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Now available: Time Lock Digital Padlock

Check this out! Now available at Mr S, the Time Lock Digital Padlock it is great for guys into self-bondage, or time-release bondage, or all sorts of other kinky possibilities!

timed bondage padlock

Mr S writes,

If you like the feeling of being bound and powerless, the Time Lock Countdown Padlock is here to fulfill your bondage fantasies. Once the timer is set on this digital padlock there’s no getting out until time has expired. Insert this lock into the locking posts on your restraints or chastity belt, and you are captive until the time-release lock finishes its countdown. A great self-bondage tool because at the end of the day no one knows your limits like you do. Tie yourself up and attach the Time Lock Countdown Padlock to your designated time frame. You can’t beg your way out of your bondage with this lock — you’ll just have to wait!

self-release timed padlock

Get a Time Lock Digital Padlock here

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timed bondage padlock for self-bondage

The Roommate – Part 3

By RbbrStorage

Note: This story originally appeared on the RubberZone site. It is reposted here with permission.

Matt had no idea how much time had passed when he felt his roommate unwrapping the rubber strips that held him mummified to the weight bench. His muscles ached and his head swam in confusion only made worse by the sensory deprivation caused by having every hole plugged and controlled. Matt was pulled off the bench and stripped of the rubber bondage surf suit, then led across the room and onto a platform that felt rubbery and spongy. It only took Matt a moment to realize that he was standing on his treadmill, but by then the rubber fist mitts on his wrists had been secured to the crossbar. Matt felt his roommate unstrap the gag stuffed in Matt’s mouth and pull it free, only to quickly replace it with a wide rubber tube gag through which Matt would be able to draw all the oxygen an exercising body could need. His roommate then inserted some kind of narrow tube deep into the gag and taped it in place, leaving the wide tube otherwise open. Moments later a drip of sweet liquid started through the tube. Matt recognized it as his favorite sports drink.

Suddenly the world shifted under his feet and Matt nearly fell to the floor, only to be steadied by his roommate as he clued into the situation. Matt started walking in time to the treadmill, slowly clearing the fogginess from his head. Over the next hour, his roommate slowly increased the speed of the treadmill until, soon, Matt was jogging at a good speed, breathing heavily through the wide piss gag while the sports drink trickled down his throat. Finally, after what seeming like hours, his roommate slowed the treadmill and eventually brought the exercise session to an end. Matt wheezed through the gag, relieved that the exercise was over, and then particularly relieved when he felt his catheter drained somewhere other than his mouth.

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My Fun at Dore (Up Your Alley) 2017

By Mister-X/Spartan

I had been working hard for several months. I wanted a weekend to relax and have some fun. Dore (Up Your Alley) was coming. My friend Strap-wizard (fetlife name) was also stressed out and was looking forward to some fun. He had reserved a large room at a motel, which was near to where Dore would be. He had contacted a friend who we had been chatting with on Recon (squirmman, takiem on fetlife) who was coming, as well as another friend (minddrive on recon and fetlife). Strap-wizard had some plans laid out. Little did I know what I was in for.

Strap-wizard and I arrived Friday at around 5 PM. Squirmman was coming later that evening, and minddrive was arriving the next evening. Dore would be on Sunday, but we were planning to have some fun before then. Friday, after arriving, strap-wizard wanted to check out the Mr. S store, which was four long blocks away (comparable in length to the long blocks in New York City between the avenues). He dressed up in his usual strap-restraint outfit, but I just wore my custom-made leather top and leather pants with no restraints. We got a couple of looks while we walked there, but nothing out of the ordinary. There wasn’t too much going on at Mr. S that night. The next day would be their big party.

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How big do you want it?

E-Stim Systems — the electro-play experts — has a variety of electro butt plugs, including the OMG, pictured here:


“The OMG. It stands for Oh My God, and was the first comment that was made when the test team saw it. Until the Decimator came along it was the largest electrode in our collection, and at 3″ in diameter it’s probably more achievable than the 4″ diameter Decimator,” E-Stim writes. “It’s another 1/2″ bigger than the Stuffer, so you know you are going to feel it once it’s in. It’s certainly not designed for beginners.”


Not all of the insertables are this big — they have many other sizes and shapes. More information on these plugs is available HERE


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