Brig Story – Part 05

By Tommy Guns

Finally, left alone in my cell, I laid down on my rack and got to thinking about the action the night before. My hard-on returned with a real vengeance, and I thought that I now had the time and opportunity to relieve myself. Alas, it was not to be. Just as I was getting into a rhythm, I heard footsteps coming down the passageway. They stopped at my door, and a key was put in the lock. I scrambled to get my cock stuffed back into my trousers, and almost made it before the cell door was thrown open. Standing in the doorway was the hot Corporal from earlier, framed in the light from the passageway overheads.

In his hands he had the leather belt and leg irons, and ordered me down on my knees facing the rear bulkhead. I said, “Sir, yes Sir,” and immediately got off the rack and hit my knees as instructed. He locked the belt in place, cuffed my wrists, and after he put the leg irons on, he ordered me to stand up and face him at attention. I struggled to my feet, turned around and stood before him. Just looking at his well toned body, deep blue eyes, and that uniform snuggly fitted to his body brought my cock to full attention again. He saw the effect he was having on me and a slight smile crept across his face. He then asked me, “I heard you’re a fudge packer. Is that true prisoner?” I replied, “Sir, yes Sir and this prisoner would be pleased to relieve the Corporal of his stress in any other way if would please the Corporal Sir!”

He looked at me, and ordered me down on my knees. Before I could hit the deck, my handsome young Corporal already had his gorgeous cock out and brought it to my lips. After a few tentative swipes with my tongue on the head of his now engorged cock, I opened wide and took every bit of it deep in my throat and began to work it. Now this youngster absolutely knew how to take advantage of a warm and willing mouth and tongue, and really got into it with me. We had a rhythm going for what seemed like half an hour or more before he was ready to shoot his load. I would not allow him to pull out, and sucked all of his cum out and down my throat. It must have been awhile since he last had sex, because he had a nice load to feed me.

Finally I let him pull his cock out, and licked the remnants of his cum off the cut head of his cock and from around the shaft. His eyes by now had become glassy, and I could tell he was really into it. I asked him, “Sir, may the prisoner relieve himself now Sir?” He just looked at me with a glassy eyed stare. Before I knew what was going to happen, he ordered me to get up and sit on my rack. I did as I was instructed, and the next thing I know, my beautiful Corporal hit his own knees in front of me. He reached out and pulled my now engorged cock from my trousers. Next he stroked it a few times, up and down in a very slow rhythm. His touch was gentle yet tentative, and it made me think he’d never done this before.

The thought that I was ‘converting’ this fine specimen of a Marine into an androphile made my cock even harder, and it was all I could do to keep from shooting my own load right then. I exercised all the control I could muster, and looked him in the eye and whispered, “Sir, if you want to suck it, go ahead Sir. It won’t bite Sir, and there’s nobody here but us Marines Sir.” He didn’t need any more urging than that.

He started first licking the head, then worked his way down the shaft to my balls, tentatively, as if he was trying to convince himself that what he was doing was okay. Finally, he opened his mouth and took as much of my cock in as he could before his gag reflex kicked in. He jerked his head up, coughed, and looked at me with some confusion in his eyes. I could tell that he needed some direction, so I whispered to him that as he felt himself starting to gag he should swallow quickly to ease the muscles in his throat.

He was a quick study in cock sucking, and pretty soon he got his own rhythm going. I couldn’t help him much, since I was still shackled and pretty much immobilized, but he really didn’t need my help. Since I hadn’t cum in so long, and this gorgeous Marine was seriously fucking with my ability to exercise any control, it wasn’t long before I needed to shoot my load. I didn’t know if he was into swallowing, so I told him I was ready to blow my load. That got him to going down even faster, and I realized that he was going to go for broke and not quit until I had shot my load down his throat.

I finally let nature take its course and let a huge load hit the back of his throat and slide on down. The taste was something he wasn’t ready for, and he jerked his head up, coughed, and tried to spit the load back out. By then it was far too late to change his mind. He was definitely a trooper about the whole thing, cleaning the head of my cock with his tongue, then eased my now flaccid cock back in my trousers and fastened the buttons. Finally, he stood up, grabbed a little water from the sink, swished it around his mouth a bit and swallowed it. He took a last look at me, turned and walked out of the cell without another word. The key turned in the lock, and I heard the echoes of his footsteps as he walked back down the passageway. I was left sitting on my rack, still shackled, but well and truly face and butt fucked, and had had my own cock sucked by a gorgeous first timer. I didn’t know if I was going to prison or not, or if my career in the Corps was about to come to an abrupt end. All I did know was that I wasn’t quite ready for this part of the adventure to end.


To be continued …



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