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Held prisoner

By Straghtjacket

It was a while ago that I responded to an ad in Drummer Magazine. The bondage toy market wasn’t nearly as expansive as it is now and men didn’t talk much about safe words, at least not the guys I hung out with. Well, some did have safewords and that was a distinguishing characteristic between “serious” men and players. I came out to old guard men who taught me the ropes. I was a bottom and essentially a slave to everyone. I had to work my way from being scum to finally earning my leathers.

I was held prisoner by two guys that looked like hairy bearded red necks. They were just as likely to drink a coke in the bars as they were to drink booze. They were the first tattooed men that I had known at the time and they always smelled of cigar smoke.

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Email Trap Redux

By Straghtjacket

I read a story called Email Trap on METALBONDNYC. In spite of the ending I wanted to be the man in the story, but of course I didn’t want to suffer harm. I wanted the experience, and I wanted to repeat it.

I emailed the story to a couple of friends who are a couple. The top in the relationship is a thin, about 5’6” but muscular guy who can be a real sadistic bastard. His bottom will attest to that as I would, having experienced his devious ways. They live in a small industrial building in a rundown factory area that houses warehouses. They lease the building, so they haven’t put much into it. It already had a couple shower stalls and toilets as well as a big round factory hand washing sink. They built a kitchen on a wall on the other side of the bathroom. Luckily, the building came complete with a wall of heavy steel wire storage rooms that lock with chains and padlocks. They turned the largest one into a bedroom for themselves and left the others as is with a simple mattress and a small table.

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Inescapable Self-Bondage

By Straghtjacket

I’m bored and horny as hell. I can’t concentrate on anything, not even the porn that makes it all worse; I’m going to put myself in bondage that I can’t escape from to keep myself from going crazy and doing something that I shouldn’t do.

I’m locked in a Carrara chastity belt 24/7 going on 8 months and 14 days. My partner was dubious about chastity, so I ordered the belt for myself, thinking along the lines of it being a fun new toy. I never thought he’d take the keys after I got myself into and hide them.

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