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Rubber Fuck Toys

By Locked22

Sean and Kyle had been friends for years – first meeting through kinky social networking, then discovering they had the same kinks, then taking it offline – but they couldn’t play often, due to the distance between them. Sure, they saw each other a few times a year at kink events, but real play opportunities were limited by travel time. This latest trip had been planned nearly a year in advance. Sean was going to drive up for a week-long kinky holiday at Kyle’s.

Shortly after this latest trip was planned, Kyle messaged Sean to share a powerful fantasy he had of the two of them: a double dildo gag – a gag that was both a gag for the wearer and a dildo the wearer could fuck someone with. In the fantasy, Kyle was in a sling while Sean was the one gagged, bound to the sling stand, kneeling, and would be forced to fuck Kyle using the gag.

The fantasy consumed their sexual dreams for weeks. It seemed ideally suited to the two friends – both were switches who craved the power exchange of the scene. Sean would be in the dominant position of fucking Kyle, but with his dick locked away in a chastity cage, so he’d be submissive, too. He could fuck, but he would feel nothing. Kyle, on the other hand, would be in the traditionally submissive role of bottom, but would also be in charge of the entire scene, since Sean would be restrained and unable to move.

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