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Boy Blake: Bondage prisoner

As documented at Serious Male Bondage, Boy Blake gets placed in all sorts of bondage predicaments — including the metal Academy chair, a tiny cage, on a medical gurney in the shower, and straitjacketed in a jail cell with his arms wrapped around the bars. Check him out:

male bdsm Bondage prisoner

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this update: MORE FUN AT EDGE DUNGEON

male bondage predicaments

Male BDSM: Horny mental patient hallucinates a dual edging

In this recent shoot from Men On Edge, Brendan Patrick is a high-risk nymphomaniac, so he has been committed against his will and prohibited from orgasms.


Sebastian Keys and Jessie Colter have Brendan Patrick under strict observation in the psych ward. Through the mirrored glass, they watch the sexual deviant twist in his straightjacket, begging to cum. All he wants is to blow his load, but the world just won’t let him. His mind lapses. Before Brendan knows it, he’s inverted from the ceiling as the two ward attendants work his cock into a frustrated erection. Jessie has Brendan swinging to swallow his huge dick while Sebastian brings the patient to the edge with a vibrating cock sheath. The doctors finger Brendan’s pink hole before denying another orgasm with vicious tickling.


Brendan’s mind blurs again. He finds himself strapped to an exam chair, legs spread, mouth gaped open with a spyder gag. Jessie sucks Brendan’s throbbing dick through multiple edges as Sebastian torments Brendan’s prostate. Brendan’s fucked in a succession of the metal dong, a vibrating dildo and the prostrate massager while his cock stands at attention, eager to burst. Bringing back the cock sheath, the attendants finally allow Brendan to bust a long awaited load and taste his seed.

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