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BondageVienna writes about his experience at Serious Male Bondage

Hey fellow prisoners, this is a RE-POST of a write-up that Bondage Vienna sent a few years back, when he was visiting Serious Male Bondage in San Francisco.

gay bondage

Dear Metal,

I’m a fan of your site and I thought I would submit a few pictures from an incredible experience I had today.

But first, I just have to tell someone about the fantastic time I’m having in San Francisco … and it’s nice to share this with a fetishist like you.

I haven’t been to California in nearly 20 years, and in just a few days’ time I’ve seen the Dore Alley Fair, attended the play party of The 15 Association with a slave friend (boy, do those guys play!), and enjoyed the open house at Mr. S. What a great staff! There I met Skeeter, who was very helpful regarding an unusual request I had for gear modification.

The next time I’m in California I am hoping to visit Bind (MenInChains.com) and see his new facilities.

A bit about me … on recon and romeo I’m BondageVienna. My longtime internet friend RubCop told me about the Serious Bondage Institute, and after hearing his accounts of this place, I just had to visit these guys.

I’ve had some years of not too much action, and I’m trying to catch up on years of dormancy in the fetish world.

Well, today’s experience catapulted me out of dormancy once and for all.

As soon as I saw the shiny new cage sitting in the corner at the Institute, I wanted to spend some time in it. The plan … my plan, that is … was to see if I could last the night in it. But Mark and Dalton and MummyEd had a little more than that on today’s agenda.

The enclosed pictures tell more than thousands of words, but I would like to relate just a bit of the order of events.

I did actually spend the entire night in the cage. Trying to get some sleep was pretty much a lost cause. Cages are very hot for me and here I was, wearing rubber in it as well. I was so horny that I couldn’t sleep much at all, other than fleeting dreams of bondage.

Well, that’s the “B” word in the Serious Bondage Insitute, and believe me, these guys are serious about bondage!

Being fully enclosed in rubber all night, including a fantastic molded gas mask hood and heavy gloves, was just the starting point for Dalton. His use of metal was about to become known to me. The shackles he added to my boots and gloves were soon augmented by chains and locks, which forced me into an inverted position. Unbeknownst to me, MummyEd saw a new opportunity and grabbed a vibrator.

All this activity was getting me going pretty well, but for Dalton there was more to come. Metal, you will most certainly appreciate the size of the huge chains that Dalton attached to the cage itself. Soon the entire cage, including its occupant, began liftoff.

The suspension of the vibrator inside the already suspended cage guaranteed that liftoff was complete and successful … an overwhelmingly satisfying hour, unparalleled in my experience. It was a liftoff that even astronauts would envy.

I am hoping to earn enough hours in bondage here at the Institute to receive their ‘Certificate of Bondology’ diploma, a coveted document which may open doors to further bondage events worldwide.

Thanks to Mark, a video of my visit will be available on their SeriousMaleBondage.com site in the future.

P.S. I’d be glad to send you more photos if these guys ever let me out of this cage. According to my best judgment, It’s been about 14 hours now …



gay bondage IMG_5741-A IMG_5754-A IMG_5758-A IMG_5786-A


Thanks, Bondage Vienna, for writing about this!

Several VIDEOS of Bondage Vienna at Serious Male Bondage are available:




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Tied and Fucked by Motorcycle Boy Eric

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonShortly after I moved to California, I had my first bondage role play experience. It was with an attractive motorcycle guy named Eric. Both of us were young men, I was 23 at the time and he was 25. We met on a website and worked out the details of the fantasy role play when we determined we were cool. He wanted to be the “top,” he said he didn’t bottom. I accepted.

He came over one weekend night and roleplayed as if he was robbing my apartment, catching me asleep. I had left the front door unlocked so he could walk in. Because we both liked sports gear, I had suited up in football pants and a jersey. He came over in his full motorcycle racing leathers including tight fitting leather race gloves.

He “surprised” me in my sleep and handcuffed me quickly so he could get the scene situated. I got an erection the moment those cuffs were snapped around my wrists. He “warned” me to stay quiet, or else.

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Copdar – The MP

handcuffed by an MP

The MP

By Cuffsandcops

I have had a lot of good luck finding items that tickle my fetish fancy on social media marketplaces. In the Spring, I scored 3 pairs of handcuffs from an officer leaving the field from Delaware. A few weeks ago, I found a flat leather duty belt with a black buckle that belonged to an NYPD officer. After talking with him, I ended up buying a handcuff case, radio holster, glove pouch, flashlight holder, key case, and a hidden key clip. He even threw in a NYPD patch and one for his specific unit which was the Counterintelligence Bureau.

Police related gear is my primary fetish but I also have a liking for wristwatches. Earlier this summer I jumped in the pool with one of my favorite watches on my wrist. It hadn’t been properly sealed after a battery replacement and ended up looking like a fish tank. My jeweler did everything he could to salvage it, but the watch was ruined. I was on the hunt to replace my GShock Mudmaster GG-1000. I found one on marketplace that had a dead battery and was located about an hour away from me, right near the area’s military base.

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My Stay at Franklin County Historic Jail

By Inmate 35374

jail cell roleplayI was in jail.

My guess it was between 3 and 4 in the morning. There is a courthouse nearby with an old-fashioned clock that sounded the hour, but I didn’t I remember hearing the bell.

I had finished pissing as quietly as I could in our cell’s piss bucket. I adjusted my orange boxers and snapped up the bottom snaps of my orange jumpsuit. I gingerly shuffled to my bunk. All prisoners wore leg irons, even at night and they could make a racket. I didn’t want to wake my cellmate. We had been moved around the three available cells during our stay, so we had different cellmates, or were alone in solitary. Tonight, my cellmate was Ryan. Ryan is a well-built North Carolina guy a bit over six feet tall. He had half of a thin gray blanket over him from the waist up. It was the start of a hot July, but our cell was exposed to the full blast of the cellblock air conditioner. We both slept in our orange jumpsuits.

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One, Police Plaza, NYC

By Bearded Mike

This is a true account of a chance meeting I had a few years back in NYC.

I was on a business trip to New York, and on a morning when I had no commitments I’d been down to Battery Park and was travelling back uptown by bus. It was around lunchtime and the bus was already crowded – people were standing but I was OK and had one of those side-facing seats toward the front of the bus.

I found myself staring at the back-side of a guy who was strap-hanging the same as all the other standing passengers but there was something different about this guy – showing through a back pocket of his jeans I could clearly see the outline of a pair of handcuffs!

My heart was racing, the adrenaline pumping. Was this guy a cop? But he wasn’t in uniform. Was he a collector of cuffs like myself? Or was there some other reason why he was carrying cuffs? I had no way of knowing.

But suddenly I did have a possible way of knowing. Unexpectedly the bus lurched and the standing passengers were jolted to such an extent that “my” guy stepped backward – right onto my foot. He half turned, looked down at me and muttered an apology. I assured him that I was perfectly OK and he went back to his strap-hanging – and I went back to staring at his cuffs. I was fantasising about trying to strike up some sort of conversation with the guy; a perfect opportunity had presented itself when he stepped on my foot, but I’d bottled out and hadn’t had the guts to get into conversation

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Trapped at the Office

By nycstraitjacket

male bondage storiesWe were 10 weeks into social distancing and working from home, and my mind had started to wander. The solitude is mind numbing and the loss of play time left me kinky and yearning for something to do.

I’m normally a bondage bottom into leather and metal restraints with interests that have veered toward longer term scenes.  I have a collection of leather straitjackets and a sleepsack, but they’re not easy or effective for self bondage. And that’s where my mind was…yearning for that no-way-out head trip, the smell of leather and the feeling of inescapable confinement, which naturally led me to…the Mr S website.

I already have a pretty good collection of their gear – a number of hoods, some heavy irons and restraints. But there I was, horny as hell and staring at one of those things I had tried a number of times and always wanted: the double rigid irons. there were a number of customer reviews that mentioned you could use them for self bondage and there was a video  showing them in action. How I wished I was the captive in those irons as the leather hood was laced on. A few clicks later I was staring at the webpage for the delux tight hood.  I have a number of intense hoods, but none with the open mouth configuration and I saw that it comes with an option to add a zippered panel and lock. A few clicks later I was looking at the front buckle gag, lockable of course, thinking how great they would all go together.

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My Fetish for Speedos and Bondage

By Speedobound

stud in a speedoMy fetish can be summed in one word: Speedos. But then bondage isn’t far behind. I used to get a hard on simply by driving past sporting goods stores because that’s where you would buy Speedos, when I was growing up. I think an athletic man with a hot physique wearing a tight Speedo is the perfect combination of nature and… well, synthetics, since I like 100% nylon Speedos!

I had my very first orgasm the initial time I ever tried on a Speedo. Luckily it was a friend’s Speedo and I was able to clean up the gooey mess, surreptitiously. I had NO idea what just happened, but I knew it was HAWT. The idea of being tied up was in the back of my mind as well, but it wasn’t until I got my pervy little hands on my own Speedo that I could “practice in,” were the two fetishes able to meet. It’s fascinating what a bit of imagination and a little pretend can come up with when you are a horny teenager and have some rope and a Speedo.

I have long since graduated to more advanced levels of exploring kink. Many years ago I finally got brave enough to let a stranger tie me up, while wearing a Speedo of course. If you read my profile you will see that I will not be tied up without my Speedos, it would immediately kill my erotic drive. However, when I am wearing a Speedo, my tolerance for… well for a LOT of things is amplified. I have visited my share of leather clubs, dungeons, and even small apartments with some makeshift bondage equipment, or simply rope. I have gotten a lot more adventurous as the years have passed, although I have always played safe and have never been truly harmed.

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Garden Bondage

By Steellock

It came from a casual, quiet comment from my partner. He said, ‘We don’t have to use the chair in the cellar all the time.’

We are in Lockdown in our home and, like many people, have a fair bit of time. I am a real bondage guy. Love tight and unescapable restraints and have a collection of sleepsacks and a Fetters Bondage chair as well as a good collection of other toys.

We both enjoy more active sessions too with Estim, impact play but for me I develop an ache for bondage frequently and my partner obliges by doing the last few straps or zipping the sack. Before we got together I used to use Ice Locks for time in my chair, but the real thing is so much better.

I thought about his comment and a picture came into my mind of the chair standing at the end of the garden.

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