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Josh walked down the stairs towards the cell, he knew that his booted feet would make a fair bit of noise on the metal stairs, but then that was the point, he wanted the occupant of the cell to know he was coming, and all the good and bad things that implied, he swung open the door and smiled at the scene before him, at the far end of the room, though it was essentially a cell since it contained a prisoner, was two metal poles embedded in the cement.

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Glass and a Half

By Catdude

Josh sighed and rolled off me. I swallowed a few times, savouring the flavour of his juice in my mouth, sucking at my cheeks a little to extract the very last bit of his cum. I lay there enjoying the aftertaste of it in my mouth, salty yet tangy, I also grunted and wiggled a little, the tight straightjacket hugged me close and I could feel the pressure building on my forearms the most and a little in my shoulders, I had cum a few minutes before Josh had, he had stroked me to a orgasm even as my mouth had worked him towards him.

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Stud Farm

By Catdude

A sharp buzz roused me out of my sleep, grey concrete walls were the first thing to welcome me back to the world of wakefulness; that and, of course, the thick steel bars. I stretched out, the thin mattress on the floor was only slightly better than nothing at all, which was the price I would pay for disobedience.  I reflected on this as I stretched, every muscle ached, but I was used to that now, the dull throbbing pain had become just another part of my everyday life.

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By Catdude

The sun had set and the area was lit by the harsh, fake light of the streetlights, shadows filled the gaps where the light pools failed to meet, a van drove between these alternating pools of light and shadow ahead a warehouse that was indistinguishable from the ones around it waited. The van pulled up to the roller doors at the front of the warehouse, the roller door opened to admit it and then closed behind it, with a certain finality.

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An Afternoon in the Bush

By Catdude

The box sat in the middle of the room, nothing about it all that distinctive. The only thing that would draw attention to it where it placed next to another wooden box was the hooded head that poked out of a hole in the top. The hood that could be seen at a casual glance was a English s10 gasmask, it had been modified so that instead of straps at the back it was the front part of a rubber hood.

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Bike Trip – Parts 1 and 2

By Catdude

Part 1

I sat at the airport, nervously playing with my ticket, thinking over the event that had led to me being here, Josh pretty much ran my life now, he had made we quit my job, there had been very little option really, he told me that if I didn’t quit he would just confine me to my house with no food and that after enough days had passed that my job would have fired me he would finally allow me drugged food and I would re-awaken in my cell with the chair waiting to milk me. That had made it very easy for me to make up my mind.

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