A New Strait Jacket

By Aussielthrbiker

I met Karl on the internet – he answered one of my ads seeking a bondage top and we exchanged a number of emails talking about what we were both into.  He mentioned in his emails that he had just bought a strait jacket – I had never been in a strait jacket before and longed to try it out.

We did meet up at a leather bar but his mind seemed preoccupied with something else and I wasn’t able to persuade him to head back to his place for some play.

I gave up on the idea of playing with him but sent him an email asking where he got the strait jacket as I decided I wanted to get one. He replied the next day with details of where he got the jacket. He apologised for being offhand with me the other night and asked if wanted to come over to have a look at the straitjacket and his other “toys.”  He hadn’t used the jacket yet, would I like to try it on and give him a try in it? He had to go to work later that night so unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to “play.”

I called him on the number he provided and arranged to head over.  I dressed in leather jacket, leather jeans, harness boots and a tight black t-shirt and headed over on my motorcycle.

Karl was around my age and build.  He was wearing a tight white t-shirt and tight faded 501’s.  He again said that as he was going to work that night he didn’t want to “play out a scene” but would be happy to show me the straitjacket and his other toys.

He showed me his “playroom.”  He had lined three of the walls of a bedroom with metal plates; the fourth was taken up by a floor to ceiling closet with mirrored doors.  It certainly looked forbidding.  In the corner was a pup cage – this was another form of bondage I has always wanted to try – it looked very solid.  There were assorted racks of gearing hanging on the walls – manacles, hand cuffs, gags, blindfolds, floggers etc.  There were also eye bolts set into the wall to which restraints could be attached.

We headed back into the living room and he showed me the straitjacket.  It was black canvas and looked stunning!  He helped me into it, first feeding my arms into the sleeves.  Next he tightened up the straps at the back – the jacket was a perfect fit, like it had been tailor made for me.  It was an incredible feeling, I realised that even without the sleeves strapped up, I was trapped, the only way I could get out of this was for him to release me, my cock went hard at the thought!  Next he buckled up the crotch straps and finally he buckled the straps connecting the sleeve behind my back.  Once I was securely fastened in he cinched all of the straps up as tight as they would go.  The feeling was fantastic, this was a form of bondage from which there was definitely no escape yet I felt I could comfortably spend hours strapped in. I struggled a bit in the jacket but it wasn’t budging a millimetre.

Once I was secured, Karl grabbed the D-ring attached to the jacket’s collar and pulled me into one of the playroom.  He grabbed a leather plug gag and gagged me with it – so much for not playing a scene.  Next he picked up a flogger and began to flog me.  I could still feel the flogger even though I was wearing leather jeans.  However, just as I thought he was about to play out a scene, he put the flogger down, removed the gag and unstrapped me from the straitjacket, still it was nice while it lasted!

He showed me a few more of his restraints and then asked me if I would like to try the cage out, which I did.  I crawled into the cage and he padlocked the door.  There was a leather covered mattress on the floor of the cage.  When he locked the cage I again realised that this was another form of restraint that it was impossible to escape from.  Being in the cage was an intense experience.  It was very solidly built and had only just enough room to sit up in.  While I generally prefer to be blindfolded while restrained, being able to see myself restrained in the cage in the mirror opposite added to the feeling of helplessness.  Karl left the room and I tried to imagine what it would be like to be locked in the cage for an extended period, going hard at the thought.  Karl left me for a few minutes before returning and releasing me.

Karl then got me to strap him in the strait jacket. At this stage I was almost totally a bottom but it did feel good tightening the all the straps of the strait jacket. I started with the back straps, then across the back, the crotch straps and finally the arm straps. Once I had Karl strapped in, I tightened all of the straps up to make sure he was tightly restrained. He struggled about in the jacket and also commented on the great feeling of having the jacket tightly strapped on. He got me to lay him down on the floor so he could have a good struggle. He tried getting up but couldn’t do so without assistance. He looked hot struggling in the strait jacket.

I freed him from the jacket and we had a beer while we exchanged bondage stories and talked about what turned us on.  While we were talking I kept thinking about the strait jacket and finally asked Karl if I could try it on again.  He joked that if he strapped it on me again, I was staying in it all night. I went hard at the thought.

We headed back into the playroom where he again strapped me into the jacket very tightly.  He then gagged me with the leather plug gag.  It felt wonderful being back in the straitjacket. It was so comfortable but so restricting. I struggled in the jacket knowing that there was no hope of escape. I felt my cock go hard in my leather jeans. I also loved the feeling of the leather plug gag filling my mouth, which prevented me from making any sound other than mmpphh.

Karl asked me if I would like to be locked in the cage – I mmphed and nodded “yes.”  He helped me into the cage, which was not easy with the strait jacket on.  He grabbed a couple of leather straps, which he used to tightly secure my thighs and ankles.  He then padlocked the cage door and left the room.

The feeling of confinement being caged in the strait jacket was incredible.  I struggled in the strait jacket, which continued to hold me tightly. I mmpphed into my gag. My legs were also tightly restrained. I could see myself in the mirror opposite, it was incredible to see myself straitjacketed and gagged, while locked in a cage. I had a raging hard on and was desperate for release.

Karl was gone for quite a while and I was thoroughly enjoying my captivity. He returned,  in a one piece set of black and white motorcycle leathers, with black racing boots and carrying a black crash helmet – he sure looked hot!  He said he had to leave for work and turned to leave.  All of a sudden it hit me, I was completely helpless!  I struggled helplessly and tried to scream out through the gag.  He kneeled down in front of the cage.  “Boy, I told you that if I strapped you in the strait jacket again, you were staying strapped in for the night!”

With that he walked out of the room and I heard the front door open and close. I lay there in the cage struggling helplessly against the strait jacket. I tried yelling into my gag; I tried to push it out of my mouth but it wouldn’t budge. I kicked at the door of the cage but it didn’t budge. The thought of being strapped in the strait jacket overnight had been a real turn on but now the reality hit me; I was trapped. I really was at Karl’s mercy and he had left to go to work. I didn’t want to be here any more, I just wanted to be released.

I struggled more in the straitjacket until the fight went out of me and I resigned myself to spending the night in the cage, although I still wondered how I would manage. In the back of my mind I knew that Karl would be back and that he would eventually release me. I tried to find a comfortable position in the cage. I could lie down on my side with my legs curled up but found that sitting up with my back against the cage was probably the best position.

I lost track of time and I must have drifted off to sleep a couple of times as I recall waking up with a start, wondering why I couldn’t move before I realised I was strapped in a straitjacket, gagged and locked in a cage. I then saw Karl’s leathered figure walk back into the room. He bent down, unlocked the cage and pulled me out.

“I really do have to go to work soon. I’m not going to leave you locked up all night but I just wanted to see your reaction.”

He unstrapped my legs then unbuckled the strait jacket. Finally he unbuckled my gag.

“Did you really think I was going to leave you overnight?”

“At first I didn’t think you would but when I heard the front door close, yes, I really did think that I was trapped for the night.”

We hugged and kissed then headed out to our motorcycles, Karl headed to work and I headed home. When I arrived, I went online and ordered an identical strait jacket.





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