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I’m an average guy. I’m not very fit or particularly attractive.  So why was he interested in me?

He was great – mid-twenties, quite a fit body, pretty face, one of the cuter guys in the bar. So why did he take a second look at me?

Simple, he must be rent. He was chatting to me without mentioning any money, and I liked chatting to him, so I’d let him and see where it was going.

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By Mortice Deadlock

Chapter 1

I had been planning this experience for several weeks, and if it was half as horny as the planning, it would be an incredible time.

I had been wearing my chastity belt for the last week, constantly horny about what was going to happen, but helpless to do anything about it. The belt was tight around my waist and had a secure shield over my cock, preventing any stimulation. I had occasionally been using the secure butt plug fitting of the belt, going out for the day with the large plug locked in and the keys at home, in training for my experience.

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