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They came for me in the middle of the night

By Strappeddown

They came for me in the middle of the night. I didn’t believe it would happen. I couldn’t believe that this was real. It happened so fast. Someone shouted orders, and the lights flipped on, arousing me from a deep sleep. I was groggy and confused, blinded by the sudden brightness, and overcome with a rush of fear induced adrenaline as I realized they were coming for me.

They wore identical black uniforms, like a police SWAT team. Their faces were covered with hoods and goggles, and their torsos were thick and padded with riot gear. In the time it took me to open my eyes and sit up, they had surrounded my bed. I was slow to think. I didn’t react. I just sat there in disbelief. I could feel my heart beat, like it would burst from my chest. THUMP…THUMP…THUMP. I tried to cry out, perhaps to scream, but I somehow couldn’t vocalize, nothing would come out.

Then they were on the bed with me, their bulky gear engulfing me. They were close enough for me to see their eyes through their goggles. Their gloved hands grasped my ankles and knees and arms and shoulders and I was pushed down into the mattress.

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Chastity Game

By Strappeddown

There were a number of small gifts from my boyfriend, but when I opened the athletic cup, I was a little confused. It seemed like an odd gift. He had smiled, and said it was for a “chastity game” he wanted to play with me.

That had been last Christmas, and I soon found out what he had meant. Occasionally, throughout the year, he would ask me to put on the cup, and the chastity rules would start. The rules were simple, I had to wear the athletic cup continuously until he gave me permission to stop. I could pull it down piss, and when I was taking a shower, but I was under no circumstances allowed to touch myself during those times, and I wasn’t allowed to remove the cup until he gave me permission.

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Edge Device – Part 2

By Strappeddown

Tuesday and Wednesday seemed normal considering the insane weekend I had experienced. The cup was easy to maintain, comfortable and pretty much low maintenance. I had to sit to pee, which took a little getting used to. The urine would pour out of the hole in the bottom of the cup. There was something about the experience that was humiliating despite it happening within the privacy of the bathroom stall.

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Edge Device – Part 1

By Strappeddown

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” I commented, holding the strange device in my hand.

“It has extremely advanced electronics in it,” Jim told me. “I have tested it on myself for a few weeks and used it on other boys. It works exactly as advertised — very devious.”

“Does it have a remote control to deliver shocks?” I asked.

“Yes, it can do that — from my computer over there, but that isn’t what I mean. You’ll see if you want to give it a try.”

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Prepped for Transfer

By Strappeddown

When the sun rose bright through the glass block windows, I knew it was time to rest. Long ago I stopped fighting the men who would come to secure me. It was futile to resist them. There were always too many of them, and they were strong and knew all the ways to force me. It was easier after that, they didn’t ratchet the straps so tightly, and often I found myself secured on a mattress in warmth and comfort rather than spending the day shackled on the cold concrete.

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