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The Instructions – Part 01

By Kinkytwinkboy

Kinkytwinkboy bondage storiesThe instructions was clear.

I was to find the car in the parking lot. It was not all empty, but I found the car anyway. The trunk was open as instructed. I looked around, but there was no one there. I then opened the trunk of the car. There was some things inside. It was the following items:


A backpack



A heavy lock



Letter blindfold

I was instructed to strip naked, right there on the parking spot. I was looking around many times to see if there was anyone around. I was to strip all naked, not even wearing socks.

I put them in the bag and left the bag outside the car.

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The ‘oh fuck’ moment for Jimmy USMC comes at 9:15

A video at Serious Male Bondage called “Iced” features Jimmy USMC. Check out these still images from the shoot:

In this video, available at Serious Male Bondage, Jimmy USMC bolts himself down in a basement dungeon using Ice Locks. This scenario hits so many hot buttons for me. (I have been playing it in full-screen mode on my 27-inch iMac at full volume.) I really like the sounds of the metal shackles and the padlocks as he restrains himself, plus the sound of the insulation as he applies it to the Ice Locks. He has spaced the chains just far enough apart for him to be challenged in the four-point restraint position, without the lockdown points being too far to give him enough wiggle room to prevent cramping and loss of circulation. That means he is good for a nice, long ordeal.

Of course there is the awesome sight of this hot, muscular guy — and those awesome tattoos! (For me there is nothing hotter than a guy with tattoos.) The way he hesitates about seven and a half minutes into this video, just after clicking the lock at his left wrist but before moving to the final one at his right wrist a minute later, really matters. Up until now he can still back out if he wants. But then, just after that 9-minute mark, the final click. It takes him a few tries to get that last lock to close, thus finalizing the inescapable predicament he has locked himself into. I really like watching the first few moments after he has done himself in. Watching him adjust his position as best he can, watching him tug on the wrist chains and then tug harder (they won’t budge). And then, his words of glory: “Holy fuck — this is fucking sweet!” Yes, it is! Well-done, Jimmy USMC, and well-done, Serious Male Bondage!

I’m wondering how long he is going to end up in that spread eagle? As someone who has experience with Ice Locks himself, I have found that it can take several hours for them to melt. One thing he has going for him, though, is his strength. He’s obviously no stranger to the gym, and with all that strength he might be able to pull just hard enough to get the ice inside the cylinders to break. However, the insulation he has added around the cylinders of the ice locks looks thick, and that will prolong his predicament.

This is one of my favorite videos! Some tips:

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  • To learn more about Ice Locks, click here and here.
  • To see more of Jimmy USMC, click here, here and here.

And, an important safety note: Whenever you do any kind of self-bondage like this, always leave yourself an out. That means if you are going to lock yourself TO something like eyebolts in the floor, or IN something like a cage or box, be sure that someone is within earshot in case something goes wrong. (In the video depicted above, Jimmy USMC does not have a key between his legs, meaning that when he gets his arms free in another hour or three, he’s still going to be bolted down by his ankles.)

ice locks heavybondageforlife jimmyusmc Mr S

Note: Jimmy also goes by heavybondage4life and for_heavy

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My Adventures With Billy – Part 12

By Robmacz

Four days later I was lying on my bunk in my jail cell chatting to a first time inmate serving two days for a DUI. The irony was not lost on me. Just three months before, I was in this guy’s shoes.  I wondered whether this was the start of his slippery slope and he would soon end up in mine. So this time it was me showing him the ropes, and he seemed to think I was some big-time villain, especially when i told him the sentence I had just received. This was a role reversal I had not really anticipated, but it felt good nonetheless.

I knew that I could be transported to the state penitentiary at any moment, but it still came as a shock when the guards turned up first thing in the morning and announced that I’d be shipping out in ten minutes and I just had time to take a shit and a piss. I did as I was told, knowing it could be a long day ahead. They returned soon after I had finished, with a full set of chains.

‘Hands out in front,’ one of the guards commanded.

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The thrill of inescapable self-bondage

This video from the men of Serious Male Bondage “captures the emotional rollercoaster that Bind experiences while setting up gear for this scene, as well as the shock and panic he feels when he locks himself in.”

inescapable self bondage with time locks

The description continues: “This is the essence of self-bondage play. It’s walking on the edge of danger and sexual excitement. Your critical thinking goes out the window and all you focus on is the excitement and helplessness of your predicament, the feel of the bondage gear, a fluttering heartbeat, quick breathing, exhilaration, adrenaline rush and sexual excitement.”

male self bondage on steroids

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Warning: This video is for entertainment purpose only. Do not attempt. Self-bondage is extremely dangerous. Do not do anything like this on your own without someone there to assist you in case of emergency.

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