Alive in a Coffin

By Mister-X / Spartan

“Order number 21 is ready.”

“I’ll take it” said Ted.

He picked up the burger and shake and walked out into the dining area, looking for the little metal stand with the number 21 on top.  Walking around a bit, he finally saw it.

As he approached the table, Ted said, “Whoa.  Reggie.  I didn’t recognize you in those clothes.  Been to a funeral?”

“Close.  I got a summer job at the funeral home.”

As Reggie was saying this Ted was putting the food on the table, and almost spilled it on Reggie.  “Hey!  Careful.  That’s my only suit.  I can’t afford to have it ruined.”

Ted was quickly trying to figure out if there would be any way that Reggie would know that he would be at the funeral home on weekends.  The owner was Ted’s “Sir”, and Ted didn’t want any of his college friends to know that he was into bondage.  But he realized that none of the other employees of the funeral home knew about his relationship, so he figured that there was no reason that Reggie would find out as well.

“I imagine the pay is better there than I get here.  I only make minimum wage.”

“Yeah, the pay is better.  But there’s extra expenses.  I had to buy new shirts.  I have to wear tight-fitting cotton ones with heavy starch in the collar and cuffs.  They’re going to take some getting used to, but they say that I look more presentable in these.”

“You do look sharp.  Might even pick up a chick wearing those” Ted said with a wink.

“Hah!  Fat chance.”

“Gotta get back to get more orders.  I’m not allowed to visit with the customers.  Good luck with the new job.”

This exchange was on Tuesday.  On Thursday Ted had a chance to serve Reggie his burger and shake again.  Ted had been thinking about Reggie in his new job, and decided to kid him a little about it.

“Hey Reggie, how’s the new job working out?”

“I’m starting to get used to it.  But it’s kinda creepy, being around dead people, having to unload them in their coffins, and having someone come by looking for a coffin to bury a loved one in.”

“Ever have anyone in one of those coffins suddenly come alive?”

“Sheesh, if that happened I’d run out of there so fast!  Don’t scare me with talk like that.  I don’t even want to think about something like that happening.  That place is creepy enough without the thought of something like that happening.”

“Good thing it’s just a summer job, and you’re not working there on Halloween.”

“Knowing you, I wouldn’t put it passed you to pull something like that.”

Ted thought, Oh, the temptation.  But if Reggie found out about his bondage side his other college friends would soon know, so it wasn’t worth it.

Ted just worked during the work week, since the restaurant catered to the working crowd.  They didn’t have much weekend business, so Ted wasn’t needed to work weekends.  That allowed him to have his bondage fun on the weekends.

The funeral home owner had an unusual gimmick to attract business.  He advertised mummifying people like the Egyptians did, burying them in coffins that were form fit to the person’s body after it was treated.  He would make a plaster or fiberglass cast of the person’s body and fill up the coffin so that the body fit in it perfectly.  Since there wasn’t enough normal business in the local community, this gimmick attracted people from the rest of the country.  The funeral home turned into one of the larger employers in the community.

This process also allowed the funeral home owner to attract a bondage bottom who liked being confined in a tight-fitting coffin.  He had one made, and was looking for someone that would fit.  With the college in town, he had a lot of guys to choose from.  The owner encountered Ted at a local bar, found out Ted’s interests, and told him about his special coffin.  That was what attracted Ted a year ago when he was a Freshman.  He fit perfectly in the already made one.

When the funeral home owner came to pick Ted up Friday night, he brought along the special form-fitted coffin to put Ted in.  It only had nose holes accessing the outside.  The nose fit a projection above the coffin lid which was covered by the logo on the top of the coffin, one of those Egyptian bird heads in which the beak came down a ways above the nose, covering the nose holes so it was not obvious that they were there.  That way the coffin could be closed and latched shut with Ted inside, unable to move, and no one would know that the coffin contained a live person.  Then Saturday they could start their regular weekend play.

This time when the funeral home owner picked Ted up, Ted asked him why he had hired Reggie instead of him for the summer, that their play would be easier if he worked there.  The owner said that there were two reasons.  First, Ted was very upbeat in his manner, whereas Reggie was morose, a personality that fit in better at a funeral home.  Second, he’d done that previously with another college student, and that guy had taken advantage of his special relationship, and he finally had to fire him and terminate the bondage relationship, something he didn’t want to do with Ted.  Ted thought about the reasons, and realized that they made sense.

Since this relationship had been going on for a year, Ted’s neighbors were used to seeing the hearse come by to pick Ted up every Friday in the late afternoon in the summer.  Ted had told them that he worked weekends at the back of the funeral home.  It seemed a little unusual for Ted to be getting into the back instead of the front, but since Ted was always dressed in casual wear, he told them that the funeral home owner didn’t want people to see someone riding along dressed that way.  The neighbors accepted this explanation, particularly since, after Ted got in the back, the doors were closed and with the windows blacked out, they didn’t see what then went on.

Once Ted was inside the hearse, the funeral home owner had Ted strip naked and put on a chastity device.  He put a rubber ball in Ted’s mouth and covered it with flesh-colored duct tape.  Then Ted got in the coffin, lying down with his hands and feet stretched out, his body at a slightly downward tilt from head down to feet.  The lid was shut and latched.  Ted was now inside the coffin, unable to move any part of his body, nose holes only accessing the outside.  It soon started heating up.  This was the part that turned Ted on, and, as always, he wished that the chastity device didn’t prevent him from getting erect.  But then, the tight fitting cast wouldn’t have allowed that, anyway.

After the hearse would be driven to the funeral home, it would be left in the funeral home owner’s garage overnight with the coffin containing Ted inside.  Ted wouldn’t be taken into the owner’s dungeon until the next morning.  All Ted could do was enjoy his tight bondage and eventually fall asleep.

The weekend in the dungeon would also be enjoyable, but Ted’s special love was being in that coffin.  He would spend Saturday night in it as well, after their play had ended.  And finally Sunday night, he would be transported back home in it.  During the week Ted would look forward to this special weekend fun.  The funeral home owner was no spring chicken, being up there in years.  But Ted didn’t mind the difference in their ages.  This guy gave Ted exactly what Ted wanted.  It was a great summer arrangement.  But as with all perfect arrangements, something unexpected happened.

A couple of weeks after Reggie had gotten his job, he was needed to work late one Friday night.  As usual, the funeral home owner went to pick Ted up at his home in the late afternoon.  But as the funeral home owner was driving the hearse back to the funeral home, an aneurism that had been in one of his arteries suddenly burst, killing him almost instantly.  The hearse was not moving too fast at the time, but since the car couldn’t be steered, it veered off the road and hit a tree.  The sudden stop pushed the coffin in the back forward, bumping it against the inside of the car.  The coffin materials were thick enough not to break, but the impact on Ted’s head caused him to lose consciousness.

It took a couple of minutes for the accident to be reported, and have emergency vehicles respond.  The police checked the driver of the hearse, and found him to be dead.  They opened the lid of the coffin being transported, saw Ted unconscious, and assumed he was another dead body being transported.  They called the funeral home and told them to bring two hearses and one coffin.  The funeral home owner was dutifully put into the coffin that was brought, and the other coffin was loaded into the other hearse.  Both were taken to the funeral home.

As luck would have it, or fate, or whatever was controlling events at that time, Ted had regained consciousness during the trip, and Reggie was the one to open the lid of his coffin.  Ted had been trying to figure out what had happened, since he now had a headache and no memory of the accident.  When the lid was opened he sat up.  The effect of this on Reggie was dramatic.  Reggie almost had a heart attack on the spot.  He turned chalk white, backed up a step, let out a blood-curdling scream, and ran out of the building as fast as he could.  Without meaning to, Ted had pulled the trick on Reggie that he’d thought of doing.


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  1. Mister-X/Spartan It would be nice if the story contuned with reggie taking over for the funeral home owner.

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