By Catdude

Part 1

I had been chatting to a top guy online for a while, I had come across him on recon, and after we had chatted for a while he admitted to being the owner of the cam site Prison-X. It was an awesome website that had live web feeds of guys in a cell, one of those room sized cube cages, you know the ones you see in the movie with the lone prisoner, visible from every side, no privacy at all?

He told me he ran a leather club and the cage had been like a storage area for drinks and stuff in the basement and he had decided to set up the cam site as a bit of a on the side income.  He admitted though that while it was pretty easy to get new members, getting guys to renew membership was a hassle. I had checked out the site, there was a free half minute clip and just that had me boned to the max, showed a dude in prison orange jumpsuit, thick leather hood and full prison shackles, walking around his cell, all that was in there was a pallet and a toilet seat over a can, he reckoned all the models were volunteers but he had to rely on a few regulars for through-the-week stuff, since most people were working, and while he could get a few more interesting lads on the weekends and stuff, staging mock prisoner rapes and stuff, through the week was pretty basic guy locked in cage wandering around, fun to watch for a while, but for what the site charged I could see how he was not encouraging guys to re-sign for 5 days of ambling prisoner.

I really wanted a site membership but I was saving up for a new bike at the moment and porn site membership would not fit in my budget. Since I worked weekends and had Monday and Tuesday off I figured I could offer some prison time and score a membership, we discussed this, I said I wanted to wear a rubber catsuit that should at least provide something a little more interesting to look at, I was pretty adamant tho that I didn’t want no mock rape scene tho! He asked if I would be willing to be put in some more extreme bondage positions. This sounded agreeable to me. I had some days off I had to take at the end of the month, I had planned to drive down to see some friends but figured I would end up spending less if I was in the cage for two night and then just went down for 4 nights to my friends.

I pulled into the delivery area of the club, it was lunchtime so understandably the area was dead, I hopped off and pushed my bike inside, it was a warm day but I didn’t unzip my biker jacket since I was wearing my rubber catsuit underneath, I figured this was easier then bringing a bag and stuff, plus I love cruising around wearing my rubber gear under my leathers. I pushed my bike into the main receiving bay and my online buddy was there to greet me, he looked damn fine, blue jeans and a tight white T with the club’s logo on it. He had heard my bike and come out to greet me. He grinned as he shook my hand, ‘hey Fred, good to finally meet you, thanks for this, l added a banner on the site after our last convo so I am glad you turned up!’ I grinned back telling him I was happy to spend some time in a cell in rubber and bondage, he smiled and winked and showed me where to stash my bike and helmet, I left my leathers on but opened the front of my jacket to reveal my catsuit, the hood hanging down the front of it. He grinned at the sight of this and I smiled back.

We made our way down some stairs and there was the cage, my cock bumped against the inside of the cup under my catsuit at the site of this.  This had been one of his requests, so that I would be unable to stimulate myself over the two days I was going to be locked up, the cup had ventilation holes near the base so my piss would run out and probably down my leg, it would not be all that comfortable but it was only for 2 days. When I had told him about this he had told me there was a drain in the middle of the cell floor so I would just have to stand over that to piss, the floor of the cage was white tile, to better reflect the hash bright lights in the room, and make the cell look sterile and forbidding. I looked at it and the effect was fantastic, it was probably a 4 meters square cell, right in the middle of the room, the base had been cemented into the floor during construction and the frame was thick metal poles, it was a serious cage that I was not going to get out of. He led me over to a corner, there was a line painted on the floor to show where the cams could view, we stopped near it, and he gestured to a table nearby, “Ok Fred my boy, just put your leathers on there, I will get the ‘wardens’ they are upstairs having a drink, it’s a good thing you’re on time Fred my lad, they do not like to be kept waiting.’ He gave me another wink and left, I unzipped my bike boots and stepped out of them, placing them neatly under the table and then unzipped the fly on my leather jeans and stepped out of them, feeling cooler but still warm in the rubber suit which had warmed up nicely on the ride over.

Once they were folded on the table I fully unzipped my jacket and shrugged it off and put it on the table. My keys were in one of the zippered pockets in my jeans and I hadn’t brought wallet or phone, not like there was a vending machine in the cell anyway. I pulled my hood on and then zipped it up at the back. The zip on the back of my suit is about a inch wide and molded in really well, There is 4 zips on the suit, I ran two of them all the way up to the top of the hood, that way a collar could be put around my neck and as long as it was on I would not be able to take the suit off, the two remaining zips we had agreed would be joined together with a short length of chain. Allowing me to open them wide enough over the ass area so I could attend to natures demands, but not wide enough for me to pull the cup out through the gap.

I stood there with my cock fully pressing against the inside of the cup, staring at the cage, the hood is pretty thick and I was so mesmerized by the cage that when someone laid a hand on my shoulder, I jumped a little, when I turned the sight before me made my cock press even harder against the inside of my cup. Three muscled leather dudes stood grinning at me. Each wore tight leather jeans tucked into high boots, that shone in a way that made my mouth water, tucked into the jeans were short sleeved leather shirts, black sam brown belts and leather caps made the whole thing hot as hell, each had cuffs and batons hanging off their belts. One reached behind his back and when his gloved hand returned he was holding a pair of hinged cuffs in them. My mate had explained that the ‘prisoner’ was shackled inside the cage by the ‘guards’ I am sure it was very well-watched footage!! The guard holding the cuffs pulled my arms behind me, I didn’t resist him, he ratcheted them on tight but not uncomfortably so, and then one of them muttered ‘show time kiddo’ and gave me a push towards the open cell door.

My heart was in my throat as I was marched towards the door, a guard on either side and one behind me, I thought of all the guys who would be watching me being led into the cage. Once we were inside the cell one of the guads locked the door behind us, as if to stop me bolting. I shivered a little at the sound of the lock clicking shut. I glanced at my meagre furnishings the pallet and the poor excuse for a toilet, glad to see that the can under the seat of the toilet was nice and clean, I would have to try and use it as little as possible. On the pallet I noted a whole heap of metal, that was interesting, I had expected shackles, but apparently my mate had other plans for me. One of the guards unlocked my wrists and barked at me to put my hands on the bars and spread my feet, I complied quickly, I had no doubt that while they wouldn’t really hurt me, they would certainly rough me up for the cams if I gave them a excuse to, two stood either side of me, holding batons as if daring me to move while the third gathered some of the metal off the bed. The first thing that went on was a collar, it was in two halves, and it was massive, it looked more like some sort of pipe fitting then a kink collar, it sat snugly around my neck, probably two inches wide, and about a inch thick. Two bolts on either side held it on and the guard screwed the bolts on tight, I heard him grunt in effort to tighten them, this guys arms were probably a little thicker then my thighs, so if he was putting this much effort in, there was no way I was getting these off with just my fingers. The collar sat around my neck, it was a snug fit, there was no way I would be able to slip the zip down past it. To secure my suit on further the guard pulled a small but solid looking padlock out of his pocket and I heard a click near the top of my head, my guess was that he had padlocked the two zips together, this would stop me from unzipping the hood and pulling it off, and even if I managed to get the zip past the collar I would still not be able to get out of my suit.

While the guard gathered some more steel of the bed one of the two guards beside me started to run his baton up and down the inside of my leg, he tapped it lightly on the cup, causing my cock to twitch from the vibration and me to shiver slightly. The third guard returned and grabbed one of my arms and pulled it down to his waist height again using a two halves wide steel circle he fasted them together around my wrist. They fit snugly around my wrist just behind my hand, he tightened the bolts more carefully this time, being careful not to tighten them so much that they crushed my wrist, they were firmly in place behind my hand I doubted I would be able to slide it up my arm. These were wider about 4 inches wide but just as thick as the collar, looking at them I was convinced they were from a hardware shop and not a kink store.  He released my wrist and the weight of the bracelet nearly dragged my arm down to my side but I lifted it up above my head and he pulled my other arm down and repeated the procedure. He fetched more metal bracelets and one went around each of my ankles, I was really hard by now and would be surprised if I was not dribbling pre-cum I was in a cage with three hot leather guys, having heavy metal attached to me while in rubber, it doesn’t get any hotter than that!

Once my ankles had metal bracelets bolted onto them one of the guards pulled a massive gag off his belt and strapped it on, my mask had eyes nose and mouth holes in it, my mouth was now firmly filled, I thought of all the other prisoners who had no doubt been gagged like this and groaned in lust, already wishing I could jerk off, and I still had two days to go. I head the click of a lock and knew the gag wasn’t coming off anytime soon. They firmly told me to stay in position while they backed out of the cell, walking backwards holding batons like I was a real dangerous prisoner, considering the weight of the steel it was not such a bad idea, I basically had two hammers on the ends of my arms if I decided to take a swing at them. They stepped out of the cell and locked the door behind them, 48 hours to go.


Part 2


I wandered around my cell a little after my wardens had left, they had really left the area, they were not just standing off to the side out of camera view, walking with the weights around my ankles and wrists took a little getting used to, I have no doubt that people watching the footage would have a laugh as I high stepped around at first until I worked out how much effort I had to expend to lift my weighted ankles, I was happy enough to look like a bit of a full bringing my legs up high rather than risk tripping over my own ankles and possibly tearing my catsuit on the floor. I also had to be really careful not to swing my arms or they would tend to swing back and bump against my side, and again I was a little worried about the suit getting caught and ripped, rubber is great aesthetically but not as hard wearing as leather! I played with the gag with my tongue as I strolled around the perimeter of my cell, it filled my mouth comfortably, but effectively silenced me.  My cock continued to rage against the inside of the cup and I really, really wished that I hadn’t been banned from stimulating myself, although it was probably for the best, it was probably better to be enjoying my predicament and being horny rather then not enjoying my predicament and not horny at all.

My mind kept going back to the ‘guards’ they had been damn hot, I promised myself the first thing I would do with my free membership from this would be to pull up the old footage of a mock rape. Remembering I was on cam and supposed to be performing I grabbed the bars of my cage and gave them a little shake, as if trying to find a way out, I also tried to undo the bolts holding the metal bracelets on my wrists knowing that there was no way I could get them off but thinking it would probably look good for the cams. I wandered around my cell a little more, but it was hard work walking even the short distance in my cell with all the extra weight on me! I hadn’t slept much last night since I had been so excited, and I knew that I was going to be put in a few bondage positions through the night so I figured some rest at the moment would not go astray, everyone at home would have PLENTY to watch later on. I laid out on the pallet, I had to fold the thin pillow in half so I could rest my head on it high enough that the collar did not dig into my neck, ah this was bliss. As I stared up at the room I noticed something, there was a massive open pipe over the top of the cell, I guessed it had been put in so the cell could be quickly and easily cleaned, above it was a some with a whole heap of little porthole windows, must be like a peepshow thing for the club so they could look down from above at the dude in the cage. Aside from that the view was uninteresting, what I could see between the harsh lights was just more pipes and stuff, general cellar. Although with the club above pumping and even through the day anyone down here yelling for help would not find it coming.

I must have dozed off slightly cause it seemed like a few seconds later and I jerked up at the sound of someone rattling my cage bars with a baton, I glanced over and the three guards were at the door, I quickly stood and walked over to the wall that I knew faced the main cameras (there was a big arrow on the wall in case there was any doubt) and placed my hands on the bars and waited. The guards entered and one of them came up behind me and pulled me away from the centre of the cell and told me to put my hands behind my head. I did so, being careful not to wack myself in the head with my weighted wrists. The two other guards were holding two pieces of metal each, they each put a piece on the ground and then moved forward, they held the two pieces together on my left side and I saw that the four pieces would go tether to make a belt, I was a little worried at this stage, this would be really heavy and I was not looking forward to the pressure it would put on my hip bones, I figured I would find a way of conveying this if it became too much, from what I had gathered of our chats there would be a number of different poses through the night. While one guard held the completed half of the belt against me the third stood nearby tapping his baton against his gloved hand and looking at me in a  stern manner, the second guard grabbed the next piece of the belt, a few mins later and it circled around my back and my left side, the last piece would complete the circle, they had adjusted the bolts carefully so that it sat tightly against me but did not cause me any discomfort, I was unsure as to how I would go laying or sitting down in it though. That problem was shuffled to the back of my mind when after they had finished securing the belt the two guards left and then returned carrying chains between the both of them.  Their arms were straining and the chains were obviously very heavy, while the third guard stood watching me they left and returned with even more chain, I was getting really worried now, if I had to wear all of that metal I would not be able to stand up, there was enough there to mummify me in chain!  However it quickly became apparent that the length was for another reason altogether. Moving quickly the two guards fasted a end of chain to each corner of the cell, once the four corners of my cells had chain hooked around them they dragged the ends towards me, I snuck a quick peek down, my belt, had a lot of solid looking rings welded around the outside.  Using massive padlock the chains were attached to these rings, the chains had been precisely measured and the last one was only just long enough to be hooked through the padlock and through the belt, once this was complete I was attached to my cell from four points, I was trapped in the centre of my cell, there was zero slack in the chains so I could not move left right forward or backwards. The chains attached to the top four corners of my cell took the weight of the belt, so I was not uncomfortable, but I wasn’t moving anywhere from this spot either. The guards ducked under and stepped over the chains and left again, locking the door behind them, although that seemed a little bit of overkill at this stage.

I stood there imagining how I must look, 8 chains attached to a thick metal belt around my waist, preventing any and all movement, I felt a little silly standing there and was unsure what to do with my arms which had not been restrained in any way, I tested the chains holding me in place, each padlock was massive, they had side guards to prevent them from being easily cut, and the key for each of them was a weird shape,  I imagined that a lock picker would have a lot of trouble with these. I tried to rattle the chains but it was impossible there was no tension, they just hummed slightly from the vibration. In the end I just stood there facing the cameras holding onto two of the chains in front of me, I had thought of keeping my hands behind my head but the weight of the bracelets made that too hard.  I looked around seeing that the guards had once again left, I looked up and was surprised to see a face at one of the porthole window, there was something funny about it, that I couldn’t really place, it was like the guy was not actually looking at me, but through me or something. The face left and in a few mins another appeared, again it did not seem like he even cared that I was there! He looked bored, I felt a little insulted by that and looked away.

I was standing there thinking that this had been a lot of work if the position was going to be changed soon when the guards returned. This time two of them carrying long two long bars each, the bars were long and flat with holes at either end, except for one which had large semicircles of metal at either end. I quickly put my hands behind my head as they entered and faced forward, once again the guards navigated their way through the chains towards me, again as one stood watch the other two worked. They tapped my legs indicating I should spread them and I did so, they had attached one of the bars to my ankle bracelets, using padlocks to secure them, then the piece with the semicircles was placed just above my knees and they produced the remaining to halves and bolted them around my legs snugly, so I was now effectively prevented from moving my legs at all. The next part however came as a surprise, one guard held my head steady and the other attached the remaining bars so that they ran from my belt to the collar, one at the front and the other against my back. I am not sure how this was done exactly since I could not look down, but I did not hear the click of locks so I am assuming it was screwed on. When they were done all three left again, once more my hands were free so I ran my hands over the belt and collar trying to feel how the bars were attached, I could not bend at all, the bars held me rigidly up and down, since I was being held up by the belt and chains if I tried to bend my knees all that would happen would my feet would come of the floor and I would be hanging there, I imagined it would get uncomfortable pretty fast and may tear the rubber of my suit so I stayed still, again resorting to holding two of the chains in front of me.

My suit was quickly beginning to fill with sweat as I stood there, the lights were very bright and not far off the top of the cell so a little heat from them beat down on me, but it was enough, I could feel trickles of sweat running down my back and legs to pool in the feet of my suit, I wiggled my toes feeling the sweat squish between them, likewise the fingers of my suit also had sweat pooling at the fingertips, though if I elevated my arms I felt it trickle down my arms and then make its way to join the rest pooling in the feet of my suit. The result of this is that I was feeling a little thirst, I had no idea whatsoever of how long I had been like this, since I had fallen asleep, if there were people in the club it would have to be around 5 or later, I knew the staff would arrive around then.

As I stood there resisting to the temptation to swing my arms since they were the only part of me that was free I heard my cell door open again, the collar was on firmly enough that I could only just twist my head a few inches before the bars on my front and back prevented any further movement. I saw they were carrying more chains, I went to raise my hands behind my head but one of the guards grabbed them and lowered them, they then padlocked the bracelets to the centre of each chain, I figured this would be to keep them hanging down by my side since with the weight of the bracelets and the chain it would be to much strain to hold them up, but I was wrong, they then attached the ends of the chains to the chains coming from the top corners of the room, so I was standing with my arms stretched out either side of me, like a T. There was a little slack in the chains but I was only if I lifted my arms, and the metal bracelets made that too hard to do. One of the guards stepped up beside me and I heard a click and then felt him unbuckle the gag, he moved in front of me blocking the cameras view, making it look like he was checking my belt me murmured, ‘how you doing Fred?’ I was a little surprised at being addressed by my name, but managed to mummer back, ‘I am fine but I am a little thirsty.’ He seemed to find this funny cause he chuckled, he then raised his other hand up to eye level to show me he was holding a funnel gag, ‘don’t worry boyo, we’re about to take care of that now.’  He pushed the gag into my mouth and moved to the side so that the cameras could see what he was doing, while he buckled it up me kept muttering in my ear. ‘Right above you is the bathroom, the dome is actually a ring of urinals, the portholes are one way glass, so that lads can see when they can expect a load to come down that pipe directly above your head there, though we are gonna leave the pipe closed till the tank above it is nice and full, most of it will just run over you but a fair bit should land in that funnel, you can’t move your head to tip it out of the funnel so your gonna have one option only, good thing you’re thirsty huh?’  He laughed again as he used a padlock to secure the funnel gag on me and then they left.

I was absolutely frozen in the middle of the room, a figure in black rubber and a ton of chain and metal holding him in place, immobile, and helpless. I wonder how long till they empty the tank on me?

They emptied the cistern tank three times that night, the deluge of piss washed over me, my nose filled with the smell of strong piss and urine, I gulped down the piss that landed in the funnel, chugging the foul stuff down as fast as I could trying to avoid tasting, from the whistles and shouts on the side I am guess the guards enjoyed the show.


Part 3


I have no idea how long I was like that, I was in a sort of trance near the end, and jolted in shock when someone put their hands on me and undid the gag, they told me the cameras were off now, and that I could get some sleep. They removed all of the metal except for the ankle and wrist bracelets and the collar, I collapsed onto the pallet, and went straight to sleep, wondering what tomorrow would hold in store for me.

I was awoken by the sound of a baton being run along the bars to my cell, the harsh over head lights had been left on all night, I had managed to get to sleep by resting a arm over my eyes. I sat up, waking up covered in rubber and locked in heavy metal bracelets sounds hot, but the reality is that your disorientated hot and uncomfy. I groaned and sat up, three guards where circling the outside of my cell running their batons around the outside of it, they stopped when they saw I was sitting up and awake. They pointed their batons at the entrance to my cell and I saw that a rubber mat had been laid on the floor near the entrance, it was about the size of a beach towel, at one end of the mat was a silver dog bowl of … mush. Even in my slightly groggy sleepy state, I could tell what was expected of me, as I headed towards the mat one of the guards circled around and entered the cell to stand in front of the bowl, probably to make sure that I played by the rules and didn’t use my hands or something, as I knelt down on the mat I heard the sound of a zip being undone, I looked up, if I was expected to give a blowjob as soon as I had woken up from what was basically passing out from exhaustion I was not going to be to amused. As I looked up a stream of warm piss splattered in my face, causing me to gasp and then choke as some of the urine was sucked down the wrong way. When I had finished coughing and splattering I realized that the rest of the stream had ended up in my morning breakfast mush, greeeeeeat.  I sighed and bent down and started to slurp up the mush, which was sort of sweet, with an aftertaste of piss.

As soon as I was done the guard reached down and grabbed me by the arm and stood me up, I opened my mouth to tell him precisely what he could do with his piss, no sooner did I open my mouth than a gag was strapped back in my mouth and padlocked behind me, then my arms where twisted behind me and I was frog marched out of the cell, it happened so fast I was still blinking in shock before I realized we where halfway to the stairs leading up to the club.

Once on the club floor the guard jerked me to a halt, I looked at him in what I hoped was a inquiring manner, it must have worked cause he started talking, “you think you just get to chill out in a cell all day Fred? Not likely lad, club needs cleaning.” As he was speaking he was joining my wrists and ankles together with lengths of heavy chain, massive padlocks attaching the chains to the bracelets on my wrists and ankles, I was tired, hot and sore, but the click of each lock closing made my cock twitch. A tray was shoved in my hands and I was given a push towards the tables loaded with empty glasses and bottles. I sighed, this was going to be hot and tedious. With my ankles hobbled by the heavy chains I shuffled around the club, loading the tray up and then carrying it to the large bin set down clearly for this reason, it was hard work, I couldn’t really lift my feet and I couldn’t load the tray all that much since I already had a massive amount of weight around my wrists as it was. I grumbled to myself as I shuffled around the floor.

There where no clocks anywhere in the club so I had no idea what time it was, that was probably the most disorientating thing about this whole experience. It seemed to take forever to get the club cleaned when I was done the guards came over to me, they had been leaning against the side of the bar commenting on my work for a while now.  I eyed them off as they approached, these guys were super woofy, their leather looked so soft, the hood was mostly filling my nose with the scent of rubber and a nightclub has a very distinctive odour of its own however I concentrated and took a deep breath I could catch a whiff of leather. My ankles where unlocked but my wrists were left locked together and I was pushed along in front of my three tormentors.

We reached a corner of the club that had a few of those raised stage things you sometimes see on dance floors so that people can stand on them and dance and generally make tools of themselves on.  Two had been pushed close together a guard got up on each and then reached down and lifted me up by my arm, I was forced to stand with a foot on each stage my legs where spread wide but not uncomfortably so, which was probably a good thing since the third guard took out some chain and those damn massive padlocks and secured my ankle bracelets to the stages, there was some rings on the corners of the stages that could be laid flat, clearly these stages where used for some bondage productions on a regular basis, when he had secured my right foot the guard on my right hopped off the stage and disappeared. He was back soon carrying 4 padlocks and a short length of chain and a bolt, the guard on my left suddenly grabbed my head and tilted it up and towards the roof, I went to reach up to try and push his hands away but the guard who had been padlocking my ankles to the stages reached up and grabbed the chain connecting my wrists preventing me from lifting them, I heard chain clinking together and then three clicks of the massive padlock and a tugging sensation on the collar and then my head and hands where released, my immediate reaction was to reach up and feel what had happened, no sooner had I done this then I felt a tug on the chain connecting my wrists and then a click of the fourth lock shutting, the guards laughed at having tricked me into lifting my hands so they could lock them onto the chain they had bolted to my collar but I ignored them, there where three other locks on the chain besides the one locking my wrist chain to the chain around my neck, but they where not doing anything, granted the extra weight was I no way pleasant but it was hardly going to force me to walk with a hunch or anything like that.

The guards left me standing on the stages like that. I was so frustrated I wanted to scream. These seemingly random events where frustrating to the extreme, I had expected to spend two days in a cell being placed on bondage positions, this was more of a massive mind fuck, never knowing what the hell was going to happen next!  There was nothing I could do however but stand there and wait, and wait.

I have no idea how long it was before the bar staff started to appear but I was REALLY bored and thirsty by then, when they all walked in one of the guards entered with them, he was carrying a bottle of water and my eyes zoned in on it like a eagle spotting a rabbit. He smiled at me as my eyes tracked the bottle in his hand, he climbed up on the sage next to me, “ok I am gonna take the gag out and hand you the water bottle. If you speak, I will backhand you, and it won’t be gentle.” I swallowed nervously as he unlocked the gag, I really wanted to ask what the hell was going on and why I had been taken out of the cell but I believed him when he said he would hurt me so I kept my mouth firmly shut till except to skull the water. The water in the bottle was warm but it was the best thing I had ever tasted in my life, rubber was fun to wear, but man did it dehydrate you with all the sweating! I finished the bottle in record time and was handed another, I finished it off as well and then the gag was strapped back in, he grinned at me and gave me a heavy pat on the cheek with his gloved hand, “smart move Fred, there is a lot of stuff I wanna do to that mouth, I wasn’t looking forward to having to smack it though.” He jumped down and walked off, and I was left there stunned, he wanted to do stuff to my mouth? I wondered if he meant he wanted to kiss me or he wanted to slide his cock down my throat, as I watched his leather clad ass leave the floor I thought that I really would enjoy both of those things.

I wont bore you with a description of standing there flexing my knees to avoid cramps while the bar got ready for the night, suffice to say it was boring as hell and I suspected I was supposed to be entertainment for the crowd when they arrived and I was thinking I would probably be ready to call it quits before they even arrived, however it wasn’t going to be my call to make. When the doors opened my guards returned and took up stations around me, one standing either side and one on the floor between my legs, a few people came over to see if I was available to play with but the guards firmly told them they could move along. I was glad, in this state I would be pretty helpless, and one or two people who approached I would definitely not have wanted touching me. A few people ignored me completely and hit on the guards themselves, the guards where polite but firm that they where working.

Soon the club was packed and more then one curios glance was being directed at me and my security detail. Soon however the MC cut across the music with an announcement, “ok party people! We have some entertainment for you tonight, as you may have noticed we have a guest with us tonight, he is going to be completing a little challenge tho he is going to need your help, alrighty boys, bring it out!”  At these words some guys started to push something towards the stage, I twisted my head as much as I could to get a look, it looked like a se-saw except on one end there was a massive square trough, the other end had a screw sticking up like you could attach something to it. Also some weights where strapped underneath, they pushed it along until the seat with the screw was directly underneath me, I was starting to get a bad feeling about this, suddenly the MC tossed something over the heads of everyone and the guard to my left caught it, I turned to see what it was and nearly fell over in shock, it was a massive dildo! It had to be at least 11 inches long! It was handed down to the guard standing on the floor and he quickly screwed it onto the se-saw, I definitely did not like the way this was going. In front of me the crowd was cheering as the guard to my right reached down and opened the zips on the ass of my suit, to allow the monster below me a path to my pooper.

The MC’s voice cut over the cheering, “ok folks, as you can see our lad is ready to be impaled.” (Like hell I was!) “However in order to help him along we are gonna need you to donate some piss to that trough, now he has to get the key which is taped under the seat holding goliath there.” (Great, I was about to ripped apart by a dildo with a lame name!) “So lets do our bit to help him reach it shall we?”

At these words the crows cheered and a line started to appear near the stage, great just fricken great. In what seemed like no time at all I felt the head of the dildo against my puckered asshole, I tried to relax, the guard on the floor gave it a subtle push and suddenly I felt the tip pressing hard against my shithole. My legs trembled as the pressure continued, people where gathered in front of me watching with excitement and wide eyes, some taking bets as to how many more guys it would take before the weight at the other end would force the dildo into me, suddenly pain ripped though me and I screamed into the gag as the massive dildo pushed its way up into my guts. I swear I was on the verge of passing out, my legs trembled so much that one of my guards actually had to hold me upright.  A massive cheer went up from the crowd, and a siren was set flashing from the DJ’s booth and a blastoff sound effect played, oh how hilarious. I gasped for air as I felt the dildo continue its journey inside me as more guys pissing into the trough. It felt like I was about to couch up the end of the dildo when there was a tug a cheer and the guard on the floor was holding up the key. Thank fuck for that!  The dildo was gently pulled out of me, some people booed about that, I swear if I ever got a hold of them I would give them something to boo about! I grunted as the last of the dildo left me, and when my ankles where unlocked from the floor I collapsed into the arms of the guard who was holding me, I felt my arms being freed from the padlock holding them to my neck, the next words of the MC however snapped me right out of my wooze. “OK folks lets have a big round of applause for our lad Fred here! He still has three more locks to get off, so remember to come along for the next few nights and help him out. Looks like I wasn’t getting free anytime soon, I would have liked to struggle and scream but I was gagged and exhausted and my limbs weighted down. All I could do was groan as the guard carried me back down to my cell.

I felt the gag being unlocked and the guard standing in front of me handed me a bottle of water, I gratefully drank it down, I was numb from shock at the news that this wasn’t my last night in captivity, I still had 3 more nights ahead! I bowed my head and fought back despair, suddenly a gloved hand was under my head tilting my head back, I squinted as the overhead lights shone in my eyes, the guard was a dark shape against them. “Now, about that mouth of yours boyo.”

Maybe a few extra nights wouldn’t be ALL that bad …


Part 4


I raced in the front door and glanced at my watch. Shit I was gonna be late! I quickly changed out of my work clothes and grabbed the first pair of jeans I saw and pulled on a t-shirt, I had worn it running last night so it had a pretty musty smell, didn’t matter I wouldn’t be in it too long. I grabbed my keys but left my wallet and phone on the table, grabbing my bike helmet and jacket I raced out the door.

I pulled into the back entrance of the club with about 10 mins to spare, I jumped off my bike and pushed it inside, just inside Greg was waiting for me, he was dressed in his usual leather outfit, complete with peaked cap and baton. His black harness boots shone in the low light, which was nice, considering I had spent about half a hour polishing each of them before he had let me go home last night. He grabbed the front of my jacket and pulled me into a rough kiss, I had to admit, that this sort of made it worth it! He finally pulled away, ‘cutting it kinda close there Fred, come on, let’s get your ready for tonight.’ I followed him as he walked deep into the club, as we walked through the staff room I glanced up at a flatscreen showing a guy in a orange jumpsuit, hogtied on the floor of the cell. After my period in the cage had boosted ratings so much, there was no more simply wandering around in shackles, now each prisoner spent some serious time in bondage, or being assaulted by the three sexy guards, one of which I was following though the back areas of the club now. I had a happy little daydream of the night he had first came into my cage and fed his massive cock down my throat after my little stint being sodomized by a see-saw.  When I had finally earned my release from that damn cage I had been given a proposition, I would be locked in chastity and released and I would work at the club for free each Friday and Saturday night and then on Sunday the chastity devise would come off. Or I could stay locked in the cage until I agreed. I had to admit the man had a way with words.

We were in the dressing room when Greg handed me my catsuit, I had started leaving it here since it got so much use, I had been dressed only in a jockstrap and collar last night though, I had been the club’s boot black, heavy manacles around my ankles preventing me from leaving my area, instead of a boot stirrup I had a chair that was tilted at about 45 degrees, the manacles had been attached to either side of the chair the guys who boots I had to polish where sitting in preventing me from closing them and then the guy would sit in the chair and his boot would rest firmly on my crotch while I polished, since the chastity device I was wearing had a front shield cover the whole thing wasn’t TOO bad, however my balls where still aching at the end of the night, and then Greg had hopped in the chair and planted his booted foot on my crotch, the club had just closed, it was about  5 am and I was stuffed, however if I was truthful I would have to admit that the time spent polishing his knee-high harness boots was some of the best of the night, gently buffing each boot while he flexed his foot in it, pushing against my crotch. Then he had let his legs hang down and unzipped his fly and pulled my head forward and …

A lubed finger pushing its way up my ass broke me out of my happy daydream and I gasped and tried to relax my ass muscles as Greg greased me up and then slowly pushed a massive plug in me, I groaned a little as the widest part pushed its way into me. I always imagine popping noise when the plug’s widest part passes my sphincter and my ass clenches around the thin section before the base. He patted my ass once the plug was in and then leaned forward and whispered in my ear, ‘that’s a little something from me, will help get you ready for what will be coming your way after work tonight.’  I shivered a little, his low voice was like silk over gravel, and never failed to cause my stomach to flip, particularly when I knew my chastity device would come off tonight and I would be ordered to hop on the back of Greg’s bike and we would either spend the rest of the day at his place or my place, till he brought me back to the club to be refitted with the device and then I would hop on my bike and head home.  I have to admit, all the torment and frustration I went to was worth it, for the time I spent with that hot guy between when the club closed Sunday morning and when I was dropped back off Sunday night.

In no time at all I was in my catsuit and being led onto the club floor, once there I noticed three other dudes in rubber catsuits, I wondered if they were in contracts like me or if they were just other guys who had volunteered for this, the club had really started to attract large crowds for the ‘displays’ that went on, to the point where I was not enough to entertain everyone! Last night as bootblack I had seen another guy trapped to a chair on the stage, the seat of the chair had been like a padded toilet seat, and he had a large dildo in him from below, and his balls being pulled from above, he had to hold a chain to keep the two in balance, two high and his balls would get relief but his ass would get fed more of the giant dildo (and I mean giant, this thing looked like a traffic cone) if he pulled on the chain to much though, his ass would be slightly less ruined but his balls would be pulled nearly off!  It doesn’t sound to tricky but he had on rubber gloves and the chain was greased, and guys could pay to go up and pour more grease on the chain. Plus out of his sight the counter weights could suddenly be changed so he had to move the chain up and down to re-achieve the balance. I was very glad I had just been polishing boots resting on my crotch!

We all ended up in one corner of the club, it had been roped off and some new couches had been placed in a square, clearly this was going to be a bit of a V.I.P. area for the night, I wondered if we where gonna be kinky server boys for the evening? This was disputed as we got closer and I saw the piles of metal laying around the area, clearly we were going to be in bondage nearby, either as toys or as displays for whoever was going to be here.  The two other guards, Trent and Jason, were waiting near the couches, they motioned the other two rubber lads over to them, while Greg stepped in front of me and held out a large gag. I obediently opened my mouth and he strapped it in. he then ordered me to hold my arms out, he picked up two halves of a metal restraint, when together it looked like a 8 on its side. He undid the screw in the middle holding the two halves together and then inserted my wrists in it and tightened it up, my wrists where now restrained, wrists pointed in. He picked up a similar restraint except this one was a little stubbier and rounder, he pushed my arms together at the elbow and positioned the restraint on my forearm just after the elbow and fastened it, this was a tad uncomfy, try it at home, hold your wrists together and then press your elbows together, not exactly a relaxing position huh?  The same metal restraints were used on my ankles and just above my knees. Greg helped me sit on one of the nearby couches since maintaining my balance like that was trick as hell! While like this he put a metal collar on me, the inside of it was padded and he did it up quite tight, I would not have been able to twist the collar around if I had tried to. Once this was on he helped me off the couch on onto the floor in front of it, using a short pieces of chain he attached my ankle restraints to my thigh restraint, my thigh restraints to my forearm restrain, and my wrist restraint to my collar, so now my knees where bent and I was prevented from moving them around to much since they were attached to the restraints near my elbow. The whole thing was not amazingly comfy, but from the large bulge appearing in Greg’s pants I am guessing that the shiny steel looked really good against the black rubber of the suit. Thank goodness for the plug, it would make things a lot easier when he eventually got me home and then fed his monster cock up my pooper.

Greg pushed me onto my side and I felt him push something under my ass, when he pulled me back over I felt that I was sitting on a cushion of some sort, I doubted that it would have a happy little floral pattern on it somehow. He grabbed two pieces of metal, one end of each of them had an angled foot at the end of it, he attached these to either side of my thigh restraint, preventing me form rocking from side to side. Then moved behind me and lifted me up slightly, my back would have been at about a 45-degree angle to the floor, I had seen a bunch of poles with angled ends with padding on them, I am guessing he must have put them under me since when he let go I felt supported at different points along my back. Since I was off the floor like this I could see that the other rubber guys had also been restrained like this. We were all pretty close to each other and formed a Y shape. I watched as Jason and Trent strapped thick rubber band around their heads, and then around their knees and Greg did eh same to me. I was more than a little curious as to what the heck was going on by this stage.

Once these bands where in place all three of them disappeared, I wiggled a little, but I couldn’t move, my wrists where attached to my collar just below my chin, my thighs attached to my elbows and the poles either side prevented me moving my legs from side to side, the ankles had been attached to the thigh restraints with a pretty short chain so I couldn’t comfortably wiggle my ankles around too much. I tired to wiggle my upper body a little, but my own body weight pressing me against the supports under my back stopped me from being able to move much, I wasn’t at a high enough angle that I could swing myself up into a sitting position. Basically all I could do was lay like that, staring at the other two guys bound exactly the same way.

I was wondering what purpose this could possibly serve when the three guards re-appeared, carrying a massive round piece of glass, we all watched as the glass was positioned over the top of us and then lowered. I was stunned, the main weight of the glass was taken by my knees which had the padded band around them, the same type of band protected my head, there wasn’t to much weight on my head but the glass prevented me from moving it at all, so this was it, we where to be the table for the V.I.P section, I had to admit that from above the sight of three rubber guys bound with heavy metal restraints supporting a table would look damn good!

The night passed pretty quickly, I was by no means comfortable but at the same time I had been in a great more discomfort, the couches filled with guys who leered through the glass at us, and it was sort of weird staring up at drinks resting just above your head. My main way of passing the time was to think of Greg taking me home after this was all over, he would probably make me put my clothes back on over the catsuit, leaving the gag in, and then just wear my helmet over the top. I sat there as drinks clinked against the glass above me, daydreaming happy thoughts of zipping through the dark morning streets, my arms around Greg’s leather covered body, passing cars that had no idea I was gagged under my helmet.  So caught up was I in my happy little fantasy that I was shocked when the weight of the glass was suddenly lifted off us, I was able to move my head again and I looked around at the empty club, above me Greg grinned down at me, and I felt my cock twitch, going home time had never sounded so awesome!




NOTE: This story is copyright © 2009 by Catdude.



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