By Mortice Deadlock

Chapter 1

I had been planning this experience for several weeks, and if it was half as horny as the planning, it would be an incredible time.

I had been wearing my chastity belt for the last week, constantly horny about what was going to happen, but helpless to do anything about it. The belt was tight around my waist and had a secure shield over my cock, preventing any stimulation. I had occasionally been using the secure butt plug fitting of the belt, going out for the day with the large plug locked in and the keys at home, in training for my experience.

At 10am, I heard a ‘ding’ which announced that my time controlled safe had unlocked itself. I grabbed for the keys which had been kept safe in the safe for the last week, and hurriedly unlocked my chastity belt. It was such relief, just to let my cock stretch out to its full size, unrestricted by steel any more. The temptation was very strong to just grab it and wank my balls off, but I knew that I must be self-restrained a little longer.

I grabbed my rubber briefs. They had a cock sheath which I’d pre-lubed, so my cock had no problem filling it up almost to breaking point.

Then I picked up the butt plug which I’d selected for this experience. It was a big one – almost the largest I had. It needed to be in order to fit the batteries and other technology within it. I lubed up my ass, and started getting that bad boy in there. It took several goes and a lot of grimacing, but somehow it went in. And I even managed to not grab for my cock while doing it, with a superhuman effort of self-control.

Then, the rubber shortie suit. This was a tight one, and needed a lot of lube inside just to get it on. With the front zip open, I pulled the legs up, then had to bend backwards to get my arms into the sleeves. As I stood upright, the whole suit got tighter and pulled up into my crotch, making my cock bulge very visible. I pulled my stomach in as I dragged the zip up my chest – so tight that I might never be able to breathe out again.

With the zip closed, the zip runner was next to a small reinforced hole in the suit. I picked up a padlock, checked that the keys were working, and then ‘posted’ the keys into a small slot in the back of another safe, where they would be inaccessible for some time. I put the lock through the zip runner, then through the hole and snapped it shut, securing myself into the suit.

Next, a more common garment. Most diving suits had been in water most of their life, but mine had never hit water, except for the occasional splash of cum! I started dragging the thick neoprene suit up my body, compressing my legs, compressing my arms, then compressing my whole body as I pulled the zip up my back. At one point I thought the zip might not close at all – it was always tight even when I was naked under it, so perhaps the few layers of rubber would be enough to make the suit too small for me. But after a lot of huffing and puffing, it closed. And, once again, I used a padlock to secure the zip to a small hole in the collar of the suit, and the keys hit the safe.

I worked my jaw back and forth, knowing it would be the last exercise it would get in a while. I picked up a rubber gag hood and put it on. This had always been a tight one, and compressed my head all over. The built in rubber gag pushed its way into my mouth, not quite triggering a gag reflex but deep enough in, and wide enough, to hold my jaw open with no room for movement.

The hood’s two tiny eye holes were enough for me to be able to find my next layer – a full body rubber suit. This really was full body – hands, feet and hood all attached. It was, of course, very tight and I’d liberally pre-lubed it beforehand. I had to roll the legs up my legs, and the arms up my arms, all the time keeping my mind off my throbbing cock which was shouting out for attention, and my throbbing ass which was trying to push out the intruder.

I put the suit’s hood over my head and closed the rear zip. I hadn’t imagined my torso could feel any more compressed, but the suit felt like it was taking a few more inches off my waistline and chest measurement. It had two runners which met together at the back of my neck. These were secured together with yet another padlock, which was made tricky to use due to my rubber gloved hands. It was very horny hearing the click of the lock and the chink of the keys falling into the safe.

I looked around the room for the last time. I checked the location of my knife. If I got into any serious unexpected problems, I could always use the knife to cut myself out of all the equipment. It would ruin hundreds of dollars of gear, so it was only a last resort, but it’s always important to have a last resort.

Next, the hood. This time, a leather ‘total enclosure’ hood. I pulled it over my head and started lacing up the back. The built in blindfold plunged me into darkness. With each lace I pulled, it got tighter around my head, got tighter against the gag reaching into my mouth, got blacker if that’s possible. After getting to the bottom of the lacing, I started at the top again, tightening it even further. Then, when they weren’t getting any tighter, I pulled a zip down on a flap covering the lacing. With no vision any more, I had to grope for the next padlock, secure the flap, then grope for the safe where I could lose the keys.

I took a deep breath – as much as I possibly could with the compression on my chest and the gag nearly down my throat. As much as I was helpless to my bondage now, I had yet to make the next step which would be the biggest in my self-incarceration.

Lying on my bed was a sleep sack. A small, tight, leather sleep sack. One I had spent many happy hours struggling in, though usually naked underneath, never with as many layers as I was now wearing. A sleep sack renders its victim more helpless than any suit, straitjacket or handcuffs ever could.

I groped for it, and positioned myself face down over it. I slipped my feet into the single foot of the sack, then slid my rubbery arms down into the sleeves. The fit was okay, everything seemed ready. Just two more things to do.

I paused for a moment, juggled some thoughts, and decided that safety would win over horniness. I took the knife in its safety sheath, and put it down into the sleeve of the sleep sack. It would be an absolute last resort, but with no other option I would be able to cut my way out of the sack. Having done that, I tried to forget it was there and believe I was going to be truly helpless.

And then the last task. I felt for a small control unit mounted to the head of my bed, and pushed a button on top. Then I slid down into the sack, put the hood over my head, put my arms into the internal sleeves, and waited.

In the silence of the room, I could hear the quiet turning of the gears in the control unit. It was currently taking up the slack on the small chain connected to a cylinder and to the zip at the foot of the sleep sack. The mechanism would rotate the cylinder, rolling up the chain and pulling the zip closed.

It rotated very slowly, pulling perhaps only an inch a minute. But this made it a very powerful pull, able to drag the zip closed and pull the sides of the sack together in the process.

I lay there for about ten minutes before I felt the tug at my feet indicating the chain was now taught. It slowly started constricting my legs as it inched further up the sack. I could only wait as it slowly entombed me.

As it started tightening over my ass, I suddenly thought – it’s not too late! I could probably still shuffle out of this. I could still escape the sack, and then I could run away – still trapped in the suits, still blinded, still gagged, still ass packed, but otherwise free!

Because there’s only one control box. Because the cylinder is only pulling the chain upwards. Because the zip only closes. Because there’s no mechanism to open this sack once I’m sealed inside.

I experimentally tried shrugging my shoulders to see if the sack would fall off, but already it seemed too tight to escape from. No choice but to feel the crush and to love it.

It took an age, but it happened. My arms were pulled together ever tighter, then my chest, then my head. And finally, a bleep from the control box to indicate it had pulled the zip as much as it was going to, and my incarceration was complete.

I lay there – what else could I do? My cock had been cycling from hard to very hard. I had been thrusting it, fucking the layers, but I couldn’t get much movement – enough to tease, not enough to cum. I was horny as hell, balls filled for a week, in probably the most secure bondage I had ever been in, desperate to shoot but I couldn’t quite do it.

My attention turned to my surroundings. Listening for my door opening, listening for the front door of the flat opening, listening for anything in the building, listening for the traffic outside, and in the next street and beyond. Because there lay the next step of my adventure.

It was Saturday morning. I had told my flatmate Alan what time I was doing this, and how severe it was going to be. He knew me well, he knew what pushed my buttons, and he knew what my limits were and how much I’d pushed them in the past. Usually by his hand, because we’d played scenes like this before. But never this severe. And he knew I didn’t have anything I needed to do until Monday morning. He was free to do whatever he wanted with me for the next 48 hours. But he wouldn’t be that cruel and keep me secured all that time, would he?

He’d gone out earlier, and I didn’t know what time he was going to come back – he wouldn’t tell me. But he knew what state to expect me in. It must have been about midday, so I was straining to hear for his return.

Time passed – I’ve no idea how much time – and I heard constant traffic outside, and occasional cars stopping, but no Alan and no freedom. Perhaps he thought that Sunday evening would be a good time to return, perhaps all my listening was futile.

Or perhaps he never left. Perhaps he had been in the room all the time, ever since I put on the blindfold hood. Perhaps he’d been watching me for the last hour, futilely thrusting into the bed, moaning with pleasure and frustration.

He might be right here. He might be miles away. Nothing I could do.

As I succumbed to the knowledge that I would be here a long time, my mind drifted off into fantasy. I dreamed of dungeons, and Masters lashing me into cages, of being strapped over a bench and fucked, of being buried alive, of being trapped helpless in rubber and leather, of being right here.


Chapter 2


It must have woken me. It was just a click. But it was close by. I think. Or it could have been a dream. Suddenly, I was hypersensitive to every sound around me. But I heard nothing.

For about ten minutes I remained on high alert, and eventually concluded it must have been my imagination. I relaxed and dozed.

Then it hit me. Stimulation from the core of my being! It took a few seconds to orientate myself. I realized that the monster butt plug had come to life, and was vibrating! Not that strong, but it was the first sensation I’d had in hours.

So he was here! He was watching me, using the controller for the remote vibrator plug on me! Or had he plugged in the computer controller module earlier, and he’d set it to start now? He could still be miles away from the flat, just letting the random number generator in the computer select my torments.

Over time the plug got more intense, then stopped, then cycled through random settings of pulsation and silence. It pushed my cock to new levels of hardness.

Then the shoulder vibrator started.

No, wait, there was no shoulder vibrator! The sensation of vibration I was getting along my back must be from a human! I don’t know when it happened, but Alan must have come back and was using something on me. The end was in sight!

After working over my body with what I think was a high powered but quiet mains massager, he then turned me over. For the first time in hours, I was lying face up! He moved the massager all over my body – everywhere except the part which needed it most; he just circled around the throbbing bulge of my cock.

And then it stopped. I was waiting for the next touch, the next buzz, but nothing. For minutes, then for hours. My butt plug kept up its random vibrations at random times, but otherwise I was alone again. I must have drifted in and out of waking states, dreaming states, fantasy states, hallucinating states, I have no idea for how long.

Then the buzz started again. I thought it might be my plug, but it was different. It was at my toes, but moved up, between my knees, then my thighs, and finally it settled on my bulge. The strong vibration was thrilling my cock, giving it just what it needed. The power vibe pushed in harder, rattling my whole pelvis and giving me the ride of a lifetime.

I felt an orgasm start – first in my toes, then a tingle working up my body, from my knees, from my shoulders, working inwards, storming towards the pleasure epicenter. I felt the rush in my balls and then the surge through my cock and the cum explosion into my rubber. The vibration continued as the sperm pulsed out of me.

After I don’t know how long, the cum stopped, the vibe stopped, and I phased out.


Chapter 3


The next thing I knew, I was being unzipped from the sleep sack. But it felt like hours later, my muscles ached and I was swimming in sweat and cum. He pulled the sleep sack off me, then pushed some things into my hand – a bunch of keys and a piece of paper.

I tried to speak, but of course could hardly make a sound. I guess he wanted me to unlock my own hood, but that was very difficult with rubber gloves on and not knowing which of the handful of keys would fit that lock and which way around it should go.

Having no other option, I fumbled with the keys and the lock, and it took about ten minutes before I got the right key the right way around and was able to unlock the flap over the lacing of the zips. Getting that hood off was such a relief! Even though my head was still trapped in two rubber hoods, and my mouth very gagged, it felt like almost freedom to escape the crush of the leather.

It took a minute for my eyes to adjust to the light and get some focus back. I saw a clock, which showed 2 o’clock, but I didn’t really have much idea of whether that might be afternoon or at night, or even what day it was.

Then I read the piece of paper that Alan had left for me. It read:

“Hope you enjoyed your time secured. I didn’t think you’d want to end your time too early, so I put one of your keys into Tony’s secure post box. You’ll have to ask him for it when he comes home this evening. See you in a few days, Alan”

That was unexpected! Tony was my straight flatmate, and he didn’t know anything about our fetish play. I’d have to think of some very good excuse as to why Alan would have given him a key that I would be asking him for.

But which key? If it was the key to my full body rubber suit, I’d be in big trouble, not least because I wouldn’t even be able to get the gag out of my mouth to speak to him!

I quickly scrabbled for the other keys and tried them in the lock securing the zips of the suit. Of course, my haste made me fumble the keys even more, but eventually one of the keys slipped home and the zips fell open. The first thing to do was to get rid of the gag that had been blocking my mouth for hours. I whipped off the suit hood and the gag hood, and worked my jaw and face muscles as they enjoyed being exposed to the air for the first time in an age.

Even before taking the rest of the suit off, I tried the keys in the next lock to see if I would be allowed to remove the diving wetsuit. But after many futile minutes, I concluded that only Tony could release me from the wetsuit.

As I climbed out of the full suit, I thought about an excuse I could give Tony to explain why I was wearing a wetsuit around the flat, given that he knew I had never gone surfing or anything similar. But I decided I would just have to hide it.

My hands, feet and head were now free, but everything else would have to stay wrapped up. My ass was still intermittently buzzing, my cock in its sheath was swimming in cum which had nowhere to go, the rubber thong leotard was still pushing the plug in deeper, and both the shortie rubber suit and the wetsuit were crushing it all in.


Chapter 4


It turned out the 2 o’clock was 2am Sunday morning – I had been in the sleep sack for around 15 hours. Having been in a daze most of that time, I couldn’t sleep much so just idled until the sun came up. And even then I couldn’t comfortably leave the flat without covering up like it was deep winter to hide the wetsuit.

Eventually, the moment came that I had been longing for and dreading – at about 10pm, Tony returned. I let him settle back in and make a cup of coffee while I pulled on the jumper and tracksuit bottoms I’d found to hide my neoprene.

I tried to look casual as I wandered into the kitchen where he was. I said, “Uh, did Alan give you anything for me?”

As soon as I saw his expression I knew something was up – he fixed me with a suspicious stare. He only said, “Why?”

I began to sweat. “Well, you see, I had this bet with him that…”

He interrupted me, saying, “Take off your jumper.”

“What? Why would I… why should I… what do you…”

“It’s summer, it’s warm in here, take it off if you ever want to see your keys again.”

I knew the game was up, so I conceded. I pulled off the jumper to show the matt rubber wetsuit with white company logos printed on it.

He banged the table. “Yes! I knew you guys were kinky. Don’t think I haven’t heard the rattle of chains late at night, or seen the marks on your wrist, or smelled the rubber through the flat. Take the rest off too.”

I reluctantly did. It was quite annoying, having spent the last few years trying to hide my fetish from him, only to find that he knew about it all the time.

He said, “So where to these keys go?”

I turned around and pointed out the padlock holding up the back zip.

Just then, at exactly the worst moment, the random vibrator kicked off again! As I’d been walking around it had moved and was now buzzing right against my prostate. I couldn’t stop myself letting out a pleasurable “Oh!”

He looked straight at my ass. “What was that? You got something shoved up there? Wow, it’s a vibrator, isn’t it. Even while you’re standing here talking to me, you’re getting fucked in the ass by a vibrator! And it looks like it’s staying there until you get that suit off.”

I thought it would be worth asking a straight question, though I didn’t expect a favorable answer. “So, you can see I need to get out of this thing. Could you just unlock me now?”

Tony smiled. “Well, if you want something from me I think it’s only fair that you give me something back.”

I sighed. “What do you want?”

“Just something that you gay guys get a lot of practice at.” He sat down on a chair and spread his legs wide. “I’m not gay, but I like a blow job just as much as anyone.” He unzipped his fly. “I bet you give head better than my girlfriend does.” He pulled out his semi-hard cock.

I’d known Tony for many years, and he’s a handsome man. I had often wondered what his cock was like, and in my fantasies it looked just like the one hanging in front of me. Long enough and satisfyingly wide. My own cock stretched its rubber enclosure at the idea of going down on him.

I stared. He said, “What are you staring at, get on with it.” I went down on my knees and sucked in his meat. In seconds he was up to full length and girth – it felt even bigger than the gag that had been filling my mouth earlier. I sucked as I pumped up and down his shaft, and slipped his head down my throat.

He started to moan, then grabbed the back of my head and rammed it into his groin, forcing his cock right down my throat. My hand was on the bulge of my own cock, fully hard now though I could hardly feel it under all the layers. He fucked my head, pumping harder and harder until I felt my mouth fill with his salty seed. I choked as it filled me, but still it came as he came.

He released my head. I fell back, coughing and spitting cum over the floor. He said, “Wow, you guys really do know what you’re doing.”

As I was still recovering, glugging back water and hoping I would still be able to speak, he said. “I need to be woken up at 8am tomorrow. I’m going to turn off my alarm clock, I want to be woken up by you sucking me off. If you do as good a job tomorrow as you did today, I’ll see about releasing you.”

It would be another night of secured, horny frustration.


Chapter 5


I woke up at 7:50. This time it was from my alarm clock, but I’d been woken by that damn butt plug many times through the night. It was ironic that I’d had dreams about sucking off Tony, and that was now exactly what I was going to do. But in my dreams I was kept in a cage, forced to suck him off through the bars whenever he demanded it.

I entered his room. He was lying on top of his duvet, sound asleep, naked. I don’t know what he was dreaming about, but his cock was hard and throbbing, almost as though it knew what was coming.

I quietly knelt down by his bed and leaned in. First I kissed his cock, and then started to lick it around the head. I was working him like a lollipop. I sucked him in and gently moved my lips up and down his shaft, gradually increasing the pace and stimulation.

I think he was awake, but he still didn’t move. He lay there, enjoying the wake-up blow job from the gimp flatmate. But his cock was very alive, twitching and thrusting and pre-cumming as I sucked and rubbed and deep-throated it.

He starting moaning and I knew what was cumming. I didn’t want to choke again, so I switched to wanking him with both hands as a white fountain burst forth. Some hit my face, the rest splashed over his chest and onto his chin.

With his eyes still shut, he let out a very satisfied sigh, then waived his hand to tell me to go away. I left, wondering if I’d ever get my freedom.

Ten minutes later he came into my room without knocking. He said, “That was good, but I know what you did. Technically that wasn’t a blow job, that was a wank, and that’s not what I told you to give me.”

I started to protest, but he put his hand up to block me. “You’ll get your freedom, or at least some of it,” he said. “Show me your kinky gear.”

I don’t know what he wanted, but I’d have done anything to get out of that suit and get my cock and ass back. I opened some drawers where I kept some of my equipment.

He rummaged and pulled out a tall leather posture collar. “This is what I want – turn around,” he said. He put the collar on me and I heard some rattling as he tightened the buckles, and then a sudden release of pressure around my chest as he pulled down the zip to the diving suit.

I felt the back of the collar and, as I suspected, the straps had a padlock on them.

He slapped my ass. “Go shower and strip off whatever’s on you and in you, and then come back.”

I grabbed the other keys that Alan had given me, and went for the shower. I knew that Tony was planning something else. I considered just stripping off, grabbing some real clothes and making a run for it. But, of course, I couldn’t go out with a posture collar on and that was just as well secured as the suit was earlier. My cock throbbed, knowing he had forced me into returning to him to submit to whatever plan he had for me.

I stepped into the shower, still wearing everything. The hot water flowed over my body as different parts of my body were exposed. First the dive suit, giving me back my arms and legs. Then I unlocked and unzipped the shortie suit, exposing my shoulders and thighs. And finally the sheath briefs full of cum and sweat. My cock delighted in the freedom to stretch. It was wonderful to grab it again, though I knew I didn’t have time to do anything satisfying with it.

And then, at long last, I pulled the plug out of my ass. It was such a relief to not have it filling me! It will take a few days for my ass to return to normal, it was feeling very sore.

It would have been good to be naked and free then, but I still had the posture collar locked on me. Knowing I was getting late for work, I dashed out of the shower and dried off as much as I could.

I thought I’d be able to just get dressed, get the collar off, and get out to work, but Tony had other ideas. I was quite scared to see that he had pulled out all my fetish gear and looked like he was concocting fiendish bondage arrangements.

He pointed and said, “Put that on.” He was pointing to my chastity belt, which had an attached butt plug. I hesitated, but he just rattled the keys to my collar. He said, “I’ve seen the waist band of that thing poking over the waistband of your trousers lots of times, so I know you can wear it without any problems.”

I had no choice. I sighed. I asked, “With the plug?”

“Yes,” he said, “with the plug.”

I instinctively replied, “Yes, Sir,” then realized I shouldn’t have said it.

He said, “Yes, I like that. You can call me ‘Sir’ all the time, slave. Now, get on with it.”

I took the belt and pulled it up over my hips. My cock was too tired to get hard, so it slipped into the belt’s tube. My ass needed no lubrication, so I was able to slip the plug in without a problem even though it was one of the larger ones.

I pulled the belt tight together and went to snap the lock shut. The lock wasn’t there, but Tony came over with it, opened it with some keys, put the keys in his pocket, and then snapped the belt shut. He tugged on the belt in all directions, confirming it was tight enough.

He said, “This steel thing will be a good reminder for you to wake me up with a blow job again tomorrow.” As he unlocked my collar, he said, “Now you’re free to go.” He calls this free?

I pulled on my work clothes and went out, feeling the steel and plug secured underneath.


Chapter 6


One week later, and Tony had been ruthless. He didn’t make me keep the plug in, but the belt had been locked on non-stop for the whole week. I had to suck him awake every morning, and when Alan came back to the flat on the Wednesday he told me to suck Alan awake too, which he was very happy with.

Tony wanted to make sure that I sucked him awake and didn’t try to wank him again. So before I went to sleep he put me into a straitjacket. I had to spend all night in just straitjacket and chastity belt (and sometimes plug), then wake up, push my way into Tony’s room, suck him off, then into Alan’s and do him. They had decided they didn’t want any mess anywhere, so insisted that I swallow all the cum they produced.

Much to my annoyance, Alan was enjoying suggesting new bondage ideas to Tony. He told Tony about a much bigger plug I had, and suggested that if either of them found any cum anywhere after I’d sucked them then he should lock the huge plug in me for 24 hours. I wanted to tell Alan to shut up, but since he was effectively a secondary Master, I didn’t dare.

On Saturday evening, I was in Tony’s room. This was one of the other times when he made me suck him off – I’d never met anyone with so much cum! I was in my usual position, on my knees licking his boner, which is a position I enjoyed.

Tony said to me, “Your cock has been locked up for a week. You must be quite horny by now.”

Between sucks I stopped to speak. “Yes, Sir, I am. I’m in a constant state of arousal, I just wished I could get hard and shoot my load, Sir.”

He said, “So why do you do this? What do you want out of it?”

I could have given the obvious answer – you have my keys so I’m trapped with no choice. But of course that wasn’t it. If I had needed to get out, I could have. If I had demanded the keys back, he would have given them up.

No, this is about submitting and feeling that I’m forced into it, even though it’s really my own choice. And it’s about whom I’m submitting to – he was a man I’d always lusted after and being ‘forced’ to worship his cock was heaven. The only thing which would make this better would be if he would fuck me – if he would use that beautiful cock and bury it inside me.

Then I said something that I didn’t expect I would say. “Sir, please fuck me.”

His jaw dropped. “I’m talking to you about the fact that you don’t have control of your cock any more, and I was expecting you to beg for the keys, but instead you talk about me fucking your ass?”

It made no sense. “Yes.”

“So,” he asked, “if I were to tell you that you can either have your keys and your cock back, or I’ll fuck you but I’ll keep you locked up for a month, which would you choose.”

The logical choice was obvious. But I didn’t take it. Nervously quiet, I said back to him, “Sir, please fuck me.”

He laughed. Then he stared at me, then laughed again. “You don’t want your cock back?”

“Yes, I do! You can’t imagine how horny I am in here. It’s just… I want it more.”

“You want my cock up your ass? And it’s worth being locked up for a month?”

Madness. But… “Yes, Sir.”

He shrugged. “I’ve had my cock in a lot of strange places, and I’ve taken girls up the ass so I don’t see why I shouldn’t take a guy that way too. I’m still not gay though. But it will be worth it to see you squirm for another month.”

I gulped. I wanted his cock, but I didn’t really think he’d keep me locked another month. But it was too late now, I would have to grin and bear it.

And sooner than I thought! He said, “Right, let’s see what this is all about then. Turn around.”

I turned and leaned over the end of his bed. He rattled some keys and unlocked the shield which secured my butt plug into the chastity belt. The plug was a large one and had been there a while, so I was probably well loosened up back there.

He was already hard from my sucking him. He pulled out a condom and slipped it over his throbbing cock, then without any foreplay he pushed the head into my bud. It was just as I had dreamed, his girth pushing into me, his head hitting my prostate, his meat sliding in and out.

I instinctively reached for my cock, which was by this time throbbing with lust, but of course I hit hot steel. He pumped and I throbbed. I could only bang the belt in frustration. He started thrusting harder and then cried out as he shot his load.

I collapsed in horny frustration. I had never needed to cum as much as then, but I knew that would not be happening for at least a month. I had become just his plaything, to fuck as he wanted, with no consideration of my own needs.

He said, “That was pretty good. I’m going to be doing that to you a lot more.”


Chapter 7


Two weeks later, Tony came back from a bar with his girlfriend Kim, both very drunk.

Tony shouted to me to come into his room, which I did. He said to me, “Show her, slave. Go on, show her the thing. You know that thing you have.”

I knew exactly what he meant, but I wished he didn’t mean it. It was very humiliating when he showed off my chastity belt to anyone who wanted to see it. But, reluctantly, I dropped my trousers and let her see.

“Wow,” she said. “That’s awesome. Is that like protection for work or something?” Then she thought about it. “What do you do if you have to have a metal cock?”

I sighed. Always with the dumb questions. “No, I wear it all the time.”

She looked confused. “All the time? What, you mean, all the time? Like, even when you’re having sex?”

Sigh. “No, I can’t have sex.”

“Poor thing! You left with just wanking then?”

She really didn’t get it. “No, I can’t even do that.”

Then Tony explained, “I keep him locked into it. He’s very good at doing what he’s told when his hand is kept away from his cock.”

She said, “Ah, is this that guy you were telling me who sucks you off? Is he any good at it?”

He said, “Yea, the more desperate he gets, the better he gets! He’s a good fuck, too. I keep a butt plug in him to remind him that I own his ass.”

She was excited, for some reason. “Ooo, let’s see!”

I turned around, but she could only see the end of the lock keeping it in.

She said, “Take it out, let’s have a look!”

I said, “I can’t.”

“Why not?”

I sighed. But Tony got some keys from somewhere and unlocked the plug. With a pull from Tony and a push from me, the whole length of the big plug came out.

She giggled. “That’s even bigger than you, Tony!”

Tony said, “Yea but he prefers my cock in him.”

I had to say, “Yes, Sir.”

Kim clapped. “Show me, show me!”

Tony didn’t need much talking into it, he quickly put on a condom and slipped his already hard length into me. Within seconds I was moaning with horny frustration.

She chatted to me as though nothing else was happening. “So, you can’t have sex or wank or anything? How long’s that been?”

Between thrusts I gasped, “Over a month.”

“Ooo!” she said, “I want to see! I’ve never seen a cock and balls so full of cum. Show me!”

Tony pulled out of me and said, “Okay, just have to take a few precautions.” He picked up a pair of handcuffs that had a solid bar rather than a chain, and cuffed my hands tightly behind my back. He then unlocked my chastity belt, and, for the first time in weeks, my cock sprung to life and stretched out to its full length. If he hadn’t handcuffed me, I definitely would have been wanking within seconds.

He pushed me down and carried on fucking me. Meanwhile, Kim stared at my hard, bobbing cock and said, “Can I have a go?”

I didn’t know what she wanted to have a go at, and I wasn’t that keen on girls doing anything to me, but I was so hard and horny that I would have said yes to anything.

She moved her head towards my crotch, then I felt a touch on my cock. It was her tongue, but I was imagining it was Tony’s tongue.

Tony shouted to her, “Don’t let him cum!” and to me, “If you cum, you’re in big trouble!”

He was right about her not being able to give a good blow job. She did some strange poking thing with her tongue while her teeth were dragging along my cock. But, after the countless hours without any stimulation at all, my cock was loving it.

He kept shouting, “Don’t cum!” She kept stroking my cock, giving it exactly what it had been longing for. He kept ramming my ass, hitting my prostate just right. She kept digging her teeth into me, making me wince with pain.

The rain of stimulation was too much. I tried to obey the Master and hold back, but with such relentless sensations, I was completely out of control. My body cascaded into orgasmic ecstasy, the pent up power of a thousand wasted erections coming back all at once.

My first glob of cum hit her throat, which I don’t think she’d had before and she pulled away in disgust. The second glob hit her forehead, the third hit the wall, the rest splashed all over the floor. And the sight of it pushed Tony over into his own orgasm.

Once he recovered, he said to me, “You are in big trouble! First, lick up that mess.” He left the room. Kim watched me licking the carpet, naked and handcuffed, and she giggled, as though it was an everyday occurrence.

Tony came back in holding a butt plug. But not just any plug, this one was larger than any I had in my collection. He must have bought it especially to punish me.

He bent me over and shoved it in. That was agony! Despite the former lubrication, his roughness must be damaging something. Then he picked up the chastity belt and locked it back on me, securing the plug in place.

He said, “This isn’t over. I hope that was a good cum because you’ll regret it soon enough.” And he pushed me out of the room, still handcuffed.


Chapter 8


He kept that plug in me for almost the whole of the following week, only taking it out for half an hour twice a day. The guys in work must have seen me walking strangely, and sitting very carefully, but no-one said anything.

But I had the horrible feeling that there was something else coming, another part of my punishment which would make the massive plug feel easy.

Then it happened. Tony told me to get my straitjacket. He put it on me then unlocked my chastity belt.

He held up a small metal tube for me to see. “You’ll like this,” he said, “you and it are going to become very close friends.” I didn’t like the sound of it at all.

I looked closer and saw that the inside of the tube was full of hundreds of very small spiky bumps. The tube narrowed at one end. I couldn’t help noticing that the diameter of the tube was about the same as that of my cock but a little smaller. So if my cock was inside that, any time I got hard, those spikes would push into my flesh. And where it got narrower would be the area that my cock head would stretch into, only to be met head long with an array of spikes!

I realized the horror of the torture that this instrument could inflict, but still my cock got hard at the idea! But Tony was ready. He had a bag of ice which he quickly pressed into my cock – it was as much the shock of the cold as anything else that made it shrivel up.

He secured the new tube to the inside of the cock tube of my chastity belt, and secured it back onto me. In my unaroused state I could hardly feel any difference.

Then he unlocked the rear of the belt and pulled out the huge plug. He inserted his condomed cock and began working it in and out of my ass. This had the effect that he wanted – it got me hard, and forced those hundreds of spiky bumps into my flesh.

I tried to reach down, but even if I hadn’t been in a straitjacket, the chastity belt would have made it futile. Meanwhile, my cock head was forcing itself into the spikes at the end of the tube, giving me a whole new level of agony.

I cried out but he kept pounding. I could do nothing but clench my teeth until he came and my ass was released and my cock could withdraw back to a painless size.


Chapter 9


For the next week, I was in almost constant pain. Every time I tried to sleep, every time I sucked Tony or Alan, every time Tony fucked me, it was always almost too much to bear. Somehow, after a time, my cock acquired some skill of staying limp on demand – only when I really concentrated on it – and that made the experience bearable.

I made the mistake of telling Tony, three weeks later, that I would be working from home for a week – the web design project I was working on had got to a stage where I didn’t need to go into the office. But Tony and Alan saw this as an opportunity to do what they called ‘interesting things’ with my bondage situation.

At the start of my week at home, on the Saturday, they put me into my full body rubber suit on top of the chastity belt. They had adapted it so that it had one rear zip for getting in and out, and one crotch zip for toilet needs. Tony locked the rear zip, and said, “That’s staying locked.” It was a bit ominous that he didn’t say for how long – the day, the week, the year? I’d worn this suit for a weekend a few times, but the hood and gloves make normal activities like eating quite tricky.

On Sunday, still in the suit, he locked some handcuffs and leg cuffs onto me. They made things awkward, I kept forgetting and tripping up, but it wasn’t too bad.

On Monday he added a leather posture collar. It was a tall one; it forced me to look upwards and didn’t allow me to move my head from side to side at all. I spent the day working, as much as I could while handcuffed and not being able to see the computer screen too easily. Of course, through all this I had to keep sucking both of them to wake them up, and that’s not at all easy with a posture collar on, not to mention the full rubber and the spikes in my cock.

On Tuesday he added what I would have to call a tall corset. It was leather and strapped very tightly around my waist and chest. I could hardly bend my waist at all and, coupled with the collar, made it even trickier to see the screen while I was working. And the sucking got very difficult.

On Wednesday he added a ring gag harness. This was a set of straps around my head that held a ring in my mouth behind my teeth, so I couldn’t close my mouth. It was, of course, wide enough to take a cock through and didn’t get me out of my sucking duties. Eating was very difficult, I had to pour soup into my mouth, but I thought the gag would probably stay locked in place for quite a while so I’d have to get used to it.

On Thursday he took my leg cuffs off, but only so he could put some leather trousers onto me. Well, not really trousers – they had boots built into them, and were very stiff. I realized after a while that they weren’t just stiff, it was steel boning in them that stopped movement. I could no longer bend my knees more than a few inches.

What’s more, they had a leather covered fixed rod in between the ankles so I couldn’t move my legs apart or together. My walking must have looked ridiculous, but I could still just about get around the flat. When he put them on me, my feet slid past the ankles of the trousers okay, but then he squeezed each ankle and I heard an ominous click, and it felt much tighter after.

The trousers had a crotch zip enough to get access to my butt plug and to let piss drain from my cock tube, but otherwise completely covered the chastity belt. There would certainly be no sexual relief for me, or even relief from the spikes, until they were removed. The waist of the trousers was tightened with another of those ominous clicks, and I could see no keyhole.

On Friday he took off my handcuffs, and that got me worried. Then he produced what I can only call long gloves. They were leather from the fingers right up to the shoulder. Again there was a leather covered steel bar between my wrists, and again they were secured with a squeeze and a click. And they also had some sort of steel boning, preventing me from bending my elbows much. It was possible to still use the computer, but getting increasingly difficult.

On Saturday my head became victim to a leather hood. It had a convenient hole the same size as the ring in the gag, and small eyeholes and nose holes. Otherwise my head was well covered, down to and over the posture collar. It was no surprise to hear several clicks while the back of the hood was tightened.

On Sunday Tony showed me a device that he said was used to make fences. He took some steel wire and threaded it zip-zag style through holes in the top of the trousers and the bottom of the corset. He put the two ends into the machine and pushed a button. The ends were slowly pulled together, and the tightening caused the trousers and corset to be pulled together. Then, when they were fully tight, he did nothing but let the machine carry on tightening! My crotch was being pulled up into my waist and the tight corset dragged down.

He told me the machine puts the wire through a ratchet clip which would allow the wire to get tighter but not looser. Eventually he switched the machine off and unhooked it, and, sure enough, the two parts of the suit remained crushed together.

Next he addressed the gap between the top of the corset and the hood, lacing and pulling the two together the same way. Now my crotch was being pulled into the top of my head. Then the sleeves were attached to the corset top and hood bottom. Steel lacing was added to the corset and the machine used to tighten it, further crushing my waist and chest. And some new lacing at the elbows and knees. And finally, each one of them was revisited and retightened, where possible.

He clipped off all the wire ends, and covered the ends and the ratchet clips with a black putty compound. He said they would stop the wire ends getting caught, and also jam up the ratchet release mechanism.

I tried to stand up. The whole suit was so tight, it took me a long time to get upright. Having to survive in this lot for long would be very difficult. The rubber suit under the leather still slipped against my skin just a little where I’d been sweating and the sweat had nowhere to go, which gave a strange slipperiness to the tightness. The gag harness straps dug into my head, pressed in by the tight hood. And, of course, my cock was still trying to get hard into the spikes under the steel under the rubber under the leather, and now I couldn’t even reach to touch the bulge that it was under.

But what really terrified me was what Tony said next. I was putting up with this ridiculous bondage because I knew that within 24 hours I’d have to be back at work, looking relatively normal. But Tony told me he’d phone my boss and told him about the accident I had had which had put my back out, and that I would have to stay at home for at least a few months, and my boss had said that was okay I could work from home for all that time.

So, no excuse to let me go. Not for a long time. Perhaps not forever! The tightness that I was experiencing was going to become very familiar.

Tony lay me down and turned me over. As he unzipped the various crotch zips, unlocked my butt plug and pushed his cock into me, I realized that I was truly fucked!


The end


Metal would like to thank Mortice Deadlock for allowing him to re-post this story, which originally appeared on Mortice.org.






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  1. Of the thousand or so bondage stories I’ve read, this is one of only a few that not only passed the “hard” test, but after finishing reading it, I had to immediately go get my rocks off. Kudos to the author!

  2. Frightening and so tantalising. Want that sheath with all the pins inside fixed permanently on me – anyone want to be the keyholder ? Please.
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