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Vote to keep Bind locked up!

What will our friend Bind think up next?!?! He is going to be in for it big time with his latest planned stunt, which he is calling “Lock Down Full Time.”

Bind writes,

“Starting May 31, I will be getting locked up on a full-time basis. Each day of the lockdown will be documented and posted on Men in Chains the following day. So June 1 will be the first video. People can vote to keep me locked up. Every vote that someone makes will extend my time one hour. They can also let the guards know what kinds of bondage that they would like to see me do. Votes are already coming in, so I already have a few days to do before it even starts.

“I could be locked up full time for a week, month, or even longer depending on how many people decide that they want to keep me imprisoned. Each day I will be taken out of my cell and placed in different bondage situations and then returned to the cell again. Each moment of my time will be under the control of a guard. There will never be any opportunity given to me to escape. This is the opportunity for viewers of MeninChains.com to see a daily video of my adventures as a 24/7 prisoner.

“As I said, I don’t know how long I will be kept locked up. I am preparing myself for the possibility that it could be months.”

vote to keep Bind in bondage


To vote, go to Men In Chains.

Be sure to vote early and often, as they say!

Side Effects – Chapter 1

By GratDelay

male bdsm storiesHow dumb did my best friend think I was?

“If it has ‘unfortunate side effects’, why do you think I would let you dose me with it?”

“I mean ‘unfortunate’ like I won’t be getting a bonus this year. It’s just as safe as the other analogs we’ve been testing… well, if you get comfy before you take it.”


“The lab’s not going to be able to market it. No way the FDA will pass it, and if they did, almost no one would buy it.”

“Dude, I’m really not interested in your company’s bottom line — or your Christmas bonus. Tell me why I should take some un-tested drug from your lab.”

“Oh, it’s tested. That’s how it got cancelled. And it passed all the usual safety trials. It won’t make you sick or elevate your blood pressure like the original peptide. It won’t give you a weird splotchy tan or a tomato-red face. Etcetera etcetera.”

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POW Fantasies

Two prisoners find themselves locked in cages in a secret dungeon, after answering an online ad for free bondage experiences. The owner of the dungeon is a wealthy real estate mogul in Las Vegas, who has Prisoner of War (POW) fantasies, which he acts out on his unsuspecting subjects. The dungeon is in the basement of his large upscale house, which is only accessible through a hidden door on the main floor of his large house. This allows him to torment his subjects without the neighbors in his upscale neighborhood from becoming suspicious.

Money is no object, so he’s able to outfit his dungeon with an endless selection of kinky gear from around the world. As a result, the pictures in his ad attract all kinds of guys looking for a bondage experience. Once they send him a selfie, he’s able to pick and choose the captives to fit his fantasies.

In a VIDEO available at Serious Male Bondage, his latest subjects are no strangers to bondage. Even though they are worried about being held against their will, their craving for bondage overpowers their ability to think clearly. Their twisted host knows this all too well, and the two prisoners slip down the rabbit hole as the click of the heavy-weight Clejuso shackles are closed around their wrists. At this point there’s no turning back!

This takes place in a Las Vegas playroom, NoEscapeDungeon.com, owned by DungeonDaddy and his boy Lukas Tyler on Recon!

Las Vegas gay bondage dungeon

See the video at Serious Male Bondage

male slave in a cage