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Cop Buddies

By Tex

I was sitting around the house watching TV with some friends. Two of them are cops. They came over in full uniform. We were having some beers, gettin’ a little crazy. I was rootin’ for the team that the other guys didn’t like, and my team was winning! They didn’t like that. I was teasing them about it. My buddy came over and put me in a headlock, the other guys were laughing.

One cop buddy pulled out a pair of hinged cuffs and said, “I can hold him for you.”

I was still in the headlock, the guys were laughing, each cop grabbed one of my arms, pinned them behind me while I struggled. They were laughing at me as they cuffed me tight behind my back and sat back laughing.

He said, “That’ll teach you, buddy.”

I said, “Come on man take the cuffs off!”

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Corrections Officer Buddy

By Tex

So I have this buddy who’s a corrections officer, known him for a while now. I’ve always liked him, he’s a cool guy. I go over to his house to watch the game and have some drinks. I knock on the door he lets me in, hey man how r u? He shakes my hand and pulls me in the house, it’s just his way of being friendly. I say I’m great, ready for some drinks and the game, he says yea me too, I just got off work. He’s still in his uniform.

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