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Milking It (For All That It’s Worth)

By RotherhamMan

“That one there.”

Frank looked up to where Luis was nodding. “The one with the cap?”

“Nah, next to him, the one with the shorts on.”

Frank wasn’t subtle as he looked the guy up and down, taking in his clothes and how they fit him and speculating on what was beneath, “Oh, yeah, not too bad.”

“Nice lips,” muttered Luis. He could tell even from this distance that they were full and pouty lips that were rare for a guy. He was as open as his friend was in checking the guy out but more so when he palmed his erection. “I’d like them on my cock.”

Frank snorted as he finished a swig from the can of beer. “You’d like any lips on your cock.”

“Nah, I like a pretty face and lips. I have standards.”

The guy and his friends had noticed the two young men staring at them and after a few moments of shifting, clearly uncomfortable, moved on somewhere else. Luis rolled his eyes, couldn’t they take the compliment of being checked out? Probably straight, a waste of good lips in his opinion.

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Becoming Humble – Part 08

By RotherhamMan

Thor was lowered onto The Destroyer’s cock and screamed as he was stretched beyond his imaginings. Thor was mercilessly impaled on the phallus, no care taken for him or notice taken of his flailing legs and cries. He would not beg but he couldn’t stop the noises of pain that came out of him. But the pain didn’t last. As he was stretched to his limit he also felt the shaft hitting every nerve inside his ass and every fibre of his prostate as it was squashed by the invader. It was pleasure mixed in with the pain and Thor couldn’t help but think that this was something he might come to like. The men of Earth must have done something to him for this experience to be even remotely enjoyable! He could learn to focus on the pleasure and ignore the pain, even as the machine forced its way in deeper and he was screaming out uncontrollably. He could see this being an enjoyable experience in other circumstances.

There was a whistling and a metallic thump and the Destroyer’s head jerked to the side slightly. Thor saw a blur that might have been a stick bounce of its head and both man and machine turned—not very well for the man, held by the throat as he was—to look.

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Becoming Humble – Part 07

By RotherhamMan

Thor made his way up the stairs slowly, taking one at a time. He ached all over; his ass, his cock, his nipples. He had thought the men at the Shield base had been rough as seasoned warriors but it turned out that Earth’s common man was even more deprived in their treatment of their sexual conquests. They had all fucked him one after the other at least once each with any coming back for seconds. All of them had buried themselves deep inside him when they came and with each step he felt a little more leak out of his ass and run down his legs.

He stepped out into the lobby, and the owner of the establishment glance at him and whistled, his eyes slowly travelling up and down his body, taking him in in a different way that when he had arrived, in particular his pierced nipples. “Looks like the boys got their money’s worth. Did you enjoy yourself?”

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Becoming Humble – Part 06

By RotherhamMan

Clint had no trouble entering the men’s quarters. Not only was his own nearby but those who did see him just assumed he was on a booty call and were jealous. He went unchallenged. The quarters were two bunk beds and some draws for clothes and personal effects. The key to Thor’s chastity cage wouldn’t be in there, they would most likely be on their person but Clint wanted to explore this option first. He started with the obvious places and worked quickly but turned up no results just as quickly. He left no sign he had been there, he was too good for that.

Before he could leave he heard people approaching and from their voices he could tell they were the occupants of these quarters. There was no escape and nowhere to hide. The door opened and the three men, Jake, Sean and Eric, entered. They slowed as they saw Clint, stood in the centre of the room he could hardly be missed, but they recovered quickly and closed the door behind them. It wasn’t locked but it might as well have been.

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Becoming Humble – Part 05

By RotherhamMan

Clint had been tasked with keeping an eye on the strange man and had tailed the van transporting him to the town. He knew full well what was happening on the van, whenever it stopped at a turn or lights he could see the way it rocked slightly and new someone inside, probably this Thor character, was getting pounded hard. He had been the guy getting fucked in the van and seen others fucked in them to spot the rocking no matter how slight.

He rode his motorbike at a careful distance and when the van pulled into its final destination he jumped off and climbed the building nearby to watch from above. He saw the whole thing—he wasn’t called Hawkeye for nothing. Thor was dragged naked from the van and thrown in the trash. He could see the cage on his cock. He watched as the agents, the names of who he was sure to memorise, jacked off and pissed on the guy who was clearly too defeated and demoralised to do anything. As the van drove off, leaving the poor guy naked and soaked, Thor crawled into the trash and curled up, hiding from the world.

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Becoming Humble – Part 04

By RotherhamMan

Thor let himself be led away to a cell without any protest, on all fours the whole way. The men who were surrounding him were big and no doubt trained and he could give them a run for their money but in this mortal form he was unsure of victory against so many. That was if he had it in him to put up a fight after he had already been defeated by Jake, still leading him by his improvised leash. In the last twenty-four hours Thor had sucked off more men than he knew, been obligated to impale himself on his own hammer, and discover that he was weaker than ever thanks to his father’s punishment of exile. So what if he was going to a cell, it was just as much a prison as the rest of this world.

The six guards were wary and intrigued by this unknown man. He looked as strong as any of them and they recognised a warrior in him but they had seen the pictures of how he had been found if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes. It was difficult to take a man seriously once he had been seen with a hammer up his ass, cum all over his face and upper body, and delirious from sucking cock and now he was once again leaking cum from his ass from their champion and was crawling after him like an obedient dog.

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Becoming Humble – Part 03

By RotherhamMan

The man who had called himself Thor was eventually released from his chains. None of the local men had the key it seemed and bolt cutters took a while to get from the back of the vans, in favour of taking in the sight of the hunk covered in spunk. When the chains were cut he too weak to lift himself off the hammer he was impaled on and it took six men to lift his body high enough to get him off it. There was some muttering and swearing as the length of the handle was revealed.

That was stopped when the man slipped off the hammer entirely and moaned from its loss but still came with his cock untouched. Those who hadn’t seen his previous orgasm were shocked to see how large and powerful his load was as it arced over the crowd and landed on many of the soldiers with cries of disgust and laughing directed at them. Thor was laid down on a gurney and moaned as the weight of his whole body was put on his sore ass. No one had yet made any effort to clean him up and he remained covered in sweat and semen.

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Becoming Humble – Part 02

By RotherhamMan

Of course he had nowhere to hide what was happening to him and no way of not drawing attention to it. He had never been able to hold back his facial expressions during orgasm—why would he ever need or want to?—so anyone who couldn’t see the damp patch growing at the tip of his bulging trousers could see his face, or even hear his moans, to know what he was doing right now.

Cumming from giving a blowjob and having his asshole touched.

Billy still had a hand down his trousers and squeezing his ass. No one cared his cock was out and that he had just cum, he was one of them and had gotten a blowjob. He was the one who was a large man who had not only sucked a cock but had cum from it. These people would never let him live it down and would no doubt tell stories of him like he told stories of battle.

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