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Cycles of Discipline – Part 02: Warming Up

By JoxMau

Our lives are like a honeymoon again. We won’t start our new relationship for weeks. I first had to give my two weeks notice to my job, which I was more than happy to do.  You want time to do more research and prep. You want to start off out on the right foot. I am nervous that you are thinking of backing out, but you assure me that that is not the case.  As the weeks move from one to the next, more and more packages arrive so I know you are up to something.

You encourage me to enjoy my freedoms while they last.  You take me to one of our favorite steakhouses and whisper to me over and over how I might not have a steak and potato for a very long time, so I better savor my meal.  I do slow down when dining out with you and try to be more mindful. The sex is like nothing we have had before.  Although you have my cock locked up most of the time, you let me out regularly for lots of play sessions which might only be teasing but just as likely may end with me cumming.

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Mayhem at the doctor’s office

Brogan Reed goes to the doctor’s office and receives a ruthless cropping, flogging and fucking from Dr. JJ Knight and Nurse Sebastian Keys


In this video from Bound Gods:

Brogan Reed is having problems with his cock, and decides to visit Dr. JJ Knight and his assistant Nurse Sebastian Keys. After rigorous testing, Dr. Knight concludes that the best solution is to attack Brogan’s erection until it goes down. Nurse Keys grabs Brogan, while Dr. Knight beats Brogan’s hard cock, using his hands, and a crop. Dr. Knight pulls out his 10-inch cock and shoves it down Brogan’s mouth. Dr. Knight’s new patient takes all 10 inches in his throat, until the doctor can’t restrain himself, and fills Brogan’s mouth with hot cum. Nurse Keys wants some sloppy seconds, and ties Brogan to the bed before sticking his stiff cock down Brogan’s throat. Dr. Knight decides that only he can treat the patient, and proceeds to savagely beat Brogan and Nurse Keys with a crop. Nurse Keys dreams of the doctor in a Max Cita sleep slack, while he and Brogan lick all over the doctor’s luscious dick. Nurse Keys awakens from the sweet dream, and finds himself in a padded cell next to Brogan. Dr. Knight towers over his bound nurse and patient. The vengeful doctor paddles Nurse Keys and Brogan as they grovel on the floor. Dr. Knight then chains them to the ceiling, and brutally flogs them until they cry for mercy. Dr. Knight lets them down and then presses them against the wall. The three form a fuck train as Dr. Knight thrusts his massive cock in Nurse Keys’ ass, while Nurse Keys butt fucks Brogan against the wall. Nurse Keys wants even more cock, and takes both Dr. Knight and Brogan’s dicks up his ass simultaneously. The intense double penetration leads Nurse Keys to shoot his sticky cum all over Dr. Knight’s chest. Dr. Knight pushes the nurse off his cock and bends Brogan over to fuck the cum out of him. Brogan takes Dr. Knights thick dick up his ass while Nurse Keys strokes the cum from his cock. Dr. Knight then pulls Nurse Keys and Brogan to the floor, where he showers their faces with his cum.

Brogan_Reed_JJ_Knight_Sebastian_Keys_gay_bondage_02 Brogan_Reed_JJ_Knight_Sebastian_Keys_gay_bondage_03 Brogan_Reed_JJ_Knight_Sebastian_Keys_gay_bondage_04

Models in this shoot: JJ Knight, Brogan Reed, Sebastian Keys

Title of this shoot: Patient and Nurse Battered and Ass Fucked by Sadistic Doctor and His 10 inch Cock

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Video: Chained to the basement floor while gagged and strapped in a straitjacket

Check out what happens to this gagged prisoner! The video is from the men of Serious Male Bondage:


More video is available from Serious Male Bondage


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Psycho demonstrates his metal bishop stand on a captive male

7 Days in Berlin – Part 07

By Takeo

Day 2 – Wednesday June 12th – Going Out

So far I have never experienced dog training, even though I have worn a plug with a dog tail once or twice. But I remember expressing my desire to try it to Florian during one of our chats. Yet what attracts me most is the look, with a tail and a dog hood, a leash, and the fact of being on all fours. As for eating out of a bowl, I had carefully avoided the subject. I like being humiliated by a dom, but this is a little too extreme for me, I thought.

As these thoughts run through my head, I try to understand why I am in this situation. It does not make much sense to me; Flo’s pleasure should be in watching me being humiliated by having to eat off the floor from a bowl, but he is not there.

I realize that I have been up for a while, and that I am hungry. So I resolve to try and eat something. One bowl contains water, the other food. Rice, apparently with bits of vegetable and chicken.

My hands are trapped in the mitts, so if I lift the bowls I risk spilling everything. So I am forced to leave them on the ground and really eat like a dog, even though I am alone and nobody is actually forcing me to.

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