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Florida Trap – Part 01

By Johnny Utah

Based on a suggestion by MetalbondNYC

I was at a camping site in the Osceola National Forest. We had been out there camping for three days. Just a bunch of us, we all knew each other from college, it was our last day there. We’d be packing up after lunch. We stayed near the Ocean Pond, more of a small lake. It was a nice place but after three days I was ready to go back to civilization. The bugs weren’t too bad, and we did a lot of hiking.

While everybody else was heading home I was going to stay in the area for two more days in a hotel somewhere towards Jacksonville. I didn’t have a job to go back to because of COVID. My job searches were not getting me any call backs.

I turned out onto road and set off for Jacksonville.  I was driving for about five minutes when I saw it.  There was a sign, “Prison Work Crew Ahead.”  Sure enough, just ahead of me were groups of guys working on my side the road. There were a lot of them, working away. I wondered how early they started. They were all in blue uniforms, some wore an orange vest, some not.  There were white guys and black guys, all sweating away. Guys were using weed whackers on the long grass, sticks with claws on the end you can use to pick up trash without bending over too far, and some guys just using their hands to pick up trash and junk at the side of the road.

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A New Colleague — Part 03

By Suitandbondagelover

Each waiter pair surrounds their respective prisoner and lifting them by the arm leads them to a door that opens in front of the first one. There is a staircase that goes down and we arrive in a large room. There is a bar where several men are already have a drink, all in suits and black ties, the same uniform as our Masters. Some wear a Venetian mask so that they cannot be recognized. The room is equipped with all bondage equipment and all submission gear that you can dream of. There is a stage where the waiters direct the prisoners.

We are placed on stage by our prisoner numbers. The waiters force us to our knees. We stay in this position for a long time. Every now and then a Master walks up and inspects one or the other prisoner. No sound is reaching my ears anymore and I guess it’s the same with the other prisoners.

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