A New Colleague — Part 05

By Suitandbondagelover

It’s Monday at the office and everything is going as if nothing has happened between Paul, our boss and me. We are absorbed in the work. Monday evening before going to bed I place the chastity cage and warn Paul who orders the locking remotely.

Tuesday morning I am released, and it repeats every night.

We are Thursday at the end of the day and I receive an email from Paul. It is written that a package will be delivered to me this evening but that I cannot open it until Friday evening. Once at home I prepare to eat when the doorbell rings. It’s a courier with a fairly large and heavy box. I sign the receipt and put this box in my room. I am intrigued by this box, what does it contain?

Friday before leaving the office Paul tells me to open the box as soon as I get home because it contains the information for tonight.

I arrive home and before taking off my suit I run to the box and open it. Inside there is a full soldier’s uniform. It’s combat gear, a beret, combat boots, even the underwear is that of a soldier.

There are two envelopes with my name, I open the first it contains the instruction, I have to report to Paul at 8:30 PM wearing the uniform in the box. I will be a simple soldier without rank. It is also stated that I must learn the military ranks and the positions of a soldier meeting his superiors. In the second envelope there are also the instructions for how to wear this uniform correctly. I take a shower and start to put on the uniform. This is the first time I’ve worn a soldier’s uniform and I never knew it would affect me so much, in my pants my cock is at attention.

I’m on time at Paul’s. A soldier opens the door for me. I’ve never seen this man. He has stripes on his shirt and I’m trying to remember what I learned from the information the envelope, he’s a Chief Warrant Officer. I try to greet him as legally as possible. He orders me to follow him into the living room. Six more people are in the room, all in uniform. My boss has the rank of Captain, Paul is a Lieutenant, The other four people are in Military Police uniform and they are armed with their service weapon. They all have the rank of adjutant.

The lieutenant orders me to kneel down with my hands behind my head and fingers crossed. I do as order. The MPs approach me, the first puts his gun to my head. The other three grab me and force me to put on a straitjacket. It has the marpat colors. I am very quickly firmly tied. A ball gag is inserted into my mouth. They put a kind of ski goggles over my eyes and I am blind.

I am lifted up and forced to walk surrounded by MP. I can feel the door of the villa being opened. I’m headed to a car, a trunk is opened and I am pushed into it. Straps are used to keep me from moving and the trunk closes.

I am both distressed and excited.

We drive a very long time, it seems to me an hour. The last moments I am shaken because the car has left the usual roads and is following bumpy paths. The car finally stops. The trunk is open, they undo the straps that held me attached to the car like a package. I am taken out and two MP take me by the arm and lead me away. We walk for a while, still blinded by the glasses I stumble several times and my guards have to support me.

Finally we stop and they take off my glasses. We are in the middle of a wood in a surprisingly well-lit clearing. There are about 20 men all in uniform and all with a senior officer rank. Some of them have their faces covered with camouflage paint so that they cannot be identified. I am led to a steel cage. I am pushed to enter in, there is an opening in the bars and the warrant officers force me to pass the head there and close this opening around my neck and add a padlock. After awhile a new group of soldiers arrived with a soldier in straitjacket, glasses and ball gag just like me. In total we will be five soldiers in straitjackets. I’m starting to realize that we’re in the same situation as I was a week ago.

One of the four soldiers is directed towards a tree. They take off his straitjacket, shirt and t-shirt. He keeps the glasses and the ball gag. His hands are tied in the air around a branch with his face against the tree. I directly understand what will happen to him. My back remembers, I am shaking and I am hard at the idea of what awaits this soldier.

A second is also stripped of his straitjacket, his shirt, t-shirt and his glasses. The MP directs him to a cross. He is crucified with ropes. When properly attached, the cross is lifted by a winch, for about a meter. The cross turns on itself and the soldier is already in pain.

The third soldier has his straitjacket taking off, his pant is cut with a pair of scissors and he is placed on a spank bench and tied. They take away the ball gag. They place a chastity cage. His mouth and his ass are available to anyone. Seeing this soldier tied to the bench with just his shirt and boots turns me on.

They take off the last soldier’s straitjacket, cut his pants off as the previous one. An adjutant place a wrist to ball restraint. The glasses and the ball gag remain in place.

At this moment a small group of new officers arrives, the highest ranking is a Colonel. The lieutenant then calls, all the soldiers stand in front of the Colonel at attention.

The Colonel speaks: Soldiers at ease. We have brought you together this night for your pleasure, we have selected 5 soldiers for you. You can already see them hampering in this clearing. We have the night to abuse them and to have the maximum pleasure. You are dismissed.

I didn’t go to the army but I am impressed with what I see. I also have concerns about how the night will go on.

Directly soldiers are heading towards me. They disagree on who will go first and decide to draw a straw. The winner stands in front of me and pulls out a hard cock, removes the ball gag and tells me to suck his cock, it’s an order. I take the dick of the Second Leutenant in my mouth. I apply myself as best I can but being still locked in this cage, my head thrown in a shackle and deprived of movement by the straitjacket does not make it easy. The officer comes in my mouth and after I swallow his cum well he pulls out and I clean his cock with my tongue. When I am finished another officer takes his place.

After an hour each officer walks to a corner of the clearing where a bar has been set up. During this time the Adjutants of the MP return to their respective soldiers.

They take me out of the cage, take off the straitjacket, my shirt and my T-shirt, the warrant officers take me by the arms and lead me to the cross. It’s my turn, I’m firmly attached to this cross with my arms horizontal. My feet have a small piece of wood to support. There is no room for both feet at the same time, nor for a complete shoe. At the beginning you say to yourself that this will help you to hold on but in fact it makes your life more complicated. A terry cloth is placed on my face and fixed around my neck with a tape. The cross is lifted and I begin to spin in the air. The Officers return and the second hour begins.

Two warrant officers grab hold of the ropes that are attached to the end of the cross and it stops spinning on its axis. An Officer takes a water hose and turns on the tap. A powerful stream comes out of the hose and the officer begins to spray me. The water is cold and my body is reacting violently. Then the Officer directs the stream at my head. I feel like I’m going to drown. There are other people around the Officer who watch the scene with pleasure. Certain one has their sex in hand and masturbates. After a while the Officer hands the hose to another Officer and my torture continues. My arms have to support the weight of my body and it hurts. I’m cold, and that feeling of drowning every time water is directed at my face.

This is probably the most difficult session I have had in my life and strangely my penis is erect in my military trouser. I don’t know how long I have been under this torture but at a certain point it stops. The cross comes down, my arms are release. The warrant officers have to support me because I no longer have the strength to stand on my legs. A warrant officer orders me to take off my shoes, pants and underwear. I find myself completely naked in front of the whole troop but no one is paying attention to me for the moment.

The Warrant Officer begins to dry me off with a towel, then uses a warming massage gel and begins to apply it to my body. I can feel the energy coming back to me, the Warrant Officer is good at massages and quickly I get rock hard. When he’s finished he kisses me passionately. After exchanging this kiss I am directed to another place in the clearing.

They give me my T-shirt and my shirt, they place a locking front ball gag and a wrist to ball restrain. A gaffer tape is added to my eyes. I am forced to kneel down. Someone walks up to me, operates an instrument and I recognize the sound of a hair clipper. My hair is generally short and loose around the ears. But the person still finds material and the clipper runs through my head. Hair is falling over my shoulders. I hear my hairdresser’s voice: Lieutenant, are you satisfied with the soldier’s new haircut? I recognize the voice of Paul who answers: Yes adjutant the soldier finally has the regulatory cut. The tape is removed from my eyes and the adjutant presents me with a mirror. I discovered my new haircut. I am very short shaved 3mm I think. I am pleasantly surprised by my new look and I start to have a hard on. Lieutenant Paul adds: Warrant Officer I wonder if the soldier has unwanted hair on his body? Can you check this?

At your order my Lieutenant responds the adjutant. He makes me stand up and takes me to a tent in another part of the clearing. In the middle of the tent there is a bondage table. The adjutant is loosening the ties on my hands.

Take off your clothes, the adjutant ordered. I answer like a good soldier to his adjutant orders through the gag. I take off my shirt and my T-shirt. I am naked except for my combat shoes

Soldier lie down on your back. He ties my hands and ankles and I’m at his mercy in a spread eagle position. I shave regularly but apparently the Warrant Officer is not happy with what he sees. He starts by coating my chest and armpits with hair removal cream. He wait 5 minutes for the cream to work. He prepares a double razor edge during this time. He comes back to me and begins by removing the little hair at my armpits. Next is my chest and stomach.

This is the first time someone is shaving me and since I’m tied to this table and have a gag in my mouth I feel submissive and I like it. The adjutant repeats the sequence of cream and razor on my cock and balls. When he’s done he attaches two vertical uprights to the table next to my legs, then attaches my ankles to the highest of these uprights. My ass is now well exposed. The adjutant coats the hair on my ass with cream and after waiting for the cream to act he shaves my ass. I have never been shaved in this area, I feel humiliated and submissive at the same time.

When he is satisfied with the result he starts cleaning the razor and leaves me in this position. When he’s done he comes back to me, places himself between my open legs, opens his trouser and his erect cock comes out of his pants. After lubes me well he penetrates me deeply. At first there is no movement, then comes the butt kicking of his cock in my ass. The adjutant takes his time before release himself into me.

Once he’s done he steps back and unties me from the table, orders me to put my T-shirt and shirt back on. He replaces the ball to wrist restraint and brings me back outside. I am forced to kneel again. He put a tape back on my eyes.

I kneel for the rest of the hour and my penis is at attention. My mind is in turmoil and I analyze my position. I feel more and more like a submissive man. And I find that I like it.

Every now and then a hand plays with my cock, masturbates me but every time I am ready to come the hand stops. I beg to let myself come but these are just sounds coming out of my mouth. Staying on my knees all this time is difficult but after the cross it is almost a relief and I regain some strength.

Now is the time to change positions again. I find myself tied to the tree with the glasses on my eyes, the gag has still in, my shirt and my T-shirt have been taken off but my pants have not been put back on me unlike the first soldier that I had seen at this position. For an hour I am at the mercy of the Officers who take pleasure with whips, swifts, canes. My back and my buttocks are to their pleasure. I feel some it open my flesh, I found it difficult to accept the situation. I scream through the gag, tears flow between the glasses and my face. I don’t like this situation.

I lost track of time but suddenly the beating stopped. They place a chastity cage on my dick and then untied me. Two adjutants support me, they gives me my T-shirt and my shirt. When I put them on, they lead me to the spank bench and tie my ankles and wrists to the bench. I think of that night at the restaurant where I was in the pillory. My cock would like to tighten but the cage prevents it from reacting. I know what to expect and the fun returns.

They take off my gag. I do not see anything but the Officers come to use my but and discharge themselves with pleasure. Others use my mouth and penetrate me deeply which makes me gag. I understand that it takes an hour to endure the rape by the Officers. After what seems like 45 minutes they take off the glasses. The Colonel is in front of me. He walks over and pulls a hard cock out of his pants. He starts by kicking me with his cock on my face. Then he puts it in my mouth. Suck your Colonel soldier he told me in a voice that couldn’t stand any comment. I do my best to please my Colonel. I feel him taking pleasure and just before he comes he withdraws.

He then goes behind me and shoves his cock in my ass. My butt still feel of the beatings I received earlier that night, but that doesn’t stop the Colonel from hitting it with his leather gloves. He begins to move inside me, just as he comes he withdraws and his sperm spreads on my buttocks and my shirt. He comes back in front of me and orders me to clean his cock with my tongue.

After 5 hours of submission, we soldiers are released from our positions. Warrant officers give battle dress to those who no longer have them. Once our uniform has as it must be, the Lieutenant calls us to attention. Military Police approach their respective soldiers. With the help of the adjutants they put on the straitjackets again. Then it’s the sock in the mouth the tape and the glasses. We are forced to walk, after a while they lay me down in the trunk of the car, put the straps on. The car starts up and we take what I assume is the way back.

When the car stops and I am taken out of the trunk of the car, the MPs take off the glasses. We are indeed at Lieutenant Paul’s. I am taking inside. The Lieutenant says: I’ll take care of the soldier. Gentlemen, you are dismissed. The MP salute and leaves the house.

The Lieutenant removes the tape and sock from my mouth and kisses me tenderly. I kiss him back but I can’t be hard because they left the cage in place, I’m still trapped in the straitjacket. The lieutenant takes me to the guest room I know. He orders me to sit on the bed. He ties my ankles in iron manacles. He then places a leather breather gag. He lays me down on the bed and tells me that I’ll spend the rest of the night in this position and he leaves the room.

I stay in this awkward position for a long time. I can’t sleep and I remember the night in the clearing. Feelings of joy and anguish mingle in my head and into my cock. But I can’t be hard.

Through the window I see the day rising, and then in front of me the Lieutenant is standing. He’s in uniform and that turns me on like crazy. Hello soldier he said to me. He gets me up from the bed, takes off the gag, the chastity cage and kiss me. Then he orders me to get on my knees. He unbuttoned himself and presented his cocks to me. I know what to do and I use my tongue to honor My Lieutenant’s cock. I am now rock hard and my cock is wet.

My Lieutenant comes quickly and I swallow his cum enthusiastically. I use my tongue to clean my Lieutenant’s cock. When I have finished I take a few initiatives and start by saying: Thank you, Lieutenant, for giving me the opportunity to suck you off. Then I bend down and my tongue meets My Officer’s shoes. I apply myself and my tongue goes from shoe to shoe. This apparently pleases the Lieutenant. When he is satisfied The Lieutenant makes me stand up and place me in front of a full lenght mirror. He takes a position behind me and while kissing my neck he puts his hand around my erect penis.

He masturbates me gently with one hand and with the other he strokes my chest. Despite the staritjacket, the shirt and the T-shirt, his hand stimulates my senses. I am quickly on the verge of explosion after this long, inconclusive night. I cum with force and I see us in the mirror. My Lieutenant begins to undo the straitjacket and frees me from all my ties. He’s checking my back to see if there is any wound. He gives me clothes and I get dressed. We kiss again. It’s time for me to go back home. I sleep most of the weekend.

To be continued…

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