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Chase: Sub Training Camp – Part 03

By Zac Loughty

This story is about adults, to be read by adults only.

The author would like to thank his Discipline Monitor for his ‘encouragement’ to get this story finished, and for proofreading this story.

It’s time for Chase (rien) to GET TO WORK!


What the…


It’s the blast from an air horn!

“Up and at ‘em, subs! Get your asses up and over to the stanchion!” Russ yells.

All we can do is moan and groan in response. Um… how are zero and I gonna go anywhere?


“Get moving! Don’t make me use the motivator!” Russ threatens. “Everyone over to the stanchion except rien and zero.”

Good! Zero and I are excused. We get to sleep in.

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