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Male BDSM porn: Cameron Adams gets tied up and fucked in the psych ward

These pictures are from a video called ‘Disorderly Orderlies’ at Bound Gods.


Two psych ward attendants, Jack Hammer and Scott Alexander, are looking for trouble in the middle of the night. They find Cameron Adams in the straitjacket and he’s a perfect target. Jack bets Scott $20 if he makes Cameron suck his dick. That sets the tone for a night of debauchery and hijinks. They put him on the medical table and experiment with electricity. Jack and Scott take turns fucking the prisoner in bondage. They shove the enema nozzle up his hole to see the water jets out of his humiliating and painful ass. They fuck him again and cum all over his face. Cameron reveals that he’s an heir to a huge fortune. His relatives put him in the psych ward to control his money. If set free, Cameron will reward the two orderlies

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The Jacket – Part 2

By Rubrpig

Sir John and I left the shop and began the walk to our loft building. By some stroke of fate I now was the boy to a man and we just happened to live in the same building. The walk was definitely intense for me as so much had happened in just a few hours. I had gone from walking into Mr. S Leather in jeans, boots and a t-shirt to being in chaps, leather jock and a heavy locked straitjacket.

To add to the intensity I now wore 2 collars, one for service and one that was now apparently permanent. I followed my new Sir and as Sir held my leash in his right hand, I walked behind him on his right. We had about an 8 block walk so I knew most likely many people would see us. I was finally settling down and not feeling quite so nervous and antsy even though I was for the first time in my life heavily encased and locked into leathers.

With a couple of exceptions most people who walked by us simply smiled and watched as we walked by them. One gay couple walked past and asked if we were getting ready for Dore Alley? Sir John smiled and told them that was right and that he was getting his boy used to being walked in bondage. They told us to enjoy the evening and they wandered away.

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The Jacket – Part 1

By Rubrpig

When I was in my teens, I spent a lot of time cruising the web and one night I discovered a website devoted to men wearing straitjackets. My cock got rock hard as I clicked from one image to another of men tightly strapped into heavy straitjackets.

One image really got to me and that was a very muscular man tightly strapped into a gleaming black leather straitjacket. The jacket was heavily padded and featured straps to make sure he could not raise his arms or shift his biceps. The jacket also had straps that passed between his legs highlighting the bulge in the tight jeans he wore. I copied that image and spent many hours jacketing off staring at that image.

I finished up my college years by being a star lineman on the football team. I had shot up during my teen years and filled out my frame in the gym getting worked over by the strength coaches for the team. By the time they were done with me I was a 6’4” slab of hard muscle. My abs were heavily defined and my pecs jutting out from my torso. The heads of the sorority girls turned when my buds and I walked past them but I did not party as I was focused on my studies and the team.

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Leather bondage: Vector Ultra-Padded Straitjacket

For the bondage man who can never have too much gear, check out the new Vector Ultra-Padded Straitjacket, available from Mr S:

According to Mr S, features include full body padding in the front and back; a more fitted body so prisoner will LOOK amazing in it; more comfortable cockstraps; velcro closure at the back; numerous D-rings along the sides; an “arms-down” option; and six belts.

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