in my pants my cock reacts in its cage and would like to be erect.

Suddenly a voice in my ears: No. 3 in the pillory! I feel lifted up by the waiters. I am now leaning forward with my head locked in the yoke and my wrists on either side of it. He unties the belt of my pants and makes them fall on my ankles. They tie my ankles to a spreader bar. They untie the garters and with a pair of scissors cut my boxer shorts into pieces. One of the servers places the eyepiece of the mask in place. Here I am, my ass within reach of whoever wants to use it, blind, deaf and silent.

I dread what will follow and fear takes hold of me. I try to focus on my breathing to regain control but a cane on my butt does not give me a break.

The voice in my ears tells me that I will receive 10 swifts for the pleasure of a Master. We will remove the gag so that you can count it aloud and thanks the Master. The first blow comes quickly and I say loud One Master Thank you Master. The first shots are quite spaced which allows me to regain a little control of myself. The last four moves are made directly one after the other. My butt is on fire, but I am hard as much as I can in my chastity cage. Someone puts a piece of fabric in my mouth that reminds me of my cutout boxer shorts. But the fabric tastes like piss. The gag piece is back on my hood. I stay that way for a long time.

Suddenly I feel fingers enter my anus. They are well lubricated the goal is to prepare my anus well for more brutal assault. It doesn’t last long before I feel a cock enter me. At first the blows are slow and penetrate deeper into me. The pace picks up and suddenly semen flows inside me in several squirts. The Master who has dominated me withdraws and frees my mouth from the gag and the piece of tissue. He introduced his cock into my mouth and the voice in the earpiece told me to cleanse Master’s cock. I apply myself to this new action. When the Master is satisfied he withdraws and puts the gag back on my mouth.

Suddenly I feel hands open my jacket. They’re focusing on my nipples. They play with them, caress them. I am extremely sensitive; it is a prominent erogenous zone for me. I am excited by those hands. But the caresses are quickly replaced by increasingly strong twists. The pain is there but it turns me on even more. After a long time I can feel that clamps are placed on my nipples. The shirt cannot reduce the pain and pleasure that come with it. They close my jacket and the Master penetrates me violently. When he ejaculates inside me he removes the clamps from my nipples and then twist them again. The pain is intense and I scream through my gag and feel the tears in my eyes.

The night goes on and I have to endure the assaults of a dozen people, whether in my anus or in my mouth.

It’s late when someone remove the blindfold covering my eyes. It takes a little while to get used to the light even though it is quite diffuse, like in a bar at night. I can see that the stage is empty and that each prisoner is placed in submission in one or the other part of the room. And every prisoner is at the mercy of a Master in one-way or another.

Suddenly a Master is in front of me. There is a mask on his face. He looks at me deeply in the eyes. His eyes penetrate mine. I’ve seen those eyes before I’m sure, but I can’t quite put a name on the Master in front of me. I am exhausted by all these hours in the pillory, by all the violations of my ass and my mouth. The Master in front of me unbuttoned himself and presented his erect dick to me, he removed the gag from my mouth and I knew what to do. I diligently begin to suck the cock presented to me. Suddenly the voice of Master Paul is in my ears.

I have just freed you from your chastity he told, and I feel a hand remove the cage and release my cock it stretched out immediately. Master Paul continues in my ears: keep sucking the Master in front of you and make him cum, during this time I will take care of your ass. I feel my Master enter me while I suck another. They are perfectly synchronized. At the same time as my Master come inside me the other Master sends his hot sperm down my throat.

At this time somebody takes my cock in its mouth. I manage to see that the prisoner N2 is below me and sucks me with experience. After a week in chastity and all night long in pain and pleasure, it is not long before I empty myself of my sperm and enjoy pleasure. When I am well emptied the Master in front of me withdraws from my mouth and my Master do the same.

The Master in front of me lifts my head with one hand and his eyes falls into mine again. With the other hand he takes off his mask. My boss is in front of me.

To be continued …

Note from the SuitandBondagelover:

Metalbond wrote in About Prison Library

For best results, it is highly recommended that you be locked in something, like handcuffs or leg irons or a chastity cage while reading stories in the Prison Library.

I take this note very seriously so every time I write an episode I am in suit and tie. I also wear my chastity cage.

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