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Florida Trap – Part 01

By Johnny Utah

Based on a suggestion by MetalbondNYC

I was at a camping site in the Osceola National Forest. We had been out there camping for three days. Just a bunch of us, we all knew each other from college, it was our last day there. We’d be packing up after lunch. We stayed near the Ocean Pond, more of a small lake. It was a nice place but after three days I was ready to go back to civilization. The bugs weren’t too bad, and we did a lot of hiking.

While everybody else was heading home I was going to stay in the area for two more days in a hotel somewhere towards Jacksonville. I didn’t have a job to go back to because of COVID. My job searches were not getting me any call backs.

I turned out onto road and set off for Jacksonville.  I was driving for about five minutes when I saw it.  There was a sign, “Prison Work Crew Ahead.”  Sure enough, just ahead of me were groups of guys working on my side the road. There were a lot of them, working away. I wondered how early they started. They were all in blue uniforms, some wore an orange vest, some not.  There were white guys and black guys, all sweating away. Guys were using weed whackers on the long grass, sticks with claws on the end you can use to pick up trash without bending over too far, and some guys just using their hands to pick up trash and junk at the side of the road.

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Probation – Part 01

By Johnny Utah

I’ve been through that intersection about a million times. Out on Maddox Road there are two stop signs about 30 feet from each other. If you’re going straight ahead, no one stops for the second one. No one. I should have stopped. I didn’t see the Maryland State Police SUV until he hit his lights. He was right on top of me in a second, right on my ass. I managed to pull over to the side of the road on a wide strip of gravel next to a drainage ditch. Early on a Sunday morning, no other traffic around so I’m not worried about anybody I know seeing me. I looked at my rear-view mirror and then my wing mirror and out struts a uniformed stud.

The first thing that hit me was just the mass of him, the space he took up. His chest was big, and his shoulders sloped up to his neck. He had a tight-fitting shirt with an obvious bullet resistant vest underneath. A walking column of muscle. He had a red, white, and black State of Maryland flag patch at his left shoulder. His biceps bulged out of the tight short sleeves, halfway down each short sleeve were three gold stripes of a sergeant.

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Turns out Mikey is extremely ticklish

The look of fear on Mikey’s face is very evident, and it is a fear that is well grounded. That’s because Mikey is extremely ticklish. So much so that even just tickling the inside of his thighs has him squirming around. By the time his shoes are off exposing his size 11 feet, Mikey is nothing more than a well-tickled puddle of hilarity!

Mikey is extremely ticklish

See the video at My Friends Feet

Title of this video: Mikey Tickle Tortured In The Tickle Chair

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Pleroma – Part 05

By Taurus

Part 5 – Research notes recorded 0000 00/00/0000 captured at [DATETIME REDACTED]

Reality bleeding observed in bodily reactions upon first exposure of clubslave2_alphav1.0_06/17/20XX to Subject L. Subject L had “lost” their desire to ejaculate and/or experience orgasm after exposure. Narrative simulations may have persuasive effect on portrayed character due to inherent character designs which exhibit a clear dominant/submissive dynamic.

(Note: L had one prior exposure to portrayed characters in the [clubslave] line of scenarios. Narrative exposure time, authenticity, and integrity may be crucial to fully utilise reality bleeding.)

Suggestive power of programmed emotion is strong. Testing in secretum of L’s willingness to accept disadvantageous and humiliating chastity arrangements is notable. This test is significant as L’s preferences regarding BDSM has reversed from disliking to being accepting of submissive roles, including an increased willingness to partake in submissive and humiliating activities physically:

Bondage, chastity, exhibitionism in the vicinity of familiars and strangers, nipple stimulation, sensory deprivation, and sodomy practices.

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Men need captivity

Master Jack, who runs the popular and long-running Bondagezine and BondageMaster sites, knows that many of you fuckers need to be locked up. Now, with a brand new venture he has just launched, he is not messing around.

It’s called Men Need Captivity, and you can make arrangements with him to be locked up — for real. There are five different “accommodations” to choose from, including “The Refuge,” “Business Class” and “The Max.” Which bondage adventure suits you best?

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Master Jack Men Need Captivity