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Overnight in a leather straitjacket

Check out these pictures of @Nick61666000, who was restrained by @straitjacketnow. The captive was placed in a fetters leather straightjacket and locked-on leather chastity shorts. Nick writes: “There is just nothing like the feel of being restrained, tighter the better, and then hearing the click of the padlocks with the last one securing the hood in place. No turning back on the agreed time to be spent!”:

male bondage leather straitjacket


Captive: @Nick61666000

Captor and photo credit to @straitjacketnow

Christian Wilde locks Jacob Durham’s head in a bondage box

In this video from Bound Gods, muscled slave Jacob Durham is tormented in the one-way mirror box before receiving a mouthful of cum from Christian Wilde. The title of this video is “Self-Reflection

Christian Wilde awaits on the rim chair, gazing down on the muscled slave before him. Jacob Durham lies on the ground in a leather straightjacket, bit-gag in place as a tight noose pulls on Jacob’s fat cock and balls. He’s dragged across the floor by his balls until he’s gazing up at Christian’s perfect, hairy hole. As Christian bounces up and down on his slave’s tongue, the bound slave tries with all his might to stretch his tongue past the gag, just enough to taste his master’s hole. Locked in the one-way box, Jacob sees nothing but his own face screaming back at him as the double flogger wails on his body. The box ends up being a claustrophobic, mind-fuck so Jacob is released and given air, only to feel the sting of Christian’s braided floggers. He next endures the cattle prod all while a row of clover clamps torment his meaty chest. Master Wilde finally rewards his captive with a deep ass pounding before blasting Jacob with a mouthful of cum.

Models in this shoot: Christian Wilde, Jacob Durham

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