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Becoming Humble – Part 03

By RotherhamMan

The man who had called himself Thor was eventually released from his chains. None of the local men had the key it seemed and bolt cutters took a while to get from the back of the vans, in favour of taking in the sight of the hunk covered in spunk. When the chains were cut he too weak to lift himself off the hammer he was impaled on and it took six men to lift his body high enough to get him off it. There was some muttering and swearing as the length of the handle was revealed.

That was stopped when the man slipped off the hammer entirely and moaned from its loss but still came with his cock untouched. Those who hadn’t seen his previous orgasm were shocked to see how large and powerful his load was as it arced over the crowd and landed on many of the soldiers with cries of disgust and laughing directed at them. Thor was laid down on a gurney and moaned as the weight of his whole body was put on his sore ass. No one had yet made any effort to clean him up and he remained covered in sweat and semen.

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Becoming Humble – Part 02

By RotherhamMan

Of course he had nowhere to hide what was happening to him and no way of not drawing attention to it. He had never been able to hold back his facial expressions during orgasm—why would he ever need or want to?—so anyone who couldn’t see the damp patch growing at the tip of his bulging trousers could see his face, or even hear his moans, to know what he was doing right now.

Cumming from giving a blowjob and having his asshole touched.

Billy still had a hand down his trousers and squeezing his ass. No one cared his cock was out and that he had just cum, he was one of them and had gotten a blowjob. He was the one who was a large man who had not only sucked a cock but had cum from it. These people would never let him live it down and would no doubt tell stories of him like he told stories of battle.

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Becoming Humble – Part 01

By RotherhamMan

Thor didn’t quite get the fuss. It was only a mug, so what if he had broken it? But it seemed that deliberately smashing it on the floor, even in delight, wasn’t accepted on Earth. He had been so desperate for a drink. After spending all night and day walking the barren wasteland he had finally found a town and entered the first place he saw that looked like they might serve drinks. He found the place a tad strange but he had been to many realms and took in the different culture with ease—until he broke one of their rules of etiquette, apparently, by breaking the mug once he had drained it of water.

“You broke it, you clean it up,” the owner had told him in a stern voice, thrusting a dustpan and brush at him to clean up. And so Thor was doing menial work, on both knees with a dustpan and brush, cleaning up the broken shards of mug. Completely oblivious to the view of his ass he was giving the customers and the looks they were giving it back. He finished up quickly, it was only the one mug, and deposited them in the bin by the counter.

The owner eyed him up. He was a man who was not muscled but not with fat either, an average frame, maybe more so, and a bushy brown moustache with his finely combed hair. “Now you’ve done that you can pay for the damage and get lost.”

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Breaking Boys: Colin – Chapter 3

By RotherhamMan

Don was left with eighteen hours on the bidding clock after the slave had been left for the six hours he thought long enough to reinforce his new rules. He no longer thought of the meat as Colin, that person was no longer of any significance and he would not be telling the buyers the name either. The only way they would know was if they went and found out for themselves, unlikely, or if the slave broke the rules and told them —something Don would be told about and he had a guarantee that if that ever happened with one of his products he would come out and punish them for tarring his reputation. It hadn’t happened yet.

Six hours had been a long time and despite having sat down to plan the slave’s training he was interrupted by the arrival of a friend who wanted to hang out. He hated people dropping in on him unplanned but he had a social life to maintain as part of his cover as a normal person. He had formed a comfortable social circle of people he found mildly interesting to be around and hung with them enough to appear normal, he might even enjoy himself some times. He felt quite the thrill of entertaining a guest while, unknown to them, he had a person kept in his basement against their will. He had a hard time hiding his rock solid erection and when it was noticed by the friend he played it off as having a day where he just felt horny. The friend laughed with him and departed, assuming Don was going to make a random hook-up to get off. Before he left he used Don’s toilet for a piss, not surprised by the novelty of a waterless toilet, having used it before. He would be surprised to learn it didn’t lead to the sewer but to a tank for the slaves to drink when being punished or trained for such things.

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Breaking Boys: Pick-Up Night

By RotherhamMan

Don was just finishing up with Jason when his phone rang.

Jason had been in his dungeon for over a month now, almost the longest time anyone had spent down there. The trouble had been finding a buyer who wanted a heavily tattooed man in his late thirties who had been used and abused for such a period. Don had done so much to Jason that he had almost gotten bored with him and was in danger of losing more money than he would like if he was there any longer. He fed his slaves on a special chow that resembled dog food and hosed them down when needed, but that was all he really spent on them. Jason had been fed and watered but hadn’t been allowed to wash since he arrived and was filthy.

The guy was however beginning to acclimatise with his new life. He slept well on the concrete floor and had learned to assume a kneeling position when Don entered. Don kept his visits irregular to confuse the occupants of how much time was passing, leaving as little as a minute or as long as a whole day between sessions. Sleeping and feeding times were also varied. Don came in and emptied the chow into a bowl rather than use a machine to do it to associate food with him and only slid it to the prisoner after they had thanked him properly. The lights were either on or off as he determined, bright enough to prevent sleep or pitch black. Some developed a fear of the dark from this, especially if he left them in pain or discomfort.

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Breaking Boys: Colin – Chapter 2

By RotherhamMan

Don stayed up that night until Colin pissed himself. The game had long since ended and he had transferred the video feed to his TV screen, sound on now, and rubbed at his crotch as the bound guy continued to tug on the chains, three hours after he had woken up. His shoulders and wrists must have been in a lot of pain from holding his unconscious weight and soon his legs would ache from the same problem.

He had gradually shifted from threats to begging before going quiet. Soon enough there was a wet patch forming in his trousers and a puddle forming on the floor as he whimpered in embarrassment even if he thought no one was watching. Don was tired and a little drunk so he would watch the recording in the morning while he took care of his morning wood. Colin would spend the night stood in the puddle of his piss as it dripped down his legs. He would be lucky if he got any sleep in that position and come the morning he would be ready for the formal introduction to his new life.

All the while the feed was broadcast live to the potential buyers.

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Breaking Boys: Colin – Chapter 1

By RotherhamMan

Only one of them knew when the door opened that the life of one of the two of them was over.

This was not the case before the door opened, it was a fact that came into being when the two men looked at one another and at that moment, Colin’s life as he knew it was done and a new one would soon be taking its place. That moment lit a fire in Don’s eyes and sent his heart racing with the thrill of anticipation.

It was, of course, his looks that sealed his fate, as it was for every man who crossed paths with Don whom he took an unfortunate like to. He was just touching six feet tall and had a lean but firm figure, his chest and arm muscles were made known by the t-shirt he wore that was just a little to tight, as he well knew. His work trousers were loose but that didn’t matter. His face was what sealed the deal, with a thick beard and dirty blonde hair styled up and back he was a handsome figure that could almost pass for a Viking in the right costume. He looked to be in his mid-twenties, young enough to be Don’s son if Don were interested in women or having children.

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