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True Life Part 2: The Next Day

By ty dehner

After an exciting and long night, i woke around 10am. Sir was gone, i remember he had to be to work by 7.30. i slept right through his morning. Now I was feeling selfish. i should’ve been up to make his coffee (after i learned how he likes it), to put on his shoes and to take my assignments. And i would’ve given him a goodbye hug and kiss for the wonderful things he introduced me to last night.

Last night was great. Sir taught me so many things that i know i will use repeatedly to make myself better. when Sir got home he rested a bit and we talked about his day, family and working out. i removed his shoes and gave them a working over by massaging them. He then had me try on sweats he found and wanted me to wear and I cooked dinner. He let me eat off a plate this time, but i was on the floor at his feet. This was a good moment. i did things correctly, didn’t start eating until Sir did. i enjoyed my position of looking up at him. His conversations were interesting and continues to inspire me to continued growth and change. After dinner we had a moment of affection, hugging and kissing. Sir really makes a boi feel appreciated and loved. He makes me want to more to prove my desire to serve him further.

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True Life Part 1: First Visit

By ty dehner

Flight to Meeting

The quest begins. It is shortly after midnight and i’m on a flight bound non-stop to Chicago. i have to question my sanity for flying to a strange city to meet a man i’ve only talked with on the phone and internet to see if i can release control of my life and even put me into helpless bondage.

i am nuts, but you know what, i am excited with the possibilities of what could be. i have spent the last 2 years trying to figure out who i am, and each adventure takes me closer. Is this the jackpot–who knows– but there are things going on here that i’ve not encountered before.

i am at a point in my life where i can move, change my life and submit myself to a structured loving life. Sir and i have many interests and i believe he has many dreams to see come true. i would be very excited to a part of those dreams, as well as help make them become a reality. And i have hope that he can show me how to make my dreams a reality and will want to see my success as much as his. For only when i am successful will i know how strong our bond is, for i know he will take me to levels i’ve never dreamed. Make me a man unlike any other. For me giving up control to him is truly my decision, and only mine. And i know he will know that. i will challenge him for that release. For i can only respect him when he respects me for what i can do for him and when i have reached who i am.

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24 Hours in Jail – Part 1

By Prisoner805

Bondage Beginnings

For the record, this is a completely true story. All of this stuff actually happened. I’ve been into bondage for my entire adult life. As time has gone on, it’s gotten more and more advanced. It started with fucking around with handcuffs I had picked up at the local army surplus store. Leg irons followed, and so did hogties as a result. In college, I had my first bondage hookup. I knew then that this was going to be something I would be into forever.

Not long after, I met a couple who had set up a dungeon in their spare bedroom. They had a ton of steel and chain, rigid irons and even a cage. After experiencing more restraint than I’ve ever known, they called it a night. Seeing the disappointed look on my face, one suggested that I stay the night in the cage, naked and chained, of course. I lived alone and nobody was expecting me, so I did it. They tried to chain me but my damn wrists wouldn’t fit in the manacles. I was heavy at the time. I had never been very good about managing that at the time. Anyway, they locked some cuffs to set and I was chained for the night. I must have gotten off about 4 times in that cage using the lube that was leftover from earlier and every boner that I woke up to. It was about the hottest experience I’d had to date, but it never happened again. Not with anyone.

Over a decade has gone by and I have played with some formidable doms. I’ve been suspended, tied, chained, locked in rigid irons, flogged, spanked (hate it except for with a hand), zapped, buzzed to an electro orgasm…the list goes on. I got a Recon account ages ago and had chatted with thousands of people. Over all that time I had chatted on Recon on and off with one dom who I just never managed to meet. That was about to change, and I was about to do the craziest thing I had ever done while thinking with my dick.

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Special investigative report from Surfbot on wearing chastity through airport security

Surfbot sent the report below via email. Surfbot writes:

Dear Metal,

I recently went through O’Hare airport security while locked in my stainless steel chastity device. The metal detector beeped (of course), and I told them I was wearing a chastity device which could not be removed. They manually searched me, and used a detector wand that verified the problem area was my crotch. They wiped their gloves on my clothes there, then wiped the gloves on a small piece of paper, which they put through a machine that detects bomb chemicals; clean.

They futzed around for another 5 minutes and then a supervisor came and told me my device needed to be “cleared.” She talked around the issue but never actually said they needed to see it. After 5 more minutes standing around, two men led me to a small, private room — they carried my stuff, still in plastic tubs from going through the X-ray (I was not allowed to touch it). In the room they told stories to each other for 5 minutes or so, and finally asked me to lower my pants. Three seconds looking was enough, and they told me to get dressed and pack up my stuff.

One of them asked whether I could urinate in it, and I said, “Of course, there’s a small hole in it.” I’m guessing there were two of them to avoid accusations of abuse; they sure were in no hurry. I was surprised they were not more familiar with chastity devices, given the enormous number of people they screen. Total time was about 20 minutes; I had made sure there was a lot more time than that until my flight.

— Surfbot


Thanks, Surfbot, for the report!

Ride Along as a Prisoner – Part 1

Ride Along as a Prisoner Part 1 – Riding in the Prison Wagon

By asiancuffs

15 Aug 2017

After lots of efforts, I finally can convinced two of my police friends (non-fetish) to ride along with them for a prisoner transfer assignment with me as a PRISONER. Below is an account of the short five-hour trip, and I try to make it short and brief. I am including some pictures to go along with the script, some of which were taken by me and some are just for illustration only.

I am not an “official” passenger on this ride, so we need to do some extra arrangements to put me in the picture. They are stationed in a big city “G” with population of 14 million. The assignment is to pick up an arrested person from city “F” to G. The person was arrested because of a civil case and needed to be transfered to G to testify. If he is involved in a criminal case, the escort level will be higher and we will not be able to do this. Although the distance between the two cities is only 140 km, each way may take more than two hours as the city traffic is always busy before the vehicle can get onto the highway.

On a hot sunny morning in August, I arrive G in the morning and checked in hotel. I left my backpack in the hotel and went out with only some cash and my mobile phone to the police station, where they are on duty. We met for lunch around noon, and I was excited already when I saw them come into the restaurant in uniform. After lunch we walked back to the station and they pointed a vehicle to me, a prisoner transport wagon and told me that we will be using this later. They then gave me instructions to wait for them half an hour later at a designated location, which is 10 minutes away by foot. Then they went back into the station to get ready for their assignment. I walked around the wagon and took a few pictures of it. Prisoner will be sat at the rear with a steel sliding gate securing the back door. The prisoner compartment is separated from the drivers with steel bars.

Ride Along as a Prisoner Ride Along as a Prisoner Ride Along as a Prisoner Ride Along as a Prisoner

During the walk to the meeting point, I was very excited already just to think about sitting in the back of the vehicle. I stood there and wait and when the time came, I saw the vehicle approaching with the two cops sitting in the front. They pulled the vehicle beside me and one came out with a set of prisoner transport restraints, which is a pair of handcuffs connected to leg shackles with a chain. He told me to give them my phone and start putting the restraints on me. There are some people walked by and they just looked at us and kept walking.

The reason why they need to do this away from the station is that I am not an “official” passenger. After my hands are cuffed and feet shackled, I have to climb into the wagon from the back door. The chains of the shackles are not long enough for me to climb up in one step even I lifted the chain to the extent. He then helped me by giving me a lift and finally I am inside the prisoner compartment. He sat me on the bench seat and took out a pair of handcuffs to cuff my shackle chain onto the steel bar underneath the seat bench. Now I am totally secured and ready for transport. He slides the gate closed and after the click of the gate is locked, I feel I am 100 percent prisoner.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, asiancuffs, for this true story!


30 Minutes of Torment


Mark’s Bondage Vacation – Part 02

By Mark from Serious Male Bondage

On the third morning I got up and found our friend strapped down to the medical restraint bench in the next room. I don’t know how long he had been there, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. The best part of his bondage was the wide canvas strap across his chest, and the tube mitts. I think the mitts came from PX Direct or Handcuff Warehouse. The mitts are used when transporting a prisoner, so he is not able to use his fingers or hands. Handcuffs go around each tube at the wrist to hold the hands inside. In this case the handcuffs were threaded through a ring on a heavy leather belt that was locked around his waist. This is a standard setup, and I thought it was fucking hot. I guess I’m a gear guy, so anything like these tube mitts or the handcuff belt are very exciting to me. I’ll have to ask Bind if he would lock me up in this setup later.

As I said in the previous update, I brought three suitcases full of rubber and metal bondage gear. It’s a chore to keep track of all my gear because there are three play areas at Bind’s place. In addition, Bind’s gear is all over the place, and another guy brought his gear too, so it’s easy to mix stuff up.

The “Texas” external catheter I ordered from Amazon has been working out great. I have done four or five scenes so far, and it has saved me each time from stopping the scene to go pee.


I wanted to try the heavy rubber suit in the basement again, only this time I would wear my black sweatshirt and pants over the rubber to keep warmer. Each day, the basement has been getting colder and colder. Bind helped me into the suit again and chained me to the floor. I was very excited to do this again. The experience is so exhilarating.

This time we used a wireless audio baby monitor so Bind didn’t have to keep coming down from the second floor to check on me. (You can see the small baby monitor in the photo above.) The baby monitor has a two-way talk function, so Bind can press the talk button on his receiver upstairs and say, “Mark, how are you doing?” and I can clearly hear his voice in the basement and I can reply without needing to push a button on my end. This worked out super great.

I was wearing the catheter bag strapped to my right calf underneath the rubber suit. This entire setup was totally awesome, but I only lasted a few hours because my hands started to get cold. This was because my hands were resting on the concrete floor, and the rubber gloves that were attached to the suit were much thinner rubber than the suit itself. The only parts of the rubber suit that wasn’t covered by my sweats were my hands and head. My head felt fine because my head was resting on a pillow and the floor mat, and because there was a second rubber face piece zipped onto the front of the hood.

However, my hands couldn’t survive the cold from the cement and the single and thin layer of the gloves, so I stopped the scene within a few hours. Damn! I’m sure I could have gone the whole night if it weren’t for my cold hands. In any case, the experience was fantastic. I drifted off into sub space and my mind chattering stopped. I had absolutely no worries. My mind basked in the thought of the predicament I was in. I was in the dark except for a little light coming through the cracked door. I was in bondage nirvana. I would occasionally pull on the wrist and ankle shackles just to feel them and hear the clink of the chains. There was absolutely no give to the restraints as they were all made of metal and locked to four heavy eyebolts set in the concrete floor. This was the most fantastic scene I had done in a long time, and I had been fantasizing about this scene for months before I actually arrived. Frankly, I can hardly wait to come hack in the spring of 2018 and try it again when the weather is warmer.


In the afternoon we shot a video for Bind’s new series, titled “Mind Trap.” This is a movielike series of updates on his website. I think there are 20 or so in all. The story is about this guy in the future who is arrested and charged with a crime. The authorities probe his mind to verify that he committed the crime. Then, as punishment, they download various bondage scenarios into his mind, which he is forced to participate in.

The photos above show one of the bondage scenes that he must endure while the authorities manipulate computer programs to control his harsh bondage experience. Check out the series on Bind’s website, MenInChains.com.


On this trip I had brought along a really thick StudioGum hood that I borrowed from Bikermtl on Recon, and a large-diameter metal collar that I borrowed from Yossie Silverman. The hood is so thick that a normal size collar would not fit around my neck, but Yossie’s collar did. The collar’s chain was locked to the wall behind me. My steel belt was bolted around my waist, and my gloved hands were shackled and locked to a single attachment point on the back of the belt. This made my hands completely useless, as well as keeping them behind me and out of the way.

My goal was to stay in the thick rubber hood as long as possible, but that ended up being less than two hours. I don’t think the hood was the issue, it was the width and weight of the collar on my neck and shoulders. Once I stopped the scene and the collar was removed, the thick hood became much more manageable, however we traded the hood for a lighter one and I spent a few more hours in it before dinner time.


After dinner I asked one of the guys for help with trying another scenario. I wanted to try a rubber hood and gas mask, along with some leather bondage mitts. I had purchased these mitts years ago at Mr S. They don’t sell them any more. The mitts allow each hand to be folded over and locked. This is not so unusual. However, once each hand is folded over and locked, handcuffs can be closed around each wrist over the leather. I’m sure nobody thought of this when the mitts were originally manufactured at Mr S, but it turns out to work great.

So, once someone is wearing the mitts and completely helpless, it is easy and very exciting and sexy to handcuff their two wrists together by closing the handcuffs over the leather of the mitts. The feeling of this is REALLY exciting for the person in the mitts. I don’t know what it is about this combination, but it is really great and unlike other similar mitts on the market today. I asked the guys to put the mitts on me, fold my hands closed and lock the mitts with padlocks, and then handcuff my hands behind my back. In addition a padlock was used to lock the short chain between the handcuffs to the loop at the back of my steel waist belt, so my wrists were kept tightly in place behind my back.

Two chains were then run from the rings on each side of my rubber hood collar to the back wall, which prevented me from leaning forward very far. My ankles were also shackled together.


I was left alone in my mitts and handcuffs for two or three hours (within earshot of the guys), and the experience was absolutely fantastic! I was once again in bondage nirvana.

The day we did this scene was one day before Halloween. So, while I was tied up and enjoying myself, Bind fired up the video camera and came into the jail with a flashlight. He pretended like he had just discovered me in the cell for the first time and made a big deal about approaching me with caution as if I was a creature from another planet. I guess I reminded him of an alien because of the rubber hood and gas mask. The flashlight made a very eerie effect, and we all enjoyed the antics. After the filming, Bind released me from the mitts and handcuffs, and I put them on him so he could experience their unusual feeling.


The next day was Halloween, so Bind hung up a skeleton outside the entrance to the jail and advertised in the local paper about jail tours and Halloween candy. Some of the guys dressed in skin-color zentai suits and acted as dummy inmates in the jail cells. We would lie motionless and then spring alive and scare the trick-or-treaters. Fun!

The next day some of us went to the local cafe in our orange prisoner suits. Needless to say, on this trip a good time was had by all!


Metal would like to thank Mark from Serious Male Bondage for this true story!



Mark’s Bondage Vacation – Part 01

By Mark from Serious Male Bondage

Hey guys, Mark here from Serious Male Bondage. I’m sitting on a plane waiting to take off on another bondage adventure. I’m going to visit my friend Bind at his jail in Hampton Iowa for a few weeks as a mini bondage vacation. (Check out the jail’s website here. This visit is less about shooting videos and more about getting in some quality bondage time of my own. I need some bondage down-time and brought three suitcases filled with my own gear. The idea is to ask Bind to put me in my gear and leave me for a while to I can get some good alone time in my favorite gear. At home I often play with my gear doing self-bondage, and sometimes MummyEd comes over and locks me in for a while, but I like the setting of Bind’s jail and basement as places to be tied up and left alone in a more “serious” environment.

Sometimes I will be chained up and Bind will leave me restrained all night. Bind is always in earshot, and there is more than one person in the building, so I feel pretty safe. On this visit I hope to do an all night spread eagle on the concrete floor of the basement, in my rubber suit. Since I’m visiting at the end of the year, the temperature outside is hovering around freezing, so I’ll have to lie on something to insulate myself from the cold floor.

Before I go any further, I’d like to share this picture with you guys. I took this picture last month at the new EdgeDungeon.com. This poor guy was handcuffed to the walls and hosed down with a garden hose in the shower cell. The shower cell is the same size as the other jail cells, but has a shower head with hot and cold water. The great part about this cell is that there are attachment points in the wall and floor allowing a prisoner to be collared or shackled, sitting or standing. Then, with the use of a standard garden hose which is located at the far end of the cell, with it’s own faucet, the prisoner can be hosed down and is completely unable to escape the stream of water coming from the nozzle of the hose. We all know how much fun it is to squirt water across the yard with your home garden hose, imagine being able to hose down your submissive in the same way! It’s kind of like being at the do-it-your-self car wash.

I arrived at Bind’s place around midnight with three suitcases full of bondage gear. There was light snow falling as we dragged my suitcases into the house. The picture above shows three metal collars I brought with me that would allow me to have on different thicknesses of hoods and still fit a collar around my neck. The only problem with bringing all this gear is the extra baggage charges. You gotta be pretty hardcore to bring this much bondage gear on a vacation. BTW – I borrowed the collars from the handcuff collector Yossie Silverman.

The next morning we got up and I helped Bind shoot a few segments for his bondage video series “Mind Trap.” Bind has a cool Gibbet cage that his friend welded together for him. We put him in a leather straitjacket and then into the cage and hoisted it off the floor for the video.

The second scene in the video was hoisting Bind upside-down in an arms-down leather straitjacket. I swear, Bind gets more bondage than 10 of us put together! Check out his “Mind Trap” video series on MenInChains.com.

My first bondage scene since my arrival was to be shackled spread-eagle on the floor of the basement. As I said, it was freezing outside and although the basement wasn’t that cold, it was chilly. So I laid on a foam mat and with the StudioGum heavy latex suit, leather boots and a Mr S latex surf-suit on underneath, I was mostly OK. I had ordered a “Texas Catheter” set from Amazon, and had the bag strapped to my right calf under the heavy rubber suit. It has a condom with medical adhesive that allows the condom to stick to your cock once it’s rolled on, then a small hose connects the condom to the bag.

With this setup I didn’t have to worry about stopping the scene because I had to go pee. This is the first time I had ever tried this, and it worked out really great. I wish I would have thought about this a long time ago. During my 2-plus hours on the floor I peed twice and my urine was captured flawlessly in the bag. Fantastic! I will try this scene again in the next few days and go much longer.

Finally, in the evening we gathered in Bind’s living room to watch TV, and I ended up putting a StudioGum thick rubber hood on Bind, and the biggest metal collar over his neck. I had the hood buckled too tight so Bind didn’t last very long. I want to try this hood while chained to the wall in the jail cell, which I will do tomorrow. Stay tuned!

To be continued …


Metal would like to thank Mark from Serious Male Bondage for this true story!


A Week in Chains – Part 1

By asiancuffs

Background: In the south Pacific in SE Asia, there is a country that made up of thousands of islands – country P. The whole country suffers from the economy downturn so much that people were trying to make money in any way. After the removal of the naval base, some of our marines were still there. Among them, there was a guy (Chuck) into heavy metal bondage and POW programs. After liaisons with the local authorities, he came up with an exciting POW/Chain Gang role play.

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