Becoming Humble – Part 03

By RotherhamMan

The man who had called himself Thor was eventually released from his chains. None of the local men had the key it seemed and bolt cutters took a while to get from the back of the vans, in favour of taking in the sight of the hunk covered in spunk. When the chains were cut he too weak to lift himself off the hammer he was impaled on and it took six men to lift his body high enough to get him off it. There was some muttering and swearing as the length of the handle was revealed.

That was stopped when the man slipped off the hammer entirely and moaned from its loss but still came with his cock untouched. Those who hadn’t seen his previous orgasm were shocked to see how large and powerful his load was as it arced over the crowd and landed on many of the soldiers with cries of disgust and laughing directed at them. Thor was laid down on a gurney and moaned as the weight of his whole body was put on his sore ass. No one had yet made any effort to clean him up and he remained covered in sweat and semen.

The Shield base was quickly being set up with tents and mobile units and there was a tent already set up that would have to do as a medical facility. With the ground too rocky to wheel the gurney along it had to be carried by four soldiers before they could transfer his body to the medical table, having just as much trouble moving his heavy muscles. All the while they were handling him—making faces at the cum they were getting on their fingers—the man remained hard, his erection pointing straight up, unmissable and drawing the eye and envy of every man who glimpsed it.

The doctor spent a long moment taking in the sight of Thor, torn between shock and admiration, with the four soldiers stood by before he began his examination. The soldiers were there to oversee but none made any comment on the bulge in the doctor’s pants—to do so would draw attention to their own bulges. They had all seen many naked men, in the showers and in training, but none had come close to the hard, chiselled muscles of the man who claimed to be a god, or at least named after one. His cock was certainly worthy of a god and his face was handsome, even hot, to all the men no matter how straight they thought they had been before laying eyes on him.

The medic, not wearing medical gloves, felt along the man’s body for injury—that he was taking an extensive feel of his various muscles was not commented on. His hands and fingers were soon coated in the cum of the local hicks but he considered it a small price to pay for laying his hands on such a specimen of manhood. When he had finished with the man’s front the doctor asked for their assistance in turning him over, as Thor was too unresponsive to do so himself. Despite being awake this whole time his eyes were glazed over, lost on some plain of pleasure that his hammer had ignited touching his prostate and fuelled by the men who had used him and he was still coming down from that high. It took all five of them, placing their hands in what seemed like unusual places for turning a man before placing them in the expected places.

Thor’s back was just as impressive as the front, partly for the well muscled back, but mostly for his ass. The men took a moment stood there just staring at it, how it was the perfect balance of hard muscle and soft roundness. Eventually the doctor reached out and felt them ‘for damage’, as if he needed to make up excuses for the men present. He prised open the cheeks to see the hole that had been violated by a long hard implement and saw that it was red and inflamed from the too-solid intrusion. Nevertheless it still looked virgin tight and more beautiful than any asshole had a right to be.

He moved to the end of the bed by the patient’s feet and, with help, brought back Thor’s hips while keeping his legs in place so his ass was raised as much as it could be and the hole made accessible in this presented position. The doctor stroked it lightly and Thor, semi conscious, shuddered, still sore and tender there where only one other man had touched him before.

The doctor looked to the soldiers and determined that all four of them were of a similar mind as he. None of them objected when he leaned in and buried his face in-between the globes. His nose was overwhelmed with the musk of the man, rank with sweat and sex. It was a heady combination and he eagerly stuck out his tongue to ‘sooth’ the soreness of his hole.

Thor groaned but held still, too tired to make himself move and unwilling to while it felt so good. The doctor spent several minutes licking and trying to enter the man with his tongue, never deterred by how he could not breach the entrance with something so small and weak as his tongue. He still licked and lapped at it, eating the god’s hole until his stubble had rubbed the cheeks raw and Thor was keening like a cat.

He pulled his mouth away with a gasp, not at all missing the clean air but needing to take a proper breath. “I could do with a sample of his semen… for medical purposes.” The doctor needn’t have felt embarrassed to suggest it, the soldiers were willing and happy for an excuse. Keeping him in the position with his ass raised they spread his legs some and repositioned them to leave his semi-hard length hanging, dripping precum in a thick strand. The doctor caught some on his finger and stuck it in his mouth. It was so good he almost started sucking the cock on the spot. He had never looked at a man in a sexual way before but this man had done something incredible to him, like the man was sexuality itself and no man could resist him.

He took hold of the cock, making Thor moan again, and slowly stroked it from behind. He didn’t hurry the motions, as a medical man he knew that the largest load could be worked from a man by stimulating him for an extended period. He might not have a lot of time but he wouldn’t rush. He hadn’t seen the man’s ejaculations in the crater but would have cum himself at the sight if he had. With his free hand he grabbed a bowl to catch the release when it came and put it into position under the cock head. He then took hold of the man’s balls and massaged them as he worked the shaft– that he could barely manage to wrap his hand around. His hands were still slick from all the cum he had on them from Thor’s body and the loads of so many men made a perfect lubricant for masturbation. For maximum stimulation he went back to licking the man’s ass and trying to insert his tongue as far as it would go into the tight hole.

Thor mewled at the feelings, content to stay in this blissed out state forever. He let himself be molested and savoured the feeling of an orgasm building inside him.

The four soldiers were now pulling out their cocks and openly stroking, not caring for each other’s actions as they were too caught up in pleasuring themselves to the sight and sounds Thor was making. They were wondering if they had been doing sex wrong as they had never felt as good as this man was clearly feeling!

One of the men had had it with just being a spectator and stepped forward to the man. He moved the thick arm—that in itself was heavy—and Thor’s slack face and vacant eyes were now level with his cock. He aimed it at the man’s mouth. He had already sucked off so many men today, who cared if he got face-fucked while he was being rimmed and jacked off under the guise of a medical procedure? He slid in without any resistance and although Thor was too out of it to actively suck as he had before his mouth was still warm and wet on the man’s cock.

The soldier swore and began to leisurely fuck his mouth. The others cursed themselves for not being brave enough to do this and had to make do with the sight. But another man did step up on the other side and rub his cock in the man’s long hair and a third pressed his cock up between his hand and Thor’s enormous bicep and fuck at that. The two remaining could only watch and wish he was on his back, those pecs had been like muscled tiddies and could probably be fucked by two cocks, one from the top and one from the bottom, without them touching in the middle!

Thor only moved when the orgasm came and he writhed, a little but not much, as he unloaded into the bowl. The doctor kept stroking some more to make sure he had it all, and then scooped up the last drops from the slit with the rim of the bowl. As the hunk moaned in orgasmic bliss the soldiers came too; one in his mouth, one in his hair, one on his bicep, one on his back, and one on his ass. The doctor came too in his pants, not at all ashamed by now and not regretting he hadn’t touched himself.

This was Thor’s fourth orgasm of the day and third in an hour but this was no less powerful than the first or any smaller. The bowl was filled quickly and with powerful spurts that would have knocked it out of the doctor’s hands if he had been holding it rather than placing it beneath him as he had. Thick and milky white, it could be mistaken for milk white yogurt.

There was an impatient call from outside if the man was ready to be interrogated yet and the six exchanged guilty looks. The doctor called out an affective and they hurried to get him dressed in standard issue pyjamas that were too small for his muscled frame, forcing them over his calves and thighs like tree trunks. As he was dragged out by the soldiers with an arm over each shoulder—still covered in cum—the doctor took one last look at his ass, clothed but unhidden by the tight fabric.

Then he raised the bowl to his mouth and drank it all and licked the bowl clean.


Thor was starting to regain his senses as he was dragged through the military camp. He was becoming aware of how everyone, dressed in what must be the clothes of their warriors rather than their hill-folk, was staring at him but he was far more aware of what had just happened to him.

“Did you just…” he said, not quite believing what had happened, only partly because he was so out of it when it had happened.

“Milk you?” said one of the soldiers carrying him. “Yeah we did, like a fucking cow!” The two men laughed at the very recent memory that would get them off many times in future and at the mental image of having Thor on all fours and mooing for them, maybe with a cowbell around his neck as them milked him.

They laughed at the god of thunder, at how he had been helplessly molested and now compared to an animal. Thor felt all his strength and will return to him in a surge of power and let out a primal roar as he threw off the two men with a single shove of his arms. The men hadn’t been expecting it from their seemingly docile captive and fell away with yells of surprise. Thor stood in the middle of the camp, surrounded by soldiers but he felt like he could take them all on to reclaim his dignity, mortality be damned.

“If any man dares to touch me again he will face my wrath!” he bellowed. He was larger and stronger than any of the soldiers there and he must have looked fierce, even though he was naked, for none of them dared approach him. They had all seen him impaled on a hammer, covered in cum as he still was, and cumming like a common whore with moans to match, but now he looked dangerous and very capable of using all his muscles to hurt anyone who dared to challenge him.

Only one did dare. One man did step forward, brave or stupid to do so. The soldiers who had just watched and masturbated to Thor’s molestation had thought he was the largest and strongest man they had ever seen—this was the man who had previously held that record. He was six foot three to Thor’s six foot six but the few inches in height he lacked were made up for in his girth. The man was the most muscular of all he had so far seen on Earth and was grizzled with the look of a man who had known war. He would be a true challenge.

“Face me, cocksucker,” spat the man. Jake had been the strongest and most feared man among them for years and now his position as the Alpha had been challenged by this whore who hid his homosexuality under a mountain of muscle he didn’t deserve. Jake would prove he was the king around here.

Thor took up a fighting stance. “You’ll pay for your insult,” he growled. Not wasting any time, eager to prove he was masculine in the eyes of these men, Thor charged at Jake who charged back. At the last moment Thor dodged to the side to change his angle of impact, intending to catch his opponent off guard and off balance—but the man reacted quickly and simply thrust out his arm and Thor crashed into it, nocked off his feet, into the air, and landing flat on his back on the dirt, winded.

Of course the crowd cheered for their champion who had scored a blow to their captive, chanting his name as he took a moment to show-boat as Thor regained his breath and scrambled to his feet. The two fell into circling one another. Thor had underestimated this man; he was more than just strength, he had cunning too and Thor would have to prove that he had brains as well as brawn.

They edged closer to one another as they went and Jake struck first this time with a lunge to tackle Thor. Thor leapt back from this but it only gave Jake time to build up speed and crash into him hard enough to wind him again. Jake wrapped both arms around Thor’s waist and lifted in into the air over his shoulder. Thor was doing his best to break free but he was uncoordinated and couldn’t do anything in time to stop Jake letting him slip down his back, Thor’s chest facing him, and leaping up into their air and angling back. Thor landed on his back again but this time with Jake slamming down on top of him.

The who thing was over in a matter of minutes and Thor was beaten. Jake climbed off him and flaunted to the crowd, drinking up the victory over the so-called god. Thor still wouldn’t accept defeat and rolled over, intending to get up and try again even though every muscle was screaming at him. He had never realised how much he had relied on his super strength and hammer in combat, how dependant on them he had been and how complacent he was.

Jake saw Thor trying to get up and played dirty to stop him. He kicked Thor’s legs apart and, stood between them, he reached down and grabbed his balls, their size making it a struggle to fit it in his fist—which only made him angrier! Thor screamed as they were crushed in the man’s powerful grip and pulled up. He raised his hips instinctively to lessen the pain, raising his ass and trying to get on all fours. Jake’s other hand fisted his hair and stopped him from raising himself too far, keeping him on all fours. Like a dog.

“You need to be put in your place, bitch.” Jake unbuckled his belt and looped it around Thor’s neck. He pulled it tight and forced a new hole on the leather to buckle it in place. Thor was now wearing a collar and a leash—but he was also wearing the thin pyjama trousers. “Bitches don’t wear clothes,” Jake growled as he grabbed at the ass of the pyjamas and ripped them off, leaving Thor naked again in front of them all.

Thor’s cock and balls swung swung freely again for all to see and Jake saw the admiring stares and felt his jealousy resurface. He was well endowed to go with his muscles, he had built them up to help him use his cock as it should be, but would not stand for anyone challenging him. Looking down at the man he saw his ass that had been recently stretched by the hammer they had come for that he claimed was him. He knew how to establish himself as top dog again.

He already had his belt off and undid his pants to let out his own cock, almost as long and as thick as Thor’s but still infuriatingly smaller. Jake felt like this was what he had been training for his whole life. Fuck the holes he had fucked before and he training the military had put him through, the ass of this man was his greatest challenge and if he could best it he would be unchallenged in his role as top alpha dog.

The entrance to the ass was stretched and wet and he was hard as steel and dripping. That was all the preparation he needed. He knelt down behind Thor, lined up and entered him to the hilt in a single thrust.

Thor screamed. He had only had his hammer up his ass before and now he had a cock in for the first time. This was the ultimate humiliation, insult to injury, and yet he was once again bound by honour to take this. He had been bested ans this was the prize the victor was claiming. He had a cock up his ass for the first time. At least the man had been a worthy opponent, maybe he was more worthy of the hammer now.

Jake was amazed at how tight Thor was, it was like he was a virgin and had never been taken like the bitch he clearly was. Had no one dared to try and master him? Had he managed to fool everyone into believing he was a dominant or a top? Time to show everyone what this guy really was.

Jake grabbed Thor’s hip with one hand and pulled on the make-shift leash with the other for leverage and he began to pound at the ass as hard as he could. He was surrounded by his men, all cheering him on and that was all the motivation he needed to go as hard as he could on the guy. He was determined to prove he was a botch by making him cum from this fucking. If a hammer could do it then so could he!

He did make Thor cum but not before he did. Jake bellowed as his orgasm hit, the most satisfying of his life, and he flooded that muscle ass with his cum. As Thor felt this he too came, his ass tightening on Jake’s cock without his intention and milking out the last of his orgasm. Jake felt this and knew he had succeeded in proving the god of thunder a bitch. He had never felt like such a man, like he could rule the world.

Thor just hung his head in shame, not wanting anyone to see his face. With his head bowed he could see his fifth load of the day on the ground, all of them forced from him by other men, all of them the best of his life. What had the men of Earth done to him?

Jake pulled out and stood, showing off his still hard cock and how it was covered in his cum. The rest of the load was deep inside Thor but still some of it trickled out of his ass. Jake still had he belt-leash in hand and yanked it, urging him forward as he led Thor through the crowd of men. Thor crawled forward, knowing not to get up. This was where the victor wanted him. In ‘his place’ at his feet. He stayed quiet as he was led away, wherever Jake wanted, with the other soldiers mocking him all around, having borne witness to his first defeat.

To be continued …

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