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Update: Asicswrestone lauches a second website

Fellow blogger, bondage aficionado and sneaker lover Asicswrestone, who has long maintained a blog called Asicswrestone, has launched a second site, called ASICSWRESTONE TWO.

Turns out he was unable to add new content to his original site, so he set up a new one!

Click below to go directly to the new site:

gay bondage blog


And you can still visit the original site here.

Male-on-male bondage play with spreader pants

In a video available at Serious Male Bondage, SFDom straps AzPupZoey in a “bolero” canvas straitjacket from Maxcita, then fits him with red Spreader Pants from bestfixsystems.de. The Spreader Pants have an optional butt plug rod (shown in the video) and special vibrator mounts. As you will see, the Spreader Pants lend themselves to use with straitjackets. This combination of gear renders AzPupZoe totally helpless, and the butt plug prevents him from rolling over. He’s totally stuck. This is the way SFDom likes his captives — helpless and exposed. Also in this video, AZKinkyDom is tied up in the bondage chair in the background!

Male-on-male bondage play with spreader pants


VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this update: Spreader Pants In Vegas

AZKinkyDom is tied up in the bondage chair

A Curious Chat Online Ending Up Helpless

By Kinkytwinkboy

Kinkytwinkboy bondage storiesIt all started with a curious chat online. The guy seamed pretty eager to meet, and we messaged a bit before we made a plan to meet. I was told only to bring my phone and the clothes I was wearing, nothing more. It was a pair of leather jeans and a hoodie plus a pair of AF1. No underwear allowed.

I took the train to the station I was told, and it seemed I was the only one there. After some time I got a new message with directions of where to walk just a few minutes away. A car was waiting.

He greeted me with “finally” before he quickly locked on a steel collar that was attached to the seat. “Shit I didn’t know, we didn’t plan that.”

Before I knew I was also cuffed and told to behave, or else I would need a gag and hood too.

We were to drive to a cabin, and this was where the surprise was.

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