You Wanted This

By Locked22

“You wanted this, slave.”

The voice spoke confidently through a speaker overhead as Derek stared at the collar.

This wasn’t just any collar. “It must weigh ten pounds” he thought, as he lifted the massive metal object off the floor of the cell he found himself in. It was a beautiful piece of ironwork, with an integrated locking mechanism that removed any need for a bulky padlock. A length of heavy chain stretched from an anchor on the wall to the collar – long enough to allow a wearer to sit or stand, but not long enough for the wearer to get close to the door of the cell.

He knew that if he closed it around his neck, there was no going back.

Not that there was much chance of that as it was. He was naked, save for the chastity cage that had been a constant companion over the preceding month, and alone in the small cell. He didn’t know where he was, or even who he was about to put himself in the custody of.

Derek had dreamed of such an imprisonment for years.

Six weeks before, after a long sleepless night in self-imposed chastity, Derek found himself admitting the depths of his prisoner fantasies to Kyle, a friend a few hours away who shared many of Derek’s interests and switchy tendencies, and they often traded roles playing whenever they were in town together. They discussed the difficulties of such long-term scenes, but both agreed it would be fun to try someday.

A few days later, Kyle shared an online kink profile with him – a professional dom with a private cell, who could potentially make Derek’s dreams real. Couldn’t hurt to reach out, right?

Derek reached out immediately.

A series of successful messages later, and a plan took shape. The cell was available, and Derek had plenty of vacation time to burn. Derek was to be stored in the cell when not in service as a house slave or sex toy to the owner of the cell, who would only call himself Warden – and he expected Derek to do the same.

Derek was to come willingly. The Warden wanted to see Derek fully commit to his new position as a prisoner and slave, and required that Derek lock himself in chastity for a month prior to the start of his sentence.

The month passed slowly. The cage made its presence known any time Derek thought about his future imprisonment. As the big day approached, the Warden provided his final instructions.

The instructions were clear – Derek was to drive out of the city, to a cabin the Warden had rented in a nearby state park. In the cabin, he was to strip naked, put a blackout hood on himself, and wait for the Warden to collect him.

When he arrived, the cabin was completely empty. Derek stripped naked as instructed, folding his clothes neatly next to the door. He slipped the canvas hood over his head, folded his hands over his head, knelt facing away from the door, and began to wait.

And wait he did. What seemed like an hour passed, alone in the cabin with nothing but his thoughts and the throbbing of his caged cock, obviously eager for what was to come.

Suddenly, everything happened at once.

The door of the cabin flew open behind him, someone grabbed his hands, and with one quick motion, pulled zipcuffs tight around them, trapping them behind his back His captor grabbed him under his arms, another person grabbed his legs, and they carried him out of the cabin and into the trunk of a car and slammed the trunk closed.

The drive took hours. Derek squirmed around in the trunk over bumps in the road, through twists and turns, until finally he heard nothing but silence.

The trunk lid was opened, and Derek felt himself being dragged down a set of stairs, and pushed into a room.

“Kneel. The hood stays on until you are ordered to remove it.” said a muffled voice behind him.

Derek knelt, the zipcuffs were cut away, and a heavy door slammed shut behind him.

A few minutes later, a speaker crackled to life above him.

“Remove the hood.” said the voice.

Derek reached up and removed the capture hood. For the first time in hours, he could see clearly. What he saw was a shock.

He was in a small, padded room, lit only by a single bare fluorescent tube above him.

Across the room lay an iron collar.

“Your sentence begins when the collar closes around your neck, and not a minute before.” said the voice. “You will wear that collar throughout your time here. It and your chastity device will be your uniform. Neither will be removed.”

Derek hesitated. He picked up the collar, felt the weight, observed the security of the lock. He had dreamed of collars such as these, but had never felt one before. He didn’t know if he could wear such a heavy collar for so long.

“I am waiting.” the voice from the speaker said, with a note of annoyance. Derek knew there must be a camera in the cell – the Warden was watching his indecision.

“You wanted this, slave.”

Derek knew it was true. That he wanted to feel the weight of the collar more than anything.

He placed it around his neck. The cold steel sent shivers through him. The weight on his shoulders was like nothing he had ever experienced.

Derek closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and clicked the internal lock closed.

He was a prisoner.

He was where he needed to be.

A moment later, the cell door opened.

Kyle stepped into the cell, dressed in head to toe leather. “How do you like the new cell?”

“I guess it’s Warden Kyle from now on” he said, as he unzipped his fly “and you’ve got some work to do, slave.”

Thanks to Locked22 for this story!

He was locked in chastity while writing this!

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  1. Bravo! GREAT scene setup! I love the descriptions of what’s going through Derek’s mind as he contemplates – and then takes – that irrevocable step.

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