A Week in Chains – Part 5

By asiancuffs

Part 5 – The last day of the camp

I woke up when the sky started to brighten and my sleep last night was good because I could have fresh air for the night. When I spent my last 2 nights in the cell, the air circulation was bad and to make it even worse, our odors filled the room. My clothes were muddy and sandy due to direct contact with the ground. I stand up and stretched my body. I couldn’t see anyone in my sight and I guessed they were still asleep. I felt my wrist shackles were sticking to my skin and I managed to slide them up to my arms.

I found out that the skin color of the area covered by the shackles were a lot lighter than the exposed part. The same sun tan applied to my arms with the shade of the T-shirt. I could have time now to take a close look of the enforced shackles. I found out that the welding bolts were not very strong and I believe I could crack them within a few hits if I have appropriate tools. Of course if they welded them in a well equipped blacksmith, I think the melted bolt could hold the shackles together like one piece. After wearing the shackles for 3 days and I felt they were part of my body already. The size fitted right for me, snug fit. After examining for a while, I heard clanking of chains and I knew the others were awake and I’ll be released to wash very soon. As expected, the guard came and unlocked the chain and passed it through my wrists shackle’s ‘O’ ring and padlocked to my ankle shackle as before. I walked to the stream and found some of them were there already including Daniel who spent his night suspended. I jumped into the stream immediately and refresh myself in the water. Daniel told us that he was released in the middle of the night and chained to a tree like us. I thought they only suspend us to a maximum of 4 hours in consideration of our physical limits. We were all sort of naked and enjoyed our bathing.

Breakfasts were ready after we get back to our prison and our work started right after we finished. It was William’s turn to have the suspension in the morning and I have to work alone to finish the path. The sunshine was strong and I believe I am going to get sunburn later. The guard gave me water during the morning break and I tried to talk to him but he didn’t respond at all. William was released during lunch and joined me for the last part of the work while I saw they led Vincent for the suspension. Finally we finished our path and when I looked back, I found it looked like a snake running to the fields. I was very satisfied with my job and went back up to our prison with William. We were the first pair to finish our job. The warden gave us some cookies while waiting for the others. After all teams returned, Vincent was also released from the cell and joined us. The warden gave us a briefing that the villagers wanted to say thank you to us for the job done by us and will invite us to their house for a home made dinner. Since we have been spending our last few days here and sort of get to know the locals, we could spend our dinner with them as they proposed it. We were also reminded that we should bear in mind that our identities were foreigners who have committed crime and sentence to serve our days in this country. We could make up crazy stories of our crimes and he was quite sure that the villagers were quite interested to learn about it. Of course we will be in full shackles to attend the dinner so that the locals felt more secure.

We were discharged and we walked towards the houses that we worked our paths and we were welcomed by the hosts. I was my first time to enter their house and I found the interior was quite empty. There weren’t many furniture at all, all made of wood. I want to help them in cooking but they told me to relax as I was not that convenient with my restraints. I chatted and enjoyed smoking with the guy.

The dinner was the best meal for the last few days includes rice, chicken, beef, pork and even a can of beer (not chilled). The topics of our chat during dinner were all about my restraints, crime and sentence. I told them that this kind of permanent shackles would only use when we were transferred for outdoor works. They will be removed when I get back to the prison because they were quite worried about how I could change my clothes.

The dinner ended with a nice chat and we shake hands and say goodbye to each other. The atmosphere was nice and reminded me of the farewell dinner of some conventions and conferences I attended. The only difference was they were shaking a hand that was shackled and the chains were clanking. I walked back to the cell and waited for the others to return. The warden ordered we to move into our cell and stand against the wall. Our face showed expressions of fear as I really don’t want another suspended shackling for the night. Our collar chains were removed and I was awaiting the nightmare to come helplessly. We were told to sit on the ground and have our hand raised above our head. I saw the guards padlocked our ‘O’ ring to the fixed rings on the wall. It was a lot better, we were in a seated position. We could still stand up and our hands were shackled to the wall at our waist level.

We spent our night chatting about our comments of the role play (which will be posted in the discussion forum at the end of all parts). We valued our last night together as we know we will be transferred back to city B tomorrow and will be free like a bird. We went to our sweetest sleep for the past few days in our sitting position. The sound of the heavy rain outside was like an orchestra playing our farewell song and we were glad that they arranged the slept out last night.

To be continued tomorrow

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