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The Vacation – Part 09

By Rubrpig

The guards dragged 4798 out of Captain Ferguson’s office and then removed the heavy 5 point chains that he had been wearing for the last few weeks.  The removal of the chains felt strange as he had become so adapted to wearing them that he had learned to move wearing the heavy chains so having them removed felt strange.

The guards escorted him to the entrance of the mental hospital.  They used their security cards and opened the door.  Once the group was inside, the guards turned 4798 over to the ward orderlies and they left.  The orderlies surrounded 4798 and the head orderly told 4798 to strip and he hurriedly stripped off the smelly orange prison uniform and stood naked.  The orderlies walked him to the showers and told him to shower and put on the white hospital uniform.  4798 got under the shower and enjoyed the hot water which was something the prisoners in the supermax prison did not get when they were allowed an occasional shower.

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Mr Kristofer gets locked in a spreader device

Mr Kristifer gay bondage

In this video from Serious Male Bondage, SFDom puts Mr Kristofer in a Mr S leather straitjacket and a new piece of gear called “Spreader Pants,” a unique and bizarre harness available from BestFixSystems in Germany:

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See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Into The Basement

Mr S Leather Straitjacket available here

Spreader Pants available here

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Lukas gets suspended in a rubber hood and straitjacket

Check out Lukas Tyler in a StudioGum rubber hood and straitjacket. His partner DungeonDaddy attaches suspension cuffs over his shoes and attaches the cuffs to a suspension bar connected to an overhear hoist. With the push of a button Lukas is hauled into the air upside-down.

rubber hood and straitjacket

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER – PART 31

Lukas Tyler male bondage

My Trip to Jail

By CellShocked

Hampton Jail in IowaUsually, it’s the decisions that I make quickly and then act upon them that are my best decisions.  This telling will emphasize how a recent weekend (09/10/21 – 9/13/21) will have forever changed my life.

I live in an area that is not completely rural but doesn’t have much going on either.  I live right off of an interstate and can be in Boston in a couple hours, NYC is a 5-hour bus ride away, Manchester airport is an hour and a half away, so I can get to places.  But where would I go?  I absolutely hate going somewhere alone.  Now don’t misunderstand, I can travel alone but it’s the destination.  I need someone to force me to do new things.  I am so passive that I have let the world pass me by for the past 45 years.  I failed to take risks and really take that leap of faith.  The only way I can rationalize it is that anxiety and depression have owned my emotions all of my life.

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