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Video: Seamus gets tickled to death


Former Army guy Seamus slips off his shirt, pants and underwear and lies face down on the tickling table in nothing but his boots. Franco tickles Seamus on his inner thighs while his cute, naked butt waggles back and forth. Gasping for breath between explosive, gravelly laughs, Seamus’ face turns bright red during his tickle punishment. Seamus’ reaction is so strong that Franco continues tickling him in the same area, wrecking his upper inner thighs and tickling his furry taint. When Franco moves up to Seamus’ armpits, he really loses it, laughing uncontrollably and unable to breathe. This is tickle torture at its best! Seamus even bites down on the table when the tickling becomes too intense. Halfway through, Franco takes Seamus’ boots off, flips him over and begins tickling his Size 9 feet through his black socks. Socked tickling is fun, but Franco turns up the intensity by cutting Seamus’ socks open and exposing his bare feet. He tickles Seamus along his toe mound and soles with his fingers and a bristly cleaning brush. And when Franco tickles Seamus’ abdomen, he nearly brings the straight guy to tears. Suddenly, Franco goes down on Seamus’ cock and balls, giving him a very different sensation. He jacks Seamus’ hard dick and fingers his hole until Seamus’ muscular legs tense and he shoots a huge load. A final torture of Seamus’ sensitive cock and tickle on the abdomen and exhausted, sweaty Seamus is done.

Former Army guy Seamus slips off his shirt

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Title of this shoot: Seamus’ Tickle Torture

Franco tickles Seamus on his inner thighs

A soldier gets tied up by his commanding officers

It’s either the brig or sexual torment for Tommy Regan at Men On Edge.

Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_01 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_02

Sgt. Colter can’t believe what he’s found in the barracks! Pvt. Tommy Regan has fucked it all up again and left his bunk in total disarray. He calls in Commander Darkholme to assist him with disciplinary action for the soldier. When summoned, Tommy gets needled by his superiors, who quickly offer him a deal — the brig or edging. They strip Tommy down for inspection and bind him to cold metal desk. Tommy has his straight dick brought to full attention by Colter and brought to the edge of orgasm again and again.


Darkholme and Colter place Tommy on his back and fuck his hole relentlessly as they stroke his dick. They tie him to a cot and press vibrators firmly against his nipples and cock head. Tommy begs his commanders for orgasm, but all he gets in return is laughter and more edging. Fighting against his restraints and with a vibrating dildo buzzing his straight hole, he finally blows his load. The officers rig the cot to the ceiling and leave Tommy swinging leaving him to think about his lack of discipline.

Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_04 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_05 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_06 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_07 Tommy_Regan_gay_bondage_08

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Male BDSM: Outdoor bondage, gut punching and nip torture

Also at Bound Muscle Jocks, soldiers Duke Rivers and Tyler Saint get trapped by sadist Dire Callahan. They wake up tied to trees, and it gets worse from there. Dire has his way with them, gut punching them both into submission!

Title of this shoot: “Danger Wood Part 1”

Models in this shoot: Tyler Saint, Duke Rivers, Dire Callahan

Keywords: outdoors, muscle, uniforms, military, gags, ropes

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Tyler Saint Dire Callahan bondage video

muscle men tied up

A russian soldier gets captured and edged in the woods

At Men On Edge, Van and Sebastian have captured all of the Russian rebels, but one remains at large. They search high and low, deep in the forest before ganging up on Valentin Petrov and quickly tying him up between two trees.


They remove his clothes and tease his uncut cock till it’s standing at attention. Despite his resistance, Valentin can’t help but get his cock to the edge as they tease him with the vibrating hitachi’s. It doesn’t take long before the bound stud is begging to cum. Next, he’s suspended in a circle of trees as a dildo is shoved up his tight hole. While driving the toy deep into the russian’s ass, the American soldiers milk a huge load out of Valentin’s uncut cock, before finishing him off with post-orgasmic torment.

35930_1 35930_8 35930_10

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Mistakes in the Military

By slavesoldier

It’s a little after noon on a hot sunny day and the sun is streaming in through a window above me in the cafeteria. I’m sitting on a bench at a table with a plate of food in front of me waiting for the order to eat. Others are still gathering their food and taking their seats, marching in a prescribed orderly fashion. The food isn’t all that appetizing but I’m starving, it’s been a hard day so far.

Sitting, in this unit, means sitting on the front 2 inches of the bench, feet together flat on the ground with knees at 90 degrees and together. Upper body is erect and rigid with back straight, chest out and stomached sucked in as much as possible. Head is level with eyes staring straight ahead, no expression is allowed. Hands are placed on knees. It’s a position of attention from which no deviation is allowed.

We live by a strict code of discipline and are never without orders or expectations. We are expected to be the absolute best. Best in training, best in physical condition, best in drill and best in appearance so that presumably, we’ll be the best in combat. The consequence for even the slightest mistake can be brutal and the grip that the commander has on this unit means that what happens in the unit stays in the unit. The unit performs, he gets rewarded and we do as ordered. We all genuinely fear this man and wouldn’t dare cross him, even when his methods of enforcing the code of discipline exceed what is authorized by regulation.

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