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The Tournament Affair – Part 06

NOTE: This is the 6th — and longest — part of a 12-part story. To start at the very beginning, click here.

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 6 – Into the Woods

Ben and Nathan are artful guiding Denny’s and Ken’s bound bodies into the bottom bunk. They are facing each other, and their knees and boots are against the van wall, faces laying down in the protruding half of the bunk, so their gagged faces are within sight of the other men at all times.  They aren’t bound together just yet, and there’s room to work in between. Ben is putting two ties on their lower bodies, leaning over them to tie boot ankles together. Then a tether around their lower thighs, not to be strenuous but to stabilize them against one another. Still, it’s close enough now that each captive can feel the hard cock of the other one.

Ben is now swapping Ken’s Devonshire for the Double Duty, a two-sided leather gag with plugs on both sides and which buckles in back of each head and keeps their mouths gagged and pressed together. Ken takes the silicone cock into his mouth and winces a little with the tightness Ben’s massive muscles apply to the strap.

What should be Denny’s half is hanging off Ken’s face, and Ari speaks up. “Let me help him.” He crouches by the bed, and once again there’s the creak and smell of Ari’s skintight leather pants. He cups Denny’s chin in his massive glove – and now Ari has wide leather wristbands on, inexplicably. “Where did THOSE come from?” Denny thinks to himself.

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You can get Mr S to hold the key to your chastity device

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The Prison Writer – Chapter 02

By Joshua Ryan

I woke at 8:00 with the vague impression that I’d done something stupid the night before — probably something stupid in writing.  These days, almost everything I did was in writing.  I checked my email.  Oh God — there was a message from that cop I’d met the day before.  I’d wasted the whole day either talking to him or thinking about what he said.  That whole silly business about problems with my books … And here he was again.  Because I’d sent him a message!  “Time for lunch … dinner …”  Worse and worse.  Dinner was even more serious than lunch.  I hoped he was turning me down.  But no, he was saying he couldn’t do dinner until a week from Tuesday.  He would meet me at 6:30.  Where did I suggest?

Of course, I could have written back and told him I could see it was inconvenient for him — maybe some other time, I had a pretty heavy schedule … But … He was eye candy, at least.  Despite the boyfriend.  And it might be useful.  If you’ve got a fetish, I guess you ought to feed it.  And who knew if he was TOTALLY devoted to Craig?  Significantly, he was now pushing dinner, not lunch.  Not that I wanted to bed down with a cop!   I wrote back and suggested La Folie.  That would show him who was boss in the culture department.  “Please be my guest at dinner.  I’ll be grateful for your ideas.”

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Public outdoor humiliation

At Brutal Tops, Masters Dave and Maurice team up to humiliate a feeble nameless sub. In a public park with countless people walking past, the naked captive is humiliated and ordered to suck cock. Snarling Master Dave gobs in his face before pulling the runt to an even more busy place and barks at him to humiliate himself more and more. Bewildered members of the public watch as the sub parades around revealing his pert arse cheeks.

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