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The Sex Addict and Tommy

Here’s one from the Bound Gods vault: Tommy Defendi fucks CJ with his huge cock while CJ is in full bondage.

01_7782_p_00 02_7782_p_16

CJ the sex addict is at his usual game. Trying to get into everybody’s pants at the psych ward, he ends up in a straightjacket and CB-6000 chastity device.

03_7782_p_10 04_7782_p_07

Tonight is Tommy Defendi’s first graveyard shift at the ward and also his first contact with CJ. Tommy is bored out of his mind and he’s looking for something to pass his time.

05_7782_p_06 06_7782_p_17

While wearing the humbler, CJ is willing to take all the abuse from Tommy as long as he gets Tommy’s big cock.

07_7782_p_14 7782_p_15

Video of this shoot here

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VIDEO: Steelcollar gets locked into his new Steelwerksextreme chastity device

Here is a 20-minute video of Steelcollar getting locked up for the first time in a new chastity device by Steelwerks Extreme. Of course, being the lifestyle leather and bondage fetishist he is, he’s also wearing a metal collar, and he gets put in a leather face muzzle, leather straitjacket and undergoes several hours of cell confinement in the process! This video (shared here with permission) is hot as fuck if you ask me!

You can find steelcollar on Recon and Twitter

Steelwerksextreme is here.