Chastity Game

By Strappeddown

There were a number of small gifts from my boyfriend, but when I opened the athletic cup, I was a little confused. It seemed like an odd gift. He had smiled, and said it was for a “chastity game” he wanted to play with me.

That had been last Christmas, and I soon found out what he had meant. Occasionally, throughout the year, he would ask me to put on the cup, and the chastity rules would start. The rules were simple, I had to wear the athletic cup continuously until he gave me permission to stop. I could pull it down piss, and when I was taking a shower, but I was under no circumstances allowed to touch myself during those times, and I wasn’t allowed to remove the cup until he gave me permission.

It was fun, it made me horny, and I enjoyed it immensely, both when he finally would get me off, and also when he would ask me again to wear the cup. Part of the excitement was not knowing when I would be “allowed” to get off again. One time, in the summer, I almost went crazy…he made me wear the cup for just about 4 weeks. Fortunately he let me go buy another cup so I could swap it out for cleaning.

On Thanksgiving, he handed me my jock and cup, and told me that for Christmas he had something very special planned. I smiled, pulled down my pants right then and there, and put on the cup. That would be a record. At the time it made me excited, but toward the end I was so horny I could hardly stand it. I was definitely waiting anxiously for Christmas.

Christmas Eve finally arrived and I was practically shaking with excitement. I figured for sure he would get me off that evening, because the next day we were leaving to go visit his family for the week between Christmas and New Years day.

Sure enough, I was excited to finally open my first gift to find leather wrist and ankle restraints. So kinky! He told me to go lock them to the metal bed posts and I eagerly did so, practically running up the stairs to our bedroom. The restraints were beautiful, thick padded leather with heavy attached chains and locking posts. I had never done any bondage before, but I knew I would enjoy it…or perhaps I was so horny I figured anything that he did I would probably enjoyed.

After I had secured the restraints to the bed he told me to strip out of everything but the jock, and then he asked me to lay down. He attached each the restraints to my wrists and ankles and then re-adjusted the chain so I was tightly spread out. I was wearing only the cup, and I was so hard and horny that my cock was causing it to lift several inches in the air.

He smiled and climbed on the bed beside me and pulled out a pair of scissors. “The cup was fun, but I think it’s time has come.” He said. Using the scissors he snipped the sides of the jock and lifted it off of me. My cock stood at full attention.

He then began stroking me slowly, it was glorious. He slowed down, or stopped, every time I came close. He seemed to be able to sense when I was going to cum. After a while I was writhing in ecstasy begging him to let me get off. He just chuckled and sat there smiling at me.

“Now, I got your real present downstairs. Let me go fetch it for you.” He said. He got up from the bed and left me there.

I lay there panting, the restraints were secured such that I couldn’t move much…my body was pretty taut. I waited anxiously … he seemed to be taking quite a long time. I realized that my muscles had actually become a little sore from being pulled so tightly for so long. Finally I heard him come back up the stairs and he entered the room.

“I’m having fun,” I said, “but these restraints are pulling a bit tight.”

“Oh I’ll get them off of you very soon.” He replied.

He then tossed something onto my cock and balls and I howled. It was a large bag of frozen bag of peas. “What the hell!” I screamed, trying to wiggle away. He reached down and held the bag on my cock as I unsuccessfully tried to squirm away.

“Shhh…just relax. I need you to cool down a bit.”

“Damn, that’s cold…stop that shit.” I said. He removed the bag of pees. Despite how horny I had been ten minutes before, I was pretty much completely out of the mood now.

“I needed you to be small, so I could put this on.” He reached down and picked up a box, and pulled something large and shiny out of it.

“What is that?” I asked. The position I was in made it difficult to see.

“It’s your new chastity ‘cup’.” He said. He was opening some sort of hinge and sliding something cold up under my legs. “I measured you six months ago while you were sleeping, and ordered it special…custom made all the way from a Germany.”

I got a brief glimpse inside of it. I could see grey rubber on the inside. I watched him push my cock into a tube, and it along with my balls disappeared as he pulled the shiny metal part up and over. It felt nice on my cock, soft and comfortable. I was warming up and could feel my cock start to expand again.

I felt pressure all over and felt a snap as he attached the back part to the front.

“There you go. All locked and ready to go.” He said. He reached up and started releasing my arms from the restraints.

As soon as my right arm was free, I reached down to feel it. It was a smooth and hard metal, sort of like a pair of speedos, but with a slight cup bulge in the front. I realized I was getting more and more turned on. As I did, I could feel my hard on pushing down and backwards. It was frustrating.

He released my other arm and I sat up as he undid my ankles. The sides snapped together and I could see small holes where I supposed a key would be inserted.

“Where are the keys?” I asked.

My boyfriend chuckled. “I have them in a safe place.” He said.

I was now completely released from the bed. I got up, stretched, and looked at myself in the full length mirror. It was really hot looking.

“It has an opening around your ass so you can do your business.” He said, reaching down and lightly fingering my anus. “Inside everything is secured inside a rubber chamber. When you piss, it will drain out of the hole right here.” He led my hand down between my legs where I could feel a small port near the opening for my ass.

“Finally, you can squirt soapy water when it comes time to clean yourself.” He showed me a tiny hole at the top near the waist.

“Now you don’t have to worry about any ‘chastity rules’. This will enforce the rules for you.”

I grinned. This was going to be a lot more fun than the athletic cup! “It’s awesome…thanks! But hell, I’m so horny…I haven’t gotten off since Thanksgiving.”

He smiled, “I know. I wanted you extra horny to test it.”

I looked at him, confused. “What do you mean…test it?”

He tapped it lightly, then hugged me. “I know how horny you are, and I want to see how secure this device is. The hornier you are, the more likely you will try to circumvent its security measures. I want you to tell me if you manage to get off while wearing it over the next few months.”

I pulled back in surprise. “Next few months?!?!” I exclaimed.

He pulled me back in and hugged me tight again. “You heard me.” He said.

Something about this awakened something deep inside of me. I don’t think I had ever been hornier before in my life. I was hard…as hard as I could get inside this rubbery metal prison. I was overcome…I started kissing him. Deeply. Kissing him like I had never kissed him before.

“Good boy.” He said, “good boy…”


Metal would like to thank Strappeddown for letting me share the story above, which he posted to the LockedMEN site in response to a reader there who had asked for a Christmas-themed story.

You can find Strappeddown on Recon, and on his Tumblr page.


4 thoughts on “Chastity Game”

  1. That’s super cool, Sirs should totally lead on their boys to think they are gonna cum, when they aren’t actually gonna cum for months! :-) Daddy gets to change the rules, boy, you aren’t in charge. Sure, I’ll let you cum tomorrow. Then I’ll say, Fuck no, boy, you gotta wait until April now, just because I say so. Then maybe I’ll let you cum. Or maybe you’ll wait until August. Maybe you’ll only get to cum during months that begin with “N”. And days that begin with “W”. If it happens to be snowing outside.

  2. Love the story. Sort of my life. My Sir / KH / partner keeps me locked 24/7. I am fine with that. I get released when he wants and only cum when he allows it. I absolutely love it.

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