An Afternoon in the Bush

By Catdude

The box sat in the middle of the room, nothing about it all that distinctive. The only thing that would draw attention to it where it placed next to another wooden box was the hooded head that poked out of a hole in the top. The hood that could be seen at a casual glance was a English s10 gasmask, it had been modified so that instead of straps at the back it was the front part of a rubber hood.

The boy actually wearing the hood however was very much aware of the fact that that was only the icing on the top of a very kinky cake. First he had earphones in, they were connected to an iphone that was on auto answer and also through a number of apps had its playlist controlled by a nearby computer that was itself being controlled by outside sources, a webcam with a little red light on the top showed that someone, or in this case many someone’s were enjoying the situation, the same web group was also selecting the playlist songs that were being sent through the headphones, there was simple white noise, a gentle background hiss that along with the three layers of hoods blocked all noise, other selections however also included the sound tracks from porn movies, grunting and moans and general unmistakable noise of men having sex filled the boys ears. Also on the list were a number of conditioning mp3’s recorded messages in his SIR’s voice telling him how he was to obey, that his servitude was expected. Over the top of the earphones was a open face hood, one of SIR’s socks that he had worn the day before was stuffed in his mouth, then a meter or rubber bondage tape wrapped around to keep it in place,  then a full face hood with only eye hole, then finally the gasmask.

What was happening inside the box couldn’t be seen by the camera, the inside of the box consisted of a simple bench and some restraint points, the ones on the floor were in use, the boy was in 20hole ranger boots, these in turn were chained to the heavy rings bolted into the bottom of the box, resting between the boys boots was another iphone plugged into a set of speakers, the speakers sat next to a elctro unit, no technology aloud long distance operation of the electro unit, but if it was set to microphone input and then the phone linked with the comp allowing it to be activated when desired the boy could be shocked when the master desired, this phone was controlled by only one man though, the boys SIR.

The wires for the device led to a plug embedded deep in the boys ass, inserting it had required a training plug to be worn a hour beforehand and some deep breathing as he had eased himself onto it, it filled him very well, holding it in place was a pair of thick rubber shorts, a codpiece front aloud the boys genitals to poke through the front, over the top of the shorts was a rubber surfsuit, leaving the boys arms and legs bare, and again a front zip allowing the boys private bits to be exposed, over the top of this was a full length catsuit covering the remaining bare bits, over the top of the rubber catsuit was a rubber straightjacket. Even though all the layers aloud the boys cock and balls to be exposed, their freedom had been stopped by a birdlocked chastity devise, over the top of the entire devise a condom had been stretched, it was currently stretching down to the floor of the box, filled with the piss of the boy through the day. This would be collected and then a dice roll would determine its use. To be mixed with dirt to form piss mud for a facial mudpack, mixed with gelatin to form a piss jelly that would be served to boy after his dinner or used as a enema were just a few of the uses the boys SIR had found for the boys piss. SIR’s piss however only had one purpose, to go down the boys throat. It was kept in a beautiful glass jug in a small bar fridge in the garage, the jug had a mark on it if boy did not manage to keep SIR’s piss level under that mark then he would be VERY sorry.

Currently the boy was focused intently on the clock on the wall, his SIR had left for a morning brunch with some friends at 8am, leaving boy like this, the phone hooked to the earphones had rung and auto answer had relayed the message through to the bound boy, his SIR had causally said that he was catching up with some others for lunch and then a movie and should be home by three. The boys eyes were riveted to the clock on the wall showing the time as 2:55, though for all he knew his SIR had come home hours ago, or was sitting downstairs entertaining guests who had no idea what was happening above them.

The sounds of boots on the stairs were drowned out by all the hoods and earphones the boy had so he gave a little wiggle of happiness as the door to the room opened and his SIR strolled in, his SIR always wore leathers on the weekend, at night he slept in his leathers on leather sheets, but despite his SIR’s love of leather he was always happy to indulge his boys love of rubber. His SIR ignored him and strolled over to the computer and shut down the webcam and group access to the headphone for the phone. As he was doing this however a heavy techno song started playing on the speakers next to the electro unit, his SIR turned and leant against the table and smiled as he listened to the moans coming from the boy as the massive plug pulsed with electricity along with the beats of the song. Once the song ended he stepped forward and opened up the box, he unchained the boys feet and helped him stand, he removed the piss filled condom from around the chastity devise, the proximity of his leather clad SIR and contact with the devise made the boys cock try and grow in its small tight unmerciful prison, SIR smiled as he saw this knowing the discomfort it would cause the boy. He left the boy standing there for a little while, white noise still playing over the earphones. He returned with a one-piece leather bike suit. It was the boys, a few internal pockets and extra zip access points had been added to the suit. SIR removed the straightjacket and handed the leather suit to the boy. Getting the pants on over the boots was a slight struggle but the boy managed it. The phone connected to the earphones went in one of the internal pockets, SIR walked over to the computer again and the song changed from white noise to one of the conditioning recordings, the boys hot SIR’s voice filled boy’s ears. Telling him to release himself to SIR and obey. The electro unit went into another pocket and SIR attached the small remote unit for it to his keychain, he pushed a few buttons and a steady pulse of current started flowing through the plug, causing the boys ass to contract on each pulse, making the boy unwillingly fuck himself with the plug.

The boy and his SIR made their way into the garage, boy watched as SIR pulled the jug out of the fridge and piss in it before putting it back in the fridge, he had been putting boy in a lot of bondage lately and it was difficult for boy to find the free time to drink the piss in the jug to keep it below the mark, the boy suspected that SIR was intentionally making it hard for him.

After this was done his SIR handed the boy a helmet, it was boy’s special bike helmet, blacked out and the inside lined with leather, it had been SIR’s xmas present to boy the year before and boy had spent the next week carrying it everywhere with him like a little boy with a new teddy. The boy thought it was the best gift he had ever received. The boy pulled his helmet on and then SIR guided him over to bike, boy climbed onto the back and felt SIR get on in front of him, all of a sudden the bike roared to life and the boy groaned as the plug received even MORE stimulation.

The boy had no idea how long the ride went for or where they were going, clinging to his leather clad SIR in front of him feeling the vibrations of the bike add to the current flowing through the plug in his ass. In his sweaty leather/rubber prison, blind and deaf except for his SIR’s voice in his ears repeating over and over for boy to let go and serve.

A hour later the boy was strung between two trees, out in the middle of no-where, his arms stretched tight, the leather one piece was around his ankles, the catsuit and surfsuit ass zips were open, as was and the shorts had been pulled down enough for the plug to be pulled out, much to the boys relief. All the hoods and the helmet were still on the boy, suddenly he felt his SIR’s cock enter him. The boy struggled against his bonds as his tortured ass was invaded slowly by his SIR’s cock, then the fucking started, his SIR was capable of great tenderness but also great cruelty, he smashed his hips against the boys ass, driving his cock into the boy in long brutal strokes, full removing his cock and smacking the boys ass causing the boy to clench his ass in reflex then drive his cock against the boys sphincter till it parted and the boy screamed against the gag. Short brutal thrusts, pushing the boy forward so that his arms were strained in their sockets as the rope pulled them back in an unyielding restraint. Waves of pain and pleasure coursed through the boy, his body unable to decide if the sensation was the worst pain ever, or divine ecstasy,  he wanted to scream for mercy for his SIR to stop but he was helpless. He felt his ass fill with his SIR’s cock, he felt the sensation of the awesome piece of meat fill him, press against his prostate and send waves of pleasure through him. The fat head of his SIR’s cock stretching out his sphincter. The brutal abuse continued for some time till suddenly he felt his sir shudder and jerk uncontrollably against him and he knew that his SIR had finally cum. After what felt like a eternity. The visor of the helmet was lifted and he blinked as his eyes tried to adjust to the light, they were in bush land, trees everywhere. But the boy only focused on one thing, the leather bound god of a man in front of him. Who was currently strapping on a massive black dildo to the front of his leather jeans, this was going to be a very long afternoon, he hoped he wouldn’t have to wear the plug on the way home.


The captive speaks:

I hung there exhausted between the trees, my ass was absolutely wrecked, SIR had spent a good half an hour going to town on me with his massive black strap on dildo. I was so grateful when SIR zipped up my surfsuit and catsuit and pulled my leather bike suit back up over my hips, he then released my arms and helped me shrug on the rest of the leather suit on. The bike ride back was half torture half ecstasy as the vibrations of the bike thrummed through my body and my wrecked ass, the earphones were playing the background to porno’s in my ear, but more sex was the last thing on my mind.

Once we were home SIR used the phone to call me and told me to strip out of my layers clean them and change for bed.

It felt great to finally get out of all the layers of rubber and to take the headphones off. I quickly got ready for bed. I pulled my leather bikesuit back on, this time though I had a pair of harness boots on instead of rangers. Heavy leather gauntlets were pulled on over the top. I walked over to the bed that SIR had gotten custom made, I admired the sexy black leather sheets, imaging my SIR asleep between them wearing his leathers made my cock twitch a little in its cage, I wondered when I would be allowed to cum next , it was frustrating as hell not being able to cum, but my frustration and horniness made SIR horny, he was talking about buying something more permanent, I sighed, sometimes serving SIR meant large sacrifices on my part, but for him, they were worth it. I glanced at the clock, I had about 20mins before my bedtime, if I finished this quickly I would be able to race downstairs and have a glass of piss before bed I knelt down beside the heavy wooden bed frame, there was a large drawer under the frame, I pulled it out to reveal a large leather padded trundle bed, also known as my bed, I grabbed the leather sleep sack out of the cupboard, since I had work tomorrow and need sleep I would only be put in the sleep sack and my leather bike suit, if it was a non work night I would also have two layers of rubber as well as electro and a large plug to look forward too.  Once the sleep sack was neatly laid out ready for me to wiggle into it I raced downstairs and quickly gulped down a glass of SIR’s cold piss, after a quick trip to the bathroom to brush my teeth to get the disgusting taste out of my mouth I went back into the bedroom and wiggled into the lower half of the sleep sack, I paused and I pulled on my hood it had mouth and nose openings but was padded over eyes and ears. I would have to wait for SIR to come up and lace it up tightly, I strapped my gag on, it had a small opening on the front, my dinner would be delivered through it, SIR had decreed I needed to work my way up to solid food, which I would consume out of a dog bowl, I was looking forward to that rather than the bland tasteless sludge that got injected by a large syringe through my gag nightly.

I slipped my arms into the internal sleeves of the sleep sack and laid down to await SIR coming up to tuck me into bed. I didn’t have to wait long till I felt SIR’s booted feet thumping along the floor to me, the sleep sack tightened as he did up the zips, there was a pause as I knew he grabbed some rope out of the cupboard, the sack soon tightened even more as SIR laced me tightly into the sleep sack.  Once this was done he pushed me over on my side and laced the hood up, the feeling of the leather hood constricting tightly around my head and knowing that my sexy leather clad SIR was lacing it up  made my cock strain against its imprisonment. Soon the hood was laced and sir let me fall back onto my back. The next sensation was off tightening over my chest and waist and knees, I knew it was the long leather belts attached to the side of the trundle, making it impossible for me to move. Not long after this the bland paste started to flow into my mouth through my gag, I really couldn’t wait till I could start enjoying my meals out of a dogbowl under the table at SIR’s feet.  A sensation of movement and a jolt let me know that SIR had pushed the trundle back under the bed, he had shown me a pic he had posted online once, he also fastened a large padlock on the drawer. So basically I was locked under a sturdy bed frame, strapped down to a leather pad wearing a sleepsack and leather hood with leather bike suit underneath. Above me the leather god of a man who I worshiped would spend the night sleeping between leather sheets. I slipped into sleeps embrace, life was good.






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