Busman’s Holiday – Part 09

By lthr_jock

As Clark walked out of the house, Vickers marvelled at the sight of the prison guard wearing head to toe rubber. He knew that the additives he had put in the man’s drink would increase his arousal, but he never anticipated that they would make him so relaxed and open-minded. Talking to Clark it was clearly the same man, just a man with his inhibitions lowered. Vickers watched Clark drive away, then was back onto his computer to review the film he now had of Clark putting on the rubber. He pulled out his cock and stroked it at the sight of the tall, muscled man covering up with the gleaming black rubber. He grinned with pleasure and added the film to his private collection of films of Clark that he had taken since Clark had first come over to collect the Scavenger’s Daughter. Vickers had been very careful with those files – they had been shared with a very few select friends, each time with dire warnings not to share them with anyone else.




Clark drove home, enjoying the way the rubber moved and stretched with every movement of his body. He was also aware of the sounds that it made as he moved and the strong smell of the rubber – a smell which got stronger as his body heated the rubber up. It was a warm day and although the sun was low on the horizon, it was still enough to make him sweat. He could feel the trickles of it down his body under the rubber and even that served to arouse him. He reached down with his left hand and stroked the bulge of his cock, which was still rock hard under the rubber. Clark loved the feel of the pressure through the rubber without the direct contact and he could feel pre-cum leaking out of his cock.

Clark pulled up short – his reverie had almost made him drive through a red light. He carried on stroking his cock with one hand until a shout disturbed him. He looked to the right and saw the familiar shape of a pickup truck. Leaning out of the window was the same guy that had seen him driving around in slave chains a few weeks before.

“Hey there! You doing stuff for charity again?”

Clark looked back – this time without embarrassment and shook his head. “Nah not this time.”

The younger man laughed, “At least you’re honest this time. Looks good on you.”

Clark looked down at the shelf of his chest covered by the skin-tight rubber and the tight waist beneath. He nodded and grinned before looking back at the other man “Yeah, thanks. Feels pretty good too.”

The other man nodded, “You still got my twitter ID?” Clark nodded. “Good. Let me know if you ever want to party.”

With that the lights changed and Clark drove off. As he checked in his rear view mirror, he saw the pickup turn right. He chuckled to himself and shook his head – he would never contact the guy, but at least it was flattering.

Clark drove home without any further incident, garaged the car and then headed inside. His cock was still rock hard, so he headed up to his bedroom, sprawled out on his bed and proceeded to jerk until he came, the thick white cum spattering over the glossy black of his rubber. He lay there for a few minutes, then went into the bathroom to clean down. As he wiped the cum from the rubber, he mused that was probably why it was so popular – it was damn easy to clean. Clark stripped it off, carefully hung it up and then had a good long, hot shower.

He headed back into his room, slipped on a pair of compression shorts and started surfing the internet. He answered his emails, deleted some social ones from work and then ran through some of the bondage sites he has been enjoying recently. As he did, he could occasionally see the reflection of the rubber suit that was hung up on the wall opposite. He put in some queries and soon found himself surfing sites dedicated to rubber wear and rubber bondage. He was surprised how many there were – and the effect that looking at the pictures had on his cock. As he looked at the variety of gear available, he was sorely tempted. Clark managed to resist until he found a set of photos with a well-muscled guy in restraint and wearing rubber. He could no longer resist and with a few clicks, he made some purchases.




Clark woke the next day, and one of the first things he saw was the rubber gear hanging up slick and black. He shook his head in shock that he had worn that on the previous day and he immediately moved it to the back of his wardrobe. He then remembered the purchases he had made and went online to see if he could cancel them – unfortunately, they were already out for order. Clark was in disbelief and couldn’t imagine what had made him wear that stuff. As he thought about it, he considered his arousal in the box and his extended state of excitement – it must have just been him thinking with his cock that made him wear the gear. He shuddered as he thought what might have happened if anyone he knew had seen him and decided that he would take a step back from Vickers as he was clearly starting to act irrationally.

Three days later Vickers arranged to have the box delivered. He turned up with the disassembled box on a flatbed truck and the two men spent all day carrying the parts down to the basement and then putting it all together. Vickers offered Clark a chance to make sure it worked, but he demurred. Vickers realised that Clark was embarrassed and so didn’t push it. However, when Clark offered to return the rubber gear, he demurred and refused to take it.

For the next few weeks, Clark made an effort to not engage with Vickers. Although he had to keep in contact as he owed Vickers several thousand pounds, he kept his emails short and to the point and resisted the temptation to talk to him. He still kept visiting the sites that were interesting him, and checked on Vickers’ site several times. The response to the box was huge – and the comments about Sam-Cam were equally good. Vickers had uploaded snippets of the session onto the website and although he was initially angry at being filmed like that, he had to admit that his identity was still being kept secret — and that he looked damned good. This helped spur him on and his visits to the gym grew longer and more intense, with a consequential increase in his size.

The new video had heightened interest in Samuel and who he was. Vickers added some links on his page and following them Clark found fan pages for Samuel and whole conversations on Twitter with the #whoisSamuel hashtag.

The rubber remained in the wardrobe. He had his expected delivery and apart from opening it to confirm that the inside was filled with gleaming black rubber, he left it alone and stored it in the same wardrobe.




Life was almost going back to normal for Clark, with his new workout routines making him feel bigger and fitter. His uniforms at work were now extremely tight and he had to put in a request for larger fittings after the seams started to split on his shirt. He had got back into the routine of working out with Andy, his neighbour opposite, and all was going pretty well.

That was interrupted when he got an email from Vickers.

“Hey, Mr Clark. I’ve got a sales opportunity coming up and thought you might enjoy the chance to pay off some of your debt to me.”

“Sounds good – how much and what do I have to do?”

“I’ve got a display at a convention in a couple of weeks time. A lot of people are asking me if Samuel is going to be there.”

“A convention? But — but how would you make sure no-one recognised me?”

“I’ve got that all figured out. You’ll be on display, but in such a way that no-one will recognise you. As long as you get there early, I can get you in place before anyone arrives and then let you out at the end of the day.”

Clark thought for a minute.

“OK, sounds alright. When is it?”

Vickers named a date 2 weeks away. “The convention is actually 2 days. I’ll pay you £500 for each day you attend as well as all your expenses.”

Clark checked his work schedule – he was clear all weekend. “I could do both days, no problems.”

“Great. I’ll book you a room then. It’ll be good, there’s even a — no, I guess you won’t be interested in that.”

“In what?”

“Well, there’s a big party on the Saturday night, but I doubt it’s your thing.”

“Hey, I don’t mind a party now and again.”

“Yeah, but this one is not really your — idiom.” Vickers included a flyer with his email for the “Fetish Party” that showed a group of men in leather, rubber and sports gear as well as two men chained on all fours. Clark paused before replying.

“You never know. I might be in the mood for it.”

“Why, Mr Clark, you dark horse. In that case, you’d best bring something suitable along in case you decide to attend. Or would you like to just be in those slave shackles you drove home in?”

Clark’s cock leaped at the thought of wearing the shackles again and he adjusted himself before replying.

“You’ll have to wait and see.”




Clark was nervous as he parked his jeep in the car park of the hotel. Vickers had suggested that he stay overnight on the Friday so that he could be in place before anyone else on the Saturday morning. Vickers had expected the event to be at some seedy motel, and had got quite the surprise when the he had driven up to an expensive hotel with an attached conference centre. He sat in his car for several minutes, not sure whether or not he was actually going in. Eventually, he grabbed his bags from the rear seat of the jeep and headed inside.

He didn’t know what he would see inside, but the last thing he imagined was a completely ordinary reception area. He booked into his room and headed upstairs. He unpacked his bags and nervously passed the time until the restaurant was open and then went down. As he sat at his table, he furtively looked around at the people at the other tables. While primarily men, there were a few women scattered around. If he hadn’t known that most were here for some kind of fetish convention, he would have had no idea. The table next to him looked like junior executives and he could hear them talking about something to do with pensions. Slightly further away two men who looked like rugby players were clearly talking about last weekend’s match. Clark started to relax – maybe this wouldn’t be so bad.

He relaxed enough to enjoy his meal and thought he might have a couple of beers in the bar before heading up to bed. As he stepped out into reception, he stopped so suddenly that someone behind him walked into him. He apologised to the person – who turned out to be one of the rugby players. They walked past Clark and into the bar as he looked around the reception area. While he had been eating, they had clearly been preparing for tomorrow. Posters and stands had been put up advertising the fetish event and there were pictures everywhere of people in a variety of fetish wear. Clark could not help but notice that the vast majority were men. He gulped and then headed up to his room, where he sat on the bad wondering whether he should just head back home. Then he thought of the debt he owed Vickers – if no-one was going to see his face as Vickers had promised, then surely there wasn’t a problem?

Clark slept fitfully. When he woke he had a workout in his room and a long hot shower. He dressed in baggy t-shirt, shorts and trainers and then headed down for breakfast. While he was tempted by the full range available, Vickers had advised him to eat something light, so he stuck to half a grapefruit and some orange juice. As he was finishing it, he received a text from Vickers: “Morning, Mr Clark. I’m in conference hall B, stand 7. I’d suggest you get here within about 20 minutes.”

Clark sent back an affirmative and then headed out. In reception he picked up a map to the conference and soon found himself at hall B. The room was the size of a village hall and there were people setting up stalls. No-one took any notice of him as he walked across to the large display that Vickers was putting together. His stand was large and consisted of a central podium which was 10ft across and surrounded by a complex metal framework. The whole was surrounded by a curtain. There was a small stand behind it with monitors set up to show samples of Vickers creations as well as some smaller pieces. The eye was definitely drawn to the box that was currently open showing its internal structure. As he walked up to it, Vickers stepped out from behind the curtain and smiled as he saw Clark. He walked across “Good timing. I’m ready to go – let’s get you sorted.”

He led Clark inside the curtain. Inside was a thick sheet of rubber lying on the floor. Clark was disappointed – all this fuss was for a vac rack? He expected more from Vickers. Vickers saw the look on his face and chuckled. “Don’t worry – it’s a lot more than a simple vac rack. He unzipped one side of it and opened it up. Inside Clark could see that the frame supporting it had restraints welded to it which would hold anyone inside solidly in place. Clark could feel his excitement growing. “When do I need to get in in?”

“Pretty soon – if you want to make sure you aren’t seen.”

Before Vickers had finished replying, Clark had pulled his t-shirt over his head and kicked his trainers off. He was stripped in seconds and Vickers raised an amused eyebrow “My, you ARE keen. Ok then – hop in.” Vickers got Clark to sit down in the middle of the rubber sheet, and got him to put his feet into the steel ankle restraints. As they locked around him, Clark, could see that they were connected by a solid steel rod between them and by thick chains to the frame surrounding the sack. He tried to pull against them and found them solid. Vickers got him to lie down and he shivered as his back came into contact with the cold rubber. He could feel the thick steel of the steel waistbelt under him, and Vickers then locked it in place, the tight 4-inch wide band of steel now tight around his body. Vickers guided his hands down to wrist restraints either side of the belt and Clark found his hands securely locked in place, a 6-inch steel bar between his hands and the waist belt. Chains went from the outside the wrist bands to the frame. Vickers pushed Clark fully down in place and he could feel metal under his neck. The collar was thick and seemed to be about 3 inches wide and held his neck tightly in place. The chains at each side of his throat held him tightly in place. Clark tried to struggle. He could make small movements, but the restraints were solid.

Vickers grinned. It was clear from Clark’s already erect cock that the man was enjoying himself. He adjusted the rubber, making sure that it was fitting smoothly around the metal frame and that nothing was going to snag or tear it. He especially checked the top end where 4 loops of metal protruded through specially reinforced holes in the rubber. “Right then, Samuel – time to get this properly in place. Starting at the lower end, Vickers started zipping the rubber bag closed, the loose rubber lying on top of Clark’s helpless body. Clark could feel the chill material slowly covering his body and realised that his arousal was not just from the restraint. Vickers moved the zip up past Clark’s waist and chest and then pulled the flap of rubber over Clark’s head. Clark could feel something more solid attached to the sheet of rubber against his face and he shook his head from side to side, wondering what it was. Vickers noticed and grinned. “It’s just a breathing tube, Samuel. You’ve used ones like this before. Just find the end with your mouth and let it inside.”

Clark moved his head and opened his mouth, questing around the ridged object until he found the end. He then worked it into his mouth, realising it was the same shape as the feeding tube that had been inside the steel helmet. Vickers grinned as once again he had got Clark to accept a rubber cock in his mouth. He finished zipping the rubber shut and then secured a flap of rubber over it to make it more air-tight. He then attached the pump to the bag and turned it on. Clark heard the pumps roar and suddenly the bag tightened all over him. The loose rubber was now tight against his skin and the pump maintained the pressure. Every move of his was against the rubber and every move now seemed sensitised. The pressure had the effect of pushing the gag right into his mouth and he was relieved that he had worn it previously. He soon realised that the rubber did not hold him in place – it allowed movement – if it wasn’t for the restraints he was wearing he would be able to move freely. But the two together formed a unique bondage experience that made Clark even more aroused.

Vickers grinned as he looked down at the form of the muscular man now outlined in detail in gleaming black rubber. The restraints were visible as well and the whole effect was just what he had been looking for. He disconnected the pump and sealed the vac rack – he would need to “top it up” several times during the day, but the way he had sealed the bag meant that he would not keep it on all the time. He then attached chains from the overhead gantry to the rings protruding through the top of the sack and then used the electric motor to raise Clark upright. Clark could feel the change in orientation, but was helpless to do anything about it. His weight was soon on his feet and he could feel flattened areas in the frame for his feet to rest on. He tried to speak to Vickers, but could only grunt.

Vickers looked up with pleasure at the restrained, rubber-covered man before him. The vertical vac rack showed Clark off perfectly and he walked around enjoying the view of the man’s broad back and muscled arse. Vickers was sure the visitors to the event would like it as well. With pride, he pulled back the curtain allowing the whole room to see the restrained man and stood back – he just knew Samuel was going to be the centre of attention.


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Metal would like to thank the author, lthr_jock, for this story.




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  1. Another great installment of the series. Very hot! Clark gets deeper into scene. Maybe soon he will be permanent slave to Vickers?

  2. This is one of my favorite stories of all time, and you have certainly written some other incredible ones lthr_jock! Thank you for sharing this with us; ifmy cock could get hard, it would have shot many times to this!!
    I especially like how you are slowly moving Clark past his inhibitions. It is believable, and is instilling itself as a fantasy in my mind/cock… :)

  3. Samuel better get used to being groped by other men. He is going to be molested by every man that visits the booth. Vickers could make his money back by charging each man to touch Samuel’s rubber covered muscles and spank his rubber ass. And that is just day one.

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