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Hero in distress

If you like illustrated stories, artwork and comics under the theme of “hero in distress,” you will want to check out the Aquadude Bunker site, which features lots of artwork created by artists like Amalaric, who formerly ran the Chained Muscle site. The new site is fantastic for those who like to see muscle guys getting tied up and tortured!

Artwork by Amalaric

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Aqudude Bunker Amalric Chained Muscle

Metal would like to thank to Jeb Nicholls for passing along a link to this site!

Japanese POW

By Chained Muscle

Greg could not believe that his once virgin hairy body would be subjected to this hideous nightmare of bdsm. His heart was racing with each thrust of the soldier’s hard cock up inside of his ass. The pain was unbearable. He had to try to keep his wits about him or else he would go insane. He tried to remember the good old days of high school sports and his friend who would try to molest his then slightly hairy body. During his puberty years his body hair started to grow especially his last two years of high school. His chest hair was fine and still a little thin except at the lower abs and the trail to his bush. His cock and balls grew to normal sizes and he would get erections sometimes at the wrong time.

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Wrong Turn Charlie

By Chained Muscle

Charlie slowly begins to open his eyes to the sound of voices, his head is throbbing, his vision is blurred. He tries to move and quickly realizes his wrists are bound, he’s shirt and pants have been removed and his under shorts unbuttoned.

“What the fuck!”

“You’re awake.” Charlie to turns his head to the sound behind him and is greeted by the old tow truck driver with a raging hard on. It all comes back to him, he took a wrong turn, his car had broken down, he called for the nearest garage, the driver showed up and that was the last he remembered.

The old man pats Charlie on the head, “Don’t worry none son, we just want to have some fun with you.”

The two young boys in front of him are arguing, as the youngest of the two begins removing his shirt. “Pa said I could have this one.”

“Fuck you Billy-bob, I’m taking him first, you get sloppy seconds.” As the arguing continues, the old man shouts, “you two boys be nice and share, our new friend is going to be with us for a bit.”

Nearly crying, “Please, what are you going do? Just let me go.”

The old man just laughs, “Boy, looks like you made a wrong turn.”


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