Amazon Agony – Part 3

By Captive Punisher & Musclejock1 of Chained Muscle

Greg was quite strong, and could most likely take whatever the Butus decided to dish out.

ARGH! The whip struck again on the adventurer’s broad back.

SWISHHHHHHHH…WRACKKK! The whip met Nick’s broad back yet again. Again he stumbled forward with a faint grunt. The millstone scratched forward with a lurch. Nick’s legs were magnificent in their increased exertion.

Tony and Luis was out of his sight line now, but Nick could here the gleeful jabbering of the strange Butu tongue. In the center of the village both Luis and Tony were held at spear point while a small cage of carefully cut branches that had been lashed expertly together. It looked like the cages tigers or lions might be housed in for their transport to the poacher camps. Luis was roughly dragged to the cage, pushed to his knees and thrust inside. The door was closed and secured. The youth gripped the bars and peered out with wide frightened eyes. Two Butus tied long thick rope vines to the the cage and hoisted it upward swinging it to a nearby pit by way of a primitive pulley. The cage hung precariously over the pit was being filled with branches, sticks and dry brush. Young Butu boys pranced to the lip of the pit and cast flaming branches downward. There was a crackle, a whooooshhh and smoke, followed quickly by flames licking the dry air just about six feet beneath the cage. “Leave the kid alone you bastards!!” Tony knew his protestations fell on uncomprehending ears. Almost in response though, the ends of the ropes holding the cage aloft were now wound tightly around Tony’s wrists and forearms. “Barunta septual! Nekinta matuka butu!” Tony did now need a translation. He was gonna have to keep that cage from plummeting into the flames. The Butus had now let go of the ropes yet. Instead they escorted the already flexing and straining SEAL stud to a kind of lattice of cross branches standing upright near the pit. As he moved closer he could see that each the ends of each piece of criss-crossed lattice work had been sharpened to a fine point. The Butus repeated the gibberish and pushed Tony, chest first into the wooden grate. The top reached to just beneath his square jawline. His instinctively pushed away to avoid impalement. His arms holding the vines were pulled to the sides as he felt his waist being cinched with rope fastening him to the frame. “OH fuck.nghhgh” He would have only his arms and legs to work with. The Butus suddenly released the ropes and Tony felt himself pulled into the spikes. The points barely kissed his muscled flesh as Tony exerted his considerable strength to pull backward. The cage jerked and fell about a foot. Luis cried out…”Help me…TONY, Help me please!”

Tony strained and flexed to hold the ropes motionless. He set his large feet flat to the earth. His sculptured calves displayed all their masculine glory. The Butus watched in awe. Tony realized though as his biceps exerted maximum power laterally, his back was arching causing his pecs and abs to push forward meeting their painful fate on the sharpened Butu torture sticks. Tony grimaced. Myriad red marks appeared as the criss-cross pattern of torture sticks ‘kissed’ his body, puncturing his flesh in places. Tony had thought very much about Luis during the trip, but admired his spunk and independence. He was NOT going to let the kid get cooked!

Tony’s face was a study in concentration and determination. Awash with sweat, his eyes stung from the saline content. His jaw was firmly set, his cheeks quivered. His face was flushed bright red. The veins that normally snaked erotically over his shoulders and biceps were now engorged with blood. Tony felt the cramps coming on. He knew he would have to relieve the tension and shift position just for a second or two. His back was knotted, his buttocks flexed and cramping. He took a deep breath and counted to three and released just to rotate his wrists bones and change the position of his spine. It was a costly stratagem. As the full weight of the Luis and his improvised prison cell tugged on the ropes, Tony was pulled forward. The torture sticks embraced the muscled soldier. Both pecs were pierced. Tony sucked his gut, sparing his perfectly defined abs from being sliced. He threw his head back, his adams apple bobbing and he released a deep manly MOOOOOOOOOOOOOANNNNNNNNNnn. He succeeded in securing a new gripe on both ropes. He had successfully relieved the pain. He was going to be good for another few minutes…but how long was he gonna have to endure this. He could not go on forever. As Tony had rearranged himself, the cage had descended a foot closer to the fire pit. The steam and heat wafted over the cage. Tony could see the Luis groggy with dehydration and fear. One strong well shaped leg protruded from the cage body and well shaped bicep clung to the side of the cage. Tony could actually see sweat dripping from the cage and hear it sizzle as it reached the pit. The boy was being smoked like meat for storage. His life was solely in Tony’s hands..or more accurately his aching yet mighty muscles. As Nick was lashed along the circumference of his personal torture track, he caught sign of his buddies’ ordeals and was yet again overcome with guilt.

The manly scream pierced the humid jungle air. Nick stopped in his tracks as he heard the sudden sound of Greg’s pain. As the adventurer’s hobbled feet ceased their movement, the Butu warrior wielding the whip behind Nick, let go with a particularly hard lash to the striped back before him. Nick’s entire body was covered with a sheen of manly sweat.

Tony heard Greg’s horrific scream also, as did Luis. “NOOOOOOOOO!” The cry came from Luis, who was already beginning to suffocate from the heat in his cage. “GREG! What are they doing to you? We’ve got to help him, Tony!” Tony could only nod in agreement. Tony grunted as he said, “I know, boy. I know.” All he could concentrate on at the moment was using his waning strength in order to prevent Luis from falling any lower into the pit of fire. The Butus laughed at Tony as his back and arm muscles flexed to their utmost during his trial. They even took advantage of the situation by poking him with their spears, but not enough to break the skin. “BASTARDS! DON’T HURT THE BOY! LET HIM GO!”

Greg had been repeatedly lowered and raised from the muck. The stench was beginning to make him nauseous. More of the leeches now clung to his athletic body, and many had already found a cozy home in his thick mat of blond chest hair. Two particularly voracious leeches each hung like ornaments from his two meaty nipples, their tiny bites causing Greg to release another scream. Greg was lifted out of the mire one last time, and allowed to hang there as the Butus brushed off any remaining leeches from the stinging skin. One stubborn creature would not let go of its hold on the former quarterback’s succulent cock head, and had to be slapped off by one sadistic young warrior. “AAARGH!” Greg writhed in his bondage, which only made his large muscular frame contort in a variety of erotic images. As he began to wonder how much longer he would have to hang there in this agonizing position, a spell of nausea came over him once again, and he vomited all over the thick pec shelf below him. He felt dizzy from the extreme humidity and lack of hydration. As he ran his dry tongue over his parched and already cracked lips, he began to pray for even a few drops of water. Maybe these mad sadists, who took pleasure in torturing strong young men, would relent, and offer the suspended captive a few drops of cool water.

Greg had now entered a state of hallucination as the Butu whip once again landed on Nick’s ample target, and as Tony began to summon another few ounces of strength from his stunningly flexed musculature. The Butus began to shout as the young guide’s cage achieved its lowest point yet.

Tony released a loud beast-like growl as he felt his strength ebb. He reached deep into his soul to wrench the ropes higher. The cage jerked. Luis was now unconscious from smoke inhalation and heat. The ragged edges of the cage were beginning to smolder. Tony’s straining musculature reddened with the increased exertion. He hissed loudly through clenched teeth. The Butus looked on. Tony’s display of endurance took their breath away and they knew it was only a matter of time before he faltered. They did not want to see this virile man impaled on the wooden spikes. More torture awaited. They rushed forward and pulled the ropes, cutting them from his wrists and swinging the cage to the side. They dragged the unconscious young guide free and cut Tony free from the frame. Greg’s unconscious frame was being held aloft and carried back to the village. His arms dangled, his head lolling backward, his sexy mouth open. His body was covered with bleeding leech bites and welts. The three heroes were unceremoniously laid beside the large phallus that thrust upward into the sky and blinding sun. The chief appeared and shouted directions to the tribe. Nick was unexpectedly untied from the millstone and dragged to join his colleagues. The Butus seized each man and positioned them at the four compass points around the phallic idol. Rough hands held the men upright. The aroused Butus took full advantage of the opportunity to fondle the gleaming and tortured muscle in their control, pinching and tweaking, stroking and caressing, pulling chest and ass fur, causing the men to moan and flex even more. The chief and high priest approached each man in turn. Staring into each handsome face they let go loud incantations exalting virility and masculine beauty as they pulled on their cocks and balls and brought their man nipples to full erection. As each man’s tits reached maximum arousal, they were pierced with long thorns. Once pierced, they were ringed with golden loops that sliced through the tough muscle behind the turgid nipple itself. The men gasped and moaned at the roughness of the piercings. The Butus held them tightly reveling in the writhing muscle. Loops of vines hanging from metal rings in the stone cock head were then tied to each man’s nipple rings. The loose ends were given to selected Butu priests. A wave of the hand and a slow but steady drumbeat began accompanied by a rhythmic chant. The High Priest nodded solemnly and the acolytes began to pull on the rope vines. They became taut and then each man felt the initial pull and stretching on his pierced tits. They looked at each other and twitched and cursed. The tethers pulled more. The masculine tit flesh began to stretch and rise upward causing each man to rise to his toes thrusting his tortured chest upward toward the stone cock. The Butus chants and drums filled their ears as their manly feet left the ground. They found themselves suspended by their ceremonial nipple rings…they were HUNG BY THEIR TITS!!

Our handsome heroes began a writhing erotic dance as their chests exploded with pain. Their arms were pulled behind their backs and tightly bound. The Butu High Priest stepped and examined each tortured chest in turn. He wanted the distended stretched chest muscles more clearly visible and took a dull edged sacrificial blade and began roughly scraping the pec fur from around each nipple, removing just enough to allow the tribe to clearly see the ceremonial piercings and the effect the torture was having on the captive’s manly broad chests. In turn Greg, through his head back and forth moaning, Nick let go with a string of expletives while biting his lower lip, Tony stared downward at his mighty pecs watching the muscle obscenely pulled outward, Luis began to whimper with the fiery agony in his nipples. As their legs twitched, the Butus enjoyed the sight of well shaped legs and thighs, muscles in stark relief and flexing dimpled asses. The quartet of husky male voices resonated to the delight of the Butu throng. The vocalization of their agony aroused the villages; nnnnnnnnnngh..ughhhhhh.fuck……..oh fuck….arhgggggggggg!!!my tits, god damn, MY TITS!!My tits are being ripped off!! ARGHGHGGHGH!!

That was all that the four suspended men could think about. Each one felt as if his nipple meat was about to be torn from his ample chest muscle. The four sets of what were beautifully shaped pectorals now acquired a grotesqueness that caused mocking laughter from the gathered Butus. Tony had always been proud of the way his chest looked, and Greg had honed his twin orbs of muscle by strenuous training during his football days.

The moaning men suffered in the brutal jungle humidity as the air was occasionally punctuated by a manly scream or vile obscenity. Of course, any sounds made by the captives as they suffered were mellifluous sounds to the tribe, causing the groins of the Butus to respond in kind. They had never had such examples of male virility at their disposal.

“Hold on, boy. Try to hold on.” Tony’s rasping voice tried to give Luis courage during his ordeal. “It hurts bad, Tony. Real bad.” The guide’s pec flesh was not as thick as that of the more muscled adventurers, and having to listen to Luis’ shrill cries only added to the their torture.

A smooth sheen of man sweat now covered the four suffering men, rivulets of it coursing down ridges of muscle. Their suffering was being enjoyed by all who had gathered around the men to observe.

The High Priest now lifted up the four sets of boots and shoes that had been previously placed on the platform. Eight scorpions had been gathered, and their poison removed. The High Priest recited an incantation as he placed a scorpion in each shoe or boot.

Luis began to panic as he watched the proceedings from above. Nick could barely see since his eyes had been clouded over by his sweat. Tony, not realizing that the poison had been removed, believed that the scorpions would surely signal his death, and Greg, despite his formidable size, was in a state too weakened to even know what was going on.

Butu assistants were handed the footwear and ordered to loosely place it on the feet of the hanging men. This act was swiftly performed, and it wasn’t long before the already suffering men were trying to kick the shoes and boots from their feet. The kicking movements only intensified the pulling on their distended pecs, causing them to moan and scream more loudly.

ARGH! UNGH! Nick felt the first sting on the sole of his right foot. Tony was next to feel a sting on his heel. Luis was still violently thrashing to remove his shoe when he heard Greg curse as a scorpion stung him right under his big right toe. And then Luis was stung on both feet at the same time. Droplets of sweat flew off his body as he rhythmically jerked, tossing his handsome head from side to side.



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